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11.Efuah’s Entrance

Efuah took me to a Night club in the


of Accra. I forgot the name of the club


it was filled with many Nigerians. We

ordered for Martini and ice.

After a few drinks, she took me to a


hall behind the the club where about six

long seats were located. She spoke some

native languages and gave some money


the two men at the door.. About two of

those seats were occupied. The lights in


small hall was dimmed to the extent that


cannot recognize the people on the other

seats. We sat on one of those seats and

as i

opened my mouth to ask what we came

there to do, Efuah closed my mouth with


lips and started kissing away. I


the question and enjoyed the moment.

We kissed and smooched each other


the desire to get Unclad once more


in. She started unzipping my trousers

and i

stopped her.

” there are people in this hall” i said.

” They are here to fvck” she whispered


my ears.

At that stage, trying to argue or stop

her was

useless since her hand had already


out my huge manhood out of my


– Prior to that very moment, i had never

fvcked in the presence of a third party

but i

was/am a kind of person who is open to


possibility, so i followed her lead-

She massaged my manhood while i


her all over the face, neck, lips and


She was moaning to the hearing of the


people inside the small hall but we were


hearing the moanings of the other

people as


– I wondered if Ghana was more free


open minded to possibilities than Nigeria

but then a similar thing could be


all over Nigeria. It was a matter of

where i

had been and what i had experienced-

a few minutes into the romance, she got

down and knelt between my legs. She


teasing the mouth of my manhood with


tongue and gradually swallowed the


lenght inside her mouth. She moved her

mouth in and out, pausing occasionally to

breathe and suck deeply on my manhood

like a new born baby who thought that


mummy’s bosom would vanish if he/or


removed the mouth.

The alcohol in my system was doing a


job of not letting the spermz out easily,

so i

just sat back and supported my back on


wall while she took me beyond heaven


into a place i had never imagined existed.

*I wanted to stop by and say hello to the

occupants of the Heaven but i felt that

Moses or Elijah could interupt my


so i just sneaked past the gate while St


was busy telling one Nigerian Politician


give him enough reason why he should


allowed into Heaven*

A quick draw on my manhood interupt


and brought me back to the evening hot

temperature of Accra and loud noise

emmanating from the club next door.

She stood up and pulled down my


completely while i raised my legs to let


remove them.

I grabbed her romantically and sat her


the seat. Then i unbuttoned her blouse


Michael Douglas did on Sharon Stone in a

film i watched a few days before going to

Ghana. Then i kissed the bosoms slightly

while i unzipped her skirt.

Surprisingly, this Ghana babe came to


club without underwears of any kind. I

wanted to fake a surprise but i wasnt


for a goodboy show. So i just smiled in



I slightly pushed Efuah back to lie on

the seat while i dipped my two right


slowly into the already wet cu.,nt.

I intentionaly clipped the clits on my way

back and she let out a loud moan that

reminded the other parties that


was happening over where we were.

I did it again and again and slowly



My diccck slowly went in uninterupted


pumped away. I fvcked her for ten


and since my Spermz wasnt anywhere


coming out, i changed positions. I turned

her around and went in from the back.


robust moderate ar..se kept pushing

back to

align with my moves while i pumped in


there was no tomorrow.

We eventually climaxed at the same time.


soon as i finished, it came to me that i

did it

without condom. There was no time for

blame game since the deed was already

done. So we just clothed ourselves back


kissed a little more before we left for


dance hall once more.

We went back to our hotel around 3am



The following morning, it was time for


to travel to Kumasi and time for Zuby to

head to Lagos.

I didnot find the products i came for in

Accra but i found Efuah Kuffor.

She gave me a phone number to be


her from Nigerian and when next i visit


To my surprise, she opened her purse


brought out a bundle of Ghana Cedis and

offered it to me.

” what is the money for” i asked.

” its for you” she said with a smile.

” what am i supposed to do with it” i



“Stop asking too many questions and


it, my father left a lot of money in my

acoount, i am jast giving you the money

because i lave you so mach” she said

with a


” you can go to the airport and use a


instead of the roads” she continued.

I was torn between protecting my dignity

and taking the money when my Igbo mind

shouted in my head.

* take the money, you useless proud


I smiled and said in in defence ” Efuah, if

you insist, i will definitely give this money

back to you someday”

”Dont worry, you will spend it on me


enough, I will visit you in Nigeria during

Christmas period” she said.


When i got to Cotonou, i changed the


and got 700 US Dollars.

*who said i didnt go

to Ghana for business?*

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