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Chapter Five

Of course we went to farm that morning, we
came back by 3pm in the evening, and we
have choir practice by 6pm (na festive
period so choir practice is everyday now) i
went to the river to fill our rubbers for like 6
times, when i return i took my bath, eat and
sleep, i wokeup by 5:30pm, i wear my
clothes and spray my mummy perfume, i
took 200 naira from her container, she
always keep money there for us incase of
emergency, i hed to my church, i reach
there 5:40pm, na only our fat choir mistress
(mary) they church.
Me: good evening.
Mary: welcome, this one wey you quick
come today so, wetin happen?
Me: so i nor they quick come before, i said
as i took sit beside her, i look at her note.
Mary: you dey always late na, what of your
brother na (e don tey wey she dey find my
brother, but my bros just dey shun her.
Me: my bros they house, go see am make u
nor dey always ask me about am again oh,
abeg give me that song wey we sing last
time i wan write am.
She gave me the song while i balance on
one table and start writting, time 5:50pm
people never still come.
Me: wetin happen wey people no quick
come today na?
Mary: you nor hear?
Me: hear say wetin?
Mary: mabel brother die na for auchi poly.
Me: whaat, abeg which mabel you they talk
Mary: our mabel for choir here na, them say
na cultist im be, na im be oga self, but as im
don die now na him younger brother be
leader, the one wey senior mabel.
Me: this is serious,
Mary: very serious because them say na
cultist kill am, and mabel brother say them
go revenge,
Me: na wa oh, na im make i dislike cultist.
Mary: me i nor even know wetin them they
gain for cultist oh.
I was confuse i for say make i call mabel
and greet her but i dont have her number
off head,.
So her brothers na cultist, hmmm i better
stay clear that family, as if my mama no be
after fifteen minutes or more people start
coming one by one till we have a full house,
we prayed and start.
By 8:15pm i called tina after we close, i told
her am coming, she said okay that she will
prepare jollof rice for me, when i hear jollof
rice my belle sweet me.
I walk out of the gate and called okada, i
asked the bike man how much and he said
50 bucks, i hopped in and we drove for 10
minutes before we reach the place, i paid
the okada his money while i walk to her
house, i reach the house surrounded with
black gate with two girls standing as
security at the gate, i hed to the gate and
one of them recognise me, so she open the
door and told me to follow her, i followed
her from behind starring at her flat ass like
fry pan, no ass, no breast just fine face only,
we reach one gate marked with roman figure
1, she knock and left telling me to wait
there, i wait for 10 seconds before another
girl came out, she saw me, i guess she
know me because she told welcome and
ushered me in while she left, i went inside
and saw nobody in parlour.
Me: helloooo.
Tina: right here dear, she answered from the
kitchen, i went to the kitchen and saw her
dishing out jollof rice omo my belle sweet
Tina: welcome dear how are you.
Me: am alright and you.
Tina: cool, wait for me in parlour i will join
you soon,.
I went to the big parlour and sat on the big
cushion chair washing movie from her
plasma tv, she brought the food and put
them on table with two spoon, she brought
chilled water from the fridge, before she dey
bring the water i don start dey eat, no time
Tina: chai oz you nor dey change, you nor
even fit wait make i come before you start.
We continue eating silently, before she dey
carry six spoon i don dey twenty six, she
stop eating and start starring at me.
Me: you nor want eat again.
Tina: i just want make you finish this one so
that i go go fesh my own differently.
Me: i go still join you eat that one..
Tina: for where.
Me: for this house.
I finish everything and she took the plate
inside to fetch another, she stand for
passage they eat, lol, i carry my spoon
follow her, she ran inside the room and
climb table, revealing her fresh lap, omo i
throway spoon sharperly, i went close to her
and lick her lap upward, i move my hand
inside her skirt and remove her white pant,
she bend down dropping the food, opening
her leg and putting them on my shoulders as
i balance my tongue on her pucci.
I c ontinue sucking the pucci, while she
twist her waist like snake, rubbing her hands
on my head, i suck her sweet pucci for
some minutes i stop and kiss her on her lip,
she pushed me on the bed, remove my
trouser and boxer, revealing my fine dicck, i
remove my shirt sharperly, she bend down
and start sucking my dicck, she really do
know how to suck cus she was sucking me
like a phantom, she was suckking and she
was also using her hand to tease her pucci,
after some time she climb ontop me and
remove condom from cupboard ontop bed,
she wear me the condom, suck the cap of
my dicck again and sat ontop me, she
remove her bra and shirt revealing her big
boobs, still standing, she insert my dicck
inside her slowly, then she started grinding
me putiing her two hands on my chest and
winning her waist passionately, she was
winning slowly, and i was enjoying it, hmmm
me they Bleep person wey senior me well
well, na wa oh, i hope i go live to tell the
story, she stop and turn backward, then she
start gringing me again, this time faster, she
rest her two hands on my legs as she wine
her waist sharply, very soon i release, she
remove the condom, suck my dick again and
it gain attention, she put another condom.
I stood up from the bed, i moved her making
her to hold the edge of the wooden bed, i
insert from behind and start fucking, she nor
even shout, she just they moan softly, i
Bleep her very well, hitting her ass at
interval, i stop and lay her on the bed, i
raise one leg up and insert inside, i fucck
her very this time and she started shouting,
” come on baby hit me harder, uhmmm
yeah, you are so sweet” i think i touch the
intestine, we Bleep for good 30minutes
before we both came.
Tina: waoh that was interesting, i really miss
Me: hmmm you miss me and you never
bothered to come back for me since.
Tina: i was in school thats why, i just finish
my ND 2months ago.
Me: you finish since, so why didnt you return
Tina: i had to take care of some things, you
wont understand.
Me: of course i wont, cultist things.
She look me somehow.
Tina: you think i decide to follow this path,
no i dont have a choice and if i try to leave i
will be killed.
Me: hmmmm na una sabi, so wetn come
carry you come now?
Tina: we had a clash with another cult, and
it was bloody so we had to go low.
Me: which cult is that?
Tina: dont ask me, just drop that topic
W e lay in the bed together, i check the time
9:30pm, i stood up and wear my clothes.,
Tina: are you going?
Me: yeah am late already.
Tina: come on cant you stay a litlle longer, i
will call my girl to drop you.
Me: come on dear, its late my mum would
be worried.
Tina: okay if you insist.
She stood up and gave me a goodbye kiss,
she pick her phone and call edna, the girl
that left the room for us, after call she
remove her sim from the phone and gave it
to me with a new mtn sim, waoh i thank her
with kiss,.
Edna walk in saw and saw us kissing.
Edna: that one don do na make we dey go
Tina: alright sweetie start going now.
I followed edna, see as ass make sense as i
examine am from behind, she yellow like
pawpaw come get small boobs with big ass,
she come wear tight trouser join am, looking
at the ass alone they give attention, we left
the room and hed to front of the house, a
fine mercede benz was park at the front of
the gate, hmmm i nor know say them get
car oh.
Me: who owns the car.
Edna: is tina’s own.
Me: waoh i didnt know she has a car.
Edna: why would you know, you dont know
anything about us.
Hmm e be like say this girl get problem with
me oh, she open the front seat for me as i
balance put while she hed to the drivers
seat and start the ignition, the car be like
new one because the engine sound well, she
drove out of the compound silently.
Me: can you play music please?
Edna: no
Me: sorry did i do anything to you.
Edna: not anything but many things.
Me: i dont understand.
Edna: you wont understand anything so just
keep quiet and dont ask me anything again.
The way she dey talk am dey serious so i
kept my mouth shot as we drove in silent till
we get to my house.
I open the door and came out, she did
Me: you can start going.
Edna: tina say follow him to his door and
make sure his door is shot before you leave
Na which kind order be that, i walk to my
house, she followed me till i get to our
doormouth and knock.
Cactus: who is there?
Me: na me oz.
He came outside and open the door, i look
behind me i didnt see edna again, i went
inside my house and hed straight to parlour,
i open window cutton and saw her driving
away slowly.
Cactus: na who be that?
Me: na our pastor pikin.
I s at on our chair and join my brother in
watching film, my mum they her room they
listen to news, i examine the phone, the
phone look nice motorolla blade, i remove
the sim from the pack and insert it.
Me: bros wetin be the title of this film,.
Cactus: born to fight.
Me: e be like say the film go tough oh.
Cactus: yeah, by the way mabel ask of you ,
she bring your phones, she say you ask her
to charge it for you.
Me: mabel?
Cactus: yes why are you surprise.
Me: nothing where is the phone?
Cactus: e dey ontop your bed.
I quickly stood up and go inside my room, i
saw the phone ontop my pillow, i took it, i
sat on my bed and switch the phone on,
immediately i on it a test message enter.
“hi my love, with deep tears i type this
message, am sorry for everything that
happen to you, i know we hurt you, am very
sorry, you are my first love the man that
took my virginity i will love and cherish you
forever and i hope you do the same to me
please call me when you receive this
message because i really need someone to
talk to now i love you”
she lost her brother and she still get mind to
dey type love message, mtcheeew she no
well, no be my shoulder she go cry put oh, if
something happen now maybe na my dicck
them go cut this time oh.
I lock my door and off my light, i took my
charger and plug my phone while i lay my
head on my pillow and daze off, tommorrow
is another day, but this one wey tina dey
say something happen for school so and
mabel lost her brother for same school, i
hope no connection betweeen the two oh.
Wa oh beautiful sunday morning, i wokeup
and thank God for a beautiful day like this at
least e no easy, no be everybody they sleep
and wake up with good health, baba God
thank you oh,
i stood up and brush my teeth, i greet my
mum and my bros, my phone dey ring for
inside house,. Make e dey ring i dey busy i
they feed fly for white house, after i feed
the fly finish i went to take my bath i nor
want late go church at all today, i baf finish
i go check my phone and i saw 3 missed
calls from the nokia and 1 miss call from
the motorolla, na only one person get my
motorolla number so i dial her number, she
pick at once.
Tina: good morning dear.
Me: good morning ma,.
Tina: i told you stop calling me ma.
Me: oh sorry i forgot tina.
Tina: good by the way i sent someone to
pick you up.
Me: pick me up to where.
Tina: to my house of course or do you have
any objection?
Me: yes am going to church.
Tina: we will go together.
Waoh tina go church say na wetin happen.
Me: are you serious?
Tina: why not, by the way which time do
you start service?
Me: 9:30 am but sunday school start by 8.
Tina: alright we will leave by 10, so get
ready shes coming.
She cut the call, na wa oh, i never still
believe am say tina go go church say na
fowl don get teeth abi na crayfish don dey
swim straight.
As i wear my clothes my other phone ring, i
check the name, mabel, nna eeh wetin this
girl dey find self, she wan put me for trouble
again, i didnt want to pick but when the call
keep coming, i pick it up.
Me: hello
mabel: good morning.
Me: morning (with anonyance)
mabel: are you still angry with me.
Me: hmmm (i remember about her brother
so i calm down a little) am sorry about your
brother am deeply sorry.
Mabel: no problem, that one is pass now, all
of us will come to service today, even my
elder will join us in service today.
Me: alright i will meet you in church then
Mabel: wait.
Me: yeah
Mabel: there is something we should talk
Me: what is it?
Mabel: is not something we can talk on
phone, lets see face to face after service.
Me: i dont have chance am sorry.
I cut the call immediately, she continue
calling but i refuse to pick, na me she wan
put for trouble again,.
As i carry my bible i heard horn from
outside, i look window from parlour, then i
saw edna standing beside the car door.
Cactus: na your pastor pikin dey dress like
party rider so?
Me: yes na, we wan go their house go
practice before we enter church, she nor go
try am wear this wan enter church, i said as
i hed out to meet edna, she open the door
for me, hmmm BBT, as we drove out of our

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