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55. Kiss Of Death

When she stand up and say she wan replace prisca i was shock, no be only me shock everybody shock, even music pause and everybody spread i mean they begin expand, why she want to replace her i dont know, nobody know and even the MC no know self, soprisca jejely move back for her, when she stand up they come na there i know say she be real priestess, all her body covered with chains, bangos and cowries, as she walk the sound of the bead on her body glisters, singing a song of respect to her.She came to me looking at me straight in the eye, i wasnt afraid because i have seen worse, but i was surprised because she didnt come out since so why would she come out on my own turn, or is she planning anything or what? well wether she they plan anything or not na her head go suffer because as i they so i get many odeshe for body, from my left tomy right i am guided, i know God and i know gods, whichever way she want it i can give it toher,.What am i even thinking self? she’s just a girl who wants to have fun so why should be thinking far, just because of what she wears? Oh well maybe she will be coronated today or tomorrow so i better put my head for ground.Lady: you look shock.Me: no am not.Lady: okay good,She walk to MC and say something to him silently, i begin wonder wetin them they talk but i hope they are not planning to kill me, as she talk to the MC i look at the crowd and suddenly everywhere is now calm, people wey they shout and jubilate just now when i come out come be like dead people cause no noise emanating from anywhere except the whispersof the wind and little sound of the speaker playing a rythm music to make the night more scaring to the eye openers.After them don talk finish she walk to me and stand beside me.MC: now mr man you know wetin i want make you do, i want make you kiss this our lady, when i say kiss i nor mean nigeria kiss or liberia kiss, i mean london or french kiss and make sure say you romance her sotey una cloth scatter for ground and e go remain only una pant.Like Seriously? Me romancing a priestess and removing her clothes thats like digging an early grave for me because her father is there watching like black cobra, snaring his eyes like that of dracula.Lady: now you are surprise or are you not upto the task?Me: ha why not am just thinking wether i will be ..Lady: penalize or punish,.Me: yeah exactlyLady: well its my party and i have to make it more lively and beside am just having fun.MC: mr if you cant do it you will pay……The MC never talk finish before i grab the lady head like jack the slayer as if i want differentiate the head from the body, i grab the head and start kissing her like mad, since the girl don give me permission i nor need any more modification before i classify the digit just like calculus.oh men that lips look like water melon, you know what i mean, e get the colour of water melon and e come get the taste of water melon join and you know once you taste water melon hungry go begin beat you, oh yeah thatshow this is, as i taste it i didnt let go cus i wantmore, after all they want a french kiss and london kiss join.Of course what do you guys expect the crowd to be doing, they were cheering us shouting asif today is their last day, well me i dont mind because even if today is my last day, i have fulfil a dream, “kissing a priestess in the middle of crowd, e no easy oh, if you think is easy to kiss a celebrity in the middle of crowd then ask the lady that died when micheal jackson kiss her, she died at once, she don fulfil wetin she come do for earth, hehehe i norblame her i hope she meet the micheal jacksonfor were she dey.As i continue kissing her, she kneel down and hold me with her right hand robbing my hairy body, then she said slowly, “take it easy, they want french kiss not naija kiss”.So i slow down a bit and continue kissing her, then something happen, as we continue kissingshe put her left hand inside my body and locate my chest, then she pull my hair, i shouted and raise my head to the sky as if na sky pull my hair, as i shouted i wanted to fall down back,As i dey fall back she dey fall follow me and use her lips to cover my mouth, then i started feeling the taste of her lips again and then i forget about the pain,the crowd continue jeering even though they dont know what happened, then suddenly i heard from the crowd.”Miss Annabel, you aint going anywhere with that hair” i turn look back and guess who i see?.

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  1. wetin be French kiss sef ?….abi you go dey speak French while kissing ni?

  2. This is getting serious o

  3. She don jazz u tey tey

    Weldon bruv

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