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97. Where Is Lizzy

Where is Lizzy?
I guess thats a question for the gods or what do you think guys?
And by the way since she vanish i have not even visit her house oh dear why should i forget something like that na?
The next day in the morning i went out and saw Ogijio the carpenter sitting alone under the tree on our Landlady’s frontage, i walk to him and ask him whats up.
Carp: guy i they oh but this level no wan pure oh.
Me: wetin you mean?
Carp: na chicken change i they get for all work wey i they do na, i wan go into internet stuff.
Me: hahahaha you better join the internet because i make almost a million.
Carp: really waoh this is good news make we enter bar go drink na.
Me: for where Jafa never give me the money and him even say he wont give me all.
Carp: na which kind talk be that na?
Me: he said i dont need the money that he will only give me one hundred thousand from the eight hundred thousand.
Carp: well na him be oga so just patient very soon you go be your own boss.
Me: yes oh i even plan to collect 50k self.
Carp: why na?
Me: i will tell him to buy a US number for me so that i wont be giving them his number again.
Carp: nice idea but you sure say him no go vex.
Me: if him wan vex make him go buy vesper for market na i don sabi the runs finish.
Carp: no talk so oh, big boys they make millions you they make only hundred you still they yarn.
Me: na so sha make we just mellow, come make we reach him side na make i go collect my share.
Carp: no oh i they expect one babe i nor fit commot.
Me: haaa thats why you just stay here like that they inspect everything wey they happen.
Carp: go come i they here they wait for you.
Me: no wahala i go return now now.
Carp: okay bye bye they go.
i left him there as i enter road straight to Jafa’s house, him house far small because na up town him they while me they downtown, i walk for more than fifteen minutes before i get there and as usual i met many people there operating laptop as if their life depend on it, oh yeah their life depend on it because na their money be that oh.
I enter inside and ask for Jafa, the guys direct me to his room, i walk there and knock on his door i heard from inside “come in”.
I enter and saw two girls sitting on his lap and drinking.
Jafa: wetin happen wey you come?
Me: good day bros i come collect my small share.
Jafa: guy you nor well oh, you never make anything you wan come collect your share?
Me: i think you say you will give me small thing.
Jafa: yes i will after you don make cool bar for now go and continue your work.
Me: ha okay no wahala but abeg you fit find US number for me make i they run the parole.
Jafa: you nor go fit handle am for now i will give you one when you are ready for now just continue your work.
Me: okay bros thanks i don they go.
Jafa: oh wait (he stoodup and count some money from his briefcase and hand it to me).
I came out of the house and count the money, just twenty thousand naira, hmm but na wa for this guy oh wetin they worry am self?
I leave his house with anger and took bike direct to Locust street Afuze, i came down from the bike and walk to Lizzy’s house, when i get there i open the door and enter inside and guess what i saw.

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98. I Dont Understand
Updated: May 22, 2016 — 11:26 am
  1. hmmm lemme guess.u saw…u saw…..well still guessing

  2. no make suspence kill person here oo, nd abeg make u d long d episold

  3. na u go tell us who u saw

  4. U saw Aunty Eve wey go finish u

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