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10. Ghana Wasnt Too Far

In early 2002, i traveled to Ghana for the

first time. I had met Boniface, a yellow short

guy from Anambra state at a burial

ceremony. We got talking about business and

he told me that he imports Nkatie Burger

from Accra. The burger was small peanuts

with one grain of groundnut inside each nut.

He had said that he supplied the goods to

some retailers in Idumota market Lagos


The following week, i agreed to give the

business a trial. My main drive was the

prospect of going to another Country; not the


I went to Lagos Island and changed some

naira to 3000 dollars. We got to Cotonou and

boarded a 505 Station wagpn to Lome. That

was my first time in the city. We arrived

Lome in the night, so i had no opportunity to

take a good look at the city. We stopped at

the Lome-Ghana border town called Aflawo.

The border towns were located beside the

Atlantic Ocean. While we waited for the man

who was supposed to cross us into Ghana, i

strolled down to the ocean beach to have a

look. It was night and there were not many

people at the beach. I also avoided venturing

further down the ocean shores because i had

some dollars with me.

Strangely i paid much more security attention

to the 3000 US dollars in my pocket more

than i had ever done to its naira or CFA


I approached two ladies smoking cigarette

and asked them to give me one. We

got’chatting and they told me their names

which i cant remember now. They were

togolese girls who lived not far from the

border. I told them that i was a Nigerian who

was going to live and work in Ghana; I didnt

want them to know that i was a businessman.

Worthy to note was that i used all kinds of

methods to protect my money; lies,

deceptions, tricks and every other method i

could think of.

I sat beside one of them and lied about how

beautiful she looked even though i knew that

the blue light bulb hanging above us played

tricks to my eyes.

They were sexx workers because one of

them told me that we can make out in their

place if i could pay her. I told her that i was

going to inform my friend so that two of us

could go with them. I disappeared out of their

sights and never returned.

Time to cross the border was a few minutes

away. People had gathered around a man who

claimed to be an immigration officer. We all

paid him equivalent of N500 naira each and

he diasppeard into the darkness. He came

back twenty minutes later and asked us to

follow him. It was still very dark. He led us

through the ocean shores for about 5

minutes until we reached another busy

border town. My friend Boniface announced

the town as Aflawo Ghana. A hiace bus was

already waiting to take us to Accra. We got

to Accra around 5am and waited inside the

bus until the day broke.

We took a taxi to the warehouse where we

were supposed to buy the burger only to

see some Igbo boys from Idumota already

packing everything. Boniface recognized one

of them and approached him.

It happened to be that the guy was among

those Boniface supplied the Burger a week

before in Idumota. Boniface was angry

because the guy was still owing him from the

last supply. They had seen the address on

the cover of the burger and came to Ghana

before us.

The only option facing us then was to buy a

different thing or go back to Nigeria with our

money. We drove back to the Accra city

center. Boniface told me it was time to go

back but i was interested in touring the city,

so i told him to go. He left Ghana that

morning while i stayed back in Accra. I asked

around and got a small map of Accra. I first

of all visited Nkrumah sqaure, a very busy

comerce center where first class super

markets and malls were located. I bought a

springle and ate while i window shopped for

hours. Then i went to Accra Township stadium.

Finally i went to the beach. The sight of the

ocean was so glorious as it stretched for

hundreds of miles until it somehow touched

the sky.

I had no bags or even change of cloths, just

my Cotonou handset and some dollars. It was

at the beach that things started to get


Efuah, a beautifully endowed tall slim dark girl

was swimming alone. I had watched her for a

few minutes and had decided to make a move.

A lot of things attracted me to her; her

curves, her height, her weight and above all,

the bikini and the two heavy round objects

hanging on her chest. I strolled down towards

her direction and sat down near her small

bag and sipped on the small bottle of hot

drink i purchased at Nkrumah square. She

slowly came out of water and headed straight

towards me/her bag.

”Hi” i said as she bend down to towards her

bag. She looked up and smiled.

”I saw you from up there and decided to

come closer and have a look at your

wonderful body” I said.

She smiled again and murmured something i

believed to be some Ghana native language.

”What is your name” i continued.

”Why do you want to know” she asked.

Her response increased my hope.

” I wanted to meet with a beautiful Ghanaian

woman before i travel back to Nigeria” i said.

I must have striked an interest of hers

because she stood up instantly and asked ”

You are from Nigeria?”. I nodded with a smile.

” What are you doing in Ghana” she asked.

”Nothing much, just sight seeing” i lied,

”I got bored in Nigeria and decided to look

around west Africa coastal cities” I continued.

” So far, i have seen Cotonou and Lome, my

next stop is Abidjan.’”

” wow” she exclaimed.

”It must be costing you a lot of money” she


”I dont really care about such things, my

happiness comes first” i lied again.

”You havent told me your name yet” i fired


‘Efuah’ she said.

“what does it mean in Ghana” i asked.

She said something i couldnt recall now.

”Would you like to show me around Ghana

today” i asked.

”I am going back to school in Kumasi today”

she said.

” but if you will promise to pay for my hotel

room this night, i will take you around Accra

and leave for school tomorrow” she said.

I smiled and said ” deal”.

She dressed up and asked me to bring her

bag and follow her.

– these Ghana girls are different from

Nigerian girls, they command men-

I carried her bag and walked beside her as if

we had known each other for long. We left

the beach and she called a taxi. We drove for

about 25 minutes until we arrived at a high

gate. She knocked and a gateman opened up.

She entered and motioned me to follow her. I

did. We entered a magnificent duplex. She

took the bag from me and asked me to have

a seat. She went inside a room. Two minutes

later, a woman came out from nowhere and

looked at me suspiciously.

”Young man, who are you” she asked

”Mom, she is Ziko from Nigeria, i met him at

the beach and he is going to take me out


”Zubby” i corrected.

– I was surprised at how relaxed she was

while introducing me, something i have not

witnessed in Nigeria-

” Take good care of her and bring her back

on time” the mother said.

” Mom, i am not coming back; i will leave for

school from Accra in the morning” Efuah said.

– I was ready to jump up and bolt through

the door and run for my life. I was

uncormfortable with this free and strange

method of introduction-

” remember what i said about too much

alcohol” the mother said as she walks

towards the exit door..

I just kept quiet and listened to them, looking

from one face to another while they talked.

Efuah went back to the room and came out

later with two packed bags. I took one and we

left the house. We trecked for a few minutes

and stopped another taxi.

We drove back to Accra and found a three

star hotel.

I insisted on paying for the room but she

refused. She paid by herself and told me that

i was the guest in Ghana. She joked that i will

pay back anyday she visited Nigeria. We

laughed at the dry joke.

We left her bags in the room and went down

to the bars. I ordered for a full bottle of

Johnny Walker and Ice.

She drank like a fish despite the warning her

mother gave her. We drank half of the

contents and she took me by the hand and

led me upstairs while i carried the remaining


She unlocked the door and got down to

business instantly. She pulled out my blue

shirt and my singlet, threw them at the only

chair in the room and went for my trousers.

I was still unprepared for the drama as i

stood like a tree watching with excitment as

she stripped me n*aked and started rubbing

my dicck with both hands.

*You are going to fvck a Ghana girl*

My naughty mind shouted inside my head.


I cupped her br*easts with both hands and

started squeezing them as she swallowed the

whole length of my . I moaned with pleasure.

My mind wondered to the Dollars i left in my

pocket and the whole pleasure varnished. I

just stood there pretending to be enjoying

the work out while i figured out how to

protect my 3000 dollars from this fearless

beautiful girl. One thing about me was that

everybpdy becomes a potential thief whenever

i am with money. This beautiful girl was no

different. I decided to enjoy the moment while

remaining vigilant as much as i could. She

stood up and turned her back for me to

unzip her long gown. I did and unhooked her

bra too. She removed the cloths and turned

around. Facing me was two heavy smooth

welcoming br+easts. I pushed her slightly to

the bed ans suckked on the melons one

after the other. She moaned and held me

tightly while i suckked on them. I drew some

milky liquids out of them as i suckked harder

and harder.

Then she suddenly turned me around and as

she mounted me, i pointed at my trousers

for her to get a condom from my wallet. She

held one finger across my mouth and

mounted me. She enveloped my JT with her

wet pu*sssy and moved up&down while i

raised my ar*se to meet her thrust. A few

minutes later, i climbed down from the bed

and dragged her with me. I stood in the

middle of the room and carried her up in

front of me until her cu*nt was touching my

Joystick. Then i slowly inserted my Dic*k into

the open c*unt and started moving her back

and front. She kissed my lips while i kept

raising her in out and in towards my di*ck.

I got tired of carrying her and slowly laid her

on the bed while my Di*ck was still inside her


She cried out softly as i pumped in and out

of her in a world of pleasure that made me

forget the dollars on my trouser pocket. She

had climaxed twice ready while Mr Johnny

Walker was holding my liquids from jumping


I hit the walls of her veegiina several times

while brushing the clit*oris on my way out.

Finally i exploded inside her and stayed inside

her for two minutes while we both breathed

heavily. I kissed her and climbed down,

I took my trousers inside the bathroom and

cleaned myself up. I was not going to leave

her a lone with my money.

She met me inside the bathroom while putting

on my trouser and smiled at me.

” that was the best fvck i have ever had” she

said with all seriousness.

” You Nigerians are better in bed” she


-Damn, i was a good Nigerian ambassador in

Ghana Afteral. If only the Obasanjo

administration had recognized that and

rewarded me-

We cleaned up, dressed up and went

downstairs and into the Accra city….

Watch out for the remainder of the Accra


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