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witches and wizards (final chapter)


“If I join you do it then how do I go in since you said it can’t stay open for long?” I ask.
“Me and Lucy will do it while You and Cao will go inside and find a way to open it, if you can’t open it then I guess you two will have to fight the battle yourself while Cao friends will stay and fight with us incase of any battle” said Olokun
“I don’t think I have the strength to support you” Lucy said.
“You have it you just don’t know it” Queen Olokun told her and walk closer to her, she draw her hand closer to the door and then Queen Olokun draw a pyramid on the ground using a native chalk she kept in her bag, they both stand inside and hold their hands together, Olokun started saying some incantations which Lucy later join her, they keep in reciting it over and over till I heard a Creek on the door..
I walk to Cao men though they are practically my men.
“Watch them please” I told then and they nodded.
The door started giving way little by little and then I look at cao
“I am ready” she said.
We walk closer to the door waiting for it to open very well to fit us in, I look at Lucy and Olokun again both of then are bleeding from their nose, it seems the power of the door is overpowering them.
I know they can’t open the door completely so when the door open up a little, I took Cao hand and slide inside from below, immediately we enter the door lock again.
Inside the mountain is dark so I took my sword and light it with my fire showing a big old ship inside the center of the mountain, standing ontop waters.
“We should have followed the sea self” I said to Cao who is looking for a way to open the door for our comrades to come in.
“There is no way we can open the door from here” she said.
“Forget it let’s look for my mother” I said.
We started walking to the old ship, there is a bridge between the ship and the place we are standing, to get to the ship we have to pass the tiny bridge.
I took a step and the bridge make a small sound like something too old to walk on, even scraps fell from the bridge, it didnt stop me because I was eager to kill my mum and end everything at once.
“I don’t think the bridge is safe” Cao said from my back looking at me trying to cross the bridge, when she said that I turn and look at her, there I notice a shadow on her back and before I could warn her the shadow took her as she scream, the shadow took her and started climbing the mountain to the top, the shadow was laughing, the voice looks like someone i knew, yes someone like my sister Eve, oh I forgot am in the underworld, land of the dead.
I change my hand to fire and wanted to change completely before something use its tail to tie my two legs and draw me inside the water full of skulls.


I was inside the water struggling to free myself, the worst thing is that I am not even seeing anything apart from the dry human heads and ropes, I know the ropes can’t be the thing that pulled me inside the water because this rope is too slender, the rope that got me is a little bit heavy with sharp objects like needles.

I continue to struggle from the many ropes inside the water and if I free myself and wanted to swim up something else will draw me back, I will look inside the water where the thing came from but I won’t see anything, so if I try to swim up again the thing will come and draw me back, the thing appear and disappear like a ghost, its like the thing is invisible, I can’t go up and am stuck inside the water like and idiot, I don’t even know what’s going on with my dear Cao my good friend whom I suppose to be helping now because she’s in trouble, I do know something that has same voice with Eve took her before I was drawn inside the water, if I want to get out of this water I must kill that thing hindering me from coming out.

As I continue to struggle I started suffocating, I started drinking water because I can’t breath, I was almost dead when I remember I can stay inside the water for more than ten minutes with my other form, so I concentrate and invoke my other part, even though I was inside water all my body were hot and waters around me started getting hotter and hotter while my eyes turn to red, then I open my eyes, as I opened my eyes everything became calm and I wasn’t struggling anymore not that I can breath inside water but because I can hold my breath longer now.

I look at the deep part of the water were there is a higher probability that the invisible thing is coming from, the place was dark but because of my eyes I was able to see through and yes there is a hole there, a small hole that I can probably fit in.

I swim inside the water and pass through the dark hole, I came out from another realm or wide room more like a palace but old and abandoned, where it looks like the place they do sacrifices.

Everywhere is sacred and there are candles everywhere with a red altar stained with bloods, I swim to the wall and started climbing out of the water with steps, my eyes are red, my fingers are long and my body is hot, it will take more than three minutes for me to completely change to my beast form again.

I walk to the altar where there is blood, the blood looks fresh like they just killed something here, oh well I pray in my mind that the blood doesn’t belong to Cao.


“You are right, it is her blood on the altar” a lady voice said from my back, I look back and saw my mother emerging from the water with her long tail and red hairs, her tail is long and it has needles that can kill somebody, her hairs contain sharp long blade, she wore cowries all over her body and her body are visible except from her breast where there is small clothes with cowries and her down part where she cover with cowries string with small cloth.

“Mother” I said, facing her and walking round the hall.

“Finally, we meet” she said, still emerging from the water like someone reborn.

“What did you do with her, I swear if you touch even her hair I will…….”

“You will do nothing kid, as you see I used her blood to replenish myself, her blood is in me now and when you go outside you will see her body hang on a tree like a ram butchered for supper.” She said coming to me.

The word struck me so hard that I didn’t even let her get close to me before I raised up my leg and struck her back inside the water, she fell inside the water and then I jump Inside and pull her up, I remove her from the water and place her on the ground close to the water and started hitting her with heavy punch, her face started gushing out blood and the funny thing is that she wasnt even feeling it because she was laughing like someone enjoying a nice meal.

I didn’t mind as I continue punching her until she stop breathing, blood continue rushing out her face, I check her heartbeat but I can’t feel anything.

I was surprise because I wasn’t expecting it to be this easy, I stood up and look my body filled with blood,.

“Is this real? Is she really dead?” I ask myself.

After I got up minutes later something started happening to the wounds on her body, the wounds started healing themselves and then suddenly she regain herself and breath out, when her eyes open they were dark like hell, her hairs stood still and started sparkling like electricity, I even took a step back because I was scared.


I was surprise as she regain fully and stood up, she started laughing again.

“You thought you have won right?” She said coming to me again.

I swing my neck and crack it, I change fully to Phoenix and spread my wings.

“This time am gonna cut off your head” I said as I swing my feathers towards her, she bend down dodging me but I wasn’t ready to rest, I fly to the top of the building and summon fire from all my body, I position it straight to her and when the fire was getting closer to her she bend down on her knees and summon shield which guard her, the fire didn’t hit her, I was surprised.

I continue using fire to strike her which she continue dodging, she swing her hair and some blades gives way, some hit me but wasn’t deep, she was running in circle dodging my fireball and the same time throwing her blade from her hair, I wonder how an old woman can be this strong and smart,

I got tired and fly down, I run towards her with the intention of grabbing her but she released something like a blast energy which came straight to me, the blast and her blades hit me so hard that it took me from my feet and landed me on the other side of the room, some rocks fell on me because of the force.

She walk to me and hold my neck, I was bleeding badly because some of her blade struck my heavily.

“You can’t kill me Son as well as I can’t kill you, but there are things worse than death” she said and used one hand to raise me up, she put me against the wall and remove sharp object from her long hair, the thing looks like a sharp point sword, she used the sharp object to merge my hands with wall, she nail me with the wall like a thief and I can’t do anything because I was tired and bleeding, I was even waiting to die so that I can come back stronger.

“I will still defeat you, I always win” I manage to say as she was walking away.

“Let’s see how you will win now” she said and pick up a sword from the water, she came to me and started cutting my feathers, I was screaming because it was very painful, she cut both my feathers and then place them in front of me.

I was bleeding out badly though I know if I die I will come back so I wasn’t worried.

She put the feathers on fire and burn them to ashes in front of me, ten minutes later new feather emerge, she put the new one on fire again and she continue doing so for more than twenty times.

The twenty two time the feathers didn’t come back.

She look at me with a smile on her face and said.

“Look son, you have twenty two lives remaining, let’s start killing you already” she said and stood up coming straight to me with the sword.


“Are you really gonna do this to your son?” I ask.

“Oh now you are agree that you are my son?” She fired.

“Who will want someone like you as a mother?” I ask.

“Eve did accept me, three of us together we would have been unstoppable” she said, coming closer

“Eve is a psychopath like you, am glad she’s dead” I said.

“Oh well you will soon join her” she said.

She came closer and put her hands on my neck, she was pressing it and squeezing her hand, I was trying to breath but no way, she was enjoying it because of the smile on her face, shes happy killing me and I don’t blame her, what kind of a mother will find joy killing her own child?.

She squeezed the daylight out of me till my heart stop pounding, the minute I resurrect I haven’t even regain myself before she Pierce my heart with her sword, I died again.

She continue her game till my live remain just ten, coming back from dead she pierce my hands against the wall again and started laughing, I was confused taking my time to remember what’s going on because am just coming back from the dead.

“Your live remain just ten, so what are you gonna do?” She said still laughing.

I didn’t know what to do and honestly my brain just look fried without any idea on how to escape, I tried my best to free myself from the shackles but no success, I started thinking looking straight to the sky, there is no sky to see though just dark walls and old ropes from tree and some holes on the wall probably for rats and bats, “BAT” yeah that’s it, I can control bats.

I smile in my mind as I watch my mother taking break, I don’t think she’s tired I think she just want to see if I have any means I can escape, she was sitting round a fire roasting something.

I look up to the sky and close my eyes, I started searching for the birds, the connection is like a network allowing me to see through different places and their noise draw me closer to them, after searching the whole mountain there are possibly thousands of bats inside this mountain, I smile and started summoning them.

“And why the hell are you laughing?” She ask.

“because am about to kick your asss” I said.

“Oh seriously? Let me even continue my work till your life remain just one” she said.

“Oh so you are scared because I want to kick your asss huh” I said.


She came to me and burst my stomach with her sword but as she was removing the sword she stop and listen properly.

“What the hell is that sound?” She ask.

“Your worst nightmare” I said before giving up the ghost.

I woke up from the ashes with my life remaining just nine, I look around there was nobody and I started wondering where my mother is.

I close my eyes and connect with the bats again, I saw them chasing my mother away down the hole until she dive inside water for safety, I recall the bats and then they came and surround me, I spread my wings waving it to make sure that its still working, of course its working fine.

“Let’s go hunt my mother” I said and follow the same way my mother followed, I get to the water and dive inside searching for her.

I was swimming inside the water going deeper and deeper, not that I know where am going but am very sure she will be in the deepest and darkest place  I was in my human form using my beast eye to see where am going, I came out from another opening inside the mountain that look like a room, I climb up and search the area but I didn’t see her so I dive inside the water again and started searching room to room inside the mountain, it wasn’t easy searching through every area so I summon my birds and command them to search every ins and out in the mountain while I search the water, as I enter the water I saw a place that has red colour, more like something is burning on top the mountain making the water to turn red, as I get closer I can feel the hotness of the water but I can get hurt because fire is my power, the hotness was even giving me more strength, I swim to the area and bring out my head, I saw rocks burning and melting forming flowing magma, the magma is very hot and I can feel it from where am standing, I climb up and walk to the magma I touch it with my hand it burn my finger totally, immediately another finger grow, this is the perfect place where I can kill my mother, she can never resurrect from a place like this, and yes this place can kill me too without me coming back, I was thinking how to bring her here I never knew she was on my back and before I turn back she has already dive me inside.


She came from my back and before I know it she has already dive me and as we were about falling in I spread my wings and fly up but she gripped my leg making sure I didnt leave her behind, as she grip my leg I was using my other leg to hit her so that she will fall inside the flowing magma and it work because when my claw hit her face she scream and fall off, as she on air I was expecting her to fall inside the flowing magma but she spread her wings too and fly up, I was surprise that she too can fly, for real I shouldn’t be surprise.

She turn into a big bird white bird more like a bat, she is really big like me and she has long nails with sharp teeth, she fly to one of the rock and stand, I fly to another tall rock and stand there too facing her, she was screaming really loud like she’s angry, her eyes are red like mine but all my body are red like Phoenix and fire emanating from my body, but her body is white with water drilling of her body like poison, we were facing each other ready to kill each other, I believe this is our final battle and I don’t care if I die with her all I know is that she must die today.

She roar like a dragon and I roar too, honestly my roar will be more scary.

She spread her white wings and I laugh because I know nothing can defeat fire, I spread my wings as she fly towards me with speed, she was getting closer and then I summon fire from  my body and point it towards her I was surprise to see her vomit water from her body quenching the fire, she came to me and punch me from where I was standing which throw me off balance and I landed heavily on another heavy rock, I was weak and as I try to regain my strenght I saw her coming  from the sky again, for my mind na

“Which kind wahala be this?”


As she was coming towards me on the group with speed I summon fire again and shoot her and as expected she use water to revoke the fire, she landed on my chest and started using her fingers to tear me apart, if I let her continue there will be nothing left of me again so I use all my strength to push her and she hit her body on another rock, I ran inside the mountain to hide and perhaps regain my strenght back, I hide in a dark spot and watch her come inside the mountain, the place I am is dark but I can see her thanks to my red eyes, what I don’t know is if she can see me with her red eyes too.

Her form is really scary like an old bat that refuse to die, oh well whether she like it or not she must die today, she walk and started looking for me with her scary form, I make sure I hide in a small rock and when she pass the rock I ran out and from her back I burst my hand inside her stomach, she scream out very loudly before turning back and hitting me with her right hand, the punch throw me to another corner of the dark room, I hide again in another rock its seems like she can’t see me with her eyes where I can see her, this is an advantage so hide beside a rock and make a strong heavy fireball, the light of the fire ball draw her attention and she attempt to run away from the dark room so that she can see properly outside, I throw the fire at her and shatter her to pieces.

I was happy that she is gone so I walk to where I strike her there was no sign of her just waters, I watch as the water flow away from the mountain I was watching it to see where its heading to, the water continue flowing till it get to a big river and enter inside, does it mean she’s not dead, that I don’t know as I keep on wondering then I heard from my back.

“Is she gone?”  

I was shock and when I look I saw Cao, Lucy and Queen Olokun, I ran to Cao and hug her so tightly, all of them look at me with surprise written  all over their face.

“I thought you are dead” I said.

“For where, am very much alive” she said.

“So is she dead?” Lucy ask again

“I honestly don’t know, I splash her to pieces and she turn to water, I just hope she’s dead” I said.

“Okay then, let’s get back” Cap said.

As we all turn back we heard splash from our back and look back, the big river started coming together turning to a human form,

“I guess this answers our question” Lucy said.

“Everybody run” I said and as we all started running Queen Olokun remain

“What are you doing?” I said to Queen Olokun

“I am Queen of the sea, you can’t expect me to run away when am the Queen of the river” she said and kneel down, she started saying some incantations as the water change to My mother completely and flow to where Queen Olokun is, we watch in distance


The water tried to cover Olokun but something like shield appear from nowhere and cover Queen Olokun, the shied prevent any water from touching her, the skies started shouting followed by heavy thunderstorm, we ran away because the water was getting closer and we just can’t stand the heavy thunder.

We ran away from the deadly scene and rush to our ship, but as we came out from the mountain we saw the dead and all the wolves waiting for us again, there is a deadly water chasing us and there are wolves waiting for us so we took our chance with the wolves, even though they are many we manage to fight our way and make a path, but they are just too many for us but when they saw the waters running towards us they forget our fight and started running for safety, they where even scared of the thunder too.
We continue running till we reach the shore where the pieces of our ship are, we even forgot that there is no more ship for us.

“What are we going to do? She’s getting closer” Cao said.

“We have to swim” Lucy said.

“You do realize she’s controling the water right? If we enter this sea we are as good as dead” I said.

I saw a log of wood and I told Cao and Lucy to enter, they enter the wood and I change to beast and started pushing the wood with my hands inside the water, I wasn’t so fast because of the wave of the sea, I manage to get them inside the sea and started pushing them through the water, I would have probably take them through flight but they will probably burn to ashes, My mother splash us with a wave of waters, as she  pounce on us, I fly to the sky seeing that I have lost my friends and there is nothing I can do, if I enter the sea she will probably kill me too, the best thing is for me to run away and gather some more men to help defeat her, as I was flying looking for my friends above the water something got to me and hold my leg, I look back and saw a long rope of water she probably form a rope using the water, I have never seen anybody control the sea like this, I think she’s the real Queen of the sea, the  water pulled me back and I fell inside the deep sea, I wanted to swim but the water was rushing inside my mouth rotating me like someone inside a washing matchine, I can’t even breath it was as if am being made to drink tank of water, it was like hell I can’t feel any of my body at all just as if someone is controlling all the blood in my body, all my bone started cracking and then suddenly I saw myself standing in front of the red rushing volcano again, honestly I don’t how I got here because this is the only thing that can kill me, instantly I can not feel any part of my body because am not in control of any of them, suddenly the water pushed me inside the volcano and then I started melting, all the part of my body started falling apart, I melt to pieces inside the volcano.

Anytime I tried to come back the volcano will burn me to ashes again and that’s how I lost all my lives with no one left, I didn’t know what happened to all my friends I just pray to God that they are alright, oh now I remember that there is God? I thought am a god myself, the thing is that everybody need a God, it just depend on the one you choose to worship.


Final Chapter

I opened my eyes gently, I look my left I saw a big drip and another big drip on my right, I have oxygen on my mouth and nose, where am I? I don’t know, am on top a white bed, there is nobody in the room and it looks like am dead, am wondering if am in hell or heaven, all my bodies are covered with bandages, there is nobody around but below my finger I saw a button, I press it even though I don’t know what it means, seconds later a white woman wearing white top walk in.

“Oh my god, you are awake?” She said.

“She walk to the machine and started checking something I don’t understand, I tried to communicate but the thing they put in my mouth (oxygen) won’t let me, I was devastated and then the nurse notice..

“Relax I will soon remove it from your mouth” she said.

Minutes later my elder sister walk in, am glad I have seen someone I know, she was happy that I have woken up, she bend beside me and started thanking God, she was asking how am feeling, I couldn’t say anything, the nurse removed the oxygen and then I manage to ask.

“Where am I?”

“You are in a hospital in Abuja, my dear, you have been in a coma for two years” she said.

“What?” I said and faint back.

So I have been dreaming all this while? Since when?

“Since when?” I ask her.

“Since after the mob beat you up for stealing, they almost set you on fire but ogijio rescued you and took you to a hospital, the beating was too much so many hospital rejected you saying there is no chance of survival, until we bring you here in abuja.” My sister said.

“Oh my God, where is mum?” I ask.

“She went home to take care of somethings, she will be so happy that you are awake, let me even call her.” She said bringing out her phone.

She was so happy, so I have been in a comma for the past two years?All my adventures are not real? What the hell they all felt real.

The nurse told my sister that I have to remain here for one more month, I can’t walk so she bought a wheel chair for me, I remain in the hospital with my family for another month before they finally discharge me, I went home with my family and since its time for Christmas all our family come together to celebrate with us, our house was filled up with so many people and also my church members, ogijio was always present to move me around in my wheel chair, the people that beat me up came to apologize to us, it was wonderful seeing my family happy.

On Christmas eve I was with ogijio the carpenter in front of our compound around eleven in the night, everywhere was busy and with so many people moving around I thought it will be nice to stay till twelve before I go to bed, I was with ogijio and corper and one other friend call chuck, they where discussing about girls, I wasn’t interested in their discussion so I just continue operating my phone on my wheel chair, we where under a tree and suddenly something like blood fell on the screen of my phone, I look up the tree and saw a bird, the bird fly to the back of our landlord upstair building, I wanted to tell the others but something in me suggest I go alone because they were so into their discussion, I wheeled the chair alone from their midst and went to the back of the building, I saw a dark object like a human, the object was putting on a dark rob with lots of hair, I don’t know what gave me the confidence to go the where the object was standing, I get closer and ask.

“Who are you?”

The person turn but there was no face, all I saw was smoke inside the rob forming a human being.

“The demons are free, you have a heavy task ahead of you, you must find all of them and kill them or else what happened in your dream will turn to reality” the dark object said.

“Who are you and what do I do?” I ask, it seems like I miss the adventure and I want it to be a reality.

“I was sent by Queen Olokun, the demons are watching, find what it is in you don’t have now and then everything will fall in place”

“Ozes what are you doing there?” My elder sister said as she walk to me.

I look back and when I turn again the dark object has disappeared.

“I was just walking home” I said.

“Don’t wander about please” she said and wheel my chair home, I enter house and enter bed, I started wondering what she met by find what I don’t have, I thought the story has ended.

Two Year Later.

I was jogging around five in the morning, since I started walking jogging has been my morning routine because the doctor said I have to keep the leg busy, I was jogging in old road Ogute when I felt something following me, I stop and look back I saw a girl wearing a white top and a white trouser with a golden phantom necklace, she jog pass me and then I decided to follow up, I jog close to her and said.

“Hello, I hope you don’t mind me jogging with you.” I said.

“Ozila I have been following you since maybe its time you started following me” as she said that I look at her face and then I remember.

“Lizzy?” I said and stop and she stop too.

“I wonder how you didn’t recognize me at first” she said.

“But it was all a dream” I said.

“A dream planted by me so that you can be ready for the main thing” she said.

“What main thing?” I ask.

“An Apocalypse is coming, we need an apocalypto to solve it, we need you ozila” she said.

The End

Get Ready For A Whole New Story Titled Apocalypse: The Second Coming, we fought against witches and wizards, this time we are about to face the creators.

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