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The heart of an assassin (chapter 19-26)

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(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 20
:07015547285 Or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
Chief Wilson has done all he seemed he could do to see if Chief Williams his friend will be dropped off his case. His meeting with the President yielded nothing good at all..
”Daddy calm down” Cynthia said to Chief Wilson
”I am just worried my dear. Getting a friend as close as Chief Williams isn’t easy” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia handed over the glass of juice she held in her hands
”Thank you my dear” Chief Wilson said and sipped from the juice
”Since he claims innocent, I think you should just free your mind Dad” Cynthia said sitting close to his father
”Not when the Barrister is Linda. Guilty or Innocent, Linda will take you behind bars” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia starred at her
”Hmm.. Really Serious” Cynthia said surprised
”God knows how to do it Dad. C’mon, cheer up dad” Cynthia said laughing trying to make her dad happy which she actually succeeded…
News flash everywhere as the press took this court case to be an interesting one. Even the citizens wanted to see the end of it all…
The judge has already been sitted, respected by the standing Ovation of the crowd of great personalities that filled the court room.
”This is a case of Murder between Mrs. Ali, the wife of Late Chief Ali and Chief Williams, a now senator and a presidential candidate” The Court Narrator said
”Please step forward” He added. Mrs. Ali and Chief Williams stepped into their separate docks with no smiles..
”Let the case begin” The Narrator said and sat down.
Surprisingly to everyone, Barrister Linda was not yet in court. Murmurings and mumblings took over the arena as they wondered why..
”Court!!! Order!” The Judge said hitting his hammer on the desk
”Mrs. Ali, where is your lawyer?” The Judge asked but Mrs. Ali kept quiet looking around in shock. Few minutes gone but no sign of Linda walking in. The President and others connected her line but it wasn’t going through..
”Now, everyone listen” The Judge began
”I don’t know why Barrister Linda is being so late. The court won’t wait for her” The Judge added
”I hereby declare this case adj..” The judge tried to say adjourning the case but Linda walked in immediately
”Barrister Linda, you have a penalty to pay for disrespecting this honourable court” The Judge said. On seeing Linda, Chief Williams mind began to beat faster..
”Sorry My Lord. It wasn’t intentional” Linda pleaded
”I plead the court my Lord” She added and brought out her file
”Actually My Lord, Mrs. Ali here claims that Chief Williams killed her husband due to a political misunderstanding that lead to life threat My Lord” Linda began
”Based on the evidences I have here, Chief Williams has nothing to do with the death of Chief Ali, as the case evidence I have here proclaims” Linda said and the court was shocked! President Donatus was surprised at the words of Linda
”Barrister Linda, you are the accusing lawyer not the defendant lawyer. Hope you are in your right senses this morning” The Judge asked
”Of Course My Lord, actually, there is no trace of guilt to this responsible man here My Lord. The little evidences I gathered stood for him and not against him” Linda said
”As we all know, Chief Ali shot his guard and house help and almost killed him twice. So this my client here Mrs. Ali is trying to out of influence and power place an unrightful judgement on Chief Williams My Lord.” Linda said and adjusted her jacket
”And my Lord, I am a Lawyer known for integrity and Honesty, also, this court is a noble one my Lord. I pledge you make your judgement my Lord” Linda said and sat down
”What nonsense!! This is nonsense!!” President Donatus exclaimed from where he was and tried creating a scene in the court room but was held by some police men
”Your Excellency, please note that this is a noble court” The judge said and faced Barrister Emeka, the defendant’s lawyer
”Good day My Lord” Barrister Emeka said standing up
”I actually have nothing to say because my opponent here has said it all. Let the court make its rightful judgement my Lord” Barrister Emeka said and sat down.
”Now, this is my judgement” The Judge said
”Chief Williams is hereby discharged and acquitted with an appeasal sum of #100,000 that will be paid to him by Mrs. Williams for the insult which he went through. This is my Judgement!” The Judge concluded
”Court!!! Rise” The Narrator said and everyone reluctantly stood up. The Judge left.
Immediately, Chief Wilson ran and embraced Chief Williams happily. They laughed aloud in joy with Mrs. Williams. The President? Mrs. Ali and their cohorts were confused because all that happened in the court was never what they expected….
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 21
:07015547285 or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
Barr. Linda sat in her office as she took off her law dress scratching her hair vigorously. She looks like someone highly troubled. She stood up and sat down simultaneously often picking up her phone and slide unlocking it..
”Oh.. God.. Please..” She said hitting the window.
”What the hell was that nonsense back ther!!” The shout of President Donatus and the banging of her office door put her in shock and she turned around immediately
”What was our agreement!! What did I pay you for?!!” President Donatus kept on barking harshly walking closer to her table
”Mr. President, with all due respect, this is my Office and I need some respect here” Barr. Linda said
”Beautiful Nonsense!!.. You sided an enemy.. You made the case to favour him” President Donatus said
”I actually figured out that you all are accusing an innocent Politician as to dent his image” Barr. Linda said with a serious face
”I see.. That’s it eeh… Now, you will have to give me back the money I paid you or else!” President Donatus barked and his thugs brought out their guns.
”I don’t fear death Mr. President” Linda said and brought out the brief case President Donatus used in paying her
”Here is your money.. Untouched” Barr. Linda said and President Donatus was shocked!! He opened the box and everything was intact
”You daughter of the devil!” President Donatus said angrily as Linda starred at Linda
”I stand with the law Mr. President and mind you, I can sue you and destroy your career in politics because of what you just did now Sir.. So, kindly leave my Office” Barr. Linda said waving her hands at the door
”We shall see.. Boys!! Get the box” President Donatus said and left banging the door..
Immediately he left, Linda continued her worrisome contemplation.. In few seconds, her phone rang and she grabbed it immediately
”Hello..” She said
”Yes, Good day Ma’am” The voice of spartacus was heard from the phone
”You have done your quota. Your brother will get back to you in 5 hours” Spartacus said
”I don’t kidnap people, so don’t inform the police or else!!!” Spartacus warned
”Please how is he.. He is the only one I have.. Please don’t harm him” Linda pleaded with a shaking sober voice
”I hate it when people cry” Spartacus said and hung up the call…
”Oh my God..!!” Linda cried as she looked at the clock on the wall..
”I told them that I am innocent but no one believed me” Chief Williams said as the press surrounded him.
”I had to show them that I am a man of Integrity” He said smiling and walked away with Chief Wilson, Prof. Michael, his wife and his thugs.. The Press ran after him to ask him more questions but he drove off as Sparkle held them back..
”No.. No.. No.. This can’t be.. My husband can’t just die that way” Mrs. Ali cried in vlack clothes as her family and friends consoled her in her house
”I am sure Chief Williams killed him but the Court case favoured him” She cried more but everyone tried to console
”I must anevge the death of my husband!! I must!!” She said and ran upstairs in tears leaving everybody shocked in the palour. Few women followed her as to make sure she is not going to commit suicide..
”Hello Judge” Spartacus said from the phone
”Hello..” Judge said with a shaky voice
”I like truthful old men like you” Spartacus said
”Thank You” Judge said trembling
”Anyways, I appreciate what you did for me.. You will hear a knock on your door in the next 3 hours” Spartacus said
”What about my wife and my kid daughter??” Judge asked trembling but Spartacus dropped the call..
”Let’s go, Daddy is waiting for you” Spartacus said and carried the daughter of the Judge.. The wife followed immediately..
Judge Simeon waited looking at the clock always to hear a knock
”It’s already three hours..” He said and felt restless
”The man is a devil” He said and immediately he heard a knock on his door. He opened it and saw his family. He welcomed them in immediately with hugs and tears of joy
”Did he hurt you?” He asked restlessly and thanked God..
Linda restlessly left her office for her home missing the only family she has – Her Brother. She flinged out her bag from the car and walked faintly inside the house
”Sis..!!!” Dave’s voice, sounded from the gate and Cynthia turned around immediately. With all her strenght she ran and embraced him happily
”Sis.. I missed you” Dave said
”Thank God you are back” Linda said
”How did you get back?” Linda asked
”He dropped me at the gate” Dave said and Linda was shocked…
She brought back her mind from the thought immediately and happily took her brother inside
”This house was so empty without you sweetheart” Linda said and pecked Dave as she normally does and both of them laughed..
More Episodes tonight By The Grace of God
(Save My Past)
Season 2
Episode 22
:07015547285 Or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
Barr. Linda was seen in her sitting room walking to and
from with her hands on her jaw full of thoughts. Often she
sits on the couch and stands up immediately looking so
restless.. Just then her phone rang and she picked it up
”Hello” She said on the phone
”Hello you bitch!! You think you can just say whatever you
like in court and go free.. You spoke against my husband
when you were supposed to speak on his dead behalf. You
will pay for this” The female voice said from the phone and
Linda looked very confused
”Please, who are you?” Linda asked
”You dare to know..?” The female voice asked and hung up
the call
”What??!!” Linda exclaimed taking the phone off her ear and
flinging it on the couch
”Sis, who was that?” Dave asked slowly walking out from
the pillar he laid on and Linda looked at him
”A Silly female daring my life” Linda said
”Why, who is she? Have you been having problems with
anyone before?” Dave asked looked so shivery
”No.. I haven’t. I think it was all about the court case the
other day” Linda said
”I knew it. I said it that this will lead to another problem.
This is a high case profile. I warned you to reject that job
but you insist.. First, I was kidnapped now you are been
threatened by someone tagged Unknown” Dave said with a
harsh voice as tears dropped from his ears
”It’s alright darling.. Nothing will happen to me. I promise”
Linda said sitting beside Dave and curdling him
”I don’t want to loose you Sis” Dave said
”You won’t” Linda said and placed her head on his..
”But….” Dave said and paused raising his head up
”What?” Linda asked
”What were you thinking before that call rolled in?” Dave
asked and Linda’s mood changed
”That Kidnapper.. There is something about him that my
mind just can’t comprehend” Linda said
”Huh?? Don’t tell me you are falling in love with a criminal”
Dave said starring at her with his full blurged out eyes
”What?,.. No.. Not at all.. How can I?” Linda asked
”But, from what you told me on his treatment to you and
some other things.. I have dealt with so many criminals, but
I think thee is just something different about this one” Linda
said standing up and Dave starred at her with her mouth
opened wide….
The merriment and celebration on Chief Williams victory in
the court case was still taking place that night as Chief
Wilson, Chief Williams, Mrs. Williams and Prof. Michael
were all dancing to a high sounding music xith glass of
wine in their hands. They danced chatted and laughed
happily but the sound of the music made all their talks and
noises unheard.. Natasha was also part of the celebration..
The compound was highly secured by Police Officers and
thugs fully and heavily armed but suddenly gunshots was
heard from the outside and they quickly switched off the
”What is happening?” Chief Wilson asked as everyone was
in fear.. They ran helter skelter in confusion not knowing
what to do. Few seconds later three dark men entered the
sitting room and shot gun in the air and they all screamed
”Everybody get down!!” They ordered and they all laid in
fear and trembling
”I see.. You are making merry huh?” One of them that looks
like their boss said
”Well, sorry to interrupt” He added and walked about.. Due
to the attracting figure of Natasha, he was eye-drawn to her
and he matched her buttocks which made Natasha to shiver
”This one looks sweet” He said and they laughed
”All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy mehn” He
said and dragged Natasha up
”Boys, take care of things here let me go upstairs” He said
and angrily looked at Natasha
”Now lead the way” He said and Natasha pleaded
” Shut up and move!!” He shouted and other corked their
guns. Natasha shaking walked upstairs with the man..
The man pushed Natasha hardly towards the bed and
dropped his gun so as to easily undress.. Natasha struggled
but he slapped her and drew down her clothes
”It’s not good to harrass a Lady Bro” A thisck deep voice
said from the dark and the man rushed up immediately
looked around the room. Just then Spartacus walked out
holding nothing in his hands.
”Who the hell are you and how did you get here?” The man
”I actually don’t know myself” Spartacus said
”But what are you doing on a lady?” Spartacus asked
”How dare you ask me stupid questions!” The man
exclaimed and bent down to pick up his gun and shoot on
lifting up his head, Spartacus flinged a knife which nailed
his head to the wall..
”Get up young Lady.. Clean yourself up and stay here”
Spartacus said
”There are others downstairs” Natasha said with a shaky
”Just do what I told you” Spartacus said in a cool voice and
left through the door. The blood gushing from the man’s
head frightened Natasha as she stayed in the room just as
Spartacus ordered
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 23
:07015547285 Or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
”Guy, what’s holding up boss in there?” One of the
assassins asked the other
”Hahah.. You should have known Boss by now, he doesn’t
joke with women let alone such a succulent one as this” He
”Let’s just finish this job and leave maybe he will come
along later” The other one suggested
”No.. I think we should go get him down here” The other
”Alright then. Stay here while I go” The other said and tok a
step forward. Before he could throw out the next step the
lights went off even Chief Williams and others were
surprised and afraid same time. Before they could turn
around, the lights came back on
”What was that?” One assassin asked
”Maybe power interruption” The other replied
”Rush up and get his ass down here’wa He said but before
he could move again, the lights went of but this time it was
steadily going off and on and the assassins were alert
sensing danger lurking around. The off and on of the light
became so fast that their sights were sparkled. Seeing them
in confusion, Spartacus flinged knifed the first guy and shot
dead the other in seconds. On hearing the loud gun shot
everybody was frightened thinking the assassins have killed
any of them. Sooner, the lights came on steadily but Chief
Williams and others were still faced down pleading for
mercy from the assassins. Few seconds later, Prof. Michael
lifted up his head a bit and saw the two men laying dead on
the floor and he was surprised, so he stood up immediately,
tapping others up
”Look, what happened here?” He asked and everybody
starred at him with mouth opened wide.. They were amazed
and surprised at what they saw. Just then their minds ran
back to Natasha and they all ran upstairs
”Natasha!! Natasha!!” They called
”Are you alright?” Mrs. Williams asked and Natasha replied
”Yes Ma’am.. I’m fine” She replied standing from the bed.
On entering the room, they all screamed as they daw the
assassin knife nailed to the wall. So they slowly walked in..
”What happened here?” They asked at once
”Is he gone?” Natasha asked
”Who??” Chief Williams asked
”Is who gone?” Mrs. Williams inquired
”The young man that saved me. He was in mask.. He told
me to stay here” Natasha said, Chief Williams and Prof.
Michael understood her explanation but Chief Wilson and
Mrs. Williams were confused
”What are you talking about?” Chief Williams asked
”Which man in mask?” Mrs. Williams asked
”Believe me, He was here and he came downstairs.”
Natasha said looking serious
”I think this same man saved us” Chief Wilson said
”Well, thank God everybody is fine now.. Let me call
Ambulance service to come and clear up these mess” Chief
Williams said and they all left. Mrs. Williams and Chief
Wilson were wtill wondering..
Chief Wilson got to his house happily and safe.
”Hey daddy” Cynthia happily ran and hugged him with a
”Hey my sweet angel.. Sorry, I didn’t come back yesterday”
Chief Wilson said
”I know you were enjoying your victory” Cynthia said and
Mrs. Wilson came out
”How did you know about that?” On the television, every
station, even little children can tell the story” Cynthia said
and they laughed
”Actually, I am very happy” Chief Wilson said and they all
walked in.
While inside, Chief Wilson told them all that happened and
they were shocked at the story but happy that he was still
”I have told you to be very careful.. They are no friends in
Politics” Mrs. Wilson said looking very worried
”Ah.. Ah.. Mum, don’t say that” Cynthia said
”I know what I am talking about ooh” Mrs. Williams said
”We should be happy now not throwing words at each
other” Cynthia said
”Tell her my daughter” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia rested
on his shoulders. Happiness took over the arena…
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 24
:07015547285 Or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
”Davey darling, please hurry up!” Barr. Linda said wearing
a black and white decent cloth sitting on the dinming table
drinking tea. Few Seconds later, Dave walked down
”Good Morning Sis” Dave greeted
”Sleepy head” Linda said and laughed while Dave sat down
”Why do you always want me to drink tea with you?” Dave
asked cutting out some slices of bread
”To make sure you ate” Linda said not looking at him
”You mean I won’t eat if you are away?” Dave asked
”Who knows.. Maybe” Linda said still not looking at him
”C’mon Sis.. I’m no longer a baby” Dave said
”Yeah, but you are the only one I have, you are my
husband, boyfriend, brother, father and mother and I vow to
take good care of you” Linda said pet rubbing his neck as
Dave looked at her with an emotional eyes
”You are my everything Dave” She added and perked him.
Dropped her tea cup and carried her bag. Her words were
still ringing in Dave’s ears
”I’m off” Linda said and walked out..
”Hey Sis, wait” Dave called out from behind as Linda
wanted to enter her car
”You forgot something” Dave said walking closer
”What’s that?” Linda asked
”Your phone and your files” Dave said
”Oh.. My.. Thanks alot, I would have frustratingly searched
for these at work today” Linda said and collected them
”Thank you” She said and opened her car
”I’m still afraid” Dave said with a low voice and Linda
stopped immediately as her mood changed
”Afraid of what?” Linda asked
”The Unknown.. The call you got last night and some other
stuffs” Dave said looking very pale
”Don’t worry yourself baby, I’ll be fine. Trust me. Nothing
will happen to me” Linda said and Dave embraced her
”I love you too Sis” Dave said reciprocating the love Linda
professed to him inside
”Take Care” He added and disengaged the hug. Linda
entered her car and drove out. Dave opened the gates for
her and waved at her as she left..
”What a lovely Sis” Dave said to himself
”I have all day to myself..” Dave said happily and ran
inside the house
Linda got to the main entrance of her office but a black land
rover car was parked at the gate, so she came down from
her car trying to know if she would see who parked the car
”Musa.. Musa!!” She called out on the gate man but he
didn’t reply
”Gosh.. Even the small gate is blocked” Linda said and just
then two men walked to the scene in black suits
”Oh.. My.. So sorry my dear. We went to buy something
accross the road” They apologised
”But you would have parked it somewhere else, there are
lots of parking spaece here” Linda said a bit politely
”We are sorry beautiful lady” They apologised again
”Whatever.. Please drive out from the entrance, I’m already
late for work” Linda said and walked into her car. As she
entered her car, the two men brought out their guns and
entered the car immediately
”Shhhhhh…” They said to Linda from the back seat as she
was already shocked and shivering
”Drive this car” One of them said
”Now!!” The other one yelled at her which frightened Linda
the most and she ignited the engine with a shivering hand.
”Keep going straight till we say stop” They said to her but
she never looked at them
”Please, who are you.. Please, what have I done wrong?
Please spare my life.. Pleaseee” Linda pleaded with eyes fll
of tears not looking at them as she concentrated on her
”Better shut up and drive” They warned her and she drove.
Getting to a bit lonely place, they stopped her and dragged
her to the back seat. One of the guys now handled the
wheels of the car while the other tied up Linda in her mouth
to avoid her from screaming.
With great speed they drove into a bushy area and they
”Get her down!” One of them ordered and the other dragged
Linda out
”Your type is needed urgently in hell” One of the men said
and corked his gun immediately but before he could shoot,
Aprtacus shot him from behind and he fell down
”Butcher.. Butcher..” The other guy called his dead partner
looking at him
”You coward, come out!!” He barked knowing someone was
”I wasn’t hiding” Spartacus said walking out
”You fool, you killed my friend” He said
”No. He killed himself” Spartacus tackled his words
”You’ll pay for this!” He said angrily
”Wait.. Wait” Spartacus paused his action
”Let’s drop these gus and have a one on one fight”
Spartacus said and convinced the guy for a hand fight, but
before he could move a step forward, Spartacus slipped out
a pistol and shot him dead and Linda was shocked the
more. Spartacus loosed her and looked at her
”Please spare me.. I beg you” Linda said and Spartacus
entered the car
”Hop in” Spartacus said and Linda entered immediately
”Thank you” Linda said and Spartacus ignited the engine of
the car…
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 26
…..”Seriously, you have been talking for the past minutes
here but I can’t get a clue of you are talking about” Dave
said to Linda looking confused..
”You drove in saying you saw him.. Who’s the him? But you
haven’t given me a direct answer” Dave said standing in
front of Linda who seemed not to be listening
”Dave, I need you to draft me a letter” Linda said to Dave
”A Letter? For what?” Dave asked
”A letter of abstinence from work, send it to my Office Mail
now!” Linda said turning her hand bag inside out
”You ain’t going to work today again?” Dave asked
”He said I shouldn’t” Linda said keeping her bag aside
”What sort of a nonsense is this!! Why keeping me in the
dark here” Dave said looking sober
”Dave, please I’m sorry, but can you kindly go and take
some rest, I need to put my head back together, don’t
bother about the letter anymore” Linda said looking very
confused as she carried her bag and ran upstairs. Dave
starred at her as she ran up the stair case
”I wish Mum was here to handle this.. Gosh!” Dave said
and closed the front door, walking sluggishly to his room..
Cynthia walked around the big compound alone in a red
gown. She held her phone on the left hand, walking quite
slowly like someone in thought. Chief Wilson went out, only
Mrs. Wilson was around at that moment but the compound
was quiet..
Cynthia walked out of her room that night to see her father
sitting alone in the sitting room with his hands on his jaw.
Cynthia looked at the time and it was 1:12am and she
walked towards her father
”Dad, what’s bothering you? You haven’t gone to bed”
Cynthia’s voice said from behind and Chief Wilson
shockingly looked behind him
”Ooh.. Cynthia, you haven’t slept” Chief Wilson asked
turning around
”How can I when you are not sleeping” Cynthia said and sat
besides him
”What’s the matter Dad. Is anything wrong?” Cynthia asked
looking into his eyes
”It’s actually nothing my dear. Please go and sleep, I will
join you later” Chief Wilson said
”You can only tell that folk tale to a little girl Dad, you can’t
be this worried and tell me that it’s nothing” Cynthia said
now holding her fathers hands
”Hmmm.. My daughter, you won’t understand” Chief Wilson
”Then make me Understand Dad” Cynthia tackled his
statement and Chief Wilson looked at her
”I did a very bad thing during my youth age” Chief Wilson
said looking sober
”We can still fix the past Dad, your present good actions
can make up for your past” Cynthia said
”No.. My daughter. This one isn’t that easy. I did it thinking
it was the right thing to do but now I feel sorry for my
actions” Chief Wilson said to her not looking at her
”Tell me Dad, what was that you did” Cynthia asked
”Don’t bother yourself about that my dear. I just pray Karma
and Nemesis doesn’t catch up with me” Chief Wilson said
and stood up
”Good Night sweetheart” Chief Wilson said and walked
inside as Cynthia starred at him not actually understanding
what he was talking about…
”Cynthia!!!… Cynthia..!!” Mrs. Wilson called out touching
Cynthia on her back
”Ooh.. Mum..” Cynthia said coming back from her trance
”How long have you been here?” Cynthia asked
”Long enough to know that something serious is bothering
you” Mrs. Wilson said pet rubbing her shoulders
”What is it my daughter” Mrs. Wilson asked
”Are you quarreling with anybody?? Is there anyrthing you
want?” Mrs. Wilson asked restless compound questions
”It’s nothing Mum.. I’m fine” Cynthia said and stood up
immediately to avoid any further interview from her
”I told you all that I’m not guilty but you all refused and
paid deaf ears to me. Even the accusing Lawyer professes
my integrity” Chief Williams said standing in the long oval
shaped table filled with Ministers, Governors, Senators and
lots more, headed by President Donatus
”I don’t have much to say again but, I thank God for it all”
Chief Williams concluded and sat down.
”Chief Williams, have you heard that Mrs. Ali is dead and
she was shot on the fore head?” President Donatus asked
”Oh, Yes, maybe she killed herself as she couldn’t bear the
death of her husband” Chief Wilson said
”Arrant Nonsense!!” Senator mustaphar barked at Chief
”You eveil man, you killed them all and used your charms
on the day of the court procession to free yourself. You are
a devil!!” Senator Mustaphar said boldly..
”Mind your tongue young Man” Chief Wilson said
supporting Chief Williams
”And if I don’t!!” Mustaphar still yelled at Chief Wilson
”Sit down Senator..” President Donatus ordered and he
angrily sat down. Chief Williams steadily looked at him as
he sat down..

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The heart of an assassin (chapter 16-19)
The heart of an assassin (chapter 20 -29)
Updated: September 19, 2018 — 1:26 pm

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