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Witches And Wizards (chapter 104)

When Cao saw them she hesitate to run further but I told her to keep running that she shouldn’t mind the wolves coming, getting to the two wolves I told her to give way as I summon fire ball from my hand which I shot at the wolves coming from our front, the fire created a big hole in front of them driving them afar, but they got up and Dust themselves, me and Cao started running towards the volcanic Mountain as we overcome the two wolves but more are coming from our back, we keep on running not minding them until Olokun and Lucy join us with more wolves, we were running to the mountain while the wolves were running after us, almost getting close some dead skeletons arise from the ground and face us with swords and spears, they were like thousands and as the emerge from the ground the earth started shaking like a tumor, we stop and look back we saw the Wolves still coming with force.
Queen Olokun hit her staff on the ground and then a circle from around us, a circle of fire, the skeletons and wolves surround the fire as they can’t get through it.

“What do we do now?” I ask nobody in particular.

“This is the part where you change into your thing” Lucy answered.

I didn’t waste time as I bend one kneel and look at the sky, my body started changing into red Phoenix and as I was changing, I saw a big red ball from the sky coming straight at us, i didn’t finish changing before the red ball hit us like a nuclear bomb, we were thrown to different directions and as we land on the ground that’s how the dead skeletons and wolves descend on us, we took our weapons and try to defend ourselves the way we can, I was swinging my sword left and right defending myself from the bloody wolves, I killed alot of them before they were easy to kill the problem is they are just too many, I will soon get tired if something is not done.
I look at my friends they were fighting the best they can too even me I was already getting tired that’s how the wolves pounce on me in tens.

They were tearing me apart and when they touch my heart with their finger, it explode like a bomb killing many of them while I spread my big wings and fly to the sky, I look down and saw my men been destroyed, I started shooting fireball from the sky like a rain falling down, I make a big fireball and throw it to the center of the skeletons the fireball hit the ground with so much effect, destroying the skeletons in hundreds, I fly down and use my sharp wings to cut them in pieces then I will fly up and throw another fireball, my friends got up again and started running towards the volcanic Mountain, I followed them from behind in the sky of course.


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114 The water tried to cover Olokun but something like shield appear from nowhere and
113 As she was coming towards me on the group with speed I summon fire
112 She came from my back and before I know it she has already dive
111 She came to me and burst my stomach with her sword but as she
110 “Are you really gonna do this to your son?” I ask. “Oh now you
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  1. Nice one.. I hope you blast all A’s…. More updates please

  2. nice motive,,dis what u could hv do b4 dan running away from dem….
    ozila,u once said u r in school dat y u don’t update frequently….let see how it will go

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