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The heart of an assassin (chapter 20 -29)

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(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 27
….”Chief Williams” President Donatus called out
”Yes, Your Excellency” Chief Williams replied
”I and the executive members of this honourable table has
come together and had a conclusion” President Donatus
”What Conclusion your Excellency?” Chief Williams asked
”Why not wait till I finish” President Donatus said and Chief
Williams kept quiet
”By right now, you are supposed to be heading everyone
here in the President ial election, isn’t it?” President
Donatus asked and everyone concurred making Chief
Williams to adjust his agbada in smiles
”But… As it stands now, everybody has been written off
from the candidate lists, so as to avoid more deaths of our
members” Presient Donatus said and Chief Williams mood
changed instantly
”What??!!!” He exclaimed standing up quickly
”This election will only involve I and Chief Wilson, the Vice
President” President Donatus said and Chief Wilson was
”What?!! No way.. Your Excellency, count me out of this.
How can you do this to my friend and place me in a stead
he worths. We all were there at the court. He was innocent.
A man of Integrity” Chief Wilson said standing looking very
”My words are final! Chief Williams is off the election and
so is everyone else” President Donatus said and Chief
Williams looked at Chief Wilson for few seconds that their
eyes jammed.
”Thank You Your Excellency” Chief Williams said and left
”Your Excellency, you can’t do this..” Chief Wilson said
”Sit dwn Chief Wilson or you leave with him” President
Donatus said
”I’d better leave that sit here watching you do this to my
friend” Chief Wilson said and left with his tourage..
”Is there any one else that wants to leave?” President
Donatus asked but everywhere was silent
”These people are playing with fire!” Chief Williams barked
angrily as he walked inside the house
”Hey darling, you are back already” Mrs. Williams happily
ran out to welcome him but Chief Williams raised his hands
angrily as a sign for her to stop right where she was and
Mrs. Williams was surprised
”What is it darling.. Why are you like this?” Mrs. Williams
asked seeing his angry mood
”They have successfully driven me out of the Candidate
list” Chief Williams said and Mrs . Williams became angry
”What?? Why?” Mrs. Williams asked
”Hmmmm..; Jealously..” Chief Williams said
” The funniest part of it all is that Chief Wilson is a part of
this all.. He was fixed in my stead” Chief Williams said and
Mrs. Williams became more angry
”You mean the Chief Wilson you gave a life. That same
Chief you made who he is conspired against you?” Mrs.
Williams asked
”They have just beaten the drums of the spirits.. And they
will have to dance to it” Chief Williams said ans everywhere
became quiet..
Few Seconds into the quietness, Chief Wilson walked in
”Chief, I swear with my life, I am not a party to this” Chief
Wilson’s voice drew their attention and they looked at him
”You Ingrate.. You backbiter!! What are you doing in my
house?” Chief Williams asked
”Please, hear me out. I didn’t do anything. I only came to
explain to you” Chief Wilson said with a low truthful voice
”I see, so that was why you came back from the States, to
demote and fix yourself right?” Chief Williams asked
standing up
”No.. That’s not true. I was never interested in the
Presidential election” Chief Wilson said
”But now you are.. Thank you for the conspiracy. Now
leave my house” Chief Williams said angrily
”I should leave your house?” Chief Wilson asked
”I was clear enough.. Now leave!” Chief Williams said again
”Are you deaf. Leave now!!” Mrs. Williams said
”You have to hear me out my friend. We are friends you
know” Chief Wilson said
”Friends watches each others back.. You are an wolf in
sheep clothing!” Chief Williams said walking towards the
”Don’t let me meet you here when I come down these
stairs.” Chief Williams said leaving Chief Wilson in
frustration and confusion
”Nonsense..” Mrs. Williams said following her husband
”Chief Williams.. Chief Williams.. Please listen..” Chief
Wilson said but they were already up the stairs.. In a faint
heart and unpeaceful mood, Chief Wilson stood up and left..
Chief Wilson drove into his compound immediately and
alighted from the car not looking too good. Cynthia ran out
to welcome him but he ignored her. Walking straight into
the house
”Dad?? Dad?? What’s the matter?” She asked running after
him surprised at his actions
”Honey.. Darling, what’s it? Why is you face like this?” Mrs.
Wilson asked but Chief Wilson looked at her and walked in
banging the door behind, Cynthia and Mrs. Wilson were
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 28
…”Darling, you can’t be this angry and hiding things from
Us” Mrs. Wilson said and they walked into Chief Wilson in
the sitting room sitting quietly
”Dad, talk to Us.” Cynthia said
”The meeting wasn’t good at all” Chief Wilson began
”Why?” Mrs. Wilson asked
”Chief Williams was demoted and I was placed in his stead
to contest for the Presidential election” Chief Wilson said
”Why?” Mrs. Wilson and Cynthia asked at once
”I don’t know.. I tried rejecting it but the President refused.
We never talked about this. Chief Williams walked out
angrily with the thought that I’m behind it all. Now our
friendship is broken” Chief Wilson said
”Oh.. My.. This is Serious” Cynthia said
”The President shouldn’t have done such.. It’s unfair” Mrs.
Wilson said
”But, Dad, you have to calm down. All you need do noa, is
making Chief Williams see reasons with you that you
weren’t part of this” Cynthia said
”I went directly to his house, but he and his wife out poured
insluts on me calling me an enemy without even hearing
me out” Chief Wilson said and the atmosphere was quiet in
shock for some seconds
”It’s alright Dad, just relax and calm down” Cynthia said
”There will be a way to fix this” Mrs. Williams added and
dragged Chief Wilson slowly to his room.
Cynthia stood looking at them as the words of her father
rang in her head
”I did something very bad in my youth” Chief Wilson said
”You won’t understanf my dear. I just pray Karma and
Nemesis doesn’t catch up with me” Chief Wilson said and
stood up
”Good Night darling” He said walking into his room
Cynthia still stood watching them as her mind ran into a
lotof things..
”Dave.. Dave…” Linda calle dout standing in the sitting
”Yes Sis” Dave replied walking down the stairs
”Do you still remember the place that Kidnapper took you
to?” Linda asked him
”Yes.. Why asking?” Dave said
”I want you to take me there” Linda said and Dave starred
at her
”What???! Are you out of your mind. What if he thinks in
reverse and kills Us, thinking we came to spy on him or
something else” Dave said
”No… He won’t” Linda said
”And how sure are you about that?” Dave asked folding his
”I just don’t know.. I’m just having this feeling that
something isn’t right with that kidnapper” Linda said
”But I haven’t really figured things out” She added
”And for that same reason, I won’t take you there” Dave
”Why?” Linda asked
”Because it’s very risky!!” Dave said and sat down
”Dave, listen to me.. This man saved my life.. When he was
driving me back home; I saw fear and pain in him” Linda
”He always wears a mask; so how did you know?” Dave
”I just don’t know, but I can feel it” Linda said scratching
her hair
”I can see you are falling in love with a Criminal.. Same
Criminal that kidnapped and almost killed your brother”
Dave said
”That’s not true Dave.. I have worked on so many Criminals
and Kidnappers but this one is different” Linda said
”Did he touch you when you were in his custody?” Linda
”No.. He didn’t. He took very good care of me in a very big
beautiful house, and that I haven’t gotten off my head”
Dave said with his eyes opened wide
”And what does such action tells you?” Linda asked
”C’mon, Sis, are you trying to convince me in this case?”
Dave asked
”No my dear, this is the reality.. So are you taking me there
ar not” Linda asked looking directly into the eyes of Dave
”This is gonna be risky Sis” Dave said
”Trust me in this..” Limda said and Dave starred at her..
”Babe, my Dad haven’t been himself since that meeting”
Cynthia said to Bella as they sat in a Hotel dinning hall
”It’s alright my dear. Things are always this way.” Bella
”It’s really affecting him and me too” Cynthia added not
looking too fine
”I know how it feels dear. But trust me, it will be fine. It’s
just a quarrel and not yet a fight. They will settle their
differences” Bella said holding her hands
”Are you sure?” Cynthia asked
”Ver sure my dear. Now drink up” Bella said and smiled at
”So, how is school going” Cynthia asked Bella trying to
make herself happy
”Very fine ooh.. We dey manage” Bella said and they
started a funny conversation which made Cynthia smile and
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 29
:08134006619 (Whatsapp)
**THE NEXT DAY -President’s Donatus Office**
”Good mprning Mr. President” Chief Williams greeted
standing in front of President Donatus who was busy with
some files on his table
”Who let you in here?” President Donatus asked raising up
his head
”And since when have I been restricted from entering the
President’s office?” Chief Williams asked and sat down
without wny permission from the president. President
Donatus couldn’t say anything looking a bit angry
”You can’t change a fate that is already written Sir, you
have served your tenure, now is time for a change” Chief
Williams said slowly and with a low voice
”What does that mean?” President Donatus asked and Chief
Williamd stood up from the chair
”I just came to say Good Morning President” Chief Williams
adjusted his agbada and walked out. President Donatus
angrily looked at him as he walked out. He picked up his
phone and called the Secreatary
”I need you in my office now!” He said with a loud harsh
Mrs. Williams went out for a tp class meeting in the national
conference hall. Chief Williams sat on the couch still
drained from the previous happening between him and Chief
Williams. Cynthia walked out of her room wearing a tight
ash trouser and a white shirt. Slowly she walked towards
her father who didn’t recognise her presence
”Dad..” She called as she got closer to him
”Ooh.. My darling, how are you doing” Chief Wilson said
covering up his thoughtful mind
”Dad why are you still disturbing yourself” Cynthia said not
replying her father’s pleasantry
”Me.?? How?” Chief Wilson asked
”You are thinking” Cynthia said
”No.. I’m not” Chief Wilson said
”Yes you are Dad” Cynthia insisted
”What if your past is still hunting you” Cynthia added and
Chief Wilson was shocked at the words and his mood tunred
”Tell me what is it Dad, a problem shared is a problem half
solved Dad” Cynthia said with a soft voice and Chief Wilson
looked at her as tears dropped from his eyes
”Stop crying Dad, you can talk to me” Cynthia said and
Chief Wilson opened up
”I killed my best friend.. More like a brother to me” Chief
Wilson said and Cynthia stood up in shock
”What??!! You did what??!!” Cynthia said surprised
”I’m sorry my dear, I was desperate to become the
President, but even after that, I didn’t become the President
and I began to regret my actions” Chief Wilson said
”And all this links up to what you did in the past” Cynthia
”Dad, how could you??..” Cynthia said looking disappointed
”I’m sorry.. I just don’t know what came over me” Chief
Wilson said and tears flowed down Cynthia’s eyes and she
sat down again
”The past is gone Dad, face the present, fly back to the
States and Chief Williams will see that you are not
interested anymore and everything ends Dad.. It’s ‘lright”
Cynthia said to her Dad and Chief Wilson embraced her..
”I need you to do something for me” Chief Williams said
sitting down on Prof. Michael’s couch
”What is that Chief?” Spartacus asked
”Elimnate the President” Chief Williams said and Prof.
Michael was surprised
”You never told me about this Chief…” Prof. Michael said
”Yes, because I just figured it our now” Chief Williams said
”That man is a barrier and needs to be taken down” Chief
Williams said
”I see…” Prof. Michael said and sat back
”5 Million dollars” Spartacus said folding his arms
”For just one man?” Chief Williams said
”Just one man? Maybe you can kill him yourself” Spartacus
said and turned around
”It’s alright.. I’ll give you 3 Million dollars” Chief Williams
”I didn’t come here for a bargain.. Done deal” Spartacus
said and left. Chief Williams smiled and sipped from his
glass of wine
”Do you think killing that idiot is necessary?” Prof. Michael
”Yes it is my dear..;” Chief Williams said and smiled
”We wil know who is the real President here” Chief Williams
”Dave, why are you being this harsh” Linda asked following
Dave who was walking down the stairs
”Because I made a promise to our parents not to let any
harm on you Sis” Dave said
”I know but just this one favour” Linda said
”To see a criminal.. No way!” Dave said
”I love you Sis and that’s why?” Dave said looking into
Linda’s eyes
”To hell with your Love..” Linda said and walked few steps
away from him
”You aint taking me there.. Fine, I’ll find him myself” Linda
”What!! You can’t do that Sis” Dave said holding her hand
”Watch me..” Linda said dragging out her hand and
grabbing her car keys
”Have a nice day” She said and banged the door
”Hmmm..” Dave exhaled and shook his head…
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 30
:08134006619 (Whatsapp)
…”Wait up Sis” Dave’s voice sounded aloud from the door
as Linda almost entered the car
”What??” Linda asked
”Trying to seize the car keys??” Linda asked
”No.. On the contrary” Dave said with a little smile on his
”I’ll take you there if you are sure of what you are doing”
Dave said and Linda hugged him
”Thank you Bro.” Linda said and they drove out..
Spartacus sat in a very beautiful house that looked like a
place someone never lived for ages. Everywhere was dusty
and dirty, gate always locked, but the beauty of the house
wasn’t gone yet. He brought out his bag of armour and
began to couple up some thing in it.. Just then he heard a
car horn on the gate and stood up immediately looking out
through the window. He recognised the car but wasn’t
happy to see it.
He armed himself and walked to the top veranda. He shot
thrice at the gate, Linda and Dave ran out of the car
”I told you this wasn’t a good idea sis” Dave cried
”Now we are going to die” Dave added and Linda boldly
opened the small gate with her hands up
”I came alone” Linda said
”With my brother” She added looking around but didn’t see
”Please don’t kill us, I only came to see you” Linda added
with a loud voice
”And what does a Barrister has to do with a criminal”
Spartacus asked from nowhere
”Nothing actually, if you can only come in sight” Linda
”You think I can fall for such child’s play” Spartacus asked
”With a recorder trying to nail me down.. Who brought you
here??” Spartacus asked angrily and shot at the gate again
”My brother did.. I persuaded him to” Linda said
”I see, he has a good memory.. Turn him in” Spartacus said
and Dave walked inside
”I warned her not to come here but she refused, please
forgive Us, let’s go now and we won’t come back again
please” Dave pleaded with a loud voice. Just then
Spartacus jumped down from the building
”Why do you want to see me” He asked standing few steps
away from them
”Just want to thank you for everything; My brother and My
life. You saved Us” Linda said
”I didn’t request for a thank you, did I?” Spartacus asked
”No Sir, but you deserve it” Linda said
”Now leave” Spartacus said and Dave rushed out of the
gate immediately but Linda stood
”Behind that mask, I see a kind, loving but hurt person”
Linda said
”I said Leave” Spartacus said again
”Let me help you. You are not what I see now, you are not
who you are now.. You are burnt in grief and Pain. You
shouldn’t be doing this, you have a kind heart” Linda said
”You know nothing about me!” Spartacus barked
”I know that but I know that this mask is what makes you
do what you are doing now, behind that mask is a good
man” Linda said and Spartacus turned around
”I know… I know..;” Linda said walking closer to him
”Don’t come any closer..;” Spartacus warned but Linda
tried her law magic
”I said leave!!!” Spartacus barked at her hastenly corking
his gun in anger. On seeing this, Linda ran out in fear
”Leave!!:” Spartacus still barked randomly shooting his gun
at every angle. Dave ignited the engine immediately and
with a great speed, drove off the arena.. Few seconds on
shooting, Spartacus stopped and unmasked himself falling
on his kneels. He breathed heavily and a bit soberly. Just
then, he wore back his mask and stood up
”I am Spartacus..” He said and walked in, lay hold of some
things in the house and walked out.. Walking few miles in
the bush, he enetered a car parked there and drove into the
”I warned you, but you didn’t listen” Dave said
”That man could have killed you” Dave said
”He won’t” Linda said
”Ehhhh!! I can see that something has come over you”
Dave said
”This is a silly act I won’t let you take again” Dave said
”He has been killing better people than you and you say he
won’t just strangle you to death” Dave said
”Thank your stars he let us go free” Dave added but Linda
wasn’t listening nor replying him as the words of Spartacus
rang in her head
”You don’t know anything about me!!!” Spartacus words
rang in her head
”He felt sober and looks like someone in pain” Linda said
”What is the meaning of that” Dave asked
”Something is wrong with him” Linda said
”Let him take care of himself then” Dave said
”His past is hurting him” Linda added
”You seriously need a doctor” Dave said looking at her
”I don’t care what you think, or what you know or what you
saw. You are not going there again!” Dave said and
concentrated on the steering of the car…

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