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81. The Tomb

When they cut the rope me and Lizzy hold the ladder very well till it get to the other wall and we hit our body on the wall painfully, the bad guys cant get to us because no ladder again to climb, while me and Lizzy started climbing the ladder the ladder is very long i wonder how we manage to even holdon and didnt fall on the pit that contains what i dont even know but i know for sure that anything that is in that pit will be dangerous.
Me and Lizzy manage to climb to the top and Annabel help us by pulling us up, i reach the top first before Annabel because i was ahead of her.
“that was a narrow escape” Lizzy muttered as we breath a sign of relief and of course i bend down and put my two hands on my kneels and start breathing like mad cow, if you never see were madcow they breath before Omo you don miss oh because the breathing they vibrate ground like holyghost earthquake e go be like say na train they come.
Ann: a very narrow one, you guys should take your time to rest before continue.
Lizzy: rest for what? abeg lets start going before those idiot find a way to pass the pit.
Ann: you are hundred percent right, Oz standup lets go.
Me: chai na wa oh, so una nor want make i rest small abi?
Ann: you willl rest in your tomb.
Lizzy: haha, thats right though because nobody will disturb you thats if we will be able to hold the rebels off oh.
We took the remaining of our things and started walking to deepest part of the cave, as we continue walking the road keep adjusting making the road wider, Lizzy is our leader she lead while we follow from back and yes me and Annabel continue gisting.
Me: what if i get distracted during my time inside the tomb?
Ann: it dosnt matter because nobody can open the tomb except you.
Me: what if i dont wakeup?
Ann: you will wakeup because u will be in control wherever you find yourself in your dream.
Me: hmmm this is really strange.
Ann: you aint see anything yet.
We reach a point where there is ashes on the ground this is where the road end and there is no door to continue.
Me: is this the place?
Lizzy: yes.
Ann: i dont know about you guys but i dont see any tomb here.
Me: me too there is no tomb here, Lizzy are you sure we on the right track?
Lizzy: of course we are, there is a hidden door.
Me: where?
Lizzy: i dont know (she started scratching the wall of the cave looking for something i dont know).
Me: what are you looking for?
Lizzy: there is a key somewhere in the wall.
Ann: yes there suppose to be a key (she drop her things and join Lizzy searching the wall).
Since am tired i decided to drop my things and sat on the ground containing ashes but unfortunately i sat on something that press down like a key, and yes its a key because as the thing press down a door open from the wall and display a room full of dead skeleton.
“did i do that?” i ask no one in particular.
Ann: now i know why you are the choosen one.
Lizzy: stand up lets go (she took my hand up and the door close again as i step out from the key.)
Ann: seems like we gonna put something on that key.
Lizzy: you guys wait here let me see whats inside the room apart from dead skeleton bones, Oz put your leg on the key again.
I put my leg on the key and Lizzy walk inside the room.
Lizzy: there is nothing here apart from the dead bones (she shouted from inside).
Ann: is there any door there again?
Lizzy: no.
Me: then i guess we came here all for nothing.
Lizzy: nope.
Ann: why no?
Lizzy: because am starring at a mighty tomb here build with silvers.
Ann: waoh (she left me there and ran inside the room).
Me: hey guys dont leave me here na.
After some seconds they return.
Lizzy: i guess we will wait for you here while you go in and speak with your ancestors.
Me: how am i gonna do that?
Lizzy: just go in there open the tomb and sleep.
Me: just like that?
Ann: just like that.
Me: okay, help me hold the key then.
Annabel put her leg on the key while i enter inside the room, the room look nice even though it looks old the only shinning thing inside the room is the tomb, i look at the tomb i saw some words on the top but i cant understand the language, so i just decided to push the cover and enter but i tried to push it but i cant, i tried many times but the thing didnt even shake so how am i gonna get in?
I look at the top of the tomb and saw something like a palm hand with spider drawing boldy on the center of the hand, i look at the tomb and place my hand in it, it fit perfectly but the tomb didnt open, then i decided to cut myself on the palm with little blood coming out (i dont know where the idea came from) i put my hand again and alas the tomb open, i step in gently and laid down facing up, then the tomb lock by itself automatically while i sower into sleep.

I woke up from a place with ice on every area i look front and alas i saw a fire burning on an ice rock without melting.

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82. Burning Ice
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