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Adanna: The Mysterious Aba Girl Chapter 14

It is regretably lupubious that a girl with a character equivalent with holy mary have to go like that, and guys to tell you the truth i didnt feel guilty about it me wey e be say i nor dey use eye see or use ear hear say mercy dey cry, na me come hurt her like this na, chai na God go punish satan.
I went to library to try and read so at least my coming to school no go be total waste but for where, i nor even fit read i sit down for library dey reminisce over the whole matter, i stay in the library for more than 1 hour doing nothing, then blessing walk in, she look around, she saw me at the extreme end close to the window, she walk over to my side smiling, she went to sit opposite me close to the wall, nobody dey back na only two of us, then i receive a test.
“hello boo what are you thinking about, is it about u and mercy”?
I reply her.
“how that one take concern you”
she replied.
“come on i just want to cheer you up, i dont like seeing you sad”
i replied.
“and how do you plan to do that, by reminding me about mercy abi?
She replied.
“ok look over here”
i look at her and she open her legs wide, waoh see her fine pinky pant with her fresh lap like turkey am telling you guys that her leg dey shake ikebe (lol).
I replied.
“Bleep you”
she replied.
“you already did and would you like to do it again?”
i replied.
“naughty girl, i think say you be holy mama before”
she replied.
“yes for other people mind i be holy mary, but for your side am not”
i replied.
“Hmmm dont know what to say”
she replied.
“follow me”
she got up and start moving to the admin, i followed her, she sign out and i did too.
She wait for me outside.
Blessing: so na wetin happen between you and mercy, she said as we walk out of the school.
Me: we broke up.
Blessing: why, what happend.
Me: i dont know, can we change the topic please?
Blessing: okay if you say so,
Me: so what happen in class?
Blessing: nothing much just revision things.
Me: what topic?
Blessing: Rainforest.
Me: okay no problem, so where are we going.
Blessing: to my place of course.
Me: no am going home, i need to sleep.
Blessing: come on you can sleep at my place, beside i cook your favorite.
Me: then lets move fast na,
she laugh and we continue gisting till we reach her house, she open the door and offer me a sit.
Me: abeg give me food make i chop first before any other thing.
Blessing: you and food eeh, na God go save you oh.
She serve me food, i started eating while she UnCloth in my front, she put on a seductive dress that show her laps and breast, she put on music and started dancing, she will shake her ass then turn and face me and use her right hand to point me in a seductive way, then she will put her index finger in her mouth and lick it.
Oboy this girl is tempting, i finish the food sharp sharp i drink water while i continue watching her, she dance so well like maggie q in Unclad weapon when she wanted to kill her first target.
She knelt down crawl to me like nebucanaza when God change him to animal, as she attempt to plant a hot kiss on my lips me i don close my eye finish set my mouth to receive the kiss then a thunderous slap from nowhere landed on her chicks, i open my eye and saw her in bed holding two of her teeth with her left hand and her right hand on her chicks, with blood gushing out from her mouth.


My friends use to tell me things like this happen but i didnt believe it but now i witness it myself, i was in a state of dilemma that i ask her.
Me: wetin happen ( standing up as i say make i go hold her, she signal me to stop using her right hand )
Blessing: you are asking me what happen when i should be the one asking you? ( she said still holding her chick, with blood gushing out her mouth) who the hell are you, are you some marine spirit or what?

I know say i take oath but na only kiss na no be sex, and by the way na were the hand come from self i ask myself.
I didnt know what to do, she just sat on the bed and hold her chick confused.
Me: am sorry i manage to say.
Blessing: just leave and please never come back.
I quickly took my phone and dash our of her room, chai na which na which kind yawa be this na, oh yes adanna pussi sweet pass any other girl wey i don taste but at least i still need to form bad guy for were other girls dey na, so that one mean say i nor go dey near any other girls again be that, well i know wetin i go do tomorow i go carry adanna go school go form big boy things, at least them go know say my level don change na im make i nor dey near them again, and again i thank my God no be mercy that thing happen to, i dont know why but i still have soft spot for mercy, but my crazy illusionary love with adanna cover everything.
on my way i called her, she didnt even let me to talk before she said.
Adanna: you should know that you belong to me now and am always watching you.
Me: so you mean say na u truly slap her?
Adanna: yes that was me.
Me: why would you do something like that, you remove two of her teeth for christ sake.
Adanna: but you told me shes just a friend.
I didnt say anything.
Adanna: you should becareful, if i didnt stop you, you would have been the one dead by now, leaving me alone in this world, you are all i have and anything i mean anything that tried to come on our way shall meet his or her demise, also you should know that we are one now, one body and one soul, you asked me who i am the other day, today you will know, just do what i ask you to do in the evening then you will get answers to all your questions.

Do i really need answers again when i’ve seen with my korokoro eye? Question for the gods.

Me: am sorry about that it will not happen again i assure you ( i dont know instead of me to be angry with her, i found myself apologising as if my name is apollo)
Adanna: i know it will not happen again, go home now i drop something for you.
Me: i will soon get there, wetin you drop
Adanna: when you get there you will know
Me: no wahala, later na.
Adanna: ok bye.
Hmmm na truth she talk oh, because my dicck don ready for action already assuming she no stop me i for go there oh.
Me: bye hornie” i said as i cut the call.
Do we really need to say goodbye according to her she be cctv wey dey watch me 24 hours, well e no matter sha so far say na win win (for my mind with her i don hit jackpot, but that slap sha)

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