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87. Prisoners

Ontop the unicorn i was really afraid because i dont know whats going on and i dont even know where this mysterious unicorn is taking me to i just hold it tight like a baby holding his mother for protection, i thought we were safe but i was wrong as we were flying away to the unknown mountain i look back and saw big big bats chasing us, oh boy my fear increase to x10 the bats were big and gigantic not like the unicorn though but they are many and three of them can tear the unicorn apart, excuse me did i say three sorry i meant two because they have teeth like vampire and claws like eagle and they are faster too.
Assuming i know how to communicate with the unicorn i for just tell am say oh boy fly fast na and stop flying like pregnant unicorn, whether the unicorn hear wetin i talk i nor know because as i talk so for my mind finish come see as the unicorn put speed for jar one, i was happy in my mind that we are losing them not knowing that the real trouble is right in front of us, as we were going to the mountain e be like say the mountain they run because we suppose to reach there since, i thought the horse will fly to the top of the mountain but no as we they reach am na so the horse go jam the mountain and everywhere crash.
i shouted and wakeup from my sleep calling Lizzy.
Lizzy: honey am right here (she put me in her lap like mother petting her little baby).
Me: where are we? (i ask and look around the only thing i saw is a small light emanating from a small window).
Ann: Prison
i look the corner where the voice come out from and saw Annabel sitting on the ground with hands and legs tied together.
Me: waoh why did they tie you and which prison?
Lizzy: we are in your mothers prison and she was tied because she tried to escape three times.
Me: this is serious i thought she want only me so why is she still keeping you girls?
Ann: maybe to pressure you to do what you dont want to do.
Me: i need to talk to her.
Lizzy: you should relax a little they will call you when they are ready.
Me: Annabel when you tried to escape where did you reach?
Ann: i reach ontop the river but they have many guards there guarding the sea so i couldnt run away from them.
Me: you mean we are under water?
Ann: yes a deep red sea.
Me: hmmm let me see that chain they use to tie you
Lizzy: no need i tried breaking it three times but i failed.
Me: well let me try my own na maybe mine will work.
Lizzy: lets see then
(i waka go where she they and look at the big chain, e they very strong no wonder Lizzy no even fit free her self, i look at the chain and raise it up then i close my eyes and imagine the chain lose, when i open my eyes i saw the pieces on the ground.
Ann: waoh you are getting stronger by the day.
Lizzy: how did you do it?
Me: i just imagine it.
Ann: you mean you didnt speak any language?
Me: i didnt oh is there any language again?
Lizzy: of course using your mind will weaken you quickly the best thing is to study the language and voice it out.
Me: so if i say it with my mouth i will get stronger?
Ann: no but it wont make you weak like when you imagine it.
Me: okay i guess you will teach me right.
Ann: i dont have the book here unless when we get home that is if we can be able to get out of this place alive.
Me: we will i assure you.
Lizzy: Oz dont get over yourself remember we are witches too and we have same power like yours, so for us to beat your mother we need a plan.
Me: am not getting over anything i just want to meet her and talk to her am tired of looking over my shoulder all the time.
Lizzy: thats why i said we need a plan.
Ann: what type of plan?
Lizzy: the one that will make it easy for us to defeat her.
Ann: i heard she get her powers from the moon.
Lizzy: we all get our powers from the moon because we are half mermaid half witch except you.
Ann: you too you aint a witch you just practice witchcraft, only Oz is a true hybrid here.
Lizzy: if hes a hybrid that means we have a plan.
Me: what plan.
Lizzy: since you get powers from the sun and moon and your mum get power from only moon we will attack daylight so that you will be stronger and she will be weaker.
Ann: you are forgeting one thing we are her prisoners.
Lizzy: yes i know but very soon they will come carry Oz then we will strike.
Me: it seems like a perfect plan.
Lizzy: it is a perfect time.
Ann: and i hope you dont fuckup Oz.
Me: how will i fuckup?
Ann: when you face your mum will you be able to kill her?

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