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Apocalypse: The Second Coming (chapter fourteen)

Chapter Fourteen

“This is the map, two underground hole has open up in Adamawa and in Ogun, many underground holes in Africa, it will tear the world apart and earth will seize to exist, have been waiting here for you for ages, we have to close the underground and also prevent the apocalypse” Elizabeth said.

Me: yes we know, we need to go to the underworld and bring someone back.

Elizabeth: yes I know about it, we will open the portal to the underworld and bring him back, let’s hope he can help us stop the world as your king said.

Lizzy look very beautiful even more than before, if she remembered our last adventures does it mean she remember our love too? So many questions in my mind but I don’t know how to ask them because am still kinda confused, everything is going on too fast, that I don’t even have time to think.

Lizzy took few of her things and put them in a backpack, 

Me: where to now?

Lizzy: to the underworld

Ade: you do know how we can get in right?

Lizzy: no

Me: but you took us there last time

Lizzy: that portal have been closed for ages now, I have tried many times to open it with no success

Me: so how do we go to the underworld?

Lizzy: we will go to South West, we will go through the underground hole that open up in Ogun State.

Me: come on I don’t even have money with me again

Lizzy: who’s talking about traveling? 

We came out from the street to the main express road (sabo/auchi road) in front of imoudu’s college, everywhere is dark them no born your reach to come out by this time of the time if not Na O.Y.O be your own.

Lizzy drew a circle in the middle of the road with three angles, she used a white big chalk, she told us to stand in the middle of the circle, we obeyed without complaining, she started saying somethings in one ancient language that I can’t understand, but I bet adesuwa understand what she’s saying, suddenly a heavy wind started blowing, everywhere started shaking, the wind was so much that I close my eyes to prevent dust from entering inside, but when I opened my eyes again I found myself in another place.

“Welcome to Ogun State” Lizzy said smiling.

We are in Ogun State and I was surprised how she manage to pull that off, I look front I saw fly over bride in sango ota, its midnight nobody can see us but something in us changed, our clothes changed to white and I wonder why.

“Where is the portal?” I ask.

Lizzy: we will have to look for it

Me: how, I thought you know the exact place.

Lizzy: no I don’t, I just know the location but not the exact place.

Ade: let me see if I can locate it.

Adesuwa bought out some mystical object from her bag, she gave me an old wristwatch and make me wear it, 

She hold my hands together and started saying some incantations, then a black liquid appeared inside the old watch, the black object was pointing to the west.

“We are going to the evil forest of Ogun” Adesuwa said.

Lizzy: Ogun forest is the most dangerous forest on earth, 

Adesuwa: that’s where we are going.

Lizzy: if the portal is there then we are in for a rough ride.

Me: come on, we are very dangerous too, the things there should be scared of us not we scared of them, you girls are badass

They both look at me mysteriously like an idiot, maybe I am because I don’t know what to expect in the evil forest.

There’s no ride we walk with our legs, I asked adesuwa to summon horse but she said that her magic doesn’t work like that, I mean why have magic if it can’t work all the time, the place we are going to is very far, she assured me that when we get to the forest we will enter a chariot, that the chariot can’t come into the city, I kept shut and continued following the beautiful badass ladies, I never stopped starring at Lizzy, I keep thinking if we really had the adventure, but why is she not talking to me like her lover? So many questions in my mind but no answers, I can’t ask her because I don’t know where to start from.

We walk for three hours before we came inside the bush that lead to the forest, we walk through the lane that lead to the forest, the forest is still very far and am already tired.

I was running very fast from a dark monster, the monster have two big horns and there are smokes emanating from the body of the monster, I was shouting calling for Lizzy and adesuwa for help, none of them came to help me, I was stranded as I was running from something I don’t know about, I was following one small lane in the forest, the monster was consuming the forest with its darkness making everywhere to start burning with heavy flames, the smokes were too much so I started coughing seriously, I fell on the ground and started rolling on the ground, I rolled on the ground until I get to a water fell and fall inside the water, I brought my head from the water and then the monster came and wanted to chop of my head and then I woke up shouting.

Lizzy: it’s relax it’s just a dream, don’t panic 

Lizzy was by my side calming my nerves, I was breathing heavily and fast, I look around and felt relief knowing that it’s a dream but my mind is still beating fast because it’s a really scaring dream.

“that’s a very bad nightmare” I said to lizzy

“What was it about?” Ade asked from where she’s cleaning our chariot with two horses, I wonder where she got the horse from.

“I was been chased by a very big monster, a very dark monster bringing flames from its body and making the forest to burn” I said standing up.

Lizzy: it’s a message, describe it in details.

Me: that’s just it, I saw myself been chased by the monster.

Lizzy: describe the monter

Me: it’s very big like a dragon, black with red eyes, two horns, the body has flames so I can’t figure out how the rest of the body look like.

Ade: that’s the devil, hoop in let’s ride

We enter the chariot as the horse gallop away, she said I saw the devil in my dream.

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