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The Heart Of An Assassin (final chapter)

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The heart of an assassin (final chapter)
[9/20, 8:58 PM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FORTY-TWO
The Vice President, Senators, Ministers, Men and Women that matters in the Society all sat down round the long table… Their faces depicted UNHAPPY…
”Mr. Vice President, it’s been 3 weeks since the President died and you are not doing anything about it” Chief Muhammed said to Chief Wilson who sat almost at the top chair
”Yes Mr. Vice.. The President bold and clearly said that you and him are going to be the contesting candidates for this next election but now he is gone which leaves you to give chance for your competitors.. You haven’t even started any rally Vice” Chief Obi supported but Chief Wilson said nothing, rather he starred at Chief Williams often
”Chief Wilson, we want to know why” Lady Peace concluded
”Well, the election is still in a Month and a week time right?” Chief Wilson asked
”Yes” They all echoed
”Well, for me, I have to stand against anyone..” Chief Wilson began
”Anybody who wants to compete should follow the due process and begin his or her campaign.. As for me, I have better things to do than sit here discussing about
campaigns” Chief Wilson concluded and walked out of the conference hall which left everybody surprised
”I no longer understand Chief Wilson, he is supposed to assume post as President till the election, now this country is left vulnerable” Lady Rita said and everybody murmured
”All I care about is the fact that he said, whoever wants to participate should follow the due process and do so” Chief Williams said and walked out leaving everybody speechless..
”I can see he is trying to put up a contest between us both” Chief Williams said
”He knows I am the only one who can throw in a contest at him on the Presidential election” He added
”He has beaten the drum twice and I guess it’s time to dance to it” Chief Williams added looking at Prof. Michael
”I think we should hold our peace for now.. I am still waiting for information from my spy.. When he gets back to me, we then know what to do” Prof. Michael said to Chief Williams
”Your advice are always matured.. Let’s stick to that” Chief ,Williams said and sat down
”Kamsi…” He called out and a fair young girl walked out
”Get us more wine” He ordered and Kamsi left
”I can see, your new resting place” Prof. Michael said looking at Kamsi
”They are always out there in form of maids and innocent girls.. This one gives me freely and willingly even when I don’t need it” Chief Williams said and Prof. Michael laughed out loud. Just then, Kamsi dropped in the wine and left
”What about Spartacus and Natasha.. Any news?” Chief Williams asked
”The last time I spoke with him, he said he lost range of her.. Since you have this new one, forget about Natasha” Prof. Michael said
”That girl is just something else” Chief Williams said and Prof. Michael starred at him
”Just don’t let your wife catch you” Prof. Michael said and They laughed
”She can’t.. Even if she does.. I married her and not the other way round” Chief Williams said and they continued laughing
Cynthia drove on the expressway with a lot on her mind. The words of her father flashed through her mind. The memories grew worse that she couldn’t concentrate and lost hold of the steering.. Luckily for her, only one car was begin her because it was a bit of a lonely road. The car behind her immediate dodged her and matched the brakes. Cynthia managed to hold the brakes breathing heavily.. Linda, the driver of the other car rushed out and ran towards Cynthia
”Hey.. Are you alright” She asked and Cynthia wind down the side glass
”Yes” Cynthia said holding her chest
”No, you are not.. You are absolutely not” Linda said but Cynthia insisted
”No.. No.. I can’t leave you here like this, let me help you home” Linda said
”I said I’m fine!” Cynthia said with a bit harsh voice and Linda gave up
”Alright then.. Just be careful.. Life isn’t double my dear. Whatever it is try to get over it.” Linda said and drove off in her car
”Gosh!” Cynthia exclaimed and ignited her car engine slowly driving back home..
[9/20, 8:58 PM] Writer Emma: EPISDOE FORTY-THREE
Spartacus and Natasha walked down the building where they stay.. It was quite a long walk, but not too long..
”Aren’t we getting there yet?” Natasha asked
”We haven’t even walked long enough and you are tired” Spartacus said
”Just kidding” Natasha said and they continued walking.. Soon enough, they got to a door and walked through it..
”You said you want to be like me right?” Spartacus asked
”Yes” Natasha said
”Then this is the place” Spartacus said and Natasha looked around to see a big training room
”Wow!! This place looks very cool” Natasha said and Spartacus walked up towards her..
”This is where Spartacus was created” Spartacus said and Natasha embraced him.
”My dear eeh, I don’t know helping people is now a bad thing ooh” Linda concluded just telling her brother what transpired between her and Cynthia
”I guess she might be bothered just like you normally” Dave said
”That’s true, cos her mood looked very incomprehensive and I guess I know her” Linda said retrieving thoughts from the incident
”Sure?” Dave asked and Linda snapped her fingers
”Oh My.. That’s Cynthia, the Vice President’s daughter” Linda said
”What?? You aren’t sure right?” Dave asked
”I’m more than sure Dave” Linda said
”What might place her in such mood” Dave asked rhetorically but Linda replied it
”Same thing that turned an innocent man into an assassin maybe” Linda said, stood up and grabbed her car keys
”And where are you going?” Dave asked
”To save a life before it gets worse” Linda said and left
”I don’t just know why she feels she can help and save everybody that comes her way” Dave said to himself as the sound of Linda’s car engine began to fade away..
The horn of Linda’s car was heard from outside the gate and Musa, the gateman rushed and opened the gate.. Already, Cynthia was talking with Bella her good friend and they watched the car that was driving in but later switched their minds away from it. Linda alighted from the car looking gorgeous, she saw them and walked towards them. Chief Wilson, who saw the car from the window walked out to see who it was
”Good day Ladies” Linda greeted and they looked at her
”Good day, how may I help you?” Cynthia asked
”Errhmm.. Sorry, I’m looking for Miss Cynthia” Linda said and they starred at Linda
”Hope all is well” Bella asked
”Yes, no problem. I just want to see her” Linda said and just then Chief Wilson walked close enough towards them
”Ooh.. Mr. Vice Sir.. Good day Sir” Linda greeted humbly
and Chief Wilson recognized her immediately
”Oh my God, Barr. Linda..” Chief Wilson exclaimed shaking hands with her
”Oh.. It’s been quite long though.. Hope I’m safe this one you came to my house” Chief Wilson asked
”Yes Sir, I just came to see your daughter Sir, but I’m still trying to know if she is in with the help of these two ladies here” Linda said and Chief Williams laughed aloud
”That’s my daughter over there” Chief Wilson said pointing at the lady she was initially talking to
”Forgive my manners Sir, but the glasses changed her facial look quite a bit” Linda said
”Not to worry, I’ll be inside” Chief Wilson said and left
”I never knew I was talking with who I was looking for.. May I sit?” Linda asked and immediately Bella stood up
”I guess I have to leave now” Bella said
”Why?” Cynthia asked
”Hope I’m not the one chasing you away.. I can come back later you know” Linda said
”No.. No.. Not at all” Bella said
”We will see later babe” Bella said to Cynthia and left..
”Barr. Linda right?” Cynthia asked
”Yes dear.. Ice meeting you again” Linda said
”Huh? Have we met before?” Cynthia asked looking at Linda
”Yes of course, on the expressway, you lost hold of your car and nearly wounded yourself” Linda said
”Oh.. You were the Lady that ran in” Cynthia asked
”Yes..” Linda said
”Thank you for that, although I spoke harshly but your care did a lot.. I’m sorry” Cynthia said
”Nothing to be sorry about.. We all have our fears” Linda said and Looked at Cynthia
”Don’t you think you should share yours with me.;” Linda said hold Cynthia on the shoulders looking deeply into her eyes…
[9/21, 11:27 AM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FORTY-FOUR
Stephen stood in front of his standing mirror tying a towel round his waist with a shaving stick in his hand. A girl was seen on his bed behind lying still sleeping. Stephen was already rushing for work trying to look good going out. Mercy, the girl lying on the bed woke up and saw him
”Hey darling” Mercy greeted and Stephen looked at her
”Hey.. You are awake” Stephen quickly replied and concentrated on what he is doing
”What’s the time, where are you off to?” Mercy asked
”I’m gonna stay here with you huh??” Stephen said with a bit harsh voice
”Better pick up your clothes and leave” Stephen said
”Ar.. Arh.. Bros, anytime you carry me come your house na so you dey do. Even the sex we had last night
wasn’t satisfactory sef.” Marcy said with a frowned face and Stephen looked at her
”Are you insulting me or what?” Stephen asked her
”Forget that thing bros.. forget money jhoor, Just once” Mercy said walking up to him wearing just her panties. She held him on the waist rubbing his back romantically. She tried passing her hands through the towel but Stephen held her hands
”Don’t tempt me Mercy..” Stephen said and wore his trousers, hanging his shirt on his shoulders. He took out some money from his bed side drawer and dropped it on the bed
”When you are done, you can leave” Stephen said and banged the door behind
”Mtcheeww… Lazy man.. You go pick ashawo but you no sabi do.. Nonsense” Mercy said and began to dress up..
”Linda, please see me in my office” The Lawyer’s Director said as Linda held the transmitter in her ears
”Alright Sir..” Linda rpelied and dropped the transmitter. She arranged some files, closed others and left her office for the office of the Lawyer’s Director..
”Yes, Linda. I called you here to ask how far you have gone with the case handed to you” He said
”Ooh.. Sir, about that, I am almost concluding my researches and evidences” Linda said
”Criminals like this don’t leave traces you know Sir” Linda said
”So, what’s holding you from concluding your case file?” He asked
”Just seeking for physical witnesses and also the police to do their part in getting him behind bars.. Then my work is done Sir” Linda said
”Very well then, try all you can Linda.. The Federal government is on my neck” He said
”You can count on me Sir” lInda said With a smile
” By the way, where is Stephen?” He asked and Stephen barged in immediately
”Good day Sir” Stephen greeted
”Yes, good day. You are late again” He said
”Sorry Sir” Stephen apologised
”It way not be this simple next time” The Lawyer’s director said to him
”You can go now.. Work together to get this job done by next week” The Lawyer’s director said and they left. Linda, not behaving like someone was walking side by side with her walked down straight into her office. As she entered her office, Stephen followed her immediately
”You think you are smart huh?” Stephen said from behind and Linda looked at him
”Stephen, I have a lot on my table, please if you may excuse me” Linda said
”We will soon know who’s gonna excuse each other” Stephen said and left
”What’s wrong with this guy” Linda asked herself and sat down trying to concentrate…
”Arr..awwn..Huumm..oucch.. Chhiieefff..” Amaka, the new maid of Chief Williams moaned deeply as Chief Williams was pressing up on her.. She held him round his back doing a hand massage as Chief banged her continuously…
Prof. Michael drove in as Patronizer opened up the gate for him
”Is Chief in?” Prof. Michael asked walking out of his car immediately
”Yes Sir, but he doesn’t need any disturbance now Sir” Patronizer said
”Tell him Prof. Michael is looking for him” Prof. Michael said and Patronizer tried to refuse
”My friend, if I speak a word here again, count yourself back to your base” Prof. Michael threatened and Patronizer hand signaled Sir Whyte who walked in immediately and knocked on Amaka’s door. He knocked severally before Chief replied
”Yes.. Who’s there.. Are you mad! Didn’t I tell you I needed no disturbance” Chief Williams said
”Sorry Sir, but it’s Prof. Williams Sir. He said it’s urgent” Sir Whyte said
”Tell him I’m coming out, now get out” Chief Williams said and Sir Whyte left the door..
”I’ve got something important to handle” Chief Williams said putting back on his agbada
”You’ll come back right.. ” Amaka asked
”Of course, I’ll always come to meet you” Chief Williams said smiling as he left, drying off the heat on his face..
”Oh.. Prof. Michael.. God day” Chief Williams greeted shaking hands with him
”Good day Chief. What kept you.. I’ve been standing here for long now” Prof. Michael said and Chief Williams starred at him..
[9/21, 11:28 AM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FORTY-FIVE
Chief Williams was still sitting starring at Prof. Michaels
”Why are you starring at me?” Prof. Michael asked him
”Eerrhmm.. You have never sounded this serious let alone disturbing me when I’m busy” Chief Williams said
”I see..” Prof. Michael said resting his back on the couch
”Well, Chief Wilson has postponed his flight to next week” Prof. Michael said not looking at Chief Williams
”Wait.. How sure are you about this news?” Chief Williams asked
”Do you think I break fake news or do I look like a gossip to you” Prof. Michael asked rhetorically
”C’mon Prof. I just want to be sure” Chief Williams said
”My Spies never lie to me” Prof. Michael said
”I see… He has extended his death date” Chief Williams said
”What do you mean extending his death date” Prof. Michael asked
”Well, he won’t die so soon anymore” Chief Williams said sipping from his glass of wine
”What??!!” Prof. Michael exclaimed
”What’s what?” Chief Williams asked
”So you still want to kill that man?” Prof. Michael asked
”Of course Yes” Chief Williams said
”Chief, are you that foolish and blind?” Prof. Michael asked with a bit loud voice
”I will take that as a friendly compliment” Chief Williams said
”I’m sorry for that Chief, nut this man is forfeiting his post and also being the President just because of you and you still want to kill him” Prof. Michael said
”Prof. I don’t think you are the one saying this” Chief Williams said
”Of course it’s me Chief, look at his order in the last meeting. Does it look like he wants the Presidency? He is doing it because of you Chief” Prof. Michael said trying to convince Chief Williams
”That’s true Prof. I won’t kill him anyways. He doesn’t deserve to die” Chief Williams said and Prof. Michael exhaled
”At least not alone” Chief Williams added shaking the wine cup in his hand
”What does that mean?” Prof. Michael asked
”Yeah, he isn’t going to die. I’m gonna wipe off his generation off the earth” Chief Williams said and drank up the wine in his wine cup..
”Dad, you don’t have to postpone your flight till next week” Cynthia said walking behind her father who was walking fast towards his car
”Dad, listen up.. Why did you do this?” Cynthia asked and Chief Wilson stooped and turned towards her
”See darling, this things are complicated and I don’t think you should be compiling all this in your mind at this age” Chief Wilson said
”What does that mean dad? What does it have to do with the Flight and your Life dad?” Cynthia asked
”My dear.. It’s personal, the good thing is that I’m still travelling isn’t it? Calm down dear” Chief Wilson said and entered his car
”I’ll be back soon dear” He said and drove off as Cynthia folded her arms and looked at him
”He has never been this way” Mrs. Wilson said from behind resting on a pillar.. Not long enough, she walked towards Cynthia and placed her head on her shoulders
”It began since his friendship with Chief Williams was cut off” She added
”I don’t think it’s just that.. Something more than just friendship is bothering him” Cynthia said and walked inside the house leaving her mother confused
”I also don’t still understand this girl these days” Mrs. Wilson said and walked inside with her..
[9/21, 5:14 PM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FORTY-SIX
”Spart… Spart..” Natasha called out on Spartacus as she sat on the couch with a bag of food from a restaurant. Actually, she has done a good job in the building clearing the inside to look good but the outside was left old and dirty as not to leave traces of life in the building.
”Spartacus…” Natasha called out again and Spartacus rushed down immediately
”What’s the matter?” Spartacus asked looking serious with his gun in his hands and Natasha laughed aloud
”C’mon baby, drop the gun. I just called you to come and eat.. That’s all” Natasha said and Spartacus calmed down. He walked and sat besides her in the couch and kissed her
”Do you mind?” Natasha said opening the bag of food
”I don’t want to die of starvation” Spartacus said and they laughed, on eating the food, Spartacus paused in a hurry
”What’s it?” Natasha asked noticing it but Spartacus was still silent
”Talk to me.. Do you need water?” Natasha asked and
Spartacus looked at her
”I can’t remember the last time I laughed” Spartacus said and Natasha felt for him
”It’s been years gone since my teeth was closed from the earth in anger and anguish” He added
”I’m so sorry for that my dear” Natasha said
”But you have brought back that smile.. You made me laugh.. I just don’t know why but I haven’t felt this way in years” Spartacus said
”Thank you” Spartacus said to Natasha and even Natasha was shocked
”Don’t thank me.. I owe you more than just a smile. You
save my own world and I’m down to save yours anytime” Natasha said and they began to kiss. On kissing, Spartacus phone rang which made them break the kiss. Spartacus looked at the phone and saw it was Chief Williams
”I got to go” Spartacus said and wore his mask immediately and Natasha cleaned her lips
”Don’t keep me waiting” Natasha said
”Daniel Maxwell” Spartacus said walking towards the door ignoring her last sentence
”Daniel Maxwell is my name” He added but before Natasha could look towards the door, she couldn’t find Spartacus anymore
”Daniel Maxwell?” She asked herself
”I think I know that name” Natasha said trying to think deeply but she couldn’t
”Anyways, the past is gone, let’s face the future..
”Sis.. Sis..!!” Dave called out on Linda watching the television without shifting his eyes
”Sis, you’ve got to come and see this..” Dave shouted aloud and Linda walked down the stairs to the sitting room
”Can you imagine Sis.. I don’t understand what this country is turning into” Dave said still not looking away from the television
”Can you imagine the Vice President ordering for a mass candidacy in the Presidential election, huh?” Dave said
”Even a Local govt. Chairman or even a King can be a candidate” Dave added
”That’s really not good.. He shouldn’t have done that. Why should he throw up such a decision” Linda said
”Who knows.. Selfish desires maybe” Dave said
”Even if he doesn’t win, he must have extorted money from all of them” Dave said and Linda wondered
”That’s why they kill themselves leaving the Citizens in fear” Dave said and the sentence rang in her head
”That’s why they kill themselves” Linda said in a low tone after a long while of thought
”What’s that Sis” Dave asked now looking at her
”That’s why they kill themselves” She said again with a higher tone
”What’s it about killing themselves. I didn’t say anything wrong” Dave said
”Sis..” He called aloud touching her noticing she was absent minded and Linda shocking dropped down from her memory drive
”That’s it!” She exclaimed
”That’s what?” Dave asked
”Errhm.. Dave, can I borrow your car?” Linda asked
”Why mine? Why not use yours?” Dave asked
”Where are you going to this Saturday evening?” Dave asked again
”I just need some fresh air” Linda said and walked out
”I no longer understand this girl ooh” Dave said stretching his eyes towards the window but he couldn’t see Linda. Few seconds later, her heard the engine of his car driving out of the compound
”Hmmm…” He exhaled and continued watching the television..
[9/21, 5:14 PM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FORTY-SEVEN
Barr. Stephen was in his house that day, siting on his bed operating on his phone as so many thoughts ran through his mind. Just then as the thoughts became deeper, he dropped the phone
”Why can’t I get what I want?” Stephen thought
”She hasn’t been useful in this case, not at all” He thought further
”She know the assassin which I’m sure but no one can believe me without an evidence” He added
”Hmmm..” He exhaled
”I just can’t loose all round” He thought again
”I’ll see her for this last time” Stephen said to himself
”If it yields no fruit then I’m gonna track her down!” He added and jumped down from his bed wearing a nice cloth..

Linda walked gently into Spartacus Lair. Immediately she stepped foot into the compound, Natasha who was on her bed felt it and she walked out from her room. The place was more quiet than it used to be earlier
”I pray he is in” Linda said with a low voice just before Natasha pointed a gun on her head
”Who are you?” Natasha asked Linda from behind corking the gun and Linda raised up her hands immediately
”Please don’t kill me” She said shivering but still surprised hearing a female voice
”Turn around” Natasha said and Linda slowly turned around. As she turned around, she couldn’t see the face of the lady pointing the gun at her because she was on mask
”On your kneels. Now!!” Natasha ordered
”Please, Spare my life” Linda pleaded
”Batter start giving me reasons to do so” Natasha said
”I just came to.. Came to..” Linda started stammering in speech
”I can see they sent you to spy right?” Natasha said
”Well you failed” Natasha added but before she could pull the trigger that will blast open the skull of Linda, Spartacus with just a bullet shot off the gun from Natasha’s hands and rushed towards them immediately
”Stop!” He exclaimed and Natasha starred at him
”What was the meaning of that?” Natasha asked
”Let her be” Spartacus said
”Do you know her?” Natasha asked surprisingly
”I think so. She is a Barrister” Spartacus said
”More reason why we should kill her” Natasha said
”Don’t tell me you have gone that far as killing the soul of this lady here” Linda said boldly
”What’s she talking about?” Natasha asked and Spartacus looked at Linda
”I warned you never to come here again! That could have landed on your head and you’ll never be found again leaving that young brother of yours no choice that to become Me” Spartacus said
”Don’t try making things right on just one side.. Some thing are already done, which you can’t change but you can only change things that are meant to be” Spartacus added
”Now Leave immediately” Spartacus ordered Linda who stood up and walked out of the building with the words of Spartacus ringing in her head
”Never come back here again” Spartacus said to Linda and she drove off..
”I’ll explain everything later” Spartacus said seeing the pale face of Natasha despite the mask she was putting on
Linda drove still contemplating with the Words of Spartacus
”Some thing are already done while somethings are meant to be and that’s the only one you can change” Her thought ran fast backwards at Dave’s reaction whenever she leaves home or wasn’t round let alone when she dies
”Gosh!!” She hit her hand on the steering wheel
”Why can’t I stop this?” She asked herself
”I just have to stop.. I can’t bear having my brother as a criminal let alone a well-known assassin” She concluded with her thoughts and concentrated on her driving..
As she burst into the main express way, Stephen who was driving out from his home sighted her car
”Is that not Linda’s car?” He asked himself and drove speeding towards her
”What could she be doing on this lonely road?” He asked himself looking at the lonely road where Linda drove out from
”I must get to the root of this” Stephen said and followed Linda’s car..
”Cynthia, you don’t have to be sad or things like that” Chief Wilson said to Cynthia who stood outside
”I’ll be travelling on Monday and that’s it” He said
”You were supposed to travel yesterday Dad” Cynthia said
”What’s your fear my dear?” Chief Wilson asked
”It’s you Dad, I just don’t know but I have this negative feeling Dad” Cynthia said
”Don’t worry darling.. Nothing will happen to me” Chief Wilson said and hugged her blaming himself for explaining things to her initially..
[9/22, 10:56 PM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FORTY-EIGHT
….Stephen followed Linda closely but not letting her know. At a point, Linda took a sharp turn into the street that leads to her house and Stephen stopped. He came down from his car and looked at Linda’s car as it went out of sight. Slowly he bent down wearing a hand glove in his hand, he picked up a molded sand particle that fell off Linda’s tyre as she turned.
”This is just the beginning Linda” He said and placed the Sand in a small white bag
”We are gonna know who is the boss” He added and drove off….
…”You don’t have to explain anything” Natasha said to Spartacus who tried to explain why he saved Linda instead of helping in killing her
”I understand” Natasha said
”You do??” Spartacus asked
”Yes, I do.. Barr. Linda” Natasha called her named
”You apprehended her brother when Chief Williams had a court case” Natasha added and Spartacus looked at her
”I see you are already familiar with her” Spartacus said and sat down
”But why were you so serious to kill her?” Spartacus asked
”Nothing..” Natasha replied and started walking upstairs
”I understand..” Spartacus mimicked Natasha and smiled. Natasha walked back and sat beside him smiling..
”So, what was Chief Williams talking about?” Natasha asked
”A new picture to delete” Spartacus said
”And who might that be?” Natasha asked looking curious
”I guess the last one maybe.. It’s chief Wilson” Spartacus said
”What?!!” Natasha exclaimed
”What’s what?” Spartacus asked
”That’s his best friend” Natasha replied
”There is nothing like Friendship, I only believe in Brotherhood not Friendship.. Tonight, he is going down” Spartacus said and Natasha nodded her head in agreement
”I will go with you” She added
”No Natty, you won’t” Spartacus said
”Why?” Natasha asked again and just then Spartacus’ phone rang
”I’ve gotten a change of Plan” The Voice on the phone said and Natasha listened quiet enough to hear the conversation
”Make his family a News” The voice added and Spartacus dropped the call starring at Natasha…
”Who was that??” Natasha asked
”Chief Williams.. There has been a change of target” Spartacus said
”And who is it?” Natasha asked
”Not Who is it? The question is Who are they?” Spartacus said
”What??!!” Natasha exclaimed and Spartacus walked upstairs to prepare for the night not saying a word to Natasha..

Chief Williams sat with Prof. Michael that late evening both drinking and chatting under a fancy tree in his compound.. Their chat was funny enough but not until Prof. Michael changed the topic
”Are you sure you want to kill this man?” Prof. Michael asked and Chief Williams face changed
”What do you mean by that?? The idiot is going down tonight” Chief Williams said
”Have you been watching the news network lately.. This man is making things easier for you to be the next President” Prof. Michael said and Chief Williams starred at him
”If you don’t have better things to say, I think it’s getting late and you have to leave” Chief Williams said angrily
”Oooh;… Sorry, I never meant to annoy you” Prof. Michael said closing the topic
”Better” Chief Williams said but still stood up and walked away from Prof. Michael. Prof. Michael seeing the rude behaviour as a normal thing stood up and left for his
Stephen was busy with a hell lot of research so as to prove his point right, get to the assassin that killed the President and make Linda pay for her refusal to his proposal. His target wasn’t just on one lane, it was vast.. So many books
of different sizes was seen on his bed as he sat erect scheming through them one after the other but it seemed to him like he is getting no clue of what he needed
”Gosh!!!” He exclaimed
”How can this be so hard to tackle” He asked himself shifting away all the books on the bed. Just then, he remembered the sand he picked up from Linda’s car tyre
”Yes, I think it’s time to act Detective” He said and began to inspect on the sand with so many tools and instrument..
”No.. This can’t be” He said after few minutes of experiment
”Maxwell Dominic’s lane has been abandoned for more than 20 Years now. No one even knows that it exists..” Stephen said to himself
”But what can Linda be looking for there??” He asked himself but getting no clue of all his questions..
”There is only one way to find out” He said and jammed his hands together..
[9/22, 10:56 PM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FORTY-NINE
”You don’t have to do this alone Spart” Natasha said as Spartacus gathered up his armour for the night’s work. Spartacus paused and looked at her
”I have always been doing it alone and I think I’ll like it to be that way” Spartacus said and continued what he was doing
”Why then am I here?” Natasha asked
”Why then did you teach me all you taught me?” Natasha asked further
”That was a mistake I will always blame myself for” Spartacus said
”I see.. So, you want it to be just you and I’ll be sitting down here alone” Natasha said with a bit harsh voice
”Natasha, calm down and do what I said” Spartacus said
”Why you should I calm down?” Natasha asked and Spartacus felt a deadly anger in her and he stood up
”This is all my fault” Spartacus said walking towards her
”What’s your fault?” Natasha asked
”I shouldn’t have saved you, I should have captured you and handed you over to Chief Williams but now I saved you and have created another blood sucking demon like I am” Spartacus said and Natasha starred at him
”Why will you call me that?” Natasha asked with no trace of tears on her eyes in respect to the insult Spartacus gave to heed
”This is what I mean, earlier, you wanted to kill Barr. Linda even when I held you not to and now you want to join me in killing people. You never had this heart Natasha” Spartacus said
”And it’s all my fault that I created you” Spartacus said and walked out of the room. Natasha followed him immediately with his words ringing in her head
”Spart..” She called out as she followed him to the sitting room downstairs. Spartacus stopped and looked at her
”I can’t let you become the personality I see in you” Spartacus said before Natasha could say a word. Natasha quietly walked towards him and stood close to him for some minutes not looking at his masky face. Spartacus also kept quiet waiting for her to say something
”Thank You Spart” Natasha said and Spartacus was surprised
”This isn’t me; I don’t know what came over me” She added and Spartacus hugged her
”And I won’t let that overtake your mind” Spartacus said and disengaged the hug
”Good Luck” Natasha said and Spartacus left.. Natasha sat on the couch and exhaled heavily. She later stood up walking around the house. She walked up to the
veranda where Spartacus used to go and looked up into the sky and her eyes caught was shocked her..
Chief Wilson walked out of his house with his wife and Cynthia, they all looked happy as they walked around the compound
”Like I promised, we will be travelling tomorrow” Chief Wilson said and they all laughed knowing the troubles his not travelling has caused in the house
”Erhhmm.. Cynthia, I think it’s best that you come with us” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia held his hand
”No dad, you and mum should go on tomorrow, I have some things to finish up then I’ll move to Spain to continue my studies” Cynthia said
”It’s alright then.. If you say so” Chief Wilson said
”I think it’s not a good idea darling” Mrs. Wilson objected
”Mum..” Cynthia called out
”Let the girl be.. She is grown up already” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia smiled
”It’s alright, My hands are off..” Mrs. Wilson said and they continued chatting and laughing as they walked around the compound. Just then, Cynthia realized that she left her phone in her bed room inside the house
”Ooh.. I’ve got to call Bella, Let me get my phone Dad” Cynthia said and rushed into the house.. As she entered the house, there was a knock on the gate
”Who is it knocking at this time of the night?” Chief Wilson asked his wife. All the Police Officers in the compound became alert just in case if it was danger incoming
”Musa!!” Mrs. Wilson called out
”Yes Madam..” He answered running out of his room
”Didn’t you hear the knock on the gate? Open the gate” Mrs. Wilson said
”Yes Ma” He answered and rushed towards the gate
”Who be that?” He asked aloud but nobody replied. In escort of two Police Officers, he opened the gate no one was there, the flashed torch lights around everywhere but no trace of who or what knocked on the gate
”Madam, Nobody ooooh” Musa said and tried closing the gate, but Spartacus shot him dead immediately, stabbed one of the police officers and gave a head knock to the other simultaneously..
”Oh my God!!” Chief Wilson and Mrs. Wilson exclaimed and began to run to hide.
Hearing the gunshots from down stairs and the shout of her parents, Cynthia rushed down stairs as fast as she could.. The Police officers fired steadily at Spartacus who ran and dived out of the way of the bullets. He slipped out a grenade and threw it at the officers which exploded and killed some of Officers and got others laying on the floor. On the phase of the explosion, Chief Wilson and Mrs. Wilson fell down.
[9/22, 10:56 PM] Writer Emma: EPISODE FIFTY
.. As the other officers where coughing laying on the floor due to the influence of the explosion, Spartacus shot at them one after the other easily and slowly. He walked up to Chief and Mrs. Wilson.
Cynthia was still running downstairs as her room was at the top most part of the building, she tried running faster and missed a step which made her tumble on the stairs. Despite the little injury she incurred from it, she stood up and continued running out but now slowly..
”Chief Wilson” Spartacus called out
”Please don’t kill Us” They pleaded
”We will pay you double.. We will pay you double of what whoever sent you paid you” Chief Wilson added
”Please, I will do anything, but please spare our lives” They continued pleading
”This is one problem I have with Rich Men, they think money can be the answer to everything” Spartacus said and shot dead Mrs. Wilson. At the sound of the gun shot, Cynthia pushed open the exit door, but before she could
reach outside, Spartacus shot Chief Wilson. Just then, Cynthia rushed out in tears
”Daddy!!!!…” She exclaimed as her eyes beheld the blood that oozed out when Spartacus shot her father
”Mum… Mum… Dad!!!!!!!” She cried and shouted further still running not caring if she dies. Spartacus aimed his gun at her, trying to shoot her but Cynthia didn’t care
”No.. No.. Daddy..” Cynthia cried on and with the little strength that was remaining in Chief Wilson and with blood filled in his mouth, he shouted
”Cynthia go.. Go.. Run away!!” Chief Wilson exclaimed and a very bright light sparked in Spartacus eyes just before he could pull the trigger. His head began to vibrate unbearably that he closed his eyes..

”Daddy.. Daddy.. Mum…!!!” Daniel exclaimed as he ran out of the house seeing his parents and his only sister laying dead on the floor and the assassins were walking away
”Daniel, run.. Go.. Go away!!” Chief Maxwell exclaimed and before the assassins could turn around, Daniel ran away and they took a chase after him…

The thoughts went too fast that Spartacus cried and screamed. Cynthia fell at the almost dead body of her father not caring what was happening to the Assassin.. But few seconds later, she discovered that the assassin didn’t shoot
her and she picked up the gun that Spartacus dropped on the floor while he was battling with his thoughts. Cynthia aimed at Spartacus
”You killed my parents!!” She exclaimed but before she could pull the trigger, Natasha shot out the gun from her hands on a far distance, she ran in immediately and carried Spartacus out just immediately. Cynthia continued crying and weeping as she went back and held the head of her father
”Cyn..Cynthia” Chief Wilson called out with a low and shaking voice
”Yes daddy, please don’t die on me” Cynthia pleaded with him and he laughed with blood all over his mouth
”This is my past I told you about, I guess I couldn’t hide from it” Chief Wilson said
”What do you mean dad?” Cynthia asked shocked
”Please don’t talk till I finish” Chief Wilson said
”I killed the family of my closest friend when I was down to achieve Power over 20 Years ago” Chief Wilson said and more tears rolled down Cynthia’s eyes
”My past has found me my dear. Thank God you are still alive” He added
”Take this” Chief Wilson said and gave her some pictures from his pocket
”I have been carrying it around waiting for the right time and now is the right time” Chief Wilson said
”Please, go into my room, search thoroughly in my room, you’ll find… You’ll find…” Chief Wilson tried completing his sentence
”I’ll Find what dad.. Dad talk to me..” Cynthia said
”I Love you Cynthia” Chief Wilson said with the last strength in him and gave up the ghost
”Daddddddyyyyy!!!” Cynthia exclaimed not minding the blood in his body, she fell on him in tears. Few seconds later, more Police Officers arrived with an Ambulance, hurriedly carried Chief Wilson and Mrs. Wilson. The Lady Officers helped Cynthia stand up, consoled her a bit and carried her along with them but Cynthia still poured out an ocean of tears from her eyes..
Natasha drove into the compound immediately. She took out Spartacus who wasn’t fully recovered from his thoughts and helped him walk inside. She laid him on the couch and tried bring back his memory balance but all she tried
seemed not to be working so she had no choice than to have sex with him so as to make him sleep. She battled with the thought of sleeping with him again but she couldn’t just let him suffer from the brain super-fast thought transmission
and she couldn’t knock him off as it could kill him instantly.. She undressed herself and Spartacus immediately
”I have to do this….” She said to herself…


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