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21. Fear Of The Unknown

Under Fear
I didn’t sleep again till daybreak that day,not
for fear of having another nightmare,but that
sleep won’t just come again.
What I experienced was just one of those
vivid dreams that you just can’t forget. Like a
magnet,it(my mind)kept attracting things I
didn’t want to think about those moments,so
much so that you willingly call for “sleep’s”
aid,and it just decides to be furthest away
from you,for reasons best known to it.
I had no intention of going to or starting
school this week that school resumed,and so,I
found myself the only person at home after
everyone else have gone out for school and
work respectively. I called Pretty and
informed her that I will be coming very soon
and she said she is waiting for me.
Twenty minutes later,I was at her place,and
she totally felt relieved to see me.After a
brief stay at her place,she implored me to
escort her to somewhere so that she can
buy certain things she needed to prepare
certain stuffs…..and then,to buy stuffs she will
use in cooking a vegetable soup for me on
special request by me.
After about two hours later or more,she was
totally free and I have enjoyed my special
request, and then we started discussing, and
as is expected of the thread the discussion
will follow,the events of that night were at the
top of our conversation.
“You still have not really told me what actually
happened to me” I added.
“Do you know what a connection is?” She
asked me.
I looked at her with “seriously” being stated
and re-echoed in my mind,and she continued:
” You know I am connected to you right?” She
” This fact is not in issue!” I simply said to
“Well,I believe that someone fed off of that
hate energy which I made Ujunwa exhibit that
yesterday, and they are trying to use it to
hurt you!” She said.
“I don’t understand!” I replied back to her.
“I don’t know how else to put this for you to
understand, but somehow, something is
creating serious fear in you.Are you now
afraid of me?” She asked me.
“What? I have no reason to believe that you
will harm me,so why should I be afraid of
you?” I queried.
“You just have to be strong for me okay?
Someone wants to hurt me through you” she
just said,totally concerned and touched.
” But,I thought you know,you have all this
eehhhm certain powers?why would someone
want to challenge that?” I ignorantly and
honestly asked.
“You won’t understand anyway,but there are
many evil beings out there that lurks around
seeking for opportunities and energies to
feed off on.This things are way beyond
you,so you might not actually be
understanding what I mean!” She stated.
“Well,you got me there anyway.But,I seriously
don’t want to have such dreams again,of that
I am certain of!” I found myself saying..
” I can tell you what to do to stop it,but since
you have no control of your conscious
mind,there is no guarantee that the being
won’t come again!” She told me truthfully.
“Well then,you have to start doing that your
dream stuff on me again na!” I said.
“I can’t” she said.
“Why not?” I asked her.
“I don’t know,but I cant;at least not like I used
to!” She finished.
“What happened?” I asked her.
“Well,I will have to attribute it to that
yesterday’s incident” she said.
After observing her for a while, I told her:
“You know,this is the first time since I met
you that you just didn’t know what to do!”..
“Thats because I am in love with you sincerely
and honestly now,same way you are with
me,and it has created lapses in my being!”
She said.
I smiled at her.
“Well,at least can you try and trace it back to
the origin,whatever is causing or wants to
cause this hurt?” I said.
“To start with,reconcile your differences with
Ujunwa first. I believe she unknowingly has a
lot to do with this..and then,think of me before
you sleep this night,it will help!”..
“Seriously?” I said.
” I don’t know how to do that,I have not done
it before.” I replied.
“You have not had a reason to,but now you
do.Can you do it for me,please?” She pleaded.
“I seriously don’t know,bit I will try!” I just
“That’s my love!” She said smiling at me..
I guess this is the part that Pretty never
quite planned for in her rendezvous with me:
the part where she had to deal with another
entity existing as an evil form of energy,and
feeding off the hate she created in her quest
to feel Love. At least,this is what my thought
Pretty has always had a plan or at least
keeps her self abreast with what any
particular act she does will create in the
causal chain of event and reaction.But this,I
didn’t really understand..
As I left her place, I kept generating a million
thoughts of a zillion ways I could use to
reconcile with Ujunwa,and all of the thoughts
ended with me either visiting Ujunwa and
giving her a direct surprise visit or calling
her and hoping she will lend me her ear.Deep
within me,the fear of what happened the
previous night,and the fact that Pretty was at
a loss on what to do about it sent deep
shivers down my spine.So,I thought to
myself,”if reconciliation with Ujunwa will help
reduce her hatred that Pretty started and
that invariably it will make the entity sucking
of the hate energy to back away”,then I will
do it!
The next day,even though I didn’t remember
what happened at night,I felt heavily
sapped,even though I did exactly what Pretty
told me to do,make her my last thought
before I sleep.It was like something happened
and someone didn’t want me to remember it.I
guess thats what Pretty meant when she said
“it will help!”.
I felt very bad,like am some pawn in some
beings supposed astral/unconscious
manoeuvre and games/supremacy battle.I
wanted to call Pretty,but I decided against
it,and focused on the task at hand.I knew
Pretty was going to call me anyway!
By 11:45am,I headed out,straight to Ujunwa’s
place,hoping she would be around.I arrived
shortly after and she was around,watching a
Nigerian movie from the sound emanating
from her room. After a brief courage and
confidence assurance I did on myself,I
knocked on her door.
“Yes,Who is there?” She replied.
I kept silent,and knocked again.
This time again,I felt her leave her sit and
heard the footsteps as she approached the
door to come and see who was knocking. On
opening the door and seeing me there,ike
agwu ya(she was lost for words and action)!.
“Can I come in?” I politely asked.
She adjusted herself and allowed me enter as
she bolted the door behind me and followed
me behind. I sat in one of the plastic chairs in
her room as she sat in the other one,still
lacking what to make of my surprised visit.
“How you dey Na?” I asked.
Looking at me,with the indecision of what
exactly to reply me clearly written on her
face,she finally replied:
“Well, am fine shaa! And you?”
“Am okay!” I replied.
“With your new girlfriend now?” She infused.
“She is not my girlfriend!” I replied her.
“So,you want me to believe that?” She said.
“Its up to you!” I replied.
“So,why did you come ?” She managed to ask.
“To apologize!” I replied.
“Apologize about what?” She said.
“About everything!” I replied.
“No,I should be the one apologizing to you!”
she said.
“Why is that?” I asked.
“You have always been there for me since I
met you, you do things that no one else
could have done for me,and yet just because
I called you and a girl picked the call and
claimed to be your LOVE,I totally lost it and
sent you that text!” She continued:
” It was totally ungrateful of me,and I have
been regretting it ever since!” She ended.
“You are a human being,and noone is
perfect!” I simply replied her.
” I don’t even know what you now think of
me,and I just hope that I can make it up to
you!” She replied.
I smiled.
“Well,you can’t!” I told her as matter of
fact,”but,it has not made me hate you more
or love you less!” I said.
“So,in otherwords, I no longer have anything
that you want?” She said.
I smiled.
“Well,at least I do enjoy ur financial
generousity!” I said.
“That’s not what i meant Michael!” She replied.
“Then tell me?” I asked.
“You know exactly what I mean Michael!” She
“Well,yea and sincerely speaking, I cant again
with you.” I concluded.
” Why ?” She asked.
“You know why already.You made
unnecessary fuss about it like my life
depended on it and then on top of it,you still
lied to me that you are a Virgin!” I said.
“Na wa o! You still have not forgotten this?
And that’s why you never bothered again.Now
I see!” She said.
“Yep!” I replied.
“Am sorry about that.Call it a mistake on my
part.am sorry Michael!” She said.
“Well,5ex is not my problem!” I replied.
“So,you have forgiven me?” She asked.
“Yes” I replied.
“And what if I tried to initiate it now, will
I laughed.
” Will I what?” I asked.
“Do it?” She added.
“No,I won’t ” I replied.
“You are a good guy shaa.” She said.
I smiled and added:
“Because I don’t want to f*ck with you?”
“Who wouldn’t want to f*ck with me?” She said
it as raw as It came to her.
“Well,everybody is not the same!” I replied.
“No,you are just unique! and you just gave
me a new objective to achieve!” She
“Our objective right now is to finish high with
our grades this semester my dear!” I said.
“Yes I know,but you know me well enough Na
via my academic ability!” She said and I
” Don’t worry!” I said.
“But Michael,seriously, I would love to do it
with you!” She started again.
“I know!” I replied.
“When?” She asked.
“Let’s just see how things progress from
now!” I replied.
“Thank you!” She said.
I left her place around 2pm and I called
Pretty immediately and told her “its on!”
She directed me to come to her place
immediately, that something really bad has
” What?” I shouted whilst still walking.
” Please come now!” She concluded and ended
the call!

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