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9. Delusion Fellow

The next week,I started yearning for her to

come to me.I started wishing for her

company cuz I started feeling alone.I was

having problems with Ujunwa cuz she found

out that I was gonna change school,and she

didn’t want me to change school.

Ujunwa Is the girl I wished I had loved the

way I really actually wanted to love her.

We had come to school that day,and we were

scheduled to have Business Mathematics that

day in ABC2,One of our assigned lecture halls

as we had no permanent hall.I came very

early to the class and relaxed and was trying

to see if I will solve some problems before

the lecturer came.I had actually came to the

hall with Sandra(will come to her later), and

for obvious reasons,she decided not to sit

beside me but at my back…and the person

that sat beside me that day was Ujunwa(I

didn’t know her then cuz we all are just


Apparently, the fact that I was able to always

finish solving the problem before the lecturer

wowed her a lot ( Well,thanks to my great

Mathematician friend,Ebuka,I was always

prepared for anything maths, even though I

hated maths like hell). She ended up collecting

my number that day after lecture to the

chagrin of Sandra.One call led to another,

one talk led to many and we became sort of

Inseparable; coupled with her financial

influence on me too.

So,I was literally alone,and Amara is not

close… We only talk.

So,I kept wishing that Pretty will just turn up

now that I actually need her to.

She finally came,but not in the way I had

imagined she would come to me;And that was

the beginning of our relationship,my

relationship with the devil as people would

have me believe.

I guess you are beginning

to understand my earlier statement then?”

Pretty told me in my livid but enthusiastic


” You are not even here for long enough and

yet you are beginning to mock me already?”

I replied.

“Am sorry” she said.

“Apology accepted” I echoed out subsequently

in a laughing manner.

We chatted for a while and then she decided

it was time to leave,promising me that it was

time we met in real life.

I was like ” how is that even possible?are we

not in reality per se?”

She started laughing at me,reminding me that

I should just look out in reality.

I woke up.

I have been dreaming again I lamented as I

now realised the meaning of what Pretty has

actually been saying to me all this

while….”Look out for me in reality!”..


Two days later,while coming back from school

after someone hooked me up with a kinda

illegal contract,I went straight to where I

normally board Keke just opposite the school

via Calabar Street junction.

I entered the Keke as the first passenger.The

second person came(a girl).The third person

came,and guess who it was? Pretty.

I didn’t even really notice it was her till I

heard her saying to the keke driver to

move,that she will pay for the empty seat.

At that moment,I looked at her and she

smiled, and in my assumed excitement I said:

“You!” and kept shut,and she just kept


Her House

The keke moved and I kept staring at her,not

knowing whether it was really her in the flesh

or I was seeing her in another persons face.

She looked in straight with a permanent smile

registered on her face,a sign of the fact that

she was viewing or rather,observing me

from the corner of her eyes.

As the keke was about to enter Okigwe road

and had to briefly stop in order to be able to

join the other side of the road, she turned to

me and told me gently to my ears:

“You lack social skills!”

I started laughing and she continued her


In my mind I was like:

“Imagine! Where will I even start? How will I

even start? Am still trying to ascertain if am

not going insane myself, imagining things that

no one else could believe or see; and she is

telling me I lack social skills. what was I

supposed to say to her immediately?

Probably start ascertaining whether she is

Pretty in front of those people? One thing is

certain though,she just told me her

inability,making it sound like mine!”

After coming out of my temporary

reasoning,I spoke to her ears only:

“You know am following you to your place


She turned and faced me and said:

“Really?” as if she is unaware its what she

had intended.

“Yes” I replied firmly.

“No problem!” She politely said.

Immediately the driver entered Akalanna

street and drove for some seconds,we

alighted. I followed her like my whole existence

that moment depended on me following her.

We crossed a street and arrived at her

place within seconds.As she opened her door

and let me in to the room,she uttered:

“Welcome to my humble abode!”.

“Thanks !” I said.

The room was richly decorated, even though

its richness was also made to appear in a

very simple form,with everything that you will

find in a normal rich student’s selfcon

room….Well,except that she wasn’t a student!

After keeping her handbag and sitting in the

bed,she inquired to know what I will eat.I told

her not to bother.

Apparently, I shouldn’t have said that.

She insisted though, and I obliged her.

After drinking the holandia Yoghurt she

offered me,I got myself mentally prepared

for the conversation that lay ahead.

“Hope you don’t mind?” She looked at

me,inquiring that she hopes that I don’t mind

her removing her clothes in front of me.

“Hope I don’t mind?” I asked my own self in

my mind,with my gaze fixed at her as she

simply turned away smiling while she

removed the perfectly body fitted gown she


She brought out a basketball attire and wore,

and then came back to the bed,the only sit-

able place in the room outside a small

wooden chair there.

“So,how far?” She asked me with her

permanently fixed laughter registered on her


I was like,”damn,Pretty is really pretty o!”

“Seriously,this your consistent staring is

becoming awkward” she said.

“Am not sure you will understand my state of

mind right now” I replied.

“So,are you here for us to start peering into

your state of mind in order to understand it

or you are here for something else?” She


“No no no! But,there are other things on my

mind right now.” I said.

“Like?” She asked.

“Like how you came into my life?” I replied


She smiled at me,and said:

“I didn’t ask to be in your life Mike,you invited

me into your life” she replied me.

“That’s the part I still don’t understand.” I said.

” And am not sure you actually will,believe

me.” She replied back.

“That’s because you don’t want to let me

understand!” I answered back at her.

In an effort to show her that I was not afraid

of her or what she is,I shifted closer to her

end of the foam and used one of the pillows

there to adjust and sit comfortably at the

wall,beside her,with my body touching her.

“You really should be afraid of me!” She said

outrightly, understanding what the intention

behind my little act is.

“I don’t believe you would harm me,at least I

have not given you any reason to do so!” I

said out of innocence.

” Really? That’s really bold of you to

say,which am sure you wouldn’t say if you

actually knew who I am!” She replied me,and

her ever present smile disappeared.

” And now you are trying to get me scared?”

I asked her.

“Not really,and am sorry if you were

beginning to feel that way.” She said,and then

faced me and continued her talk:

“I would never harm you!”

I smiled.

“Well,I just want you to not give in to the

notion that am afraid of you like am really

supposed to be afraid of you.” I said firmly.

She smiled at me.

“Well,am happy to know that.Its a good footing

to start on!” She calmly said.

“For my sanity sake,I won’t ask you any

background info” I went on to say.

“But I expect you to ask me that” she replied


“Really,why would you expect that from me?” I

asked her.

“Its the sane to do!” She replied.

Hell,I know its the most sane to do,but I didn’t

want to directly raise the questions. So,I did it

in the best way I know I can use to insert the

said subject matter into our discuss,hoping

she will buy into it; whilst also fearing the

result and influence of what I was going to

hear will have on me.I just did one on

her,and she didn’t even know it.

“Well,the basic thing to know is that my

existence in this plane is just a brief one”

she said finally.

“You know,I started reading a lot about the

supernatural from a very early stage.So

which of them are you?” I asked her.

She started laughing out loud.

“Why are you laughing na?” I queried.

“Do you believe those things?” She asked me.

“Well,am a Catholic and a Christian, what do

you expect?” I asked.

“You didn’t answer me!” She said.

“I believe in certain things shaa.” I replied.

“Like?” She quizzed on.

“Like reincarnation, other beings outside of

humans,God,Jesus,and despite being a

Catholic, I have stopped believing that a loving

God will burn his children in hell for slight

wrongs they did.That’s why the concept of

purgatory makes sense!” I replied.

“Well,at least you are sincere in your

beliefs.One thing am sure about you is that in

the future,there are a lot of things you are

really going to stop believing about all your

present belief system” she replied.

I laughed.

“And you are now making the discuss about

me?” I asked.

She smiled.

“Not really anyway,and you know exactly why.”

She said.

“I don’t know anything o!” I replied.

” Well,at least you know am not really

human,and there is no right way for me to

actually explain nor tell you who i,am really

are.” She replied me.

It was at this point that my phone rang and it

was my mum calling.She informed me that her

niece and my cousin Ifeyinwa came. I told

Pretty that I have to get going,and she told

me to come back to her place the next

day,and I replied:

“I will try and come!”

“Don’t try,just come” she said.

“Okay,I will call you when am coming” I said.

She smiled,and quizzed in:

“How are you going to call me?”

I started laughing too.

I ended up collecting her number before

taking my leave.

As soon as I reached our house, my phone

rang and it was Pretty calling:

“Hope you reached safely?” She inquired.

” Yes.thanks for inquiring” I replied.

“Alright.I will see you tomorrow then!” She

said and the call went dead.

I walked in to our other room, where my

sister and Blessing slept and saw Ifeyinwa

and she was all smiles as we exchanged

greetings and chatted as usual……She is my

favourite cousin in both my direct and

extended legion of cousins!

I later got to know she is going back the next

day to my chagrin.Unlike previously, I believed

I won’t miss her this time around!


The next day, she left for Lagos very early in

the morning cuz she had come from their

village on a supposed errand.

At around 10:30am, I put a call through to

Pretty and informed her that I am on my way

to her place and she said she is waiting.

I was still on my way to her place when my

phone rang,and it was Ujunwa calling me:

“Hello” I said.

“Hmmn Michael, you have just forgotten me

so soon na!” She started with her usual

never-fruit-yielding guilty play.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me again

na,so I kept to myself.Even though I try as

much as possible to please any body in my

life or people I know,begging people is not

really my thing,especially when I did no actual

wrong!” I replied her.

“Iya! I can see that other girls in our class

has been confusing you na,especially that girl

that joined our group newly,Onyinyechi!” She

said with seriousness,to which I started

laughing to.

“That’s it na,its funny to you” she retorted.

“I will call you later please,am going

somewhere now!” I just told her.

“I see you are now avoiding me Michael” she


” I will call you later,I promise” I replied her.

” Okay my love. call me o” she insisted.

“I will” I said and cut the call.

For starters,its always a normal thing for

Ujunwa to act as she acted in that call,and

there was nothing much to it. And the girl she

referred to was someone I met through

Loveth and despite our closeness, she had

categorically told me she was married and

so we were not intimate relationship-wise.

Some few minutes later,I arrived at Pretty’s

place and she hugged me as she ushered me

into her place.

“You were cooking for me?” I started,after

smelling the delicious aroma of a sumptuous

stew she just finished cooking.As is

customary of her,she first smiled before

replying me:

“I hope you will love it?”

“Well,I guess a trial will convince me!” I

said,and we both laughed.

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