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66. They Know Each Other

Lizzy: where are you coming from? (see me see Jamb question oh).
Me: what are you doing here? (na nigeria we they question vs question
who go win)
Lizzy: what do you mean, so i cant come to your house again?
“i was really surprise to see her there, she didnt even inform me that
shes coming self, how can she do something like that, what if my mum
is around na wetin i for talk?
Me: not like that dear, is just that i wasnt expecting to see you how
long have you been here?
I open the door as i usher her in, though my mind no rest am telling
you guys, she suppose know say my mum fit come any moment from now na.
Lizzy: for like fifteen minutes, i have something urgent to tell you
and we cant discuss it on phone.
Me: okay sit down please let me keep this dru….. (holy shit i they
mumu sometimes sha)
Lizzy: which drug is that? (she ask as she balance herself on our
chair, she wore black leggins and white chinese shirt, you know those
kind shirt wey Jumong girlfriend they like to wear, the girl wey her
father na trader with good thinking ability).
Me: not drug i mean robb.
Lizzy: you dont have it here?
Me: no our own don finish (i shouted from inside the room).
I kept the drug inside my bag and return back to parlour.
Me: so babe wetin happen?
Lizzy: i was attack.
Me: by who?
Lizzy: i dont really know.
Me: you dont know so how did they attack you?
Lizzy: i slept in the afternoon when i wokeup i saw blood on my
doorstep, i taste the blood and it taste like yours.
Me: what!!!
Lizzy: yeah, i dont understand how but i believe they are trying to
get to you through me because you have many beings watching your back
Me: i dont understand, if you taste the blood and it taste like mine
then i was the one attack na not you.
Lizzy: yes you were attack through me.
Me: i still dont understand.
Lizzy: oh gosh, when will you wakeup from your slumber, the war has
already begun and you are still hesitating to fight, Do you know one
of my member died in her sleep?
Me: i dont understand why you are raising your voice oh, you know i
have exam to write and you are the one that told me to focus on my
Lizzy: oh fuck the exam, is the exam more important than your life and
the life of ours?
Me: i dont know what to say liz but i need to focus on this exam.
Lizzy: forget about exam we will find solution to that, you need to
find the inner you.
Me: what type of solution?
Lizzy: we will find a clever person who read everything, then we will
take the knowledge from the person and add it to yours.
Me: really you can do that?
Lizzy: of course is very easy all you need to do is to locate the person.
Me: so why didnt you mention something like this before?
Lizzy: because i wanted you to read, but now it seems like the war is
more important.
Me: oh stop talking about war, no war will happen.
Lizzy: huh see who is talking with confidence, am telling you the fact
and you talking trash.
Me: lets just take one thing at a time.
Lizzy: noooo you need to be ready.
Me: ready as in, what do you even want me to do. (i raised my voice).
Lizzy: i need you to accept who you are.
Me: i cannot never accept that am a wizard or merman.
Lizzy: then you leave me no choice.
Me: no choice as in?
Lizzy: dont worry i wont disturb you again (she look angry as she
stoodup and walk to the door)
Me: i quickly caught her by the arm like ramsey and genevieve playing
love, “come on dont be angry i just dont understand, months ago i was
living a normal life and now here you are telling me am something i
hated the most in my life, come on think about it if you were in my
shoe how will you feel?
She turn around and look at me.
Lizzy: i know you are still confuse cus you are kid thats why am
trying to help so that you will be ready, your spiritual mum is not
just only strong but shes superstrong, there are many ways she can use
to trick you for example the party.
Me: yes i know i fucckup and am sorry, but please i just want to write
my exam and disappear.
Lizzy: you think you can run from it.
Me: of course no but if i leave this place the attack wil stop.
Lizzy: if you leave here the attack will be worse because there will
be nobody to guide you there, am going take care of yourself.
Me: just like that?
Lizzy: of course, thats what make me come down here to tell you i will
call you when i get home.
She was serious because she just give me kiss and open the door and disappear.
I went insde my room and recall what she told me about my blood on her
door step, hmm that one no be here oh, my mum return from work and
took her things and disappear to store though she cook something
before she left, i was inside room thinking when i heard a knock on
the door around seven’o’clock sharp, i open the door and of course its
Justina, i compliment her beauty and she thank me, as i usher her in
she pause and start sniffing, then she said “Draggon Eyes Of The Sea”.
Me: what did you say? “i turn and ask.
Justina: nothing.

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