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6. Jane

As is customary for after-long-swims in

pools,streams,rivers,etc,my eyes were pure

red as we left that place.

If I should go back like that to our place,some

people might mistake it that I may have taken

something…Something like weed!

I decided to follow Ebenezer to his place so

as to come back with the cloak of nightfall and

pretend that I did actually go for evening

mass as mum wanted. Everything fitted in…

Around 7:05pm on the same Sunday just as I

was on my way back to our house,I got a call.

As is usual of me whenever a line not on my

contact calls,I waited for the caller to speak


“Odii!” The voice gently called out.

“Yea!” I replied in my usual manner, knowing

that the caller knows me well as to call me in

my native name.

“Can we see?” The voice asked.

” You called me with no intro of yourself, and

u r still demanding to see me?”

I replied.

“You already know me!” The voice replied and

the line went dead immediately!

I was like “you are not serious,when u get

serious,call again!”..


******THREE DAYS LATER******

“hello” the same voice bellowed again.

“Yea!” I replied.

“You know who’s calling?”

The voice asked.

“You called,and still asking me?” I replied.

“You are rude!” The voice replied.

I ended the call immediately, and she called

back and I picked it.

“You know,I just remembered your voice

now? U called me on Sunday evening right?” I

asked as soon as I picked the call.

“Yes”..the voice replied.

“So?” I asked.

” I want to see you!”…the voice demanded.

“Seriously, I don’t know what part of this

earth u r from,but where am from,you don’t

just go out to see people on demand!” I


The caller changed her intonation.

“Okay,its me!” The voice said very sweetly.

I was amazed.I was lost for words. I kept my

mouth open not knowing what to utter again.

“So,u r now dumb Odii? U won’t speak again

abi? I thought you would have changed a bit!”

The voice spoke out,sneering and deriding as

well as making a caricature and catching fun

at my expense.

“I can’t believe this.I just can’t believe this.I

thought u have…..” I didn’t finish before she cut

me short.

“Forget it.Promise me you will come and see

me?” The voice inquired.

“Why not.I think am gonna invent my highest

lie ever to come and see you.” I jokingly said.

“I will be waiting!” She replied.

Immediately the line went dead,I was full of


“This one u r smiling like this,she don call

you?” Blessing joked.

“Guess who just called me?” I asked her.

“How will I know!” She nonchalantly replied.

“Jane!” I said.

” Jane just called me”….

And all this while,my mind was going

places,thinking weird things,I almost thought

that it was Pretty still trying to terrify me

even though I just relegated everything about

her to mere over-thinking.

But was it? Was it all real?

Am why has Jane chosen this moment to

reappear in my life again?

I had many thoughts that weighed heavily on

my mind and went to sleep with it….. And I

regret ever doing so !


The thought of Jane occupied my mind for the

rest of that day cuz its been long since I last

saw her;especially, the fact that led to our


I did a lot of digging within me,trying to find a

way I was gonna use to travel to Owerri to

go and see her.Our school has closed for the

semester,so no-school-lies will bail me out.

At some point,my mind just told me to relax

and forget about any thoughts,with the

assurance that something better will surely

come up.

I have missed Jane!





Long Time

“Finally!” I said.

“Why did you do it?” Pretty replied.

“You mean why I stopped you from

unintentionally killing yourself that day?” I


“Yes!” She replied.

“Is that what we are actually supposed to be

discussing?” I asked her.

“You just don’t understand, do you?” She


” Am still trying to make sense of everything

you know? I close my eyes,the next thing is

you. I see you in everything I now do.Its like

am being haunted. And all this started that

day I saved you.

Why not make me understand?” I replied her.

I could see a feeling of empathy as well as

sympathy written all over her face even in

her hallowed insistence of appearing tough-


“I will come to you later.By then, I will explain

certain things to you.Till then,avoid going near

anything water(pools,streams,etc).” She said.

“What?” I shouted,even though it was not my

intention to do so.

“Goodbye!” She said and in my amazement, I

opened my eyes only to realise I have been


Was it really a dream? Or was it made to

appear as a dream to me?

I didn’t really know the answer to the above

questions, but one thing I was certain of is

the fact that I’m being haunted and the

reason for the haunting eludes me!

I thought it through,but I found out that there

was nothing else I could except sit and wait

for Pretty to come back as she promised she

would..And that’s that!

The next day, I put a call through to Jane:

“Odii or Michael,which one do you answer

now?” Jane said as soon as she picked my


“Anyone you choose is okay by me.” I said.

And continued:

“I don’t think I can come to Owerri and sleep

over,but…” I stopped.

“Why not? Have you now forgotten how to

conjure up truthful lies as usual?” She

said,mocking as well as seriously concerned.

” Well,I could come,but I would still go back

that day;and knowing you fully well,I know u

won’t like it that way.You know,I no longer

have those my childhood privileges then,things

have changed.” I ended.


“You are not saying anything?” I queried


“Do u want me to come to Aba?” She said.

“Yes.I would love you to!” I replied.

” Okay.I will come tomorrow then!” She said.

“Tomorrow?” I said out loud.

“Are u going somewhere else tomorrow?”

She questioned.

“No. no. Its just that its just all of a sudden.

Anyway,what should I keep for you?” I


“Keep yourself for me!” She replied

immediately, and started laughing,ending the

call in the process!

Ebenezer have earlier told me he was going

to travel back to Rivers state on

Thursday,but he deferred it,and travelled

instead on Friday morning.

His place of abode was my only hope(if you

understand what I mean).

Towards 10:00am,Jane called me:

“Am at Brass junction,where are u?” She


“Now now? Just wait somewhere,I will be

there in a jiffy!” I replied.

“Okay!” She retorted and cut the call.

Damn! Things were happening so fast, faster

than ever.

I knew Jane was coming, but hell,this was too

sudden. Not really sudden,but too early and

as I would love to say,unexpectedly


With many stuffs still going through my mind,I

started hearing those thoughts again,thoughts

of Pretty filled my head as the keke I

chartered from the road adjoining my street

to Brass breezed through Eziukwu road and

joined Aba/owerri road.All throughout my

thinking, the only explicitly clear was the fact

that “I was not gonna go home happy after

meeting Jane!”. I took it that someone must

be getting jealous and unhappy or that

someone really didn’t want to see me happy…

Whichever one,I placed them where they

rightly belonged, in the figment of my

imagination, the part where Pretty has

vehemently relapsed to preying on!


I alighted from the keke as soon as I reached

Brass,and is customary for most people,I

searched around first with my eyes before

calling her.

She told me she is inside the mtn Customer

care center around that place as soon as I

called her.

As I walked on to that place,memories began

to overcome me,memories of Jane and I.It

even made me remember that it has not

really been that long,even though it has been

long,that we last saw;and the most painful

part of this pain filled memories is the

manner in which we were separated.

Well,one thing is clear,we have a lot to


I was still having this thoughts in my

mind,probably lost to them,when I heard my



As I looked up straight, there was Jane

coming out elegantly,and appeared ravishingly

with her normal laugh brimming and shining

all over face,and is customary of her,she

called me:

“Nwa ojoo!”

Which means “bad boy” when u translate it

literally,but whose meaning don’t really mean

what it appears to interpret!

I couldn’t help but hug her tightly,even though

I rarely hug females,to her own



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