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The Nemesis Of Daddy (final chapter)

As usual, the room was warm and cosy. The
inhabitants enjoyed peaceful slumbers most of
the times, except on some occasions when
they would welcome a familiar intruder. The
supposed room was spacious enough to
accommodate only the two growing lodgers for
a specific number of months. These two
dwellers had spent just over half of the
specified time and so they had just four
months left to vacate this apartment. Even
they themselves knew that they could not live
in this room forever. There would be a time
when nature would put an end to the food
they usually received without being asked.
They were gradually gaining weights on the
food and warmth the room provided, whilst
outside the door, others struggled with nature
to survive. These two didn’t know that, of
course. Even if they did, what would they do
about it? What could they do? The rule that
worked outside was of singularity; every man
for himself. But soon, after a few months,
these campers would roll up their tents and
move on. They would be forced to vacate the
room for some other occupants. And with
what they had been witnessing lately, the next
occupant might assume the occupancy not long
after the current ones’ vacation.
Then just as they were having their usual
siestas, when the world outside was now abuzz
with sibilant whispers, the two children, like
two pupas encased in a chrysalis, heard a
faint ruffle at the entrance of the door.
Somehow knowing that the door itself was
already covered with dark moss at the
entrance, the boys were not much suprised at
the ruffles. They were silent and they intently
watched the door to know who the intruder
The entrance slowly gave way as the door
parted, admitting the visitor into the room.
The intruder at first slowly came in and opted
for the exit almost immediately, as if he had
only come to give a brief glance at the
occupiers of the anteroom. Then he returned
inside, faster this time, and tried to leave at
the same rate. This was not strange to the
inhabitants of the inner room, for all their
visitors paid their visits in this manner.
The first child saw the visitor and became
glad. He greeted joyfully, “Daddy! Daddy!!
You’re welcome.” He could not go and meet
the visitor because he was doomed to remain
in the room. Leaving the anteroom would be
dangerous. Dangerous to him, his brother,
the room, and equally the owner of the room.
It was not yet the time to leave.
“Daddy! Daddy!! I’m here!”
The second child was irritated at his brothers
excited bickers. “Stop your unnecessary
display of affection. That’s not Daddy.”
The first child cast a perplexed look at his
brother and asked, “How do you mean? Are
you telling me that I don’t know my own
father?” He cast another look at the
approaching-and-reneging guest.
“That is not Papa,” insisted the second
child, “Are you blind? Are you suffering
from medulla oblongata deficiency syndrome?
Can’t you see the physical appearance of this
guest? He doesn’t resemble our father in any
“Okay, then tell me who that is.”
“That is one of Daddy’s numerous friends.”
For a moment, the first child thought his
brother was crazy. “Do you know what you
are talking about? Daddy’s friend? How
could Daddy’s friend enter this room? And
what makes you think he’s Daddy’s friend
and not Daddy himself?”
“You know Daddy’s physical descriptions,
don’t you?”
“Of course, I do.”
“Good. Now, look carefully at that visitor.”
The first child looked. “I’m still seeing
“We both know that Daddy is short.”
“Is that visitor short?”
“No, he’s tall. From what I’m seeing here,
he appears to be very tall.”
“That’s the first indication that he’s not
“What’s the second?”
“Daddy is a slim man. But take a closer
look at the man at the entrance.”
“This one is fat,” conceded the first child,
“he’s very fat.”
“Can you now see why that is not Daddy?
If you listened carefully, you would know that
the voice outside the walls is louder than the
usual sounds that always accompanied Daddy’s
visits. That’s the voice of the landlady, the
voice caused by the physical endowment of
Daddy’s friend. Brother, there is something
else I expected you to have noticed.”
“What’s that?”
“There is something strange about that man’s
appearance. Can you see it?”
“Yes, he’s wearing a cap.”
“Good. What is that cap made of?”
“From what I’m seeing here, I think it’s
made of rubber.”
“You see? That’s one distinct difference
between that man and Daddy. Daddy would
never enter this room wearing a cap. If he
did, we wouldn’t have been living here,
don’t you think so?”
The first child gave a deep thought and nodded
in agreement. “You’re right. Daddy would
never do that.”
“One more thing; each time Daddy comes
in, he always drops some gifts before leaving.
But this particular visitor is stingy; his
presence here offers no hope of jollity. He
won’t drop some milk when he’s leaving.”
“I think that’s because he’s wearing a
“That damn cap! I wish we could pull it off
his head.”
The first child frowned in confusion, “But
why is Daddy’s friend entering Daddy’s
room? Why would Daddy allow that?”
“I don’t think Daddy allowed it. I think the
fault is with the landlady. I believe it’s the
landlady who gave this stranger the key to
Daddy’s room.”
“Why would she do that? Daddy would be
furious if he knew.”
“But Daddy would not know. In the
evening, Daddy would enter his room without
the faintest idea that someone had invaded his
“I feel sorry for Daddy. The landlady is an
unkind woman.”
“I don’t feel sorry for Daddy at all, this
could be an old score coming home to roost. I
believe Daddy, too, enjoy sneaking into other
men’s rooms. Because of that, his room has
become a tourist centre, but he doesn’t know
that. In his absence, the landlady gives the
key to anyone who wants to explore this
room. Not even the thick moss covering the
door would keep them out. Even these days,
the moss has become a welcome mat. The
execrable conducts of our pedigree has resulted
in the superflous paucity in the theory of we
members of the budding posterity. The people
who live outside these walls think we don’t
know; they think we don’t hear things. But
we do. They think our pretense of sleep, of
inexperience, of naivete, of cataleptic
indifference, a pretense of deafness to the
obscene flirtatious moves they display towards
each other just outside the walls of this room,
and of blindness to the preposterous
unfaithfulness of mankind that seems to be the
order of the day, are merely shows of
unknowingness. But we know. We see, we
hear and we know. Good heavens, we’re not
as dense as they think.”
“I can’t wait to get out of here!” Lamented
the first child.
“Me too. But remember that when our time
comes, we’ll have to pass through that
thickly-mossed door to go out.”
“Oh, my God!”
The End.
The clever ones would understand the hidden
significance of the story, but the innocent
would not.
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