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27. She’s Gone

Were Are You
on Saturdays,after
playing ball,I came back and took my bath and
without giving her a call,I headed straight to
her house to spend the rest of my day with
On reaching there,I realised that that place
was now empty.
I came out and checked again to see if I was
at the correct building, and it was the correct
I went back in again and checked and the
place was empty,totally empty,as if someone
have not lived there for the past six months. I
tried asking the neighbours what happened
and they were as clueless as I was.
I brought out my phone immediately and tried
her number,but I was told the number no
longer exists. I didn’t know what to think…and I
didn’t want to think anything.
After staying around there,as if waiting for
her to magically reappear from nowhere,I
started going back home,feeling totally
distraught and not knowing my right from my
left anymore…I had to enter keke to avoid
matters that touch..
I kept thinking of what to make of what just
happened, and I couldn’t find one.I somehow
made myself believe that maybe Pretty is
testing me or something and that she will
visit me this night and tell me what happened.
I didn’t want to think of the fact that maybe
something has harmed her or phased her out
of existence as she said.
I was totally lost.I was totally confused.
What has happened to my Pretty? That was
the ever-present consistent question in my
That night,nothing happened.
I went back to her place the next day,hoping
that somehow, what happened the other day
was a mistake or something like that,and
what I saw the previous day was exactly what
I met again.
“Something is seriously wrong” I muttered to
For the first time in the last four months,I
became afraid,not for myself,but for Pretty.
Is she dead? I didn’t ask that,but it was in my
This period was just two weeks before our
second semester exams,and try as I may to
not think of it,I could not.
This unexplained disappearance of Pretty
totally made me a recluse and I didn’t know
how else to live again with myself. Everybody
noticed it,although they didn’t know what the
cause was.I didn’t go to school for the next
eight days,as I set out trying to find out what
happened to Pretty.At some point,I even
wanted to visit a native doctor after making
inquiries and getting the requisite details of
such. On one of the days I set out I was
going to go there,I had this subtle voice in me
telling me that Pretty would not want me to
do that.
That day,I weeped!
Many of my course mates started calling me
here and there,asking me what is happening
and if everything is okay with me,and I replied
in the affirmative. Many of them visited
me,and physically,you wouldn’t notice that I
was actually suffering, but innately,I was
totally messed up.
By the tenth day,with no sign of Pretty
anywhere,I decided to just get my acts
together and read up the little I can for my
semester exams.
So much for getting too much attached!
In everything I did onwards,the thoughts of
how Pretty would have wanted me to do it
almost made me weep everyday,but I tried
anyway to not think much about her…But,that’s
the impossibility of a lifetime,i simply couldn’t.
My exams went very well and I started
making peace with the fact that Pretty is out
of my reach and out of my life forever,and
that for whatever reason known to
her,maybe its for the best..I didn’t want to
even give room to the thought that maybe
she no longer exists.
With that in mind,I vowed never again to get
attached to someone like that again,not even
my would-be-wife.
Things started easing back again as it should
be for me,and I started concentrating on the
admission I was looking for in Absu to read
Law(which am doing currently).
On one of the days as I was coning back
from Absu after delivering some needed
docs to my uncle and her wife to facilitate my
admission process,I saw her!
I had stopped at Calabar street and alighted
from the car from Absu and entered a keke
that normally stops at St.John,from whence I
will now trek via the st.Eugene’s road to
Omuma road and then to my street. I didn’t
want to follow from park so that I will not be
tempted into buying something I didn’t budget
After coming out from the keke,I started
trekking and then I heard my name being
softly called “Odii!”.
I thought it was some people calling someone
else that bears same name with me,and so I
continued walking on without bothering to
turn and look.
“Odii!” I heard again almost beside me and I
turned,and there she was,as beautiful as
I didn’t know what to say or what to think,but
the only think that entered my mind as we
stood there was this statement:
” Is this real or am I imagining it?”
She smiled.
“Which one do you want it to be for you?”
She asked.
“A temporary lapse in willpower!” I uttered.
I guess she expected me to be defensive now
“Can we talk?” She asked me.
“We are talking already!” I replied her.
“Not here..somewhere cool!” She said.
“You are still you,you know?” I asked.
She affirmed.
I obliged her and we entered into one
restaurant like that around the corner.
“So?” I asked.
“I know you are angry at me and with me,and
it is justified,but I didn’t leave without knowing
that you can handle it” she said.
“Okay.” I said.
“And I know that I said I fixed that ish then,but
the truth is that it was just temporary. When
the walls started cracking again,I knew
exactly what I needed to do for good!” She
“Which is?” I asked.
“I had to leave.I can’t bear to see you die or
suffer unnecessarily over something I could
have dealt with!” She said.
“What if I wanted it? What if I wanted to
suffer? Nothing good comes easy,and you
are good,that’s why being with you its not
easy!” I vented my frustration.
“Well you do remember that I told you what I
am actually learning in the beginning right?”
She said and i affirmed.
“Well,this was it.You were it.Ending every
connection I had with you,the person that my
whole being loved and couldn’t do without was
my ultimate test.I didn’t know this at a time,but
now I do.
Promise me that you will forever remember
me?” She requested of me.
Truthfully,I was beginning to relapse into the
thinking that Pretty was back for good before
she made that request.
“I thought you…” I didn’t finish as she just
made me understand that that is not the
She made me promise her that I will be
strong for us,reminding me of our
connection and telling me that she just
wanted me to know she is okay and going
back to her glorified existence in her own
reality and rightful plane as a whole new
being altogether..
I sat there,staring as she walked out of the
place after our little tete-a-tete,waving me
the goodbye sign..
Still sitting there as she faded out of my
view, my phone rang.I picked it up and looked
at the caller,it was Amara.
Immediately I picked the phone and answered
the call,saying “hello” in a calm composed
way,I heard something like a whisper in my
mind saying :
“You deserve all the happiness in the world!”
“Long time Odii” Amara said.
“You forgot me now!” I replied her.
“Its not like that Na!” She said.
“Okay o!” I replied.
“How things with you and……… ?” She asked and
asked and talked and talked and so we
discussed till we ended the call.
It just meant one thing,I finally confirmed and
concluded;Pretty was and is out of my life for
good.The reemergence of Amara,her direct
threat gave credence to this my conclusion.
And so,that was how my little love story with
Pretty came to an abrupt end and that was
how it has never been the same for me
again after then.

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