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72. Lizzy The Mermaid

Oh boy the action sweet me die, as them they jump na so their dick they sing praise thy lord for air, before Lizzy they reach where i they all of them don enter inside river finish them they inside river but their head commout.
Lizzy: good evening guys.
Guys: evening.
Of course na so all of them start to they admire her they were all looking at her and i understand why if na me i go do the same is compulsory for all guys (80% though).
I took her to the top of the river where those guys cannot see us, i dont want anybody to disturb us.
Lizzy: why you come this place?
Me: i dont want them to disturb us.
Lizzy: sharp guy but this place is very deep and our leg wont touch ground.
Me: of course thats what i want or are you scared (i said that and start pulling my clothes),
Lizzy: why should i be scared when you are here to save me anytime i need help (for me and she who suppose help each other).
Me: of course i will save you.
I pull my clothes and dive inside the wide deep river of course my leg dont touch ground but i know how to swim i can even stay in one particular area inside the river and my leg wont touch ground i will just be swinging my leg, i did that and start using my hand to clap for Lizzy she was smiling and laughing when i put my hand in my mouth and start teasing her to come romantically.
Lizzy: i dont feel like swimming dear please.
Me: so you wanna make me swim alone?
Lizzy: i will just stay here and watch please.
Me: okay if you insist, i was swimming up and down enjoying the deep blue sea i swim close told her and tell her to time my stay inside the river, she said okay so i enter inside the river and slept on the ground facing the sky i stay there for more than six minutes before i come outside.
Me: how long?
Lizzy: four minutes plus.
Me: thats a lie i was in there for more 8 minutes.
Lizzy: so eight minutes is the best you can do?
Me: as if you go fit do anyone at all.
Lizzy: i can stay inside for more than one hour.
Me: tarrrr who born you reach?
Lizzy: what you wanna bet.
Me: i will bet my left balls that you cant.
Lizzy: hahahaha i dont want your balls i’ve seen alot so i dont need it.
Me: so what do you want me to use?
Lizzy: if i can stay there for more than one hours you will accept your immortal form and allow me teach you how to use your abilities.
Hmmmm thats much though i still believe she cant do it.
Me: okay accepted.
Lizzy: swear inside the water.
Me: how?
Lizzy: that if you dont fulfil your promise let the river swallow you.
Me: okay i swear if i dont fulfil my vow let this river swallow me.
I dont know what enter inside me for me to make that statement oh, Lizzy pull her clothes and remaining her pant and bra, she dive inside the river she came to where i was and give me a nice kiss, then she hand over the watch to me and told me to go and sit down if am tired of waiting.
Me: oh come on if you enter you wont even pass one minutes self.
Lizzy: okay watch and see.
She enter inside the river while i stay top and watch the time since i know myself nobody has ever beat in this type of competition, but if she beat me then my respect go grow for her, five minutes don pass she never stil comeout, ten minutes pass this girl still they river inside river, i was getting scared when e reach twenty minutes i enter inside the river to look for her, i met her sitting under the river like muslim praying she open her eyes and told me to go up so that i wont distract her (she was saying it with her hands and pointing up) i obey and left her there, i came out of the river and walk to the shore i sat down on one stone and continue watching the river, thirty minutes gone this girl still they inside river, i wanted to go in again and bring her out but when i remember that she told me to come out of the river, i decided to wait after all shes not really human so she can take care of herself, going to one hour now and this kid is still under the river, i dont think i have any other choice than to go in their and bring her out but as i was about to enter, the river start boiling like water inside fire the river started rising and boiling at the same time, i wanted to go in and briing her out but i cant enter inside the hot river, then suddenly i saw her coming out first i saw her hair, her hair don change from black to red first of all i was scared i thought it wasnt her, and i also saw different changes like many cowries on her body, i was afraid a little but when she come out of the sea with fish leg then i fainted.

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