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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter twentyeight)

The girls them wear those white see me through clothes wey they show their pant, na sothem fine fine begin straight their hands they call us, omo i was so tempted to follow vareeth but i think my faith was greater than the temptation (as my papa use to say my faith is greater than yours even if you dont believe thatyou will be healed my faith will make you heal), varth enter inside the river and waka go meet them,Me: varth come back, wetin they worry you?He didnt even look back, he just waka go meet them, when he reach there he fell on their body and started rubbing him, they rub his body with mud sand and he was laughing, omo the thing they enter my eye, i have to leave or else i will be tempted to join them i look at my phone afterten in the night, as i was about to turn back them i saw her, the beauty queen coming out of the middle of river i saw her head first, then her neck and her body as she pump out from the river like shakira in whenever wherever, i was so lost in her beauty that i open my mouth ajar, the same lady i saw the other night i was crossing the bridge, she was coming to where i was standing, me that suppose to run just standthere like the prodigal son, she came to me, didnt even say anything she just took me by my right hand and draw me to the river, i enter theriver with her, i look where varth was and i saw them fuccking him one by one the others playing his body, i didnt know how but i saw myself inside the river with her, we walk down the river where i cant see varth again.Wetin i dey hear na noise of the girls wey they with varth nothing else, i nor even fit open my mouth talk anything i just follow her like mumu till we reach bamboo tree, she sit down for mudsand and tap the ground for me to sit with her, she wear cowries for her neck and her eye sparkle light the eyes of cat in the night she wear short native short white skirt and a bra like a lions’s skin, i look around were sit and i saw red candles surrounding us, giving us light,i sat down close to her and she open her teeth to talk, oh men the odour wey come out from her mouth fit wake dead person up, the odour na im be best smell wey i don smell for my life,.Lady: are you afraid,waoh, her voice almost scatter my ear drum, very big like thunder.I open my mouth but nothing came out.Lady: am lucy and this is our home, you are Oziegbe the son of Akhigbe you are from owan west yes i know your great grand father, he is 115 years old now (RIP to him) he is the strongest man in okpuje community then, i believe your mother told you many stories about him, and i have been following you for long time now.I didnt know what to say, i just sat there looking at her like say am deaf and dumb.Lucy: i have a twin sister her name is luciana, she’s in charge of owan west while am in charge of owan east, i didnt want to appear to you but the demons hovering around you make me to to show myself because for me to protectyou i need you to help me..Me: protect me from what?, i open my mouth at last.Lucy: from the evil spirit following you around.Me: following me for what?Lucy: to use you, you have something they want and they wont stop until they get it.Me: what are the things they want.Lucy: one is physical, the other is biological and the last spiritual.Me: what are they?Lucy: i cant say, but you will know when the time reach.Oh god she is so damn beautiful, even some pastors will be tempted to fall for her, i was so lost that i attempt to kiss her, i move my mouth closer to her and gave a kiss, i was kissing herthen she breath air inside my mouth, i cant breath i think am suffocating, i remove my mouth and fell on her lap, seeing stars as i close my eyes.Am i dead?“Oz, Oz” i heard somebody calling me, i woke up and i saw varth trying to kiss me, i push him off.Varth: oh thank god you don wake up.I look around, everywhere is bright, we are at the edge of the river.Me: wetin happen?Varth: na now i just wake up from that side, weyi begin find you.Me: so na here we sleep.Varth: e be like so oh.Me: wey lucy?Varth: which lucy?Me: lucy wey ……..I remember everything, i look around and saw my phone at one place ontop anthill, i stood up, carry the phone and started going home,varth: where you dey go?.Me: house of course.Varth: wetin we go tell our parents?Me: we sleep for store.I enter river for bridge, clean myself up same with varth, then i waka go up to the main road everywhere is bright, i look my phone and checktime, waoh after eight, my mummy go don worry tire see as she bleep my phone nine times, hiah i started running as he run follow like two mad men wey wrestle with angel micheal,i bid him bye bye as i got to my house, i enter house quickly and saw my mum in parlour, worried.Me: good morning ma.Mum: ozes, where you go since?,.She was really worried cus i guess she didnt sleep.Me: i sleep for store since they don dark i nor fit enter road.Mum: store, which store?Me: our store na.Mum: store wey i go this morning go look for you?Me: eerrm as i dey come i pass bridge shower,na im make my body wet like this.Mum: oziegbe, abeg put me for one place so, asi they so i nor get heart, any small thing my heart go they shake, and by the way wey vareeth,Me: him just go house now.Mum. So na una two sleep for storre together?.Me: yes.Mum: abeg oh, na so him mother come here they find am, make u they call me if you wan do something like that oh, see as i don call you tire.Me: okay ma, sorry ma.I enter inside my room and change my clothe, my mum enter her room too and took her bath,then she leave for work leaving me alone with nothing to chop and i they hungry well well,i relax on my bed, thinking about what lucy said, she said three evil spirit dey track me, i dont believe her, why evil spirit go dey track me for what na?.My phone started ringing and i look at the screen, no number no name, waoh, i pick it up.Me: hello.Caller: hi dear, its me lucyi cut the call immediately, after sometime my phone started ringing again, this time from lizzy, na wa oh, which kind disturb be this.

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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter twentyseven)
The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter twentynine)
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