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The heart of an assassin (chapter fortyone)

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Harshly, Linda banged the door and walked din angrily into the house. Dave who was in the sitting room watching a TV show got shocked, turned off the television immediately and rushed up to Linda who already held her fore head in stress
”Take it easy Sis” Dave said holding her very close to himself and helping her sit down on the couch
”Thank you” Linda said with a faint voice
”What is it again.. I hope you haven’t gone to see that criminal again” Dave said and Linda looked at him
”It’s Stepehen” She said
”Stephen?? Who’s Stephen?” Dave asked
”My Colleague, the one you said came here the last time” Linda said and Dave starred at her
”What about him.;” He asked
”He is trying to play a game of cards on me..” Linda said
”How?” Dave asked still confused
”He kinda has the feeling that I know the assassin due to my behaviors few days back.. And now he is trying to take advantage of me as a way of him to keep quiet on the matter” Linda said and Dave sprouted in fury
”What??.. Is he stupis.. How dare he??” Dave said angrily
”He dares that and I’m gonna strangle him apart without breaking a sweat” Dave said and Linda tried calming him down
”He even reported me to the Director.. But I defended the whole thing” Linda said and Dave exhaled
”You know this is all your fault..” Dave said
”I told you but you wouldn’t listen” Dave added and Linda starred at him
”Now see where this is all leading.. Bet me he won’t stop here, he will go further” Dave said
”I know all that bro.. But I think I’ve started gaining answers to my questions” Linda said slightly deviating from the matter at hand
”What do you mean?” Dave asked her and she smiled despite the anger
”The Assassin” Linda said
”Don’t tell me you went there again” Dave said standing up
”Well, I didn’t actually, but I did” Linda said and brought out a picture from her bag
”Don’t tell me you stole this from his house” Dave said
”Stole?? Nope.. I took it” Linda said and Dave starred at her
”He might find out.. You don’t know how precious this is to him.. He might kill you for it” Dave said
”Yes.. This made him the assassin he is now..” Linda said and Dave felt interested in the story
”How?” He asked her
”Daniel Maxwell is his real name” Linda said
”What???” Dave exclaimed
”Shhh.. Nobody should know or hear about this.. This is all I have for now” Linda said thinking she has cleared the mind of Dave
”But Sis, you still have to be careful” Dave said handing the picture over to her
”I will darling” Linda said and kissed him on his forehead
”I’ll be upstairs if you need me” She said and walked upstairs a bit happy
”What’s wrong with her..??” Dave asked himself
”She walked in angrily and now going upstairs happily just because of an Assassin??” Dave asked himself further..
”Hmm..” He exclaimed and turn back on the television..
Natasha woke up on the bed half naked that afternoon covered with a blanket. She hand cleared her eyes to wipe away the blur sight she had. She looked around and saw herself on the bed, she lifted up the blanket and saw she was half naked.. Just then, Spartacus walked in with a tray of tea
”I knew you would be awake by now” He said and dropped the tea by her side
”What time is it?” Natasha asked
”It’s afternoon” Spartacus said
”What?? Don’t tell me I slept that long” Natasha said
”Actually, you did.. I left you so as to get enough rest” Spartacus said and stood up from the bed
”Well it’s not my fault” Natasha said and Spartacus looked at her
”What do you mean?” He asked
”Getting that hot marathon from you could knock out a lady forever” Natasha said smiling but she didn’t know the motion of Spartacus face due to the mask he was wearing, so Spartacus nodded his head
”Don’t you think you should be keeping that mask away when we are together” Natasha said walking up to him
”It’s not necessary” Spartacus said and Natasha took it off by herself
”Yes it is” She said and kissed him.. She walked back to the be dropping the mask on the bed..
”Alright then..” Spartacus said, took the mask and tried leaving
”Thank you” Natasha said and Spartacus turned around looking at her..
”You are welcome” He said and left
”My future has just begun.. I can’t believe it was found with w notorious assassin” Natasha said and drank from the tea cup..

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