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Witches And Wizards (chapter 103)

We walk to our ship and then sail away to the direction Queen Olokun gave us, it is the place we will pass to the underworld where we will get My false mother, I just hope this battle doesn’t make me lose more friends because as it is now am definitely short of men.

Inside the ship I left the crew and stroll inside the ship where there is mirror to see inside the water, I was looking at the waters and thinking about Lizzy, I just hope she reach there successful, what if one day she remember everything? What will I tell her? Oh well I don’t plan to see her again because she might remember if she keep on seeing me, so it is better I keep my distance.

Inside the sea, everywhere started getting darker, I wall to my friends and then saw them looking out the ship.

“What is going on?” I ask no one in particular.

“We going inside the underworld now” Cao said.

“I guess so because everywhere is changing” Lucy said.

“What are we expecting there?” I ask Olokun.

“I honestly don’t know, but bear in mind that we will be fighting dead beings”. She said.

Our ship move inside one dark hole with white bubbles surrounding it, we hold onto our ship tight as the ship enter the hole to the underworld and summersault many times more than I can remember, the crash affect all of us.

I woke up in a find serene environment containing land and water, I stood up and saw my friends trying to stand up from the crash, I saw Olokun from afar and walk to her, I help her up and then we look for the others, we all come together and look at the volcanic Mountain in front of us.

“Did you see that mountain in the pot?” I ask Olokun.

“Definitely not, let’s check it out” she said.

“I thought this place will be scary and dark like the real up underworld” Cao said.

“Don’t be too fast my dear, this place is more scarier, we just have to be careful, not everything is at it seems.” Queen Olokun said.

We came out from the water and started walking to the volcanic Mountain, as we get closer we heard animal sound.

“What’s that?” I ask.

We all for a circle as we listen carefully where the sound is coming from, then we saw then, mountain wolf, not just wolf but dead wolf with wicked teeth that can definitely kill wolverine.

“Swords and spears” I shouted .

“Ozila this is not something we can fight, do you see how many they are?” Olokun added.

I look further and saw hundreds more coming.

“You definitely right, let’s run” I said.

We all took to our hills and started running to different directions as the dead wolves chase us with all their strength, me and Cao run to same direction as more twenty wolves come at us with speed, there are many rocks standing tall before the volcanic Mountain, getting to the mountain is the objective but we have to go through the wolves first, I followed Cao from back as she run through different rocks.

As we were running two wolves emerge from our front and started running towards us while more are coming from the back.

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106 “If I join you do it then how do I go in since you
105 I was protecting them from the sky using my fires to burn the skeletons
When Cao saw them she hesitate to run further but I told her to keep
There was no changes on the way, the moment we came down from the ship
101 anyway I will take her back to my world” she said. “Thank you very
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  1. na wa nd I don’t no y u can’t use ur power to fight dem

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