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Witches And Wizards (chapter fortyseven)

I saw myself standing ontop water and i when i look around very well i realize that am standing ontop big sea, this place looks familiar because i have been here before this exact spot.
I look in front of me and then i saw her, a woman with hairs like snake covering her face, she was sitting ontop the sea frying Akara, i wonder who she is frying the Akara for oh.
I walk to her and said “Queen Olokun”.
Olokun: welcome back Ozila.
Me: why are my here now?
Olokun: to taste my Akara, please collect (she took one from the fire and gave it to me).
Me: i dont have time to be eating Akara.
Olokun: you dont have time to eat my Akara? Am offering it free for you please collect.
She was determine i collect it from her but i dont know what she put inside and i know am dreaming and its good not to eat when dreaming.
Me: i told you no time and beside am not hungry.
Olokun: you have been coming here for quite some times now and only today i offer you something you refuse to collect.
Me: exactly, i’ve been coming here since you didnt offer me anything why today?
Olokun: oh well incase i dont get to see you again.
Me: why would you say that, are you saying we will lose?
Olokun: it all depend on you.
Me: what should i do?
Olokun: eat my Akara (oh shit).
Me: forget about Akara and talk something tangible my people are in the battle field.
Olokun: oh yeah am hearing their cry here, let me see.
She wave her hand and a screen open inside the sea when i look at it i saw my people been slaughtered already.
Me: it has started already, take me back.
Olokun: you came to me so you cant go back if you dont get what you are looking for.
I dont remember calling for her help but if am here because i need her it might be because of the location of the bats.
Me: where is the location of the bats in this current world am in now?
Olokun: they are everywhere.
Me: but i cant find them.
Olokun: you can, only that you cant control them, you are trying to get inside their head which you cant.
Me: why is that?
Olokun: because you are weak, you are not strong enough.
Me: so what do i do?
Olokun: i wont talk till you eat my Akara.
Me: come on please i dont have time just tell me please.
Olokun: have been helping you for some time now this time i need a favor.
Me: tell me.
Olokun: if you want me to help you this time you will promise to free me.
Me: free you as in (breeze has started blowing meaning am been summoned back to the real world and any moment from now i will leave her and disappear).
Olokun: you will free me because am been held hostage here.
Me: i dont understand you are the strongest how can you be held hostage?
Olokun: this world is my prison, nobody is here except me, promise to release me if i help you this time.
Me: why did they put you here and who?
Olokun: does it matter? Will you promise or not?.
I look at the screen again and i saw my friends been butchered they stand no chance at all, i dont know why she was imprisoned for but as it is now it dosnt matter because i must win this battle.
Me: yes i will free you after the battle (a mistake i later came to regret).
Olokun: swear from your heart.
Me: okay i swear with my heart to release you after the battle.
Olokun: good, you need to get stronger.
She open another screen from the sea and then i saw where am been held, men with red cloak surround me and they want to stab my heart like a sacrifice.
Me: who are they?
Olokun: they call themselves the believers, they believe with your death all this battle will stop.
Me: what do i do? (the wind has started blowing me away).
Olokun: take the dagger and use it to open the golden box.
Me: where do i find the golden box?
Olokun: the temple of the druids, when you find it eat what ever you see inside.
Me: who are the druids?
Olokun: the belie………..
She didnt finish speaking before i vanish from there and when i open my eyes i saw the dagger coming straight to my heart, i use my hand to hold the persons hand and throw him away after collecting the dagger, they all rush me but i defeated them because they are not that strong, after the fight i took one of them and ask her.
Me: where is the temple of the druids?
She: you will never find it..
No time for games so i hold her well and bite her on her neck and as i suck her blood i receive all her memories, i throw her away and ran out of the place, i started running to the temple where the box is and i make sure i hold the dagger well, the dagger has a red ball at the bottom more like hellfire,.
As i was running i started hearing foosteps following me but when i look back i saw nothing, i continue running till i get to the temple surrounded by scorpions, the temple is very big so as i get there i spread my wings and fly pass the scorpions and then i landed on the roof of the temple and burst inside the temple, i fell on the ground and when i stand up i look front and saw a person with scorpion claws holding the box, more like half human half scorpion.
Me: who are you?
Man: the scorpion king.

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