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20. Evil Dream

I found myself at a village,a village that was
supposed to be my village except the fact that
it appeared like a more modernised in-form
village with little or no resemblance to what I
knew as my village; with most of the
structures I knew gone or redesigned or left
to phase out on its own.
I don’t actually remember what is it that we
came back to do,but almost every relation I
knew of came for the stuff.
The event was like a re-formed reenactment
of 2009 when my uncle who is a priest did
his silver jubilee,except this wasn’t actually
something of that sort.When the stuff was
finished,and everyone returned to whichever
room they were assigned(even our own
house that was a bungalow is now a two-
storey building with so many rooms,you
would think it was built for leasing.). That
night,many groups chatted and discussed
alongside with the peeps the rapport more
with, and as is reminiscent of them,anyone
that comes across me will never forget to
remark the fact that I am now grown(as if
they expected me to be a child forever.).Of
everyone that came,two people looked odd.I
guess I was the only one that noticed
this,and when I tried to ask questions from
some of my relations to know this people,I
was rebutted or totally neglected.This two
people were a mom and her daughter,and
both were extravagantly dressed and
ravishingly attractive and most importantly,
they looked cool and composed.
So,I decided I was going to find out who they
are,even if it means going straight to them
and starting a familial conversation…And it
seemed even funnier,we were in a familial
gathering per se.
I tried to find a perfect opportunity to start
or rather sneak up to them and have some
sort of convo with them,even though I didn’t
even know what actually to talk about with
them.But,I was spurred on by the fact that at
least, they will tell me who they are and why
is it that I personally don’t know them.I had
even planned in my mind to tease the girl
somehow,if what I had in mind was true.
When I finally got my opportunity, I made
good use of it.But,they were not
straightforward with me or they vehemently
decided to be making a fun of me somehow,
teasing me that even me that had the
opportunity to know almost every of my
relations, I don’t know them..
I decided I have even made a mistake in the
first instance,I could ask my mum or
grandma,yet I forgot to exercise that option.
But,it wasn’t my fault anyway,for reasons
totally unknown to me,they were always
busy,and people never seemed to depart
from them…They continued talking and talking
and talking as the night grew deep.
When I finally had a chance to talk to my
mum,she said she was tired and needs to
The following morning, I realised that
everywhere was totally silent and dead like a
graveyard. I got out from the room I slept in
and went straight to go and greet grandma
in her room.After calling her for several
times with no response whatsoever, I left her
room,taking it that she is still sleeping and
needed no disturbance.
I climbed downstairs to check out what’s
happening there only to discover that the
whole people who slept downstairs were no
longer there Again and what remained there
was water that was rapidly growing up of its
own accord, and have overtaken everything
in its way..
.I thought it was a joke, and climbed up to
check the next floor and there was them
all,drowning in water and shouting for help.. I
tried to go and help them but I couldn’t
because it was then that I saw that woman
and her child coming at me from the
water,and smiling wickedly. I looked around
and tried to see if there was a way I could
somehow use to climb down or jump down as
even the stairways I used were no more,I
couldn’t see any.I took off upwards and they
darted immediately with ferocity after me.As I
passed rooms on the way to my own room
(as if I was safe there), I realised that all
who slept there were all dead or no longer
there and the whole place was water-filled. I
still didn’t even understand what was going
on,but it occurred to me that for that
moment and for reasons yet unknown to me,
that these woman and her daughter wanted
to harm me pretty hard.
I reached the room i slept in and wanted to
move inside,but I realised the whole place was
now filled with water.I looked back and saw
the woman and her daughter now
approaching me calmly with their cool
mischievous composure,and as they did so,I
started feeling that I was suffocating with
water.At that point,I started hearing a faint
voice telling me to open my eyes.At first,I
thought it meant I should not close my eyes
while I looked at the people causing me
unknown misery,but then I found myself
immediately at my bed,breathing rapidly and
exhausted and the presence of Pretty was
hugely felt by me..
I picked my phone immediately and put a call
through to Pretty,and instantly picking the
call,I queried her with:
“Did you do this to me?”
“Are you alright?” She asked me in a
concerned honest way instantly, neglecting the
question I asked her.
“I almost died!” I found myself saying out loud
in my room,not even minding whether or not
it was at night.
“I just saved you!” She said,and continued:
” I will tell you all about it when you come!”

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