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56. The Rising Sun

when i heard the voice I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that Lizzy is here, I wonder wetin make her come oh, she be say she dey shrine, how manage she come come here now now now?
as I turn and saw her coming from the crowd, she wear complete white gown with blood on her hands holding a dagger on right hand, all her hair scattered as if shes coming back from war, when she appear everybody begin run as if they know who she is or maybe them see ghost, oh yeah she’s a ghost, within a minute everywhere don empty except the altar wey the chief they, even the cheif bodyguards run too.
The Chief stood up and walk to Lizzy why I arrange myself on the ground trying to free myself from Annabel’s grasp.

Chief: Luciana.
Lizzy: the devil himself.
Chief: hehehehe If am a devil then what should I call you?
Lizzy: what is going on here, ( she said and look at me on the ground, I hide my face becus I was ashame.)
Lizzy: stand up Oz and take back your property.
Me: which property?
Lizzy: the hair.
Annabel: the hair belong to me now
Chief: Luciana don’t tell he’s the one.
Lizzy: he is.
Chief: we are very sorry.
Ann: sorry for what dad, am not giving it back.
When Lizzy hear that word e be like say she wan turn to devil because her face turn red like hell.
Chief: Luciana calm down, Ann return back the hair.
Ann: Papa………..
Chief: return it, ona gba gbe ma (this one too big for us)
Annabel return my hair back to me, me I nor know wetin they special about the hair oh, Lizzy hold my hand tight and pull me out of the stage.
Chief: Luciana?
she turn back and look at the chief.
Chief: we have to talk.
Lizzy: there will be consequences.
Chief: but we never knew.
Lizzy: you know now.
Annabel: damn the consequence pa, who the hell is she?
Chief: hold your tongue dear, she is your mistress.
Lizzy: and I believe this won’t happen again.
Chief: of course it won’t.
Lizzy: see you then.
Lizzy pull my hand and we continue going to nowhere in particular, I don’t know were my friends are, but I believe they are safe anywhere they are.
as we they waka they go for main road, any motor wey they pass they commot for road for us, once them use their light point us and see us them go reverse commot for road.
Me: were are we going?
she didn’t even bother to reply me. she just hold my hand and continue drawing me along like handbag, I know I deserve it but at least she’s hurting my hand, but I dare not talk because all of a sudden am now afraid of her, who won’t be when she hold dagger on her left hand and hold me on her right as if she’s going to sacrifice me just like moses in the Bible.
after she don waka tire she stop for center of road and use force to stop one car, the driver run commot like rat, who go see fire and still stand?
Lizzy: get in.
see as this girl they command me oh, who she be wey she wan they form madam for me, though i don’t have any choice so I enter inside the car and Lizzy speed off like neo in the movie matrix, the car they run like speed of light, Lizzy no dey look road oh na the stirring she dey look, e be like say I annoy her well well oh because the way wey she dey vex so na only god know weting they her mind, she enter the road to her street and fire more speed, as she they speed they go, something run pass our front and Lizzy jam the thing because no time to hold break because of too much speed. as she jam am she quickly hold break, I bash out of the car ignoring her warning not to go out, what I saw shock me, we hit a small cat with bright eyes like sun, w white cat for that matter, Lizzy came out of the car too to see what we hit.
as she come out and see the cat, she shouted at me.
Lizzy: get inside now.
I saw the seriousness on her face then I know say she nor they joke I immediately rush inside the car, Lizzy try to start the car but e be like say the car don go thy kingdom come, she try many times but the car no gree start, then for the front of our car were we hit the cat person bring hand come out and put for the front of the car, I nor need babalawo to tell me say the cat na person,
Lizzy: get out of the cat now.
I rush out of the car with Lizzy and we started running back from were we came from in the middle of the night, then all of a sudden a heavy rain started falling followed by a heavy thunderstorm, me and Lizzy don wet as if we they river they baf, as we they run they go, then Lizzy stop.
Me : why are we stopping?
she point her bloody hands signaling me to look further”look very well” she said.
I zoom my eyes to were we running to and thus I saw a rising smoke and dark smoke for that matter rising at the middle of the road in form of human being.

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56. The Rising Smoke
57. Fear Of The Smoke
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