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88. Battle Of Witches

Me: i have be waiting for this moment and nothing will stop me from killing her if i have the chance.
Ann: i just hope you wont change your mind when the time comes.
Lizzy: he wont Annabel i think he is strong now and he knows that if he cant defeat her now he will not be able to do it again.
Ann: this is our only chance because even if we escape here alive we wont be able to come back here to kill her because this place is guarded 24/7.
Me: i wont disappoint i promise.
Lizzy: good, any moment from now they will come and pick you.
Me: to where?
Lizzy: to the temple where they will do the sacrifice and your mum will be there.
Me: but only me cannot take all of them and you know my mum is very strong how can i even defeat her?
Lizzy: for now shes not too strong till the moon rise again and only you and her will be alone in that room.
Ann: this is the perfect plan make sure you attack her with all your power.
Me: i will do my possible best.
Ann: you should do more than your possible best oh.
Me: so what of you guys?
Lizzy: we will be here fighting her guards and making sure they dont get to the door.
Me: huh am kinda scared oh even her face alone can make someone want to pee.
Ann: you better start peeing here oh.
Me: hmmmm.
Lizzy: just focus on one thing only.
Me: whats that?
Lizzy: her heart, the only way you can kill her is to stab her in her heart and the knife must contain your blood or else she wont die.
Me: really? Na wa oh this one is very very serious.
Ann: thats why you should be serious and focus, see many races depend on you to do this job and we need success not failure.
Me: okay (i said with shaky voice, i never even see her i don they shake like trailer what if i come face her nko wetin i go? That means i go poo for body be that).
We remain in the cell for some hours discussing our escape route, the plan is easy but to execute it is the problem, someone i cant even face because of fear how can i be able to stab her?
Lizzy: they are coming am hearing their footstep.
Ann: me too, lets go back to our position so that they dont suspect anything.
We return to our normal position with me relaxing my head on lizzy’s fresh lap like turkey, Ann put the chain on her hand but she didnt lock it she just pretend as if the chain is still intact, five huge men came in and drag me out of Lizzy’s body, she was crying out telling them to please leave me and they should not hurt me, they push her to the ground and took me out of the cell with my two hands chained together like riddick,
we left the cell and enter one big hall whether to call it hall or stadium i really dont know but its big and huge with many many different doors that look like silver, i wonder how they were able to build something big like this under the river like this, we pass many people on the way and yes they were all starring at me as if am a kind of fugitive and i have been robbing them just like robinhood, we walk for many minutes before we get to the red door after we don pass so many many men with weapons, i just wonder how Annabel andd Lizzy go fit stop those guys with heavy chest like that of undertaker, we get to another red door and they knock before opening, we enter inside and waoh the place is well design with chinese clothes and others it looks like chinese empire, i was admiring the design of the house or rather palace forgeting what am here for but when i saw a small bed with a big knife like rambo own ontop the bed then i came back to my senses, they remove the chain from my body and left, i was wondering why they did that or arent they afraid that i would escape easily? they just remove the chaain and disappear, i went to the door and try to open it but the door was loccked tight so i cant even shake it talkless of opening it, i think they make big mistake leaving me alone in this room, let me even start exploring it self who knows i might get lucky and find a place where i can escape from this place, i was thinking on what to do when i heard the sound of a wind, i wonder where breeze blow enter this sacred temple wey no window oh, i was thinking walking to the door again to retry if i can open it when suddenly i heard a voice from my back.
“hello son”.
I quickly turn back and saw her my mother dress in complete red,
“trying to leave so soon?”
i dont know what to so i squeeze my hands together and straight it at her, a heavy energy came out of me and target her, as the force wanted to hit her she just wave it off with her hand like say she they quench fire, then she point her right hand at me and starting squeezing it na so my neck begin turn like matchine wey them they take grind cassava

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87. Prisoners
89. Final Battle
Updated: May 6, 2016 — 7:54 pm
  1. war jst started btw son & mother,,,let see who win d battle.. ….

  2. Wow! Still on suspense

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