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8. sex initiation

I walk to the window and i saw someone in white sitting on one power
bike holding white nylon (waoh, that matchine go cost oh na where them
they get money self), no doubt na she, so I carry the plamwine from
fridge carry one glass cup, i open the door and the gate in our
backyard i walk up to her, she is looking good, she smile as she saw
me coming with 5 litre gallon of palmwine.
Me: you look good.
Edna: thank you.
Me: come on lets sit there.
I took her to one of our suckerway and we sat there like husband and
wife, she wore complete white.
Me: so whats popping.
She strench her hand and hand over the bag to me, i open it and i saw a
new android phone, samsung.
Me: thank you very much.
Edna: you welcome.
She took the gallon from my hand and pour some wine on the cup, she sip it.
I took the cup and sip too, we sat in silence starring at the stars,
we continue sharing the drink, before i open up.
Me: i want in
Edna: you want in what?
Me: i want to join the white angels.
Edna: Oz i cant do that for now.
Me: why?
Edna: because if you join you will authomatically become the leader.
Me: how is that bad?
Edna: it is, because as it stand now all you think about is revenge,
letting you in will make you to make wrong choices which can destroy
us, dont worry you will be initiated at the right time.
Me: how do we know the right time.
Edna: i will know when you are ready, you still a kid you dont have
the mind to carry out operation talkless of giving command to more
than one thousand people.
Me: hmmm
Edna: trust me i know how it feel, i will call you when the time is right
but for now its no no for me.
Me: if you say so no problem.
Edna: for now we are hiding, you know eagle dont die, only their
feather do, anytime their feather is old and cant fly again they look
for where two rocks join and stay there for like three month.
Me: doing what?
Edna: shading away the old wing.
Me: shading away the wing for three months?
Edna: no after shading they wait for new ones to come out before
leaving that particular spot.
Me: really?
Edna: yes, for now we have to go and sharpen our wings, any harsh
decision now we get us killed, we have to prepared, but for now our
priority is you and i will guide you with all my life.
Me: thats what tina said and now shes dead, please dont say that again
i dont want you to die too.
Edna: death is something that will happen to all of us, wether we like
it or not, everybody will still die.
Me: hmmmm, can i ask you something?
Edna: anything.
Me: who are you?
Edna: Am Abubakar Edna, the daughter of Abubakar su******
Me: are you by any chance related to Alhaji Abubakar?
Edna: thats my dad.
Me: waoh, so your dad is a politician?
Edna: yes.
Me: waoh but you dont look like a muslim.
Edna: well i change my name during initiation..
Me: whats your real name.
Edna: Zainobe.
Me: hmmm wonderful, how can the daughter of a top poilitician be
schooling in auchi polytechnic?
Edna: i dislike school, i hate school so much that i refuse to go to university.
Me: so what brought you to auchi?
Edna: Tina.
Me: how?
Edna: story for another day, it is time for you to go and sleep.
Me: hmmmm dont really feel like sleeping.
Edna: its past ten already and you should rest very well now that you
are free, is your brother back?
Me: no is only me and his wife, he will return tommorrow.
Edna: okay please dont forget to discuss the journey with him.
Me: okay i will try.
Edna. Dont try, just do it, if u enter inside auchi you will be begging to leave.
Me: is it that serious?
Edna: yes, cultist against cultist, we will let them kill each other.
Me: who against who?
Edna: vikins vs black axe.
Me: what happened?
Edna: they started it in class when one black axe nigga harass one
vikins girlfriend.
Me: hmmm this is getting interesting i wish they will kill all the black axe.
Edna: black axe are strong, is not easy to eliminate all of them.
Me: who is the strongest here?
Edna: buccaneer.
Me: too many cultist, which one be barcaneer again?.
Edna: they are the strongest though they are focus on getting rich.
Me: i really need to start training myself.
Edna: for what?
Me: for revenge.
Edna: alright thats enough, start going.
She stood up and walk to her bike, she climb and start the engine I remain were I sit.
Edna: go inside house.
Me: I just don’t feel like going, can you stay a little.
Edna: doing what its dark already, please go inside.
I just sit there looking at her, drinking my palmy, e be like say the palmwine don they shark my head self because my head don dey turn me.
Edna: if you don’t want to go I will come and carry you.
she come down from the bike and walk to me, she hold my hand and force me up, I turn her around and face her.
Me: am not ready to sleep.
Edna: why?
Me: because I will miss this.
I kiss her and she pull herself and slap me, she throw me on the ground and i fell, she walk out of me and wanted to enter her bike, then she turn back look at me in a passionate way and walk to me, she bend down and raise me up making me to lie on her body, then she kiss me passionately on the ground, I was surprise she came back, she took me up and help me to my gate, she took my new phone and the palmwine and throw them inside the house, then she told me.
Edna: it’s time for you to go and sleep, you are drunk.
she open the gate for me and signal with her hand for me to go in, I hold the hand and draw her closer to me, I push her to the wall and start kissing her, i press her ass and her breast, the thing be like say e dey hungry us since, I raise her shirt up and suck her breast her, she twist her body on the wall, she put hand inside my short and grab my dick, she begin rob am to make sure say e stand well.

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7. Welcome Ozila
9. lord of the ring
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  1. Edna chaii

    U wanna revenge wen u don’t know about Cult

    Pussy revenge I guess!!

  2. Em Loving This

  3. lol…she dey rob ur dick?…u are gone i swear

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