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Three Days to remember 2 (chapter 1-5)

Three Days To Remember 2.

A story by Ozila

Chapter One

I got home later in the day and then I went straight to bed to sleep, I didn’t even bother to bath and eat I just went to bed straight to sleep without greeting my neighbor.

Tomorrow is Monday and I will be going to school though we are done with school, I wrote my last paper last week before going to Ekpo, am just going there to see what’s up.

I was sleeping when I heard my phone ringing, I wonder who will be calling me by this time, I sluggishly turn around and pick my phone from the ground, I didn’t bother to look who is calling because my eyes were blinded with sleep, so I just pick it at once and said .


Unknown: how far you done reach?

Me: yes am in Benin now, good evening Ma.

Grace: so why didnt you call to let me know you are there already.

Me: am sorry I just reach and enter bed because I was tired.

Grace: okay, some guys came looking for you, they said you broke somebody’s head.

Me: meeeee no oh, I didn’t.

Grave: Ozila tell me the truth, you know the implications.

Me: that’s the truth, i nor break any person head abeg.

Grace: so why did they come here looking for you?

Me: I don’t know maybe because I saw the person that broke his head.

Grace: is that why you were in haste to leave? And is that why Joy didn’t follow you home last night?

Me: come on na, you know me am better than that, break someone’s head for what na?

Grace: it better not be true because the police are involve now.

Me: let them be involve na,if they come see me I will tell them what I saw.

Grace: hmmmmm, I just hope you are telling the truth.

Me: I am.

Grace: okay then, later.

Me: alright.




That means am in big trouble oh and am glad I left Delta already if not I would have been in cell by now.

And what if Seun wake up? That means I will have two groups looking for me, one to arrest me while the other to kill me, it is better I stay in hiding oh who knows they might have friends here looking out for me too.

I look the time, just past nine, waoh and I thought it’s midnight already, I stood up and took the paper Joy gave me, I dialed the number and then she pick up.

Joy: hello

Me: Hi

Joy: baby, how are you?

Me: am fine oh, how your side?

Joy: dear this place is damn hot, they are looking for you and I have been questioned by so many people already.

Me: I hope you are not in any kind of danger?

Joy: I don’t know yet you know I was with you when everything happened so since they didn’t see you all hands point to me.

Me: if the heat is too much you can come and stay with me here in Benin.

Joy: no, I will be through by next month am going to US when am done.

Me: what do you mean?

Joy: no don’t worry. We will talk about that on Saturday when I come visit.

Me: really, hope you will stay long.

Joy: come on I will leave the next day.

Me: okay hope you will be fine till then?.

Joy: of course, what do you want me to bring for you?

Me: even though you didn’t bring anything seeing your face alone will be a major boost for me.

Joy: okay I will buy something for you okay, and you prepare something for me.

Me: something like what?

Joy: anything.

Me: okay then, no wahala please stay safe.

Joy: yeah, what did you tell your sister?

Me: I told I didn’t break anybody’s head.

Joy: okay, I will know what to tell her, let me go sleep I have work tomorrow.

Me: okay baby, I love you.

Joy: I love you too.



It was nice talking to her, I know she’s scared because of what happened but shes trying to hide it, anyway I hope nothing happen to her.

I stood up and check my stove there is no kerosene and no light, how am i gonna cook this indomie now?

I took my can and walk out to buy kerosene.

I bought the Kerosene in Mama Favor’s store and then return home to cook my indomie, I ate and tried to sleep but sleep did not come, or maybe it’s because I slept in the evening when I return from Ekpo, I check my and it’s past ten already, everywhere is quiet, I relaxed on my bed counting my ceiling when the sound of my phone brought me back to life.

I look the screen it’s a new number and I don’t know the person, so I decided to pick the call anyway.

Me: hello

Unknown: you think you can escape?




Me: who is this?

Unknown: your nightmare

Me: Seun.

Unknown: good you recognize my voice..

Me: how did you get my number?

Seun: nothing is hidden under the sun, that is how I will find you and remove your two eyes, I will make your siffer and suffer and suffer.

Me: shot up my friend and stop talking like oshaino, am not Odyssey and am not afraid.

Seun: you know that is exactly what Odyssey said, he said he is not afraid but at the end what happened?

Me: that is your own cup of tea, anyhow you want to play it am in, bye.

Seun: oh well enjoy yourself now while you can because when I get to Benin, I……….

I didn’t let him finish before I cut the call, and by the way how the hell did he know that am in Benin, or mehn am in serious trouble oh, or maybe I should go to village since we are through with exam, no I cant, Joy is coming weekend and I can’t miss her, I love her and I wanna have fun with her, no man can stop me.



I was thinking about the whole matter when sleep finally took me, I dreamt about me and Joy doing white wedding, she was smiling all through with her beautiful dimples, it was nice ceremony because all our relatives and friends were present and also jubilating, as I was about to kiss her my phone rang, I woke up and pick the call after seeing her number..

Me: hello baby why na?

Joy: why what?

Me: why did you wake me up I was about to kiss you na.

Joy: ah mabinu please go back to your sleep and continue your dream.

Me: I wish I can, so what’s up?

Joy: am fine, I just got up now and wanted to say “Good Morning”.

Me: morning baby hope you slept well?

Joy: a little.

Me: why little?

Joy: I had nightmares, my eyes were open since three.

Me: waoh, so you’ve been up since three?

Joy: yes.

Me: you should have called me to keep you company na.

Joy: no, I don’t want to disturb you.

Me: come on sweet, I won’t call that disturb rather I will call it bonding.

Joy: hmmmmm next time I won’t fail to call you.

Me: better, so you up for work already?

Joy: no, still in bed.

Me: what about my sister?

Joy: right by my side. (She said in a low tune).

Me: hmmmmm that’s why you low your voice?

Joy: I will call you later when am free in work.

Me: alright baby, take care

Joy: you too, oya blow me morning kiss (she senior me so she know all the dating drill and I like it because I love girls that can talk because am introvert).

Me: okay catch it, muuuaah.

Joy: that’s my baby, see ya.

Me: alright.


I cut the call and tried to go back to sleep but I simply can’t, oh well that means no more morning sleep, it is time to tidy things up.

I check daily news and read sport news too, I play football game before I got up and started arranging my room, I planned to go to school today but now I think it is better I remain indoor, after all am done with exam, if I want any news I will just call my friend and ask what’s up.

I cook food and eat, I remain indoor till night when I got up to go watch F.A cup match.

I remain indoor the whole week till Saturday when am expecting Joy.

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