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witches and wizards (final chapter)

Final Chapter

I opened my eyes gently, I look my left I saw a big drip and another big drip on my right, I have oxygen on my mouth and nose, where am I? I don’t know, am on top a white bed, there is nobody in the room and it looks like am dead, am wondering if am in hell or heaven, all my bodies are covered with bandages, there is nobody around but below my finger I saw a button, I press it even though I don’t know what it means, seconds later a white woman wearing white top walk in.

“Oh my god, you are awake?” She said.

“She walk to the machine and started checking something I don’t understand, I tried to communicate but the thing they put in my mouth (oxygen) won’t let me, I was devastated and then the nurse notice..

“Relax I will soon remove it from your mouth” she said.

Minutes later my elder sister walk in, am glad I have seen someone I know, she was happy that I have woken up, she bend beside me and started thanking God, she was asking how am feeling, I couldn’t say anything, the nurse removed the oxygen and then I manage to ask.

“Where am I?”

“You are in a hospital in Abuja, my dear, you have been in a coma for two years” she said.

“What?” I said and faint back.

So I have been dreaming all this while? Since when?

“Since when?” I ask her.

“Since after the mob beat you up for stealing, they almost set you on fire but ogijio rescued you and took you to a hospital, the beating was too much so many hospital rejected you saying there is no chance of survival, until we bring you here in abuja.” My sister said.

“Oh my God, where is mum?” I ask.

“She went home to take care of somethings, she will be so happy that you are awake, let me even call her.” She said bringing out her phone.

She was so happy, so I have been in a comma for the past two years?All my adventures are not real? What the hell they all felt real.

The nurse told my sister that I have to remain here for one more month, I can’t walk so she bought a wheel chair for me, I remain in the hospital with my family for another month before they finally discharge me, I went home with my family and since its time for Christmas all our family come together to celebrate with us, our house was filled up with so many people and also my church members, ogijio was always present to move me around in my wheel chair, the people that beat me up came to apologize to us, it was wonderful seeing my family happy.

On Christmas eve I was with ogijio the carpenter in front of our compound around eleven in the night, everywhere was busy and with so many people moving around I thought it will be nice to stay till twelve before I go to bed, I was with ogijio and corper and one other friend call chuck, they where discussing about girls, I wasn’t interested in their discussion so I just continue operating my phone on my wheel chair, we where under a tree and suddenly something like blood fell on the screen of my phone, I look up the tree and saw a bird, the bird fly to the back of our landlord upstair building, I wanted to tell the others but something in me suggest I go alone because they were so into their discussion, I wheeled the chair alone from their midst and went to the back of the building, I saw a dark object like a human, the object was putting on a dark rob with lots of hair, I don’t know what gave me the confidence to go the where the object was standing, I get closer and ask.

“Who are you?”

The person turn but there was no face, all I saw was smoke inside the rob forming a human being.

“The demons are free, you have a heavy task ahead of you, you must find all of them and kill them or else what happened in your dream will turn to reality” the dark object said.

“Who are you and what do I do?” I ask, it seems like I miss the adventure and I want it to be a reality.

“I was sent by Queen Olokun, the demons are watching, find what it is in you don’t have now and then everything will fall in place”

“Ozes what are you doing there?” My elder sister said as she walk to me.

I look back and when I turn again the dark object has disappeared.

“I was just walking home” I said.

“Don’t wander about please” she said and wheel my chair home, I enter house and enter bed, I started wondering what she met by find what I don’t have, I thought the story has ended.

Two Year Later.

I was jogging around five in the morning, since I started walking jogging has been my morning routine because the doctor said I have to keep the leg busy, I was jogging in old road Ogute when I felt something following me, I stop and look back I saw a girl wearing a white top and a white trouser with a golden phantom necklace, she jog pass me and then I decided to follow up, I jog close to her and said.

“Hello, I hope you don’t mind me jogging with you.” I said.

“Ozila I have been following you since maybe its time you started following me” as she said that I look at her face and then I remember.

“Lizzy?” I said and stop and she stop too.

“I wonder how you didn’t recognize me at first” she said.

“But it was all a dream” I said.

“A dream planted by me so that you can be ready for the main thing” she said.

“What main thing?” I ask.

“An Apocalypse is coming, we need an apocalypto to solve it, we need you ozila” she said.

The End

Get Ready For A Whole New Story Titled Apocalypse: The Second Coming, we fought against witches and wizards, this time we are about to face the creators.

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