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11. Love In The Air

For whatever reason unbeknownst to
me,Pretty didn’t come that night as she
I knew this cuz whenever I wake up from any
sleep,I usually do remember the last part of
my dreams, through which I now use to do a
small recollection of what I was actually
dreaming ( if at all I have the time to do
I decided that I was not gonna call her to
know why she didn’t come as promised,and
reasoned I will be better off going to a game
house to play away my time that day.
After breakfast that day,I proceeded to
execute my plan that day; as soon as I
entered the game house,my phone rang,and
it was her calling:
“I knew you will not come!” I stated
immediately I picked her call, starting the
blame game.
“And am sorry about that.” She calmly
“If I ask you to tell me why u didn’t come
now,you will refer me to the future” i jokingly
She started laughing,and then asked me:
“When are u coming?” She asked me.
Five seconds silence.
“Are you there Michael?” She quizzed.
“Yea!” I replied.
“This one u are silent?” She queried me.
“Nothing, its just that am not sure if I will
come today” i simply told her.
“Is it because I didn’t come as I promised?”
She asked me.
“Of course it is because you failed to keep
your promise.What else were you expecting?”
I asked her or rather, whispered in my mind.
“Its not it ooo.Am in a game house now.Where
we play PlayStation games or PS for short” I
told her.
“Oh.So you do that?” She asked.
” A very nice hubby of mine I love so much!”
I told her.
“Alright.I will leave you to enjoy then.” She
unwillingly said back to me.
“Do you want me to come?” I asked her.
“More than anything!” She said.
“I will come around 11am” I told her.
“I will be waiting” and then I could feel her
being happy before the call went dead.
At that moment,two thoughts popped up my
mind concurrently:
Allow her to wallow in the hope of my coming
and disappoint her;or-
Forget what happened and just go as you
promised….and then the battle of supremacy
began between them.
Guys that I would normally spank on a
normal day were busy raping me into pieces
and wiping me as I never really focused on
the game I was playing while the thoughts
At 10:50am,I was still at the game house(you
know how the spirit of playing game use to
keep the player spellbound).
It was exactly 10:58am that I decided that it
was enough and that I had to go,the
reasoning being to come back later when with
a correct mind and correct head..
In order not to create any unnecessary
feeling,I called her immediately, telling her I
was on my way.I had to follow Faulks road
and enter bus going to Mosque(cuz they
usually follow okigwe road) to make it easier
for me.
I reached her place around twenty minutes
time,and she was all smiles as she ushered
me in;but,the thing is,I didn’t know she had
other plans for me that day…
“I cooked rice and stew ax well as vegetable
soup.So which one will you eat?” She asked
me as soon as I sat on the bed.
“Vegetable soup” I replied immediately.
“Okay.You are in luck then cuz thats what I
was planning on eating myself.” She stated.
“That film kwanu” I asked her.
“Somewhere there” she pointed,and said let
her go and dish out the meal.
I went to search where she pointed,and I
realised Pretty was also a film freak like me.I
projected my voice so that she could hear me
as I told her I will take some of her films to
go and watch at my place, and she obliged.
Twenty to twenty-five minutes later,we were
both through with the eating comfortably
relaxed on her bed.
We chatted for a while, mostly about me by
the way,and then I started feeling sleepy.I
suggested to her that it will be best I went
home cuz the kind of sleep that is in my head
is 5-6hrs straight.
She said I can sleep where I am,and
promised to wake me up if I was asleep up
till 5:30pm..With her assurance, I slept
off,holding her hand intimately.
* * *
The environment I found myself in was a very
familiar place,yet its as if I have not been to
that place.The road to the building looked
exactly like the road to our house in the
village,yet this particular road did not lead to
my house, instead,it led me to a building it
seemed I have been to previously even
though I honestly don’t recall being inside
it;yet I feel like I have been.
It was like a particular force was attracting
me to itself inside that building, and so out of
pure curiosity, I followed the force to its
point of origin.
Immediately I reached the gate,it opened by
itself. I entered and walked straight into the
first door to the house,which was like the
entrance front door. As soon as I held the
doorknob and turned it and the door opened,I
remembered why the place felt so familiar, it
was the newly renovated and refurbished
building of Jane’s dad;A building I can relate
to as having enough of my happy memories
and the worst life threatening event of my
As I viewed on about,I started wondering
where everyone has gone and left the place
At that moment,Pretty emerged from one of
the rooms.
I was like:
“Fathai,what are you doing in my village and
how did you know of this people?”
She laughed.
” The way you ask questions eh,you should be
a journalist!” She retorted me and urged me
to come.
I followed her to one of the rooms which was
actually her room.
“How long have you known them?” I asked
“It doesn’t matter” she replied.
“Seriously, I wouldn’t like Jane or Ukamaka to
come back and see me alone with you in their
house.Especially Jane.I have to get going,but I
will come back later” I told her.
She smiled the typical Pretty smile.
” Don’t worry about them,only me is around
till Sunday.” She reassured me.
My mind calmed down as I relaxed on the
bed with her.
“So,what will you take?” She asked me.
“Water.I am very thirsty” I replied her.
She brought me a bottled water and a
glass,which i immediately used to gulp down
the bottled water.
After a little chat with her while we both lay
on the bed, she asked me if Jane would be
angry if we have a moment,to which I said ‘no’
to cuz she is getting married,but instead,she
will be furious at you for probably seducing
me in their house.
” I can deal with Jane’s fury!” She wittily
whispered to my ears!

I looked at her to know who exactly it is that
is going to withstand Jane’s fury,and I just
shakes my head in my mind while saying out
to her hearing:
” Anyway,who is going to tell her?”..
“Well,definitely not me!” She reassured me.
“So,what next?” I asked.
“Okay.wait,I will be right back” she said.
As soon as she left the room,I brought out
my phone and started browsing,with 2go and
Goaldotcom as my first place of visit.
“You and your phone everytime!” I heard her
say as she reemerged from whence she
She required me to stand up,which I did and
for the first time,I realised that Pretty was a
bit taller than me….just a bit taller!
She placed her hands on my shoulders while
I simply gave my two hands the functions of
holding her waist and her back respectively.
With smiles written all over her face,she
brought her mouth closer to mine and our
lips interlocked as we started kissing
passionately while we stood there.
It was more like she was trying to suck the
hell out of my life as we kissed,or rather she
sucked on me as if her life depended on it..
We kissed violently as my hands both moved
directly to her butts and held it lightly even
though she was still wearing her black&white
expansive skirt.
Ad the kissing continued, I didn’t realise I
have actually started moving my hands into
the skirt and holding the real thing and
noticing she wore nothing else inside…it felt
so fresh and soft and she tightened her grip
on me.
As I held her butts,I pressed it against my
now hardened greatman and she really felt it
within and around her already almost wet
punny area cuz her kissing on me took a hit.
While still at the business of the kissing and
rocking of her arse,I started moving back to
the bed gently,making her follow me along the
I removed my right hand from her behind
and transferred it to her Manchester as I
once again realised that she wore no bra in
the short sleeve girly polo she was wearing.
I went about the business of slowly and
gently caressing it(her left br*ast) and her
breathing pattern changed.

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