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There And Back On Time Season 3(CHAPTER 61-62)


( Guilty Conscience)

My mind was racing from Stella to Daisy. Daisy didn’t deserve what I was going to do with Stella. I didn’t deserve her love but the urge of the moment and the desire to satisfy my flesh was enormous. I was going to do it and wait for whatever punishment that followed.
To justify my actions, I recalled what happened in the Bible, that wonderful book of life.
Abraham, the Father of all nations had intercourse with his maid, Ishmeal was born.
David, God’s favourite king killed a man just to take over his beautiful wife.Ozoigbondu should follow the footsteps of those great men, not some half-baked-money-motivated teachings from a Pastor or Rev. Father who failed biology and physics during his secondary school days.
Do it! That inner mind of mine shouted inside my head.
”I don’t know what I would have done, if I had lost you” Stella said out of nowhere.
”Me too” I said, knowing that short responses was required in situations like that.
There was a fair looking shaved new cunnt staring at me and it wasn’t time for Q&A.
I pulled down my short knicker and boxers in one fast swoop and brought out a condom from my Wallet.
”I don’t like gold circle condoms” Stella said.
What! She knew the names of different condoms. What exactly was this girl doing in school?
Judgement time. Someone who said she doesn’t like gold circle must have used other types of condoms. That logically meant that stella, despite her innocent looking face, had done or been fvvcking for long.
But come to think of it, I on the other hand had used hundreds of condoms on girls. Who was I to judge or condemn Stella. The ugly truth was that we lived in a man’s world and as a result, I decided to play the Alpha male.
”Really, which condom do you prefer” I asked.
She kept quiet.
I threw the condom aside and smiled. Condom or no condom, I was going to enter stella and that was what I did as I climbed her and slipped my dicck straight into her wet cunnt without thinking of any repercussions.
There was only two things that could come out of that impulsive action. One was pregnancy and the other was contacting a disease.
Pregnancy Can be easily managed. What was required was to accept the responsibility.
The parents of Stella can only rant and curse and abuse if they were primitive, but if they were educated and wise, they can easily encourage or pressure me to marry her. If they were idiots, they can also abort the pregnancy.
In the case of disease, it was a game of luck. Gonnorea answer syphilis could easily be cured but some serious diseases such as aids could become dangerous or even result to death but death was an inevitable phenomenon.
Whichever way it turned out, I was already pumping in and out of Stella. It was a sweet experience but would have been more pleasurable if the little Jealous feud had not occurred. To me, Stella had become just a regular girl. She had become different from what I had wished her to be for me. As far as I was concerned, Daisy was my girlfriend and I had placed her above any other girl including Stella and Jennifer whom I was gradually forgetting back in Germany.
Stella was not the virgin I had wished. The free walls of her cunnt confirmed that she had been fvvcking for long.
Why the hell was she playing Mother Theresa? What was all that Going to Chapel every evening for? Was she seeking for Solace or forgiveness or repentance? She even dragged me to Church and made me sat through two different masse.
Oh I remember, Ask and ye shall be answered. Knock and the door shall be opened. Those doctrines that brings back the lost sheep’s like us back to the Religion that required us to give our 10% or go to hell.
Our heads were being messed with and sometimes, there was nothing we can do about it.
”Do it hard baby” I heard Stella moaning.
Do what hard? I was already struggling since the walls of her cunnt could not even grab my dicck. It was a freeway all the way and I was being urged to try harder.
Stella was going whether she liked it or not and even if her father asked me not to pay house rent again.
The Sperm was coming and I didn’t allow it to get to the tip of my dicck before pulling out. It poured on the sofa but then it was my sofa.
I got up, cleaned up, cleaned the seat and mixed more gin and juice.
”There can be no deep disappointment where there is no deep love”


(Time for Vacation)

I didn’t think Stella was satisfied, not that I cared but it was so much unlike me to leave a girl without making her totally happy.
”Where is your boyfriend” I said after sipping from my glass of mixture.
”I don’t have a boyfriend” Stella responded.
” I don’t believe you. a beautiful girl like you must have a boyfriend. I want to know how serious you are with him before I know how we can move on from here” I said, hoping that she could just affirm that there was a guy in her life.
She denied having a boyfriend again.
I wanted to ask how her cunnt had become so open to such extent of my dicck not being grasped by the walls but I felt that would be insulting.
”You are going to give me sometime to discharge my girlfriend so that we can have each other for ourselves” I said.
She smiled and kissed me on the lips. She apparently bought into that crap I had fed her and it was sure going to be my dealing card.
After over an hour in my place, Stella sneaked out and went to their own apartment. As soon as she left, I called Daisy. I wanted to hear her voice, just her voice. I was missing her even when Stella was there.
She said she had gone out but would return in an hour. She wanted me to come to their place but I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want to be seen in that vicinity a lot. Her mother and the fast growing younger sister could begin to lose respect for me if they see me regularly.
I finished talking to her and went into the room. My traveling bag was under my bed.. I pulled it out and started packing some clothes in it.
I packed in Three Jean trousers, Two jean shorts, Four T shirts, five boxers, two sports shoes, one pair of flat shoes, a sandal, a slip-on and some toiletries.
I didn’t know where to go yet but I was sure it was time to take a vacation.
I picked up my phone from the table and dialed Okey’s number. He was at Idumota as expected. I told him that I wanted to come to his place. He said it was fine with him but warned that his mother was in town. He said that we could be restricted to do some things. I understood and told him that I wasn’t coming. I scrolled down my phone and called Chike, Another of my cousin who lived in Accra. He was an electronic dealer in Alabas when I left Nigeria in 2002 but had somehow relocated to Accra.
Chike was very excited when I told him that I wanted some vacations in Ghana. He said he lived in a two room apartment alone and would welcome me anytime.
Good! Accra it was then.
I called Zainab. That beautiful Hausa girl had done no wrong to deserve what I was doing to her. However Daisy lived closer and was Younger and needed someone to love her.
”I am going to Ghana for business” I said.
She kept quiet for over 30 seconds before saying that she would miss me… She wanted to know when I would come back to Lagos but since I didn’t know the date, I told her that I didn’t know.
I called Liz in Aba. She was disappointed that instead of me coming down to the east, I was heading west to Ghana. I told her I would come to the east when I returned.
I called Amaka.
”Hello my little sweetheart” I had said.
”You no dey do shakara for me again abi” she had asked.
We laughed over it.
”I just wanted to hear your tiny voice, I am missing you”. I had lied.
She wanted to come to the house but I stopped her.
I called Daisy again, she said she had returned home and will come to my place as soon as possible.
I mixed more drinks and contemplated my traveling to Accra. I would have loved to fly from Ikeja to Accra but I was scared of African local flights.
It was going to be through road like I did back then in 2002.
Daisy came an hour later. She brought a stainless flask containing rice and Banga soup. It had been long since I ate the soup, therefore it was as sweet as Daisy herself. She was happy that I finished the food and was ready to run home and get me more.
I didn’t know how to break the news of going to Ghana to her and I was in a race against time. I knew that as soon as she saw the packed luggage in the room, she would freak out and that was what happened.
As she stood up to go to the room, I called her back.
”I am going for a vacation in Ghana tomorrow, would you come with me” I said, knowing that she would never agree to come.
She laughed it off and went to the room.
”Why is your bag packed? Are you going somewhere” she asked with a surprised face.
”Yep, I am going to Ghana. That’s why I called you to come since it wasn’t good to tell you on the phone” I lied.
She wasn’t angry but she wasn’t happy about it either. She said I should have told her long before.
”Baby, the idea came just this morning. I need some vacation and would so much love to go with you but since your father wasn’t around, it would be disrespectful to him” I said.
She complained about how she was getting ready to go to the beach with me on Sunday and how her mother was looking forward to it.
I told her I was sorry and despite all the things I promised to buy for her, she was still not happy. I understood her pretty well.
The atmosphere was not so good for intimacy, as a result I just carried her and we kissed.
I promised to call her daily and that I would start running back as soon as I rested enough. She complained that she didn’t know how to break the news to the mother and asked that I come to the house in the evening to do that. I asked her to give me her Mother’s number.
Daisy left later but not after promising to see me off to wherever I was going to board the bus to Accra.
” If your work requires you to travel,
you will understand that there’s no
vacation destination like home.”

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