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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter twenty three)

What the hell is going on, i dont understand, a minute ago i was in afuze with lizzy and now amhere, how the hell did i even get here or was i dreaming? i think so because what i saw in thatdream or revelation is something that can never happen in Jesus Name Amen.I quickly got up, took my phone and call my mum.Mum: hello.Me: mum, where you they?Mum: i dey work na, anything?Me: no oh, nothing i just want here from you.Mum: no worry i go soon come house find something eat money they table incase you wantbuy anything.Me: okay thank you ma.I drop the phone i believe my mum will be wondering why i called her because its unusual,i started thinking of what to do, whether to call lizzy or just forget about it, no oh i cant forget oh i must know what really happen, then my phone started ringing again, speaking of the devil herself, should i pick it up or ignore? (if na you na wetin you go do) Well to know what happen to me i need an explanation and where do i get it from apart from her.Me: hello.Lizzy: oh thank god you are awake.Me: awake as in?Lizzy: you dont remember?Me: remember what exactly?Lizzy: you dont remember anything at all, like me and you in my house (that confirm it, i wasnt dreaming and my temperature began to rise)Me: yes i remember but i dont really remember anything else after you kiss me withthe wine in your mouth.Lizzy: well after the first kiss you ask for more and i gave it to you, you drank all the wine in the bottle,.Me: really?Lizzy: yes, you were really drunk that i have to go out and get a bike for you, i took you home.Me: waoh, how the hell did i miss all that and why didnt wait for me to wakeup before you leave.Lizzy: well i was afraid your mum of your mum.Me: my mum’ hmm so how did you the get the keys, (cus i remember i kept them under our big 100 litre rubber outside incase my mum return).Lizzy: they were in your pocket.Me: i dont remember keeping any key in my pocket.Lizzy: well i found them in your pocket so i openthe door and drop you in your bed before i leave. ( how did she know my bed)Me: huh, i hope i didnt cause any wahala.Lizzy: well i will say it was fun.Me: am really sorry.Lizzy: no no no you dont need to apologise, something like that happen all the time, good thing i wasnt the one cause i can be a real mess whenever i get drunk.Me: hmmmm, so that wine contain alcohol.Lizzy: just 5 percent alcohol, very low i dont know why you get drunk.Me: well maybe am not use to it.Lizzy: okay is your mum back?Me: no not yet.Lizzy: okay i will call you later, bye for now.Me: bye dear.I cut the call, waoh thank God the hell part is notreal at least me and my mum are safe or so i thought.I call vareeth.Varth: guy na why you cut the call just now na.Me: no vex i be they do something.Varth: okay, come carry your cassete abeg make you return my own for me.Me: you sure say no be your cassete? (maybe na him even scatter my room self)Varth: i nor know my own something again?Me: okay i go come check later, bye for now.I got up from bed and walk outside, i saw lexus jeep park in front of our landlady’s house, yahoo guys love this car why?Carpenter: Oz the great, he hailed me.Me: good evening carpenter, na only you they here today wetin happen?Carpenter: corper just enter inside house now.I sat opposite him in his carpentry chair.Me: na who get this jeep?Carp: na landlady pikin oh, him just show just now they scatter money for everywhere, even see money wey him give me na. ( he show me one one thousand naira note in ten pieces) corper enter house go keep im own.Me: waoh, see wetin i miss, where him they..Carp: he dey inside with him mama, but the way wey maga they pay those people no be here oh.Me: the guy wey just commot here last month na im come they buy lexus jeep wey me they here they fight for waec exam.Carp: na so na, since you they form holy holy, the street go pass you.Me: as if the street never you already.Carp: ahaha, they there me wey i don do connection already, you go stay here wey i bring my hummer jeep come visit you.Me: really so you mean say you don join?Carp: i never join but i still they prepare.Me: na who you meet?Carp: i nor fit tell you except say you wan join.Me: nah, i nor fit join i get people wey go train me go school whats the need of yahoo.Carp: na so e easy to go school abi? They there na money na money, no be you and this guy they thesame class before?As we continue arguing the landlord’s son cameout, he didnt even look at me ( small boy wey we gather they practice drum for choir practicethat time) him just enter im motor and disappear, e be like say him mummy they vex with am, i look as he just zoom off and scatter dust for our body na so ogijio open him open teeth they hail am like king.CHAI SEE INSULT E BE LIKE SAY ME GO GO DO MY OWN TOO OH, how una see am?.

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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter twentytwo)
The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter twentyfour)
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