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There And Back On Time Season 3(CHAPTER 67-68)


(How much did you steal)

We followed them to a bungalow in an organised estate in the outskirts of Accra. As soon as they entered the compound, I called the Police. One of the two police officers had given me his private phone number.
I told him that I had tracked down the lady who took my money. He asked where I was and I told him. 20 minutes later, he came there with another police officer.
We all walked up to the door of the designated bungalow and knocked.
”Hello Chinelo, Remember me?” I said as she opened the door.
She staggered back when she saw two policemen with handcuffs.
”How much of the $2000 do you have left” I asked.
”It was $1000 not $2000, you liar” she shouted.
Great! The amateur had admitted she took my money. That was all I needed.
I was wondering what to do if she had denied outright. It was true that the Cameras at the hotel caught her going out but non of the Cameras saw her taking the money from my pocket.
”What about my phone, have you sold it” I asked.
She had suddenly realized the first mistake she made by admitting she took the money and as a result, she didn’t say anything about the phone.
One of the Policemen had slammed her hand with a cuff and was asking her male companion some questions. We got outside the estate and I paid off the cab man, then I followed the police vehicle to the station.
The station house was more organized than most of the things I had seen in Nigeria. It had a concrete counter and beautiful chairs.
They pushed Chinelo behind the counter and asked his companion to wait outside with me. He had driven to the station by himself.
” Friend What exactly happened” the man asked me while standing outside the Police house.
I just told him that Chinelo stole my money. I didn’t feel like going too far in my explanations since I didn’t know what their relationship was.
He asked how much money and if she had taken any other thing.
I told him that she took all the money in my pocket and that I didn’t know exactly how much but there was some Dollars involved.
Fifteen minutes later, I was called inside the Police station. Chinelo had told them that I had sex with her and that I had agreed to pay her $1000. She had also admitted that she made a mistake by taking the money by herself instead of waiting for me to finish my bath.
The Police didn’t believe her but they stressed that she was a prostitute and that I was the one who picked her up in the first place.
”We have recovered your cell phone for you sir but she had no money with her” one of the Police officers told me.
I asked for my some card and they said she had promised to get it for me as soon as I signed that I would quit pursuing the case.
Knowing where the case was headed, I agreed.
The Police followed us back to the Man’s house where she brought out my simcard card and handed it over to me.
I thanked her and left with the Policemen. They dropped me off at the First road Junction off Ring road. I thanked them, took another taxi and returned to the Dabby hotel where the prostitutes used for sexx work.
The Police investigation had just ended but the pursuit of my money had started. I believed that I could lose more money while pursuing the $1000 but I didn’t care.
”We can never learn to be brave and patient if there were only love in the World”


(It is not over Chinelo)

A day after the Ghana Police judgement, I started the plot on how to get a revenge on Chinelo.
Daisy called and wanted to know how I was doing. She was missing me and so was i.
I went to the Tudu vehicle spare parts market and started pricing goods. I checked on the things I used to deal on back then at the Ugwuagba spare parts market in Onitsha and observed that the prices had not changed much. I wasted many hours checking on goods but as soon as the market closed, I went back to my cousin’s place and changed to new sets of cloths.
”Where are you going by this time again” Chike asked as soon as he saw me spraying perfume over my shirt.
”Club, I am going to a night club. I know you are a child of God and the Clubs were meant for people like us who are destined for hell but I am going to a club and you are welcomed to join me” I said and smiled.
”Our pastor said that night clubs were not bad things except if you take drugs or drink too much alcohol or fornicate” he said.
”Good then, we won’t do any of those things, lets go” I said.
Why on earth did these people take every thing thrown at them by the Pastors? I believed that it was the too much respect for the so called pastors that kept most of the black race from developing. We hardly think for ourselves. It was the pastors, the reverends, the evangelists and prophets that did our thinking for us.
We quarrel with our wives or husbands, the pastors were called.
We saw our children smoke cigarette, we take the case to pastors.
Our 18. Year old girl child talked with a boy on the road, the pastor must hear that.
I recalled back then in Germany when my mother gave a pastor my phone number to pray for me… The pastor had asked that I bend down and get some gravels from the ground where I stood. I was at the Zoo garden area of Berlin where the whole place of over two Kilometer radius was covered with inter-locks. How on earth was I supposed to break a concrete inter-lock to get the gravel? That meant a one way ticket to prison.
Chike to my greatest surprise, agreed to follow me to the club.
I waited up for him to get ready before we left. We got to the road and found a cab. Chike knew the good clubs in town. According to him, he used to attend them when he was of the World but now that Heaven had taken him away, he had stopped.
But that very night, he was ready to experience the World again. It seemed that Heaven could be boring Afterall. Or that I had succeeded in winning a soul for king Lucifer.
Chike asked the cab driver to take us to the Aphrodisiac night club. He claimed it was the best in Accra and that it was opened in 2004. We got to the club when it had not started, therefore we went to a bar and sat down. I ordered for whiskey while Black Jesus demanded for Orange juice. We drank and chatted about what happened with the Police. He wanted me to forgive and forget the money.
It seemed that Christianity was totally against revenge but I recalled how many times the Jewish Israelites went on a revenge war against their perceived enemies. The confusing contradiction was enormous but what can one do about it.
When it was time for the club, we went back to Aphrodisiac and it was quite a massive club. It was ladies night according to the information we got, it all meant free entry for ladies. As a result, a lot of girls were on display; Some with the shortest skirts ever worn in Continental Africa. Most of the ladies were too Dark and Ugly but yet they exhibited so much confidence that one even rejected my advances.
I wasn’t there to dance anyway. I was looking for some kind of guys who could work with me..
A certain Chinelo had taken my money and I needed to massage and protect my ego.
I found one of the guys I was looking for. His name was Anthony. I didn’t bother asking for Surname, it wasn’t important.
”Hey man, how are you doing” I had said. He had joined our table and sat on the only remaining Chair.
”I am fine my friend” he had said while stretching his hand to greet us.
I bought him a bottle of beer and we got to know each other more. We exchanged numbers and he promised to call me the next day.
We left the club after 2am and drove home with a cab.
The following day, like he promised, Anthony called.
” It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; every complaint already contained a revenge”

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