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23. Dream Before Invasion

We came back late,but not that very late.I
complained to Pretty that I was beginning to
feel drowsy,and she inclined on me to just
stay with her for the next thirty minutes,and
then am free to sleep.
I obliged her.
As we laid down on the bed facing each
other,my thoughts began to take over me
again, causing a drifting I didn’t want to
acknowledge or give credence to.
” What are u thinking?” She asked me.
“You” I replied.
“What about me were you thinking about?”
She pressed on.
“You don’t want to tell me?” She said further.
“Not really.You have enough worry in your
head already,so am just worried about you!”
I replied and she smiled,saying:
” Leave all the worrying to me,I can handle it”.
“And what am I supposed to be doing then?” I
“Well,for now,an added life force from you
and a great connection with me will be great
and hugely appreciated right now” she said
“Really?” I inquired.
“Yup!” She confirmed.
“I guess we should get to work then?” I
“Exactly my dear!” She said.
At that point,she climbed on top of me and we
engaged in a massive emotion-filled deep
kiss.I didn’t know what took over the both of
us,but such kiss has never been experienced
by me all my life nor by Pretty herself.
She disengaged her lips from mine,looking at
me to see if I felt what she felt,and she got
the reply she sought from the candid
expression on my face;she lunged back to my
lips again, and we hit it off from where we
In that moment,we kissed as passionately as
you can ever imagine before my hands
started moving,and I started caressing
her,and she started to hold me more closer
to herself. Before I could even know it,she
has undressed us both, and magnificently
inserted my greatman deep into her lovely
and moisturized friendly territory, and she
started riding me gently.
The sweetness of the act has made me
almost lose control of myself and would have
released sharply,but somehow, Pretty
managed to delay my Approaching,and smiled
at me.
I turned her,and she now laid down while I
now stayed on top her and re-inserted my
greatman again and started another gentle
thrusting, and then the tempo continued to
rise and rise as I started hearing Pretty
moan with her breathing loudly..and I stopped.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing!” She said,and used her hands to
press on my arse,which invariably pressed
my greatman deep into her,signifying that I
should continue so that the momentum I was
building will not diminish..I went back to work.
I started again,and this time,I brought my
hand and lips to the party,and consistently
tried to engage all of them to work, giving
Pretty the pleasure she wanted as well as
feeling elated myself that at least I’m doing
something that is helping.
Her breathing escalated again,and the
moaning deepened,and the feeling of the
rawness of our skin attached to each other
wholeheartedly without any atom of
restriction created the perfect symbiotic
connection that Pretty said she needed.Lost in
the world of our lovely love-making session,
Pretty didn’t want to let go of me again as
we laid down there with my greatman deeply
buried within her punny.
That was the situation of things between us
when I probably slept off in our
I found myself next to Pretty and she smiled
at me.I looked down and realised that I was
floating or rather circulating in the air with
Pretty at a particular building I couldn’t make
out.On deeper look and concentration, I
realised that the building itself was a huge
mirrored mirage of a real life building of
which am familiar with.
“Let’s go inside!” I heard Pretty say to me.
“How?” I asked.
“Just hold my hand” she obliged me,and I
followed her plea and held her hand.
Slowly,we both descended.I thought we were
going to use the door but upon reaching the
roof of that building,it was like there was no
roof there,yet the visual perspective is an
Aluminum roof,which for reasons known to
whatever it is that is happening, was
absolutely permeating.
The moment we landed on the floor of that
particular room,I realised why the place felt
so familiar.It was Amara’s parents place.
I turned to look at Pretty and met her
staring at me instead.
” Why are we here?” I asked immediately.
” You know exactly why we are here my love”
she said.
“Seriously,I dont.Tell me please?” I asked of
She looked at me, not knowing whether to
say or not to say it.I felt her being somehow
afraid to tell me Cuz she doesn’t know what
my reaction might be.
Sensing her plight,I assured her to just tell
She looked at me, looked away and then
looked at Amara sleeping calmly with her
Beautiful everything, and she said:
” This whole thing is happening because of
“How?” I asked.
“That’s what am going to find out now” she
“And how will you do that?” I questioned
“We are going to invade her dream!” She

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