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15. The Shocker

Within ten minutes or thereabout,I arrived at
their place.
However,I had already told Tobechukwu that I
would be coming to Awaka,and so I told
Amara she had to accompany me and she
loyally did..
Two hours later, we were back at their place..
* * *
It wasn’t long before everyone(I mean every
member of her family) were all back to the
As is expected,I was warmly welcomed with
old gist thrown here and there,and with such
statements as “we have even thought that
you have forgotten us Odii” going around
more times than I can care or cared to
remember……Nkiru was there too!
After everything, with time going by speedily
and everyone having eaten,Junior and I
retired to his room..This made me remember
old times where I would have been in Amara
and Nkiru’s room,with some sort of untold
and unexplainable sister-sister-jealous
issues going on with me having no idea
whatsoever about it.
It wasn’t long before Amara and Her elder
sister showed up in Juniors room.They told
Junior to give them the room as they want to
discuss something very intimate and
important with me.He left the room,with my
Situations; again!
I remembered the last time this kinda
scenario happened, it didn’t end well.
Even though I didn’t want to think of anything
bad that could happen from whatever it is
they had in mind,it can’t be worse than the
one in my mind..
“You have really grown big Odii” Nkiru chipped
in,breaking the silence.
I just smiled..
” This one you people are kinda moody,I hope
nothing is wrong?” I shyly said.
They both smiled and showed negatively
through the shake of their head that all is
“Nkiru will be getting married by August..She
even fixed it on your birthday Odii!” Amara
What feeling was I supposed to show here? I
didn’t know.
So I just looked up and smiled at her and
vocally told her am so happy about
it,promising that I surely would attend it.She
kinda felt happy about that.
And then it got me wondering in the first
place at how she re-decided she wanted to
marry after going and probably accepting a
call to become a Reverend Sister..Whatever
rocks her boat I guess.
Along with Amara,we all chatted and talked at
length for quite a well before their mum came
in and told them to give her a time with
me.They all left.
* * *
After some minutes of preliminary talks
between us with me thinking it is going to be
the normal aunty-relation talks,she
“Some things are really hard to hide you
know?” She asked me.
I told her she lost me.
She continued again,plainly:
“You and Amara,Nkiru told me everything, but
I advertently neglected it up till some few
days ago”..
I wanted to say something, but she didn’t
allow me to talk as she continued:
” I don’t know how I never really saw this
earlier enough,and I don’t know the kind of
strong hold you have on Amara,but you do
realise you are doing the wrong thing right?”
She asked me.
She continued:
” Amara loves you a lot Odii.It has blinded
her,it has made her totally silly and right
now,you are the only one person she can
listen to on anything and do it”
I kept quiet.
“As much as I hate it down to the core of my
spine and whatever silly childish bullsh*t that
have gone on and is still going on between
you two,I still don’t neglect the fact that you
have been the only person that totally makes
her feel very elated.I mean,just the fact that
you were coming has lightened her up like
she saw an angel(literally).” She said!
She continued:
“I know how many times that I have tried to
bring up the issue of marriage with her,but
that’s just too far removed from her mind!”
She added while I stared on in silent.
“We all know you to be a very smart boy
and wise too.The point of all this talk Odii is
that whatever you do,know that you really
are the only person right now that have the
power of hurting Amara very badly and I
doubt if she can ever remain the same. ….as
well as doing what’s right!”.
She ended,and as she wished me
goodnight,she left the room.
At that point,I became confused,totally
confused.And just in the middle of my
confusion, I felt Pretty’s presence in the
room heavily.Nothing could be more worse
and devastating!

All the talks between Amara’s mum and I
were totally on low key that I doubt even a
person eavesdropping could make out any
proper meaning out of them.
I started thinking real hard about what the
woman has just told me.Even though I don’t
want to admit the fact that this is exactly the
side of me that Pretty really tried very hard
and truly finally appealed to,doubts crept into
my being.Real doubts!
I was still having this doubt when Junior came
back into the room.We chatted small before I
slept off!

The next day,things looked bright and
everyone felt happy for the new day.
It was as if we all dreamt about God Himself
and Him promising us that everything is
gonna be alright.
Being a government worker,Amara’s dad
didn’t really feel bothered about preparing to
leave.Her mum later left after breakfast. At
around 10:00am,Amara said she was taking
me out and we left their house.Throughout
the morning, this was our only alone
time.Even Amara’s mum didn’t even appear as
if she said some thought provoking stuffs
last night up until she left.
* * *
As soon as we left their house, the thoughts
and main motive of what actually brought me
to Owerri started pricking my mind..Every
time our eyes met as we strolled through
some of the terrains of O-town down to the
particular place we were going,some sort of
Guilt filled my being..The idea of seeing the
happy ever astonishing sweet face and smile
of Amara soured,brought a kinda fright to
my spine.The idea of actually knowing the
devastating effect of what I had in mind will
cause for Amara made me weep so many
times in mind without control. I really cried..
I was powerless.I felt there was no longer a
choice left in me again.Every atom and drop
of whatsoever molecule in me has believed
the fact that Amara and I are like one,I am a
part of her as she is mine.Saying that we
are one is an understatement..
Thinking all this things through,I just decided
to see if there is a way my intuition, my
ever-thinking cognitive brain will take me out
of this messy emotional sh*thole.
We entered one restaurant like that where
we stayed for a while chatting before Amara
said she has a better idea.She said we
should go to a hotel. I was like “what?”.
Well,I know better to not start an argument I
was still going to give in to.I allowed her
idea,but told her she was going to foot the
bill.She said nope,that I should do that,but if
after doing that and I want a refund,she will
gladly do so.End of discuss.Which guy would
want a refund?
We went to a hotel,the one after Assumpta
Cathedral while going to my village after we
went and withdrew money.We payed and
lodged in one of the rooms.As soon as we
were settled down and started talking,a
taught occurred to me.
“Have you ever considered the idea of
marriage?” I asked her.
After looking at me carefully, she replied:
“And when you think about marriage,what
comes to your mind?” I asked further.
” Do you want us to get married?” She
jokingly but seriously asked.
“If that’s possible, right now,that’s exactly
what I need!” I replied.
She looked at me and smiled.
” So,why exactly did you bring up the
marriage subject? ” she inquired.
“Seriously speaking and openly as honest as
I will ever be,the idea of you finally leaving
me and marrying someone else when the
time comes is the highest tormenting thought
and event I dread more than death itself!” I
I wouldn’t say I caught her down or that I told
her something she has not thought of
before,but the expression she didn’t willingly
let bare let her down.
“Don’t say like that Odii!” She just muttered.
Going closer to her, I told her this:
“When the time comes,please don’t let your
love for me make you not to do what you
should do!” I told her.
“Please promise me?” I spoke again.
She just left where we both were and stood
up and faced another side,so that she
wouldn’t have to look at me..
Yea,she was trying to hide the fact that she
is at the verge of letting her cloudy tears
drop the tears therein.
I understood!

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