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25. The Invasion (2)

I dodged her landing on the bed with that
knife targeted at me,as I didn’t even know
when I shouted “chineke eh!’.
Running across to the other side of the
room,and using a table to create a barrier
between us,I started asking her if something
was wrong with her. She grinned wickedly and
continued scheming in her head on how best
to actualise her intention of killing me.
I kept appealing to her,as well as
shouting,hoping that someone will come to my
aid.She was full of rage,anger, hatred and
evil and enormous strenght,as if possessed
by something whose only intent is to
terminate me that instant.
“After killing you today,I will see how my silly
sister will now have you again to herself!”
She repeatedly said,and immediately found a
way to get across,and charged at me
again.Due to how compacted the room was,I
didn’t quite dodge her blow well this time
around,and the knife landed at the back of
my left arm,and penetrated deep as I
screamed out loud,while the act itself seem
to have even motivated her the more to
complete her intention of murdering me.
She forcefully tried withdrawing the knife
again out of my body,and a sudden type of
anger,a wicked and malicious anger filled with
contempt,took over me,as it occurred to me
that Nkiru readily intends to really kill me.
I used my right leg to give her a heavy kick
on her tummy,with the force moving her out
of my way immediately as she wailed in
I tried to forcefully remove the knife from
my arm,but realised it was stuck to a
bone.Blood was now everywhere,all my
clothes were drained with blood,and the pain
and the profuse blood loss was getting to me
real fast.
I totally forgot Nkiru was in that room again,
to my own detriment.
Like a heavy swooshing, I heard a heavy
object land on my head “gbim!” and before I
could know what was happening,the same
object landed on my back again,and the chief
architect was Nkiru,and the object she had in
her hand was a small wooden chair I didn’t
know existed till now.
In my faint and feeble state,I managed to shift
from her third hit,and she missed a
shift,landing on the floor with a heavy thud
and wailed agonizingly.
I laid down there,using my last strength to
cry for help which seemed to be nonexistent
Like a recharged angry badass she now
is,she dragged herself up again,and this time
around,to make sure she completed her
intention of killing me.
I kept crying out faintly. She took that small
wooden chair,raised it up,and as soon as she
wanted to use her remaining strength to
launch it at my head,I woke up.
There,sitting beside me was Amara looking
terribly worried and stated that I have been
shouting and screaming and wailing all this
while and have refused to wake up.
I looked at myself again,observed my body
and was totally lost.I didn’t know what was
happening neither did I know where I am
anymore. I didn’t know whether I was now in
real life or still in an altered
consciousness,but I did know for sure that I
almost died,and that is the third attempt on
my life now since I met Pretty.
“Odii,what happened?” Amara asked
me,bringing me back.
I looked at her,and didn’t even know what to
tell her.How do I begin to tell her that her
sister,or probably,that someone disguised as
her sister to kill me,and almost did if not that
I woke up or that she woke me up?
” I had a very bad dream.” I finally said.
“Do you remember it?” She asked further.
“I only remember that I almost died,and I
guess that was why you heard me
screaming!”. I replied.
She smiled and assured me that it was “just
a dream”,that I shouldn’t make much out of it.
I nodded in agreement to her request/
“Do you want us to go out?” She asked me.
“I will love that very much I swear!” I said,and
she started laughing out loud.
“You will spend o?” She warned.
“No problem!” I said,and started staring at
” What are you looking at?” She asked me.
“Nothing!” I replied.
“I have told you to forget about the dream
okay.Its just a dream!” She reiterated.
I smiled.
” I know my dear.I know!” I said happily.
I was previously in doubt that I didn’t quite
see well the first time,but on a proper look
as I left the room with Amara,I realised that
Pretty has been there all along, and she gave
me a “hi5″,which made me smile and feel
somehow elated.
Game on malevolent bastard,Game on!
You couldn’t even allow me have the ensuing
fun?” I found myself saying rhetorically out
loud unhappily on realizing that against my
intention, I have abruptly woken up,next to
Pretty started laughing out audibly.
“And you are laughing and happy now abi?” I
rhetorically stated again.
“What do you want me to do Na?” She
replied,still not controlling her laughter.
” You ehh.You!” I said.
“Okay,am sorry oooo!” She said audibly while
still mouthing her laugh.
“As if it will bring back what you just ended!” I
“I anticipated something like this anyway. .and
this time around, am really sorry.” She finally
ended her laughter.
” Okay o”. I said,adding “wats the time?”.
“Around 3a.m!” She replied.
“And I was thinking it was already day break.
” I said.
“Well,at least you now know that dream time
and real world time are two worlds apart!”
She said.
“True!” I said.
” So?” I inquired.
“Well,its on!” She said.
“On how?” I asked.
“Before I go into that,I noticed something
serious about you as you slept here.” She
“Something serious?” I repeated.
“Yes.You were heating up and struggling and
at some point,was totally gasping for air!”
She said.
I remained silent.
“What happened?” She asked me.
I remained calm.
“Odii,you know,you can tell me anything,
everything?” She said.
“I actually don’t remember it all anyway!” I
lied,even though this was like the only dream
I could vividly recall instantly as it was the
realest of them all.
“Which ones do you remember?” She asked
“Can I ask you something? And do you
sincerely promise to answer me?” I inquired.
She agreed positively.
” Okay,you know me very well,and at least
you know that once an incident happens of
which am involved in,its only q matter of time
before it catches up with me later right?” I
“You lost me!” She said.
“You know,all this things started out that
night,that night I first slept in your
house.But,for reasons unknown to me,you
have just concealed what happened that night
from me…and something keeps telling me that
it has everything or something to do with
happened..” I paused,and then continued:
“I didn’t want to tell you or even bring up wat
I just experienced and which you noticed Cuz I
don’t want you to worry again more than is
necessary.But,I still have to.I was attacked
again with a familiar face with the same intent
of killing me.Am not a troublesome person,so
I don’t even understand!” I ended.
Pretty came closer to me,making sure that I
felt her warmth within me and outside
“Whose face?” She asked.
“I don’t think you will know her!’ I replied.
“Her?” She asked.
“Yes..Its a girl.More like a lady though!” I
She cursed!
“What’s the problem?” I asked.
“I think I know what is causing all this!” She
finally said.
“You think?” I asked.
“Yes.its still a thought which I have to confirm
first before knowing for certain.” She said.
“So,what of what happened that day?” I
reminded her.
“Okay I won’t lie to you my love” she started;
“Someone visited me that day, a familiar
being to myself and it did warn me about
something!” She said.
“Which is!?” I asked.
“To steer clear of you!” She regrettably
“Why?” I asked.
” I don’t know!” She said.
“Are you telling me the truth?” I asked.
” 100%” she replied.
“Then why am I having this feeling that you
are totally afraid?” I asked.
“That’s because I am.Michael,I am totally
clueless on everything. It’d like my being just
developed a lot of limitations all of a sudden!”
She said.
“Maybe its me.Maybe I am the problem and
you are not realising it!” I said.
“She laughed all of a sudden.
“Its not you my dear,of that I am 1001% sure
of.You are the best thing that has happened
to my being,and whatever this situation is,we
will deal with it soon!” She said.
“I hope so o.I can’t even remember the last
time I slept peacefully!” I stated..

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24. The Invasion
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