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Witches And Wizards (fortynine)

I later wokeup and saw myself in a hut, there was nobody with me, i
look left and right and the only thing present with me is my spear and
a cup.
I manage to sit up but my body is still weak, i saw a cup of water
ontop the head of the bed they put me, i took the cup of water and
drink it, then i started hearing noises outside the hut, i stood up
and took my sword, i came out from the hut and saw people rushing up
and down with their sword and bow, i called one out and ask whats
going on.
“Babylon is down and the serpent have been captured” he said and
continue running.
If they have captured babylon that is cool but how did they manage to
defeat the serpent so easily? Thats a question i will ask Tera and
Lucy, i was weak but i dont care i joined the people running inside
the town, i pass the gate in which the scorpions that i summon brought
down and when i enter the kingdom i was waoh, they have captured
babylon truly but how the hell did i miss something like this? and
where is the serpent by the way? So many questions to ask but nobody
to answer them, no sign of Lizzy, Lucy, Tera nor anybody that i know,
i walk inside the town and saw Lucy men dragging the opposition along,
they tied their hands together shipping them to another place,
everywhere was destroyed even the palace, i cant bear it again so i
called one of the men and question him.
Me: what happen?
Warrior: after the gate fell, the scorpions destroyed everything they
saw, the men cant take it so they surrender.
Me: what about Lucy and others?
Warrior: they follow the serpent to the sea and thats the last time i
saw them but i heard they captured the serpent.
Me: if they capture the serpent then where are they?
Warrior: i dont know sir.
Me: okay you can go.
I dismiss him and continue searching for my friends, i dont even know
where to start looking for them, i dont know what happen and also i
dont know which way they went, i sat on the ground and started
thinking, if all these happened when i was asleep then i must be out
for a very long time, everything is different and it seems like my
head will burst anytime soon, as i was sitting on the ground thinking,
i saw a black butterfly flying to the palace that was destroyed,
something tells me to follow it so i took my spear and follow the
butterfly, the butterfly took me to the palace and when i get there i
enter inside the palace not minding if any block will fall on my head.
The place was dark and strange like an old palace, as i continue going
i started hearing strange voices, i listen carefully but i cant
understand the meaning of the words coming out from the voices so i
keep on going till i reach the end of the road, there is nothing here
but where are the voices coming from, or am i seeing or hearing things
I put my ear on the wall and listen carefully then it occured to me
that there might be another room beyond the wall, i took a step back
and brought out my spear i started using it to smash the wall, i smash
and smash and smash till i started seeing the the hidden room beyong
the wall, when the hole was wide enough to enter i stop and position
my sword, i enter inside the other room or palace i dont even know
what to call it, the room is round, there is no door nor window just
the little hole i came out from, i walk inside the room and started
looking around, there are many drawing on the wall human drawing and i
dont even know who they are, the pictures looks like people from
oversea because they are all white wearing complete suit, i really
dont understand this, what will they be doing here?
I dont know whats happening and i dont know where i am so i took my
sword and ran out of the palace, on my way out as i took one of my leg
out of the palace i heard the voice again from the hidden room, i
return back and started walking to the exact spot where i heard the
voice, as i get closer the voice get clearer and clearer “ozilaaaa,
help meeee” that was the sound i was hearing, i get to the drawing and
as i wanted to touch it i heard from my back “dont touch it”.
I look back and saw Eve.
Me: Eve.
Eve: Hello brother.
Me: what are you doing here?
Eve: to stop you from destroying the world.
Me: you stop me? i think i must be dreaming.
Eve: this is the place i kept the heart of Owan people, if you touch
any of the picture the curse will expand to the whole word.
Me: and you care?
Eve: of course i care, am not here to destroy the world.
Me: you are lier, if you dont want me to touch it, it means it must be
something good so i will touch.
As i straight my hands and wanted to touch the picture she shouted.
Eve: Lizzy is pregnant.
Me: what?
Eve: yeah you heard me, shes pregnant and if you want to see her
again, you will do everything i say.
Me: everything like?
Eve: first we leave this place, secondly you hand over the box to me.
Me: which box?
Eve: the one you collected from the other world.


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