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Chapter Five

W e drove silently, it seems like am afraid of
edna, what do you guys expect. A sixteen
years old boy in the midst of a cultist, well
no risk no gain, at least i dey gain alot from
Edna: why are you silent?
Me: well ermm, nothing just that i feel like
you hate me.
Edna: yes you are right, i really do hate you,
and if not for tina i would have put a bullet
on your head long time ago.
Me: why, what exactly did i do?
Edna: well, since you want to know i will tell
you, we are suppose to be half way out of
nigeria now, but tina refuse to leave you
behind because of the silly love she have for
Me: why would you want to leave nigeria? I
said getting interested.
Edna: something happen in school and edna
believe they will use you to get her, and if
we leave they might kill you, thats why we
came back and i have been watching you
since then.
Me: nah all this one na silly story, i nor
believe any of them or you think say i be
Edna: believe it or not, you are the bait, and
we have to protect you no matter, even if
we die doing it and please dont tell tina any
of this.
Me: i wont because i dont believe it.
We arrive at their compound and edna park
the car outside, one of the security lady
open the gate for us na so we match enter
like ambassador.,
edna opened the door, we enter inside,
nobody dey house, na where tina come
enter, so edna dial tina’s number, she told
tina that she went outside to buy something
that we should sit and wait for her,.
I sat at one of the luxurious chair, while
edna enter inside room, i concentrated on
the movie because i like film well well, edna
tie towel pass my front enter toilet, omo see
her ass dey blow groudnut .
I sleep for the long cushion chair dey wait
for tina, then edna walk out of the bathroom
with towel tied around her waist, wet and
smiling, walking towards me in a seductive
way, she untie the towel and it fell on the
Me: what are you doing, i said trying to
stand up, she push me back on the chair,
and use her hand to rub my dicck, i just dey
look like person wey them hypnotise, she
unbuckle my belt and put hand inside my
trouser and bring out my dicck, she spit on it
and rub very well making it to rise, she sat
ontop me and i moan softly as my dick
enter inside her.
I was dumbfounded looking at her like a
mad man.
saw some new intruments at the first altar e
be like say them don buy the new
instrument for us at last, so after prayer
pastor pray for the instrument, fine fine new
instrument come see as people they happy
and jubilate, but to me thats a total
brouhaha because whats the need of buying
new instrument when we cant use it till
three months time,.
We arrange the instrument keep for
instrumental room awaiting for the day to
come when we will explore it, things go
smoothly till offering time,
pastor: offering time.
Church: blessing time.
Pastor: it is good to give to the lord, God
has bless us in so many ways we cant even
imagine, so put your hand in your pocket
and bring the biggest seed,.
Chai i forget to carry offering oh, na which
kind wahala be this na, so everybody go
come waka leave only me for seat, chai see
fuckup oh.
We sing song and everybody started
dancing, rejoicing to God, why i like my
church be say we sabi praise God, wether
instrument or not, we they dance like lord’s
chosen member wey them no they play
band for their church, come see jubilation,
from front row everybody dance commot for
seat go put offering omo na wetin me go do
now, so i dance follow them, i reach where i
go put offering, i just chuck my hand put for
the offering box like say i put offering (god
go understand), then i dance like agama
lizard back to my seat,. .
When tina came out to offer her offering
walking majestically not even shaking her
hand, i keenly observe something, jack who
was sitting down before stood up
immediately, looking at tina surprisingly, tina
didnt know but i saw him starring at her
with red eye till she get to her seat, then he
took his belongings and left the service to a
place unknown to me.
We finish the service in peace by 1pm
before then tina don they disturb my phone
since say make we dey go house when
preaching still dey go on, lol i guess shes
not use to it, i told her to be patient that it
is not good to leave the service without
sharing the grace, she manage to hold on till
we recess out, glory be to God at last
service don end. i went inside and took my
bible , i saw mabel coming over to my place,
i quickly enter the dressing room and
remove my garment i pass there come
outside, why this girl dey do me like this na,
she know the kind of suffer wey i suffer last
time, or she nor dey pity me self, since that
flogging every love wey i get for her
disappear and as tina don come back na i
dont think there is any possibility for me and
her to be together again.
I ran outside the gate and saw tina standing
at the back of the car,.
Tina: wetin come delay you like this?
Me: we been they discuss one issue like
that choir stuff, make we they go na (i dont
want mabel to meet us outside).
I enter the front seat while she balance at
the driver’s seat, she start the car, reverse
and sped off, i look at the side mirrow and
saw mabel coming out of the gate, looking
her left and right as if she is looking for
somebody, i just smile for my mind, na later
wey my head come down i come know say
no be my house we dey go.
Me: where are we going.
Tina: house.
Me: which house?
Tina: mine of course, any problem?
Me: no its just that i was expecting you to
drop me at my house first.
Tina: i will drop you later in the evening dear
lets go party.
Chai so me no go carry my blessing reach
house na abi, no wahala the blessing wey
my brother and my mum go carry come
from their church go cover all of us, we
drove silently then tina started looking at the
side mirrow suspiciously i dey watch her as
she continue to look at the side mirrow.
Me: why do you keep on staring at the
mirrow like that?
Tina: that black suv car has been following
us since we left church.
I look back and saw the black car following
us, so tina put more fire for the jar and start
driving faster, the person fire im own motor
too, oboy fear don they catch me oh e be
like say na film i dey watch.
Me: who are they and what do they want?
Tina: i dont know, but dont worry i will take
care of it, give me my phone inside the bag.
I open the bag, carry the phone and handed
it to her, she dial one number like that.
Tina: 001 in need of assistance, a black SUV
is trailing us, we are in…..
As she dey talk for phone, the motor get
close hit us from back, her phone drop, i
look the suv i nor see anybody because of
the black glass, no number, every part was
painted black, the car hit us again at the
Me: we have to do something or else the
person will crush us, lets call the police.
Tina: no i will handle it, dont worry.
Did she just say i should not worry, i wish
she no senior me i for give her back hand
slap i fold my hands praying in my mind.
then the worst happen, the person sitting
close to the driver of the SUV rolled down
the glass, and brought a short gun, tina
shouted at me to bend down, i obey like a
diligent child, “kpoaaa they fired at us,
bursting our tire, the car started rolling like
ceiling fan, then “gboaa” we jam a tree.
I woke up still in the car, i wasnt hurt much,
i look at the driver seat no sign of tina, na
where she disappear go na, i look front and
from the front mirrow i saw a man coming
from my back holding a gun, my heart skip, i
tried to unbuckle the seat belt but for
where, the thing stuck e no gree release,
why e be say na by this time the seat belt
go come Bleep up eeeh,.
The person came closer, he saw me trying
to free myself from my seat, he pointed the
gun at me, omo my own don finish be that,
may God have mercy on my soul, then he
pulled the trigger
I thought i was dead, then i look up and i
saw stains of blood all over car, i was kind
of shock when i saw the person on the
ground with stain of blood lying lifeless with
a bullet hole on his head, i look back no sign
of their car again, maybe the driver don run,
then from nowhere somebody open the door
of the drivers seat and sat down with gun
on her hand.
Tina: are you alright?
I was shock i just wave my head like agama
lizard, i didnt know what to say, i open my
mouth to talk but nothing came out, she
start the car the car no work, me i nor dey
do again, i tried to unbuckle the seatbelt
this time it give way, i remove it from my
body, take my phone and get out of the car
and start walking to nowhere in particular,
she was inside shouting my name, “Oz come
back, where are you going?” but for where i
nor even hear not to talk of answer, i still
dey remember how i for die just now, she
get out of the car and ran after me,
standing on my front with hands akimbo,
Tina: where are going?
Me: annnnnywhere, i stammered.
Tina: come on i know you are shock ( not
only shock dear, the word is afraid not
shock) and am sorry, it was all my fault, i
will try to make it right but for now just trust
me and follow me, (demonstrating with her
right hand) am responsible for you because i
love you even though i sound silly, and am
not gonna let anything happen to you,
please just trust me.
Me: let me pass please,.
Tina: is not safe for you out there, i have to
take you back to your mom.
Me: i will find my way please just let me
Tina: alright go if you want to go.
She move to the left paving way for me
pass, i look at her one more time, she look
disturb is like shes afraid of something, she
fold her hands and said.
Tina: go na.
I move pass her, i havent walk 10 step when
a toyota van (the car have 4 doors,) stop
and park in front of me, the door open and
edna and one other girl came out, i stand
like iroko tree, tina waka pass me and enter
the drivers seat the other girl seat beside
tina in front while edna enter the back seat,
she open the door and look me.
Edna: get in idiot.
I look back and front, even though i nor
want enter before this place far from town
and okada rarely come to this area,
Edna: are you coming in or not?
Do i have a choice, i step in while tin

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