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17. My Shadow

Sleeping around midnight by twelve or maybe one, the sound of my phone
woke up me, i check the screen and I saw Edna.
Me: hello (with sleeping voice)
Edna: owchhh am sorry for disturbing your sleep.
Me: no dont be.
Ed: so how are you getting ready for tomorrow?
Me: i have not even start preparing.
Ed: why?
Me: well i dont know maybe because i dont have anything to arrange and because I was thinking
of you.
Edna: why would you be thinking of me?
Me: because I don’t have
time to talk to you before
you left with your gangs
Edna: well am sorry I have
leave to solve something.
Me: who are they?
Edna: they are the people looking for you.
Me: hmmm but I didn’t see jack.
Edna: yeah, I think he went back to ogute recently.
Me: hmmm okay oh, I don’t have many things to
arrange that’s why am not bothered.
Ed: better because many things will slow you down.
Me: hmmm okay, are you following me?
Ed: you want me to follow you?
Me: nope.
Ed: good because i have alot of work to do here.
Me: work like what?
Ed: like putting things in other.
Me: okay i wish you luck.
Ed: no problem dear,.
Me: do you know the leader of BA?
Ed: its Jack na.
Me: no he said there is someone higher than him.
Ed: well i dont know anybody else, did he mention name?
Me: no but i do hear him mention “she”
Ed: so you mean their leader now is a girl?
Me: yeah, and he said she cry alot when Tina killed their former leader.
Ed: hmmmm i do hear of one girl, i dont remember her name, they were
lovers before something happen, i think she lives in Ogute.
Me: my place?
Ed: yes, if you see her you wont believe shes a cultist shes very
gentle and adorable, but shes a witch a very bad girl.
Me: so you mean you cant remember her name?
Ed: i cant oh.
Me: which area in ogute?
Ed: i dont know i just know that she lives in ogute, i dont know the
particular area.
Me: okay can you help me find out?
Ed: not a problem, i will look for her even without you telling me, so
far she’s their leader and she love’s her boyfriend so much then she’s
a threat to us.
Me: so you want to kill her?
Ed: hmmm i heard she can disappear in sight but i dont believe.
Me: hahahaha abeg i dont believe that too, no human can disappear,
unless na babalawo she be abi mamalawo.
Ed: hehehehe, you coming back to your senses now.
Me: hmm so you mean i was crazy before?
Ed: yeah a little though, but i understand sha.
Me: alright am not crazy, its me Oz, i just change a little and i plan
to remain like this till i take revenge.
Ed: hmmmm you really want this revenge.
Me: of course i do.
Ed: so what if the person is somebody you love?
Me: hahaha i dont love anybody except for Tina.
Ed: really?
Me: yeah, or you think i have another person.
Ed: well i dont know.
Me: its good you dont know.
Ed: take your sleep now, we come pick you up by six.
Me: okay mama.
Ed: your head.
Me: for what?
Ed: for calling me mama

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  1. oz abeg this Edna go make sense …..make you give me her number

    1. Lool ……. Dumb Fool

  2. Hmmm

    JackY. Sis?
    Ur gf ?

    More ink to ur biro

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