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The heart of an assassin (chapter 16-19)

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(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 16
:07015547285 Or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
***7pm – SAME DAY***
Cynthia’s face was not looking too good as she was dressed in a bit transparent white gown, she walked to and fro the parlour and often run her face and head with her hands
”Why is Bella finding it too difficult to have a change in life” She thought to herself
”I have tried all I can but she takes it as nothing” She added
”Hmmm.. Why has she chosen the life of Prostitution and calls it a Free World” She held her lips with her fingers
”Hmmm…” She exhaled and sat on her couch still lost in thought but the voice of Sergent Samson brought her back and she quickly adjusted her mind
”Good day Ma” Sergent Samson greeted
”Yes… How long have you been standing there?” Cynthia asked
”Not to long Ma.. It seems something is bothering you” Sergent Samson said looking at her
”No, I’m fine” Cynthia pretended
”It’s written in your face Ma. Your father placed you in my care and anything that happens to you will be on me” Sergent Samson said trying to make Cynthia talk
”I said I’m fine! Or don’t you understand simple english anymore?” Cynthia said with a bit harsh voice
”Sorry Ma, if you say sç.. Is there anything you might need?” Sergent Samson asked
”No.. I’m fine thank you” Cynthia said
”Alright Ma.. Good Night” Samson said and left
”Good Night” Cynthia said with a low voice and stood up immediately.
She picked up the television remote controller and turned it On. After she turned it On, she dropped the remote and left to get a cup of tea.
Few minutes later she walked out with a cup of tea in her hands and her right hand stirring the tea as she walked and watched the television. Just then, the program on the televesion was cut short and a breaking news began
”This is an emergency breaking news” The male broadcaster began and Cynthia waalked closer
”The well known Chief Williams once a senator and now a Presidential candidate for the next election has been issued to the federal high court as he was tagged the host that murdered Chief Ali a fellow Politician” The broadcaster said and the tea cup fell from Cynthia’s hands
”What??!” She exclaimed and increased the volume of the television
”Based on the height of the crime, even President Donatus, the President of the federation is fully in agreement with his court process” The broadcaster added
”On an interview, Chief Williams claimed not to be the murderer and that Chief Ali attempted his life thrice before his death” The broadcaster said again and Cynthia couldn’t just hold herself
”The court process will begin in a week from today. This is the news of the hour. Thank you, I am Mike Chika” The broadcaster concluded and the previous program continued
”Hello.. Dad” Cynthia said on the phone
”You can’t believe this Dad” Cynthia said
”Your Friend, Chief Williams has been issued to court in a week from now” Cynthia broke the news
”What??!!!” Chief Wilson exclaimed
”No.. Not my friend” Chief Wilson said
”I think it’s time I come back and sought things out” Chief Wilson said and hung up the call
”Oh God, please not Chief Williams” Cynthia said, turned off the television and ran upstairs.
The news about the death of Chief Ali and the placed alligation on Chief Williams has ran faster than the speed of lightening that even unborn babies knows about it…
It has gotten Chief Williams and his household in check….
Chief Williams, Spark and One Bullet rushed out fron his house and behold the press has filled his house, they rushed him immediately but Spark and One Bullet bocked them still they pressed on
”Sir, is it true that you killed Chief Ali” One Press man asked him but Chief Williams kept quiet still walking
” Sir, please speak to us. The court processes in a week time Sir” Another Press Lady said
”Now Listen to me, I have said it before and I will say it again, I didn’t kill Chief Ali..” Chief Williams said
”I will show Mr. President and all his aholics that I am innocent in court next week.. Good day” Chief Williams said and walked towards his car but they followed him
”Chief wait.. Please wait Chief.. ” The Press ran after him but Spark blocked them and Chief Williams entered his car and drove off…
”Hello Mr. President” Chief Wilson said on the phone
”Yes, My Vice” Donatus replied
”What am I hearing. What is the matter of Chief Williams” Chief Wilson asked
”He has a murder case and it’s serious” Donatus said
”Please Mr. President, you know Chief Williams is my close friend.. We can settle this better” Chief Wilson said
”Listen to me Chief Wilson, this has gone too far that it can’t be reversed” Donatus said
”Infact I solely sent him to court!” He added
”What? No, you can’t do this to me” Chief Wilson pleaded but President Donatus hung up the call..
”I have to get back to Nigeria” Chief Wilson said…
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 17
:07015547285 Or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
Mr. President sat in his office whinning and spinning his chair around with his hands on his jaw as someone full of thoughts. His mind ran through a lot of things
”This is my way to easily nail Chief Williams down! He can’t just be so influencial!” President Donatus said and picked up his phone
”Hello Barrister Linda” President Donatus said on the phone
”Good day His Excellency” Linda greeted from her part
”Now, hope you have gotten everything ready and documented to nail down that bastard” President Donatus asked
”Yes Sir, trust me. Everything is in place Sir” Linda said
”Good, I will send some officers to you so as to help you gather more and protect you. This case is a high profile case. Do you understand” President Donatus asked
”Yes Sir, I very well understand Sir” Linda said
”Good” President Donatus said and hung up the call..
”Sergent!” He called immediately he dropped the phone and an Officer ran in
”I need you and three of your trusted men to do something for me” President Donatus said starring at the officer with a little smile on his face..
”Prof. Michael, I don’t really understand this” Chief Williams said looking worried as he parabulated in the parlour of Prof. Michael
”What don’t you understand in this” Prof. Michael asked
”Is this just about Chief Ali or someone is trying to dent my image and kill my career” Chief Williams said
”It’s not a guess Chief, that’s the fact” Prof. Michael said sitting down
”But you don’t look worried at all” Chief Williams said looking at Prof. Michael
”Me? Why should I be worried?” Prof. Michael asked
”Relax with me and drink to your victory” Prof. Michael added and started laughing to the surprise of Chief Williams..
Barrister Linda has closed from work and walked out from her office in the escort of the officers sent by Mr. President fully armed. They escorted her out the gate
”I guess you have to go now and come back tomorrow, I will be fine” Barr. Linda said to the Officer
”Are you sure Madam” One of the Officers asked
”Yes, I’m very sure. Thank you” Linda said and they drove out with their car..
Immedaitely they left, Linda walked to her car. She opened it and entered, on igniting the engine of the car, it refused to start. She tried and tried but to no avail
”Gosh, what’s this!” Linda exclaimed
”I repaired this car in the morning” She said and hissed
”What nonsense!” She added and banged the door of the car as she came down. Majestically, in her black and white dress looking very decent, she walked to the expressway to baord a taxi..
Fortunately for her, a taxi drove towards her and she flagged it down.
”Where to Madam” The male driver asked her
”2 Km drive off Washington Lane” Linda said
”Hop in Ma’am” The male driver said without looking at her and Barr. Linda entered the car.
”Thank God you came by, it’s really hard to get a taxi by this time” Linda said and began to zip open her bag
”Eerrhm.. Sorry, how much is your money” Linda asked but the driver kept quiet
”Hello.. Driver, how much is your money” She asked again but the driver said nothing
”Are you alright?” She asked
”Ain’t you talking again” She asked again
”I don’t talk too much madam and I also don’t want you to talk too much” The driver said
”What do you mean by that?” Linda asked
”I learnt you and your colleagues are tackling the case profile of Chief Williams” The driver said
”What the hell are you talking about? Who the hell are you?” Linda asked
”I am who I am Madam. What you see is Me” The driver said and Linda was held with fear
”No need to be afraid, I won’t hurt you Ma.. Just co-operate with me and burn all the evidences and be absent in court on the day of the Court procession” The driver said
”That’s arrant nonsense! I can never do that” Linda said picking up courage
”No need to prove brave here Ma.. I like you alot and won’t want to take it the hard way Ma” The driver said
”You must be stupid. I will never drop that case, I will be sacked or even held as a suspect” Linda said still in fear
”Like I said before Ma, I don’t talk too much. Be wise and co-operate. Nice speaking with you” The driver said and matched the brakes
”Here we are” The driver said stopping at the address Linda told him but fear gripped Linda
”How much is your money?” She asked again
”Never mind, I just like you and I don’t know why. You can go with your money but think about what I told you” The driver said and Linda fearfully walked out of the car
”Good Night Ma” The driver said and drove off. Linda stood in shock for more than 10 minutes before she recovered herself and walked into her house..
All the Ladies in this house, be ready!! I have something I think you Ladies will Like!!!
(Save My Past)
Season 1
Episode 18
:07015547285 Or 08134006619(Whatsapp)
Chief Williams sat on his bed with his eyes fully opened. His arms folded and placed on the pillow that rested on his laps. His wife on the other hand was deeply sleeping besides him.. Chief Williams said nothing and thought of nothing. On rolling on the bed Mrs. Williams couldn’t feel the body of her husband, so she woke up slowly to see her husband in a sitting posture and she exhaled.
”Honey, what’s bothering you again? I thought you said everything is under control” Mrs. Williams said, but Chief Williams looked at her and looked away immediately
”Of course, everything is fine. You can go back to sleep my dear” Chief Williams said with a dull voice
”But you don’t look alright” She said but before Chief Williams could say anything, his phone rang and diverted his attention.
”Hello Chief Wilson” He said with a bit light up voice
”Chief, what am I hearing?” Chief Wilson asked from the phone
”It’s nothing actually, just a political misunderstanding here” Chief Williams said
”Oh God! But did you really kill Chief Ali?” Chief Wilson asked and Chief Williams sparked in fury
”How dare you ask me that! If that’s what you called to ask me then you better drop this call or I’ll drop it myself” Chief Williams said in anger
”No.. Noo.. Please calm down Chief, actually, like I hears it’s very serious so I will be coming down to Nigeria in two days time as to know how to tackle this matter. Please, calm down” Chief Wilson said with a good voice and Chief Williams dropped the call immediately feeling fed up of what Chief Wilson was saying..
”Who was that Honey?” Mrs. Williams asked
”Chief Wilson, the Vice President” Chief Williams replied
”What was he saying?” She asked again
”Friendly Enemies” Chief Williams replied and laid down on the bed without giving his wife any attention again…
Mrs. Ali and President Donatus were seen sit-chatting in the office of President Donatus
”Don’t worry, I will make sure he goes down” President Donatus said
”I don’t care how you do it, but I need to revenge my husband! If the court can’t do that for me then I have to do it my own way” Mrs. Ali said with a serious face
”Your own way? How?” President asked
”When the time comes, you will know” Mrs. Ali said
”Please calm down. We all know how you feel” President tried calming her down
”You know absolutely nothing about this..!” Mrs. Ali exclaimed and left immediately suspending the next word that would have come out of President Donatus’ mouth….
So many Police Officers where seen guarding both the interior and exterior part of the Office but Linda was left alone in her office seeming very busy as she was operating on her computer and writing so many things on her documents. On her she bent down and from her looks, she was working on the case of Chief Williams. But her good work was interrupted by the voice of Spartacus
”Good day Madam” Spartacus greeted her already sitting down, wearing a black corporate suit but his face still covered in mask.
Fear and shock gripped Linda as she raised her head to see a man she haven’t seen before
”Who are you and how did you get in here?” She asked but Spartacus didn’t reply her
”How did you get here, I thought I told these officers not to let anyone in here!!” She said angrily and tried putting up a call but Spartacus slowly dropped a soundless pistol on the table and immediately she dropped the call in fear, shaking heavily
”Please don’t kill me, I beg you” Linda pleaded
”Why don’t you reply to my greetings before sparking up in anger Ma.. I can recall I greeted you Good day Ma” Spartacus said but Linda still kept quiet shking in fear
”Reply!” Spartacus barked at her
”Good day Sir” Linda fearfull answered immediately
”Good.. Please don’t be afraid of this” Spartacus said taking back the gun
”Have you thought of what the taxi driver told you yesterday?” Spartacus asked
”No.. I haven’t. I just ca…” Linda tried saying but Spartacus stood up and interrupted her
”I like you so much my dear, but the fact that I like you doesn’t mean that I can’t change matters for you!” I give you two days to find a way and close this case” Spartacus said
”Thank you for your time” Spartacus concluded and left through the door.
Immediately he left, Linda placed a call through and alerted the police officers. Few Seconds later two officers barged into her office
”What is it Ma” They asked
”Didn’t you see anybody coming in or going out?” Linda asked
No Ma, no one entered or went out” They replied
”What??! Someone just invaded my office with a gun” Linda said scratching her hair vigorously. Even the Police officers were surprised starring at her
”Did he hurt you?” They asked
”Just go away.. Get out.” Linda said and they left immediately still alert

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The heart of an assassin (chapter 13_15)
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