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The heart of an assassin (chapter 34-38)

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(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 34
:08134006619 (Whatsapp)
Natasha sobbing in fear walked into the building but was
surprised on how beautiful but dusty the house was.
”Feel at home” Spartacus said and Natasha was shocked
”What?” She asked
”I said sit down” Spartacus repeated and Natasha sat down
”You mean you won’t tie my hands and legs and cover my
mouth or kill me?” Natasha asked
”There is no need doing that” Spartacus replied
”Are you a Kidnapper or a Learner? What if I shout ar
Scream for people to hear and the Police comes here
immediately” Natasha said
”No matter how loud your voice is, no one can here you
behind this door” Spartacus said and reloaded his gun. He
took Natasha’s bag and kept it beside her.
”You can use the bathroom upstairs when you wish”
Spartacus said and Natasha was still shocked
”Am I a hostage or a house owner?” Natasha asked but
Spartacus kept quiet and left the room. Natasha
immediately brought out her phone to call the Police
emergency number but before she should place the phone
on her ears, a bullet shot at the phone and it fell off
shattered. Fear gripped Natasha the more
”Try that next time and the next bullet will be on your
forehead” Spartacus said and left
Spartacus walked into the room with a pack of food,
Natasha was already sleeping looking very tired. Spartacus
tapped her and she woke up immediately starring at the
masky face of Spartacus
”Here, You must be hungry, eat” Spartacus said looking at
”And how will I know if it is not poisoned” Natasha said
rejecting the food
”Anytime you get hungry, take it on the table” Spartacus
said not replying the rejecting question of Natasha. He
dropped the pack of food on the table and went outside.
Natasha looked at the pack of food and saw the name of a
well known restaurant on it
”How did he….. With that mask?” Natasha asked herself
looking confused
”I’m not eating this” She tried holding her hunger but she
couldn’t so she took the food
”Death is better than living with Chief Williams” She said
and started eating the food.
Few seconds into eating the food, Spartacus walked in and
Natasha starred at him
”Thank You” She said looking at Spartacus who slowly
walked in. Spartacus stood with his leg on the table
”You have a good heart, then why wearing a scary mask
and kidnapping people” Natasha asked and Spartacus
turned his face towards her
”Why did you move out from Chief William’s house?”
Spartacus asked her and she dropped the food immediately
”You sounded broken” Spartacus said to her
”He used me as a cheap sex girl for the past years now. He
refused me from achieving my dreams just because he has
sex with me and can’t stay a day without seeing my
nakedness” Natasha began with tears
”My Parents died when I was few years old, I narrowly
escaped the incident. Thinking it was luck, Chief Williams
trianed me along side his Son but when it came to taking
me to the University, he said it was not yet time” Natasha
added drying her tears
”I accepted as they have been good to me, but what
happened, he destroyed my life which I have decided to fix
back” Natasha said as her eyes turned red
”Do you remember the name of your Parents?” Spartacus
asked and Natasha looked at her
”No.. I don’t… I was told I had a slight memory loss after
the incident. I can’t even remember anything. All I know
now is what I was told after I was hospitalized because of
the incident” Natasha said
”So you mean your name is not Natasha” Spartacus asked
”I think So…” Natasha answered and continued with her
food. Spartacus looked at her for some moments which
Natasha noticed
”What? I know my story doesn’t mean anything to you”
Natasha said
”But even with the mask, I can see a touched face” Natasha
added and Spartacus stood up immediately
”I have a change of Plans!” Spartacus said and Natasha
looked at him
”What??” Natasha asked but Sartacus walked towards the
door noy uttering a word
”Take your bags and go upstairs, dust as much place as
you can. Don’t try running away because that will be your
last thought ever” Spartacus said and left. On that Natasha
was surprised at such kind of Kidnapper she ran into. The
screeching tyres of Spartacus’s taxi left a great dust behind
as he drove off with a great speed..
Linda got home so early to meet Dave in the sitting room
watching a TV Show
”Hey Sis, you are back early today” Dave said
”Get me a cup of chilled juice please” Linda said and sat
down on the couch. Dave rushed and brought the glass of
”What’s the matter Sis” Dave asked hading the glass of
Juice to her
”It’s nothing.. Just tired.” Linda said and Dave starred at
her. Few minutes later, Linda placed her hand on her
forehead and slept off on the couch which made Dave
”Good Day Chief” Spartacus greeted walked slowly through the door. Chief Williams was talking with Prof. Michael before Spartacus walked in, so Chief Williams and Prof. Michael looked at Spartacus at the same time
”How did it go?” Chief Williams asked
”I Lost her Sir” Spartacus said folding his arms
”What do you mean you lost her?!!” Chief Williams barked at Spartacus standing up immediately walking towards him
”I walked Out to find her but I couldn’t Sir” Spartacus said
”You want to tell me that she disappeared into thin air?!!” Chief Williams barked further
”I guess she sensed trouble, but not to worry Sir, I’ll track her down Chief” Spartacus said slowly not moving from where he stood
”Better find her… That girl is my….” Chief Williams tried saying but paused and Spartacus starred into his eyes
”Make sure you find that girl..” Chief Williams said and rushed to the couch immediately. Prof. Michael did nothing but starred at the both of them. Few seconds into Chief William’s ranting, Spartacus left not uttering a word
”He lost her… Can you imagine” Chief Williams said to Prof. Michael angrily sipping his glass of wine
”Calm down Chief. Spartacus is a deadly man and hates harsh words, you are Lucky he didn’t point his gun at your fore head of which I am surprised also” Prof. Michael said
”He said he will find her, then relax because he will surely find her” Prof. Michael said
”I don’t know why your blood is always hot Chief” Prof. Michael added not looking at him and Chief Williams starred at Prof. Michael hitting his walking stick on the
”Now, Prof. Michael, you know I lost my boys that night those slumps attacked Us” Chief Williams changed the topic and Prof. Michael now looked at him
”Yes.. I know” Prof. Michael replied
”I need new ones, better than the previous” Chief Williams said
”Why?? Spartacus is always here to Protect just like he always do” Prof. Michael said
”Am I hiring them for you?? I said get me three good boys!” Chief Williams said with all seriousness and Prof. Michael mellowed down
”Alright then, I’m on it” Prof. Michael said
”Make it fast enough” Chief Williams said and Prof. Michael brought out his phone putting a call through…
”Ouch!! My head” Linda sobbed as she woke up from her unknowing slumber
”Take it easy Sis, just lie down and you will be fine” Dave said holding her down softly
”When did I come to the bed, what happened?” Linda asked shocked to see herself on her bed
”You walked in asking for a glass of juice which I offered to you and few minutes later you slept off with your shoes on holding your fore head” Dave said
”What??!!.. Me??” Linda said surprised at his explanations
”So, how did I come to the bed?” She asked further
”I had to carry you here” Dave said and Linda starred at him
”Why are you doing this to yourself Sis” Dave asked before Linda could appreciate him
”What?” Linda asked
”You have been killing yourself concerning this assassin’s case. Why not let go and face your work, your colleague was here earlier complaining about your attitude at work..
“Why all these Sis” Dave complained and asked at same Mtime and Linda exhaled laying her head on the Pillow
”It’s nothing Bro, you won’t understand” Linda said
”What won’t I understand Sis!! If you get arrested on co- working with a high profile assassin, or killed by the assassin, lose your job or even lose your mind because
of One Criminal that does not even care about you, then I will understand, isn’t it??!!” Dave said harshly but sobbingly
”I need to clear my head” Dave said and walked out
”Dave… Dave…” Linda called out but Dave didn’t answer her
”Hmmmmm” Linda exhaled and sat on the bed with her hands on her jaw.
”Hey Dad..” Cynthia said walking in through the door and rushed to hug her Dad
”Hey Sweetheart” Chief Wilson said pecking her
”Dad, you look happy today” Cynthia said
”Yes my dear, and it’s because of you dear” Chief Wilson said smiling as he sat down
”Me… How?” Cynthia asked smiling also
”I have given your advice a second thought, I and your mother will go back to the states by next week and Later, you go back to Spain to complete your studies, I think that way all this nonsense will end” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia hugged him again immediately
”Thank you Dad” Cynthia and jumped up from the couch
”Lemme get you something cold.. Your favourite..” Cynthia said
”Please do” Chief Wilson appreciated and they laughed together…
As Cynthia left for the wine, Chief Wilson called Chief Williams on the phone but he was not picking up, so he decided to text him..
Dave was in his room operating on his phone when he heard a soft knock on the door, he looked at the door and saw Linda walked in so he concentrated on his phone behaving as if he didn’t see her walking in. Linda walked close enough to his bed and sat beside him
”I’m sorry Dave” Linda said but Dave did look at her
”I know I have taken these things too far but I just can’t help it. The feelings become stronger and stronger by the day” Linda said and Dave sparkled in words
”Feelings?? Feelings of what?” Dave asked
”Love I guess” Dave answered himself
”No.. It’s not. It’s Innocence” Linda said
”Innocence? You mean a guy that kills anyone he sees, even killed the President is Innocent” Dave asked
”No, Dave, there is another person behind that mask, filled with the pain of his past” Linda said but before Dave could say anything Linda continued
”Why didn’t he kill Us, since he kills everyone he sees” Linda asked rhetorically
”Why did he save me without any side actions” She added. Linda said all she could to convince Dave but Dave just starred at her
”So you are trying to convince me again right” Dave said looking at her directly into the eyes
”No, I’m not Dave. Just forgive me first then accept the truth I told you” Linda said and Dave sat on the bed
”It’s alright then, just promise me you won’t let it affect your mind again” Dave said
”I Cross my heart” Linda Promised crossing her hands on her chest
”Alright then, it’s off” Dave said not looking at her
”Really??” Linda asked happily
”Yes of course” Dave said now smiling broadly and Linda jumped on his happily hugging him immediately
”It’s alright jhoor, leave me.. Criminal Lover” Dave jokingly said and they laughed
”You were a Criminal Lawyer but now I will be calling you Criminal Lover” Dave added and Linda joking hit him on his shoulders
”It’s sounds nice anyways” Linda said and they laughed louder….
Spartacus stood at the topmost veranda looking up into the sky gazing at four stars that are close to each other but of different sizes. His gun was in his hands also..
Natasha, who no longer felt like a hostage with a Kidnapper searched the house for him and found him there, as she walked closer Spartacus turned immediately and pointed a gun at her…

….Spartacus turned around immediately and pointed a gun at her. On seeing that, she raised her hands up shivering infer
”please I’m Sorry, please don’t shoot me please” Natasha pleaded but Spartacus was still pointing the gun at her
” Please, I’m begging you, don’t kill me please” Natasha pleaded in much more fear and Spartacus brought down the gun
”What are you doing outside here?” Spartacus asked Natasha who exhaled heavily and brought down her hands
”Nothing” Natasha said
”Don’t you remove that mask even by night fall?” Natasha asked immediately before Spartacus could saying anything further and Spartacus looked at her but didn’t reply. He continued starring at the stars and Natasha walked very
close to him relaxing her elbows on the iron bars following his eyes towards the stars.
”Why haven’t you killed me or taken me back to Chief Williams?? Why are you being this hospitable. Since I came here you haven’t touched me” Natasha said not bothering what might happen to her but Spartacus still didn’t say anything.
”Don’t you talk anymore?” Natasha asked
”After I told you my story, you said you’ve got a change of plans.. What was it about?? Was it about me??” Natasha asked
”The weak are not supposed to be left in oppression” Spartacus said not looking at her
”What do you mean?” Natasha asked
”You have been used ruthlessly because you are weak, I have to end that” Spartacus said and Natasha was surprised
”How.. Why??” Natasha asked
”I told Chief Williams that I couldn’t find you, so you are free from him” Spartacus said
”By morning you should leave here and go to any place of your choice outside this State” Spartacus said and concentrated on the stars. Natasha couldn’t smile or laugh as she was filled in Surprise
”I know you are joking right?” Natasha asked
”Spartacus does not joke” Spartacus said and Natasha hugged him immediately but he broke the hug by sliding out a knife immediately
”Don’t come any closer to me my dear, or you will leave me no choice” Spartacus said and Natasha drew back
”If you are as kind as this and fighting for the weak, why then do you kill people and kidnap people?” Natasha asked and Spartacus looked at her deeply in silence but said nothing.
”Those stars, why are you starring at them since I was here” Natasha asked
”Those stars are my life, different sizes from big to small” Spartacus began and Natasha gave an attentive ear
”If you watch closely, those three big ones are dim in light but the small one is very bright” Spartacus said
”Why Is it so?” Natasha asked but Spartacus ignored her question
”Once, all the stars were glowing very bright, but now, one is left alone” Spartacus said and Natasha being intelligent grabbed the words of Spartacus
”You mean you lost your family just like I did?” Natasha asked
”Likely in a harsh manner” Spartacus replied
”So, that’s why you saved me” Natasha said to herself
”Life can really turn people into what they never want to be” Natasha said and stood in silence
”Go in, pack your bag, sleep and get ready to leave this premises tomorrow morning” Spartacus said but Natasha still stood there
”I said Leave now!” Spartacus barked at her and she ran inside immediately
”I miss you all…” Spartacus said looking at the stars and he went inside also.
”Make sure you never come back to this city ever or Chief Williams will kill you” Spartacus said walking behind Natasha on the staircase.
”Thank You Sir. I really appreciate this Sir” Natasha said and opened the door. Spartacus nodded his head at her and she left… Immediately she left, Spartacus unmasked himself and his eyes were red and anger and tears..
”Bella my dear, I’m so happy” Cynthia said happily to Bella her friend who sat beside her on the couch in Cynthia’s house
”Seriously, babe, what’s the secret..? You haven’t been this happy for weeks now” Bella said
”My dear, My dad has agreed to leave Country and everything” Cynthia said
”You mean, he wants to leave his political career and go to the states with your mother?” Bella asked looking disappointed
”Yes Of Course” Cynthia said breaking her smiles a bit
”Why?” Bella asked
”You won’t understand my dear.. It’s complicated.. Abeg, let’s talk about better things jhoor.. Today I am very happy” Cynthia said jumping up and down on the couch happily
”I’m also happy for you my dear” Bella pretended so as not to cause any Friendly noise around the building and they drank their wine chatting with smiles and laughter…
Chief Williams was seen walking around his compound with his phone on his ears speaking with someone that seemed very important from the way he was answering the call.. Few minutes later, a car horn was heard from the outside and Alhaji, his gateman ran to Open the gate. Chief Williams looked towards the gate still answering the call to see who it was. On seeing that it was Prof. Mich’s car, he quickly hung up the call and stood still. Just then, Prof. Michael alighted form the car with two dark hefty tough looking men and a fair one who seemed not to be as huge as the other two..
”Are these the urchins I told you to get for me?” Chief Williams asked even before Prof. Michael could exchange pleasantries with him
”Yes, they are the best” Prof. Michael said
”How sure are you?” Chief Williams asked
”Huh?? Chief, are you now doubting my capabilities?” Prof. Mich asked rhetorically
”No.. I’m certainly not, just to know if they can be trusted” Chief Williams said and looked at the men
”Hey, what are your names?” Chief Williams asked
”Patronizer Sir” The first dark one said
”Hmmm.. You?” Chief Williams asked the second one
”Killer bean Sir” He answered and Chief Williams starred at him
”And you?” He turned to the fair guy
”Sir Whyte Sir” The fair guy said and Chief Williams nodded his head
”Fully armed?” He asked Prof. Michael
”Yes Chief..” Prof. Michael replied and escorted the guys inside
”If it’s not enough, I’ll get more ammunitions for them” Chief Williams said and continued his call.. Few minutes later, Prof. Michael came back outside and looked at Chief Williams
”Why the eyes?” Chief Williams asked
”You do not look bright” Prof. Michael said
”Yes of course, that’s because my enemy is trying to
escape my net” Chief Williams said
”And who is that?” Prof. Michael asked
”Chief Wilson.. I learnt he is planning to fly back to the States in few days’ time” Chief Williams said
”Then act immediately Chief.. Act!!” Prof. Michael said to him
”I am beginning to loose trust on Spartacus these days” Chief Williams added and Prof. Michael was shocked
”Why?” He asked
”I just don’t know.. Just a feeling” Chief Williams said
”Better drop those feelings Chief and defeat your enemies” Prof. Michael said, flinged his car keys and drove off.
”Sir Whyte!!!” Chief Williams called out and Sir Whyte ran out immediately
”Get me something cold” Chief Williams said and sat under the fancy tree where he was.
”See, Stephen, I don’t know what went wrong with me last week but please I’m sorry” Linda pleaded to Stephen her colleague as they walked down the Passage of their Office
”And you think I’ll accept that?” Stephen asked
”Of course Yes” Linda said
”Then you must be a joker.. Trying to make me loose a huge sum of money for nothing I know about” Stephen said and hissed walking faster than her
”Stephen.. Stephen.. ” She called out but he didn’t reply so she walked to her Office and sat down immediately.. On
sitting down, her phone got a text ”See me during break hours” Stephen said and Linda was surprised at the text..
”Good day” Linda greeted walking majestically into Stephens’ office.
”I guess it’s been long I’ve come in here, some things don’t look same” Linda said
”That’s because you don’t care” Stephen said
”Huh?? How?” Linda asked
”You see Linda, despite the fact that I’m your colleague, I am your Boss but you don’t acknowledge that” Stephen began
”Of course I do.. I respect you very well” Linda said
”No.. Linda, you respect me but you don’t respect my feelings” Stephen said
”But I have apologised on that which you refused to listen” Linda said
”Not about that Linda.. My feelings for you, I have been trying to draw you close to me but you have been drawing far away from me Linda” Stephen said
”How do you mean?” Linda asked
”Just spend a little time with me Linda and I will drop this case. I know this case concerns you that’s why you are behaving strangely these days. Just accept me and I’ll drop it Linda.. Please” Stephen said
”Is that a Love Confession or a Love threat?” Linda asked
”Whatever you call it Linda. I Love you” Stephen said
”And this is why you called me here right?” Linda asked
”Exactly” Stephen said and walked close to Linda chair trying to touch her
”I know you feel same for me, please don’t hide it” Stephen said bringing down his head
”Get your filthy hands off me before I scream now!” Linda said angrily standing up from the chair to Stephen’s surprise..
”What do you take me for? You think I’m those cheap girls you can make your Sex mate or bed mate?” Linda barked at him
”You are lucky I’m in a happy mood today” Linda said and banged the door behind her leaving Stephen speechless..
”I’ll show you Linda” Stephen said and angrily sat on his seat…

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