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16. Devils Arm

Already as I chatted with Pretty,I noticed that

my mum has come out as usual to prepare

for her Sunday morning mass going.

I used that opportunity to come out and

inform her that a coursemate of mine invited

me to his church cuz of one program like

that,and that I will be going there instead with

my returning probably billed to be towards

evening time..As I expected, she okayed the

going, only that am not going to any church

program whatsoever, I was going to drill

Pretty real hard!

* * *

At around 8:30am,after eating,I dressed up

and headed straight to her house. I met that

guy again,and for the second time,he

approached me, but in a more cordial way

this time around(probably cuz he was neatly

dressed and probably going to church) and

we Shaked hands and greeted like two

responsible fellas..

With my face filled with that “askance” look,he

proceeded to tell me what exactly she has in

mind thus:

“Guy,you should really stay away from that

girl” he told me pleadingly.

“Why should I do that?” I asked him.

“That girl is not your normal girl,she is

something of a mami-wata ” he quipped.

“And you know this how?” I asked.

“I just told you this in the spirit of a fellow

tribesman” he said.

” No,that’s not why you are telling me!” I

concluded and proceeded to leave his

presence but,he called me back.

” Have you ever wondered why all this while

you have been visiting, nobody else visits

her? Has she ever received a call or called

any other person in your presence?” He

queried me.

“Here,let me let you in on some secrets

bro;Fathai maybe many things,but being

whatever you have in mind is not one of

them.. And secondly,I strongly believe you are

jealous of me” I concluded,with the wicked

intention of provoking him.

“Don’t say i didn’t warn you!” He said and we

both went on opposite directions..

I reached Pretty’s house and as I was about

to knock,she opened the door.

“I could feel you from afar” she said,smiling….

I smiled too.

I went and relaxed on the bed.There was light

and as fate will have it,we both have the

same taste and interest in almost

everything;with music at the top of it all.

“You know,I saw our mutual friend again,and

he was telling me something about you!” I


If I didn’t know any better,I would have said

that Pretty would be shocked to hear

such,but she wasn’t.Instead,she asked me:

“What did he say this time around?”

“Well,she was telling me to stay away from

you,that you some sort of mami-wata” I


We both laughed to this.


But why was I actually laughing? I didn’t even

know any better,and its not like Pretty was

telling me the truth about herself either.The

dude must have reached that conclusion

because Pretty must have giving him reason

to believe so; or at least that’s the most

reasonable logical sense to make out of it

all…and yet I couldn’t stop laughing..

” So,you said you will make today one of the

best days of my life?” I asked,cutting off our


“Yes!” She replied.

” What do you have planned then?” I asked


“Well,its started already” she said and


” I have never seen you laugh so happily like

this ever since I met you!” She replied.

“Hmm!” That was all i could mutter.

All of a sudden,I started smiling.

” I assure you,today is going to be a great

day!” She said.

“Well,that’s okay.But first,you have to answer

me two questions I have in mind.You

promised to answer them remember?” I said.

She smiled and replied:

“I even thought that you have forgotten

that.But,as you have remembered it,ask on”

she encouraged.

“Promise to tell me the truth even if the

truth will hurt me or make you think I might

hate you.Just ell me the truth,will you?” I

asked of fro her.

“I can do that” she answered me after a brief


Looking straight into her eyes as she sat

directly in front of me,I asked her:

“What exactly are doing with me?”




“Do you really want the answer to that

question?” She asked me after keeping calm

for a brief moment.

“I wouldn’t be asking it if I didn’t want to

know!” I replied her.

Her beautifully lightened and pretty face

softened a bit and she looked away from our

eye to eye stare……and tears started rolling

smoothly and slowly down from her eyes

down to her cheeks.

I didn’t notice it at first cuz of the way she

was facing, but noticed it immediately I gently

said that am still waiting for her reply.

“You are crying?” I asked as if am not seeing

she is crying.

” am really sorry” she said.

“I didn’t want you to see me this way!” She


I went closer to her and held her,wrapping

my right hand around her head and bringing

her closer to my chest,consoling her in the

process;whilst also asking her why she is


” Am really really sorry” she said again.

“Stop apologizing” I said in reply.

“You just won’t understand” she said.

“That’s what you keep saying every time,yet

you don’t give me the opportunity to

understand anything” I replied her.

“I never wanted you to start pitying me,but I

guess that will be my lot from now onwards

then!” She said.

“Why do you say so?” I asked her.

“Cuz of the question you asked me” she


“What did the question do?” I retorted.

“Well,you asked me wat I actually want with

you?” She said or asked rather.

“Yes!” I replied.

“I have accessed you a lot of time,but it was

that last scenario that I trickily created that

dream at the pool that made me realise that

that part of you I really want can never be

mine.It belongs to another!” She concluded.

” In otherwords?” I said,expecting her to

complete it.

“You love another person wholeheartedly and

there is nothing anyone else can do about

it..Including me!” She said.

“So,that’s why you were crying?” I asked.

“Its so painful.But,I guess you won’t

understand!” She said.

“So all this while,what you were looking for is

a total love from a free mind not borne out

of pity?” I asked.

She readjusted herself and faced me and

nodded her head in affirmation.

” Well,if that’s what you want,I am yours” I


“Are you sure?” She asked me.

“Yes,am very sure” I replied.

“Okay then.But,you have to do one thing for

me!” She said.

“Which is?” I asked.

” Break up with her!” She said.

“Break away from the one you have loved.The

one person that is between us” she replied.

Guess my facial expression here!

“What?” I said.

She smiled seriously, urging me.

“I have never done that before,and I don’t

even know how to do that…..not to talk of

doing it to Amara!” I said, stupidly calling out

her name.

“But,you can start now. She will understand, I

will make sure of that.” She assured.

“Hope you will do this for me?” She asked.

“If that’s what will make you happy and feel

loved but not pitied,I will!” I concluded..




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