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84. Rescue

I stood there thinking about how to open the portal so that i just disappear out of this fuccking place they called land of the dead, whether land of the dead abi land of the living i see no difference here because everything here can also be seen in the land of the living.
I stood there hands akimbo thinking about how to open the portal, i was moving round the portal when i heard a noise from my back, i look that side and behold beside a big tree i saw somebody in mask like hijba running away, omo i ran after the person afterall na only one person this one no go hard me to defeat, i pursue the person even though i dont know where we are running to, the person no sabi run within few seconds i caught up with him and dive him, we fell on the ground together with me ontop him holding his two hands on the ground, and i was surprise to see that the person is a kid a little girl.
“what the fucck”
Girl: hello Oz
Me: you know me?
Girl: can you at least get up from my body first? (i look at her from head to toe, shes a girl of thirteen or fourteen, she look rough like someone who is starve.
Me: who are you? (i ask as i arrange myself from her body).
Girl: am princess Tera.
Me: Tera Strange name.
Tera: yes just like Ozila.
Me: what are you doing here?
Tera: i was sent by your friends Annabel and Lizzy.
Me: really where are they? (i was happy to hear that but i still feel sad because i almost leave them behind).
Tera: they are safe for now that is if we dont hurry, follow me.
(i follow her from behind as we jungle inside a big forest that look like sambissa).
Me: how did you end up here and how did you meet my friends? (i ask as we burrow inside the forest like kangaroo).
Tera: i was banished from my kingdom and i end up here.
Me: banish by who?
Tera: my step mother, the queen of the underworld.
Me: waoh you mean this place is a kingdom?
Tera: not this place exactly, here in underworld we have many kingdom.
Me: and your mother is the queen?
Tera: yes, my step mother actually because my real mum is dead.
Me: this is really new, so which of the kingdom are you from?
Tera: the kingdom between the living and the dead, the place rule by gods and demigods.
Me: the name?
Tera: oshame
Me: thats my language.
Tera: yes so whats the meaning?
Me: no pain no suffering.
Tera: yes thats the language name, it has many names but here in our kingdom we call it oshame but in other places they call it Elysium, this is the place where gods and demigods come when they die, there is no suffering nor pain.
Me: but how did your mother die and why were you banish?
Tera: my mum was killed by my step mother, i was digging the case thats why she ban me here never to return this is the forth kingdom.
Me: waoh, so you mean you cant leave this place?
Tera: i cant but with you guys around i can.
Me: how?
Tera: am going to help you find Annabel and Lizzy and in return you take me back to my kingdom before living the land of the dead.
Me: waoh this is hard, we cant even survive this place talkless of going to another kingdom with a wicked queen i dont think we can do that.
Tera: you dont need to think because Lizzy already agreed and beside only me know the river where you will return to the land of the living.
Me: i know the portal.
Tera: the portal is close.
Me: by who?
Tera: by my step mum, she closed it when she heard the news of your arrival.
Me: so how do we return?
Tera: there is a place a big river that you can pass.
Me: how can we cross?
Tera: you dont need to cross it, when you get there just blow the horn and an old woman will come with a canoe.
Me: just like that?
Tera: no you will pay a coin.
Me: waoh this is really mysterious.
Tera: so do we have a deal? i will help you bring back lizzy and Annabel and give you the coin to return back all you have to do is to take me back to my kingdom.
Me: this is too hard.
Tera: is not, there is no obstacle on the way till we get to my kingdom.
Me: if there is no obstacle why do you need us?
Tera: if i go alone there will be obstacle but with you they will bow to you.
Me: really thats goodnews.
Tera: yes you have conquer death, (she pause and said) okay we are close now.
Me: close to where?
Tera: to where they keep Ann and Lizzy.
Me: but we need a plan.
Tera: we dont, if they see the mark on your head they will bow.
Me: whats the meaning of the mark?
Tera: it means son of Owan.
Me: what does it mean?
Tera: means you are the Son of Owan (search google to know all about Owan for nonEdo people) controller and protector of all river in owan.
Me: really? And Owan is a daughter to Olokun (goddess of Benin)
Tera: yes that means Olokun is your grandmother.
Me: this is interesting.
We walk inside the small village where there is no soul just dead people starring at us (i dont need to explain dead people to you), they didnt bow as Tera said but they just give way for us and lead us to where Ann and Lizzy is, i untie them and we walk out of the village in peace.

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  1. now dat he has power ,it time for ozile to know hw to control it….
    @ozila,u r taking too much time to update dis story

    1. sorry sir busy schedule

  2. mehn! Bro. You are doing great. Pls try to update more.

  3. Live in this land of the dead is taking too much time, nice one though

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