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7. Surprise Marriage

I held her hand very tightly and led the walk

as she followed me smiling, walking very

close to me and I could see peeps peeping at

us..and I didn’t give a damn!

“So where are we going? Are u taking me to

your peoples house?” She inquired.

“Do you want me to take you there?” I asked.

“Nope!” She said.

“Okay ooo.we are going to my second place!”

I said.

“So,you don’t want to take me to a hotel?”

She inquired.

“Hian! Hotel kwa? Well,probably as the last

choice.But,as at now,nothing really dey!” I


There are people you can lie to and there

are people you can’t.You just have to say it

as it is cuz they don’t mind.They know

you,you know them,and nothing can ever go

wrong from you saying your mind…..Just don’t

lie to them!

“I want us to go to a hotel Odii.” She required

of me exclusively.

Well,I obliged.Some things are better left

unsaid. Since she wanted a hotel, I didn’t

bother about the money cuz she was gonna

foot the bill.


“Wait wait wait.” I found myself saying as

soon as we entered the hotel room she

booked for us in that City Global hotel.

“Wait what?” She asked.

“We just entered now,we have not even

talked and ….” I didn’t finish before she cut me


“We will talk!”.

Upon completion of that sentence,I didn’t even

realise how fast I got myself entangled with

Jane’s body as she gently made me lower

myself upon the edge of the bed and then

gently made me readjust myself so that she

gracefully was relaxed on top of my body as

we kissed hungrily like two starved hyenas.

She removed her mouth from mine,and her

entire body followed suit.

Before one could say jack-the-ripper,Jane

has totally undressed,and she looked at me

as I kept smiling and literally forgotten that I

was still in my clothes myself.

She did that thing,yes,that biting of lips

thing,and in that moment,I didn’t know whether

it was that she was me-starved or s*x-


But whichever one,one thing is clear though,

am the one now stalling!

Like a runner whose only obstruction

between him and his final leap to win an

accolade is that last strength he can sum up,I

knew that my own obstruction was now of

my own making.

With my eyes still fixed at her,I hurriedly went

unclad in front of her while still lying down in

the bed.While keeping my trouser,I collected

the c*ndom I bought from my pocket and at

that instant,I sensed a twitch or rather more

accurately, a little frown in her face.

“What’s the matter? I asked, as if I didn’t


“Nothing!” She replied.

Well,we all know that whenever a girl says

“nothing” is wrong,everything is wrong.

I flipped the c*ndom away,sacrificing my

protection again in as many days to make

the people I care about happy…and fulfilled!

(don’t judge me!)

Her lost fervour returned and slowly but

calmly, she climbed on top of me,leaving me

the function of unwinding the last piece of

clothing still on her,her tug-like undie.

We entangled ourselves in a tightly

embrace,our lips locked together,we started

kissing passionately;she was still on top,and

my Greatman was now beyond redemption.

I gently used my right hand and started

caressing her left br*ast and then used my

left hand to massage her butts while still

pressing it hard on myself so that her

moisturised punny and its environs will feel

the hardness of my Greatman!

As this went on for sometime, I felt her hand

moving slowly to the hardened part of

me,and then I felt her smooching and rubbing

and palming and squeezing whilst letting out

soft moans as I heightened the pleasure I

was giving her by extending my own

romancing hands to the tips of her br*ast.

“Odii suck my br*ast!” Was the next thing I

heard her whisper to my eyes,to which I

obliged immediately without hesitation.

My lefthand changed position immediately as it

immediately found its way to the tip of her

right br*east while my right hand took its

former position, my mouth still sucking her

tips seriously and you would not have

believed otherwise if I told you my life

depended on that!

As the pleasure increased,she started

moaning out a bit and what followed was that

she started rubbing moistened punny

environs all over my Greatman in an ecstatic

sort of overjoy….And at this point,you know

that only one thing is now remaining to


Four years it has been since we last saw

each other,yet as I felt her grab my

Greatman and slowly insert it into her punny

whilst still on top me,it was as if the four

years never happened.

Slowly,she started riding me while I continued

pleasuring her tips with my hands and

mouth,whichever one was available.

What started out with gentle push and riding

started progressing into louder and heavier

up and down thrusting. And then the screams

or moaning started getting louder by the


I couldn’t get hold of her tips or her br*ast

again and so I used my two hands instead to

hold her hip,with my back relaxed against the


Jane rode me like the world was ending that

minute.At some some point,she stopped

thrusting and was rather shifting forward

and backward on top of me.

At one point, I even thought I got wounded by

her newly shaved pubic hairs cuz I was really

feeling its sharp ends on my skin roughly.

When I couldn’t control my own pleasure of

the riding anymore,I turned her immediately,

and she tried to return to her glory position

immediately too,but I didn’t allow her..

I grabbed my Greatman by my hands and in

that missionary way,inserted it and started

thrusting immediately.

She used her two hands and grabbed my

head and placed it on the tips of her left

br*ast and I sucked..

We f*cked in this manner like 3-4mins before

I told her I was gonna release..

And then I released,and we both heaved sighs

of relief as we both lay wasted on the

bed,with her holding me closely while I

reciprocated the act!

“So,long time?” I found myself saying out



“I guess you are not in the mood to talk

about the past?” I said.

“Not really.” She replied.

“Why not?” I demanded.

“I just don’t see the purpose nor the need!”

She replied.

“You are right!” I conclusively admitted.

“So how are your people?” I asked.

She started laughing at me, which you would

see as awkward,but which is not.

“And by my people,you mean my elder

sister?” She inquired.

“Hian! Is she the only family you have?” I

asked,not surprised cuz I know exactly where

she was leading our little talk.

She looked at me and smiled and then used

her right hand to stroke my chin playfully. I

kept calm and enjoyed it.

“I will be getting married!” She finally let out

what’s been bothering her.


In that moment, my mind started playing

tricks on me again.Its as if it has been

looking for something to trigger its ever-

peering head to manifest its daunting

haunting of my troubled mind with the the

thoughts of Pretty.

I saw Pretty standing at the edge of the

entrance of that door,smiling at me,as if it

was happy that one of the greatest comforts

in my life was departing from me.I could see

her smiling with ecstasy and one will be right

to assert that she just wants me to be


Well,it makes sense then.I have not really

thought about it up till that moment that

Pretty came into my life when I was literally

getting to be alone: school has closed for the

semester, all my friends has travelled,I don’t

do street dudes except for some footballing

and street talks.I simply would prefer to now

stay indoors and watch movies all day or

play games if it so permits me.

And this period of time,was the period Pretty

decided to come into my life..Does she want to

fill a vacuum or is she creating the vacuum

to fill it herself? Damn!

Your mind is really being haunted bro,and

guess who is the chief antagonist? Myself!

“Odii!” I heard myself being called again by


“Yap!” I answered.

” what were u thinking? ” she asked.

“When we were still kids.” I answered.

She smiled.

“What if we had done it then?” I asked her.

“Well,thank God we didn’t.” She replied.

“Hahahaha.You should be thanking me,not God.

You were so angry at me that I loved

Amara,and in order to prove it is you I truly

will marry in the future,you wanted us to do

a covenant!” I reminded her.

“End this topic Odii!” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am” I replied and went silent.

My mind wanted to slip away into its place of

haunting solace again when I heard her say:

“I want you to know that you will always have

a place in my heart Odii.Always!”.

Tears started flowing from my eyes


“Are you……” she didn’t finish the statement as

she sat up and made me lay my head on her

laps as she started consoling me.

“You have passed this now” she said.

I still didn’t talk as I allowed the tears roll

down to my cheeks by themselves as wished

that I would go back to my sweet childhood

and never grow up to the point where I

would lose my own Jane!

We remained in that manner for sometime

with Jane not knowing exactly what to or what

not to say.

“I couldn’t help it you know?” I rhetorically

said after sometimes.

“I know my dear.Its okay” she calmly replied


I never intended it that I was gonna cry that

day nor even let such exhibition of

unguarded emotions interfere with what was

supposed to be a great moment between us

that day,but,things happen!

I didn’t want the final memory Jane will have

of me being that of her old lover crying like

a kid when he heard she was getting

married.No! I wanted us to go out with a

bang! But damn,I was just going to turn 21 by

August of that year and she was going to

turn 24 or probably 25 as I would rather

correctly align; I didn’t know how to feel at

that moment nor the emotion to show,so I

guess my being did the only thing it knew

how to do best…….cry!

* * *

We ended up having more rounds of s*x

when I apologised to Jane for my inadvertent

poor emotions ( to which she admonished by

the way,telling me I had every right to cry).

After we were through with everything, with

our talks,she reached for her bag and gave

me an envelop(the contents of which are

personal and contained cash).I rejected it

initially, but she insisted I take it,making this

comment that I have never forgotten:

“I might be getting married,but it still doesn’t

change what we had,what we have.My body is

still mine!”

After a little more chat,I escorted her to the

park and waited till her bus was full before I

started going home.


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