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22. At Last You Are Okay

At Least you are okay
The type of hurrying I hurried to fast track
my immediate arrival at Pretty’s place was
unbelievable because honestly speaking, she
scared me by telling me that something bad
has happened,and I couldn’t bring myself to
even imagine what this “bad” thing is.
Upon arrival at her place,I knocked at the
door and I heard her tell me or rather shout
with a faint voice from the inside that I should
just open the door and come in.
I entered and to my amazement, I saw Pretty
lying down on her bed weak and totally
sapped;purely drained of her pure sweet
lovely energy that has just began to manifest
I didn’t know what to say to her nor even
what to do as I kept on looking at her and
didnt even know what to think .
“What happened?” I finally brought myself
down to her side and asked.
She looked at me and just smiled weakly.
” What matters is that you are very okay!”
She replied.
I made my way into the foam and readjusted
her position so that my laps now provided
support for her head,while I held her hand
firmly in a supportive way.I asked her again,”
what happened?” And she just didn’t want to
She just said she is happy am okay.
I got sick and scared to my marrows.Imagine
the all-powerful Pretty lying weak and
weakened in my arms; I felt insecure,and
Pretty is not helping matters herself.
“Someone tried to phase me out of
existence!” She muttered to me.
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“I can’t be killed, but I can be made to cease
existence!” She replied calmly.
“Is that possible?” I asked.
She nodded In affirmation.
“So,what do you want me to do?” I asked her.
“Exactly what you are doing now!” She said
And continued:
“Is there a way that you can convince your
people that you won’t come back today?” She
“For this that happened, yes,I can!” I replied
“I want you to be with me for the rest of
today” she said.
“No problem!” I replied.
Clueless! That’s my state of mind at the
moment, but then,I have always trusted and
believed in Pretty and I can infer that she
strongly and totally needed it this time
around more than ever..So,I promised myself
never to veer of off it or doubt it.
After many silent moments,she asked me if I
felt weak as I woke up this morning and I
replied in the affirmative. She told me to not
be afraid and assured me that everything will
be fine.I didn’t bother asking her what
happened as I knew she will tell me of her
own accord.
“I was really worried about you Cuz I have
tried your number severally and it didn’t go
through!” She said.
“You should stop worrying about me and
concentrate on getting better!” I told her.
“You know,before you came,I managed to ask
myself if all this is worth it?” She said.
“You mean ‘if am worth it’?” I said.
“Don’t think like that Odii,that’s not wat I
mean!” She said faintly.
“Am sorry” I said.
” What’s the time?” She asked.
“This is some minutes to 3!” I replied.
“I should be very okay and vibrant before
5pm as you are here now!” She said.
“Why is that?” I asked.
“Because like I always told you ,You are my
Connection!” She said.
” Well,I long for 5pm! At least by then,you will
have the strength to enlighten me on what is
actually going on!” I said.
” There won’t be any need for that though”
she said.
“Why not?” I asked.
“Because you will see it for yourself!” She
Just as she said earlier,Pretty was all well
and energetic and vibrant as the time clocked
towards 6pm.Even though I tried to tell her to
just calm down and fully recover and leave
whatever she had in mind to the next day,she
told me that it couldn’t wait.
There was this aura of necessity that took
over her,as if she had intentionally let
something she could have prevented earlier
on take hold and now haunted her..And
then,her words re-echoed in my brain again
with pity,”someone wanted to phase me out of
“Truthfully my love” I started,” you are
scaring me!” I said.
“Actually, you should be scared!” She said
with all seriousness;
“But,I still have a promise to fulfil. No one can
ever harm you,that’s my eternal promise to
you.” She said.
“Exactly my concern.I might not know exactly
what is going on,but I know its not good.Even
a blind person can see that” I said.
” I know okay.That’s why I needed you
around.” She said.
“Okay.So what will you eat this evening?” I
asked her.
“Am not really hungry my dear” she said.
“But I am!” I replied her.
She smiled, knowing fully well that she just
can’t bear to withstand the persuasion from
me that will follow suit if there is food that is
supposedly to be eaten by me.
“Alright,you win!” She said.
“So,should I go and buy outside or should I
cook indomie for us?” I asked.
“Which one would you prefer?” She asked.
“I will cook indomie for us then!” I replied.
Around 9pm,after we have eaten,taken our
bath and gisted like normal people would,
Pretty told me that I have to escort her to
I inquired where, and she told me any big
church around. I was like:
“what will you be looking for in a church of all
places and at this time of the day?”
“Don’t worry my dear.Or are you now afraid
of going to a church?” She asked.
“No,its just that…..” I didn’t finish as she cut in;
“No.Am not any of those things you have in
mind,and am going there to see if I can tap in
to some innocent energies lying around
wasting..” she said.
“Of course you know you have lost me there
right?” I honestly replied her.
She smiled!
We started off to the biggest nearest Church
around,which happened to be st.John Anglican
church. By the time we arrived there because
we were trekking, everywhere was totally
serene and quiet,and the gates were
locked.Luckily for us though,the building that is
directly adjacent to that church had a
pavement built in its front corridor,and so
we sat there(and I kept hoping in my mind
that some people won’t mistake us for some
evil doers).
“So,how exactly do you plan to…..” I started,but
was abruptly interrupted by Pretty’s hand,
telling me to keep calm…I kept calm.
Within seconds,I felt as if there was this
certain huge presence that overshadowed me
in its wake.I turned and looked at Pretty and I
could have sworn she was kinda dimly
glowing, like she was getting heavily
supplemented and refreshing on lost glory.
The whole surrounding was calm,which is
very uncharacteristic of that place.
I continued staring at Pretty as she calmly
sat beside me and fully focused on whatever
it is she was doing..I was lost for some
moment in my own thoughts as I started
ruminating on what exactly I have gotten
myself into,and whether its actually worth
it..My mind told me Pretty was worth it a
zillion times and that I should trust her.
Mind games!
I was still running things in my mind when I
heard Pretty say:
“I have ended up wasting my energy here
“meaning what exactly?” I inquired.
“This place is full of wailing and sorrows and
uncountable endless silly pleas and foolish
She said bitterly.
“So what next?” I said,avoiding getting into
disputing of what I actually had zero
knowledge of.
“We will look for another church!” She said.
“What?” I almost shouted.
“Am really serious!” She replied immediately..
As soon as she uttered her last word,the
landlord of the building we were sitting in
opened their door,demanding to know what it
is we were doing there.
“We are leaving!” I uttered.
The Landlord said we are not going anywhere
and insisted we explain ourselves else he will
scream for Aba people to come and see
witches planning to destroy a church in front
of his house.
Pretty looked at me,and I moved my head
negatively with the main intention that she
should not harm the man.
“If you are silly enough to want your death
right now,scream!” Pretty uttered.
“Dee,biko baa inside abeg!”(Please enter
inside sir) I found myself uttering
I could see fear taking over the man as it
now appeared the man is regretting why he
even came out in the first place.. and then
what pretty already said about all the
unhappy energies around must have messed
with her being to the extent that she issued a
death threat..
I held Pretty by the hand and dragged her
out of their calmly to avoid stories that
We headed straight to st.Eugene’s catholic
church around the corner for Pretty to
continue her search.She said she is happy I
am with her,to keep her in check.
I smiled.
We reached st.Eugene and from the look of
her countenance,she got what she came to
look for there,and so she told me that our
first task for the night is done;what remains
now is the one she dreads,but yet must
confront this very night.Her existence,and by
extension, my life,depends on it.
Whatever that is,it is ultimately nigh!

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