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64. Why Mr Dickson

The way she they suck make me believe say she be professional for the thing, she even bend down and balance herself why she give me blow me as she they blow me she put her left hand inside her skirt and start tormenting her pusssi, am telling you guys if there is a school for blowjob na she go they carry first continuously, i was enjoying it so well as she use both her hand and mouth to blow my sense away, she will suck for some minutes then when its slippery she will start using her hand, i was looking at the sky wether na ceiling i they count i dont know oh, i was lost in thought that i didnt even know when she stop sucking me and sat ontop me shifting her pant to one corner and inserting my dicck inside, as she insert am omo the thing sweet me die and see as she don wet as if i suck her, but as she wan gbog me something ba d happen, the first thrust my dicck collapse i was surprise because my dicck was as hard as rock when she was blowing me but time for action now my dicck don they disappoint, na wetin they happen now?
She stood up and start succking me again she suck me very well that my dickson rise like cobra ready to sting, she sat ontop me again and like before my dickson disappoint me again for the second consecutive time, i was like what tha hell is going on?
Just: whats wrong with you?
Me: i dont know oh this is the first time.
She suck me again and this time i stood up to enter her but still yet my dickson no gree me as i wanted to insert my dickson inside the thing just go down like waterfall, she just sat down disappointed, nor be only she they vex na even meself i will question my dickson when i get home.
Me: am sorry for that i really dont know whats going on oh.
Just: are you sure you are not impotent?
I was arranging my trouser very well, hiding my boring dickson inside my trouser, but when i heard that word “impotent” i pause and look at her “can someone who is impotent gain erection”?
Just: i dont know you are the man or maybe kid.
Me: like seriously just because of this you have already started insulting me?
Just: not like that am just curious, how can someone with a nice weapon dont even know how to make use of it?
Me: i nor blame you na, i don they gbog tey tey i dont know what inside your maternal home thats making my dicck lose election.
Just: hahahahaha trying to shift the blame to me abi? And its erection not election who are you electing?
Me: oh yes because this is the first time so it might be your fault.
Just: your first time? i dont believe you,
Me: na you sabi na, abeg make i they go self.
Just: bye bye lock the door behind you.
Me: you nor go escort me?
Just: for wetin after you don make me wet finish without no action you think say i they happy.
Me: am sorry na.
Just: na you sabi bye bye.
Me: na wa oh, “i stood up and walk to the door, yet this girl no wan escort me” na wa for you oh.
Just: na wa for you too.
I open the door and leave her house feeling really really and bad, i was heard that this kind of thing they vex some girls well well but na now me they witness am, this girl vex no be small oh, even me too i was surprise at my dickson.
I got home and lock my door, i went inside our room and bring out my dick.
Me: wetin happen na, na why you come fall my hand like that, you never dissapoint me like that before na wetin come happen, make you nor try am again oh make i nor vex they leave you for house anytime i wan go out oh.
Like seriously am i mad or crazy? Talking to my dickson, well call it whatever you want but that goal that i didnt score really make me angry, that goal is very important, many people try to score that goal but they cant, now i have a golden opportunity but my dickson head cum fuck me up, i was really dissappointed and i wanted to try it on another person, but who will that be?.
I leave the bathroom and enter kitchen to see if theres anything, of course there is but i want something different, something that will make me be in charge of my dickson, yes something that will make my dickson not to fucckup again, what can that be now? I dont know of any other thing oh, i know some drugs but i dont want to take them because they have bad effect, but my dickson is okay na, when she they blow me my oga rise na, na when she wan do the main thing na im my dickson fuckup, what might that be?
I was thinking aloud walking around the room like someone waiting for his pregnant wife in the labour room.

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63. Another Bondage
65. Just For Pleasure
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