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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter thirtythree)

Me: for witches and wizard as in?Lizzy: we will talk when we get home, let’s go.we walk to the main road and she stop a bike, the bike man look us from up to downBike man: na which blood they your body?Lizzy: na accident happen, we rush the victim to hospital and came here for debriefingBike man: okay na where una dey go?Lizzy: inside afuze here.Bike man: oya make una enterLizzy ushered me to get in I refuse to enter, she came close to me and said “see oziegbe amtrying to help you and I believe am your best bet, so if you want to live your life in peace you better follow me, now get in.I enter (do I have any other choice) and she sat down at my back, if na before I nor dey allow girl sit down for my back oh say na wetin happen? I sat gently not Mindy her sitting at my front or back, she say na only she fit save me, make we dey see how go they be, but what doesshe mean by saying am a sacrificial lamb, if am a sacrificial lamb then why am I still alive, so many thoughts running through my mind as the bike speed off, we get to locust road and lizzy told the bike man to enter the road, I was scared but not that much, if Lizzy want to kill meshe should have done that a long time ago, so what does she want? I like her no doubt but do Ilove her? I don’t know oh maybe I love her or maybe I don’t, but one thing is sure that am losing my mind, I push a police officer to the wallsomething I believe I cannot do with my right sense, there is something behind the wall and am very eager to find out, and I believe Lizzy have the answer,the bike man drop us at lizzy’s street, she payed the bike man and just walk pass me goingstraight to her house, I followed her from behind as if I have a choice, it was dark but there is moon at least I can see the road, I thinkthe time will be ten or eleven pm now, though I don’t know am just guessing, I followed her from behind ask we walk in silence to her mysterious bungalow, hiding a wonderful made mansion inside this bush is kind of mysterious to me, we reach her creep and the door open itself, waoh that’s a new technology, is it really technology? well I don’t know for now, we enter her house and I continue starring as if I have not been here before, the way she arrange everything baffle me,Lizzy: are you gonna keep on starring at the building or you gonna sit down let’s talk.Me: well I thought u don’t want to talk that’s why am starring, so tell me ma what sacrificial lamb? I said and sat down opposite her.Lizzy: the way you talk baffle, why ain’t afraid?Me: afraid of what exactly?Lizzy: of me.Me: hahahaha why should i be afraid, if you wantto hurt you should have done that by now.Lizzy: what makes you think I want to hurt you.Me: I don’t think I just assume you ain’t a human being.Lizzy: why would you think that?Me: because since you fucck me badluck have been flocking around me like a park of sheep.Lizzy: hahahaha, I didn’t fucck you, you disvirgin me and broke my heart.Me: well I called you to apologise only for you toignore my call.Lizzy: well I do pick later when I know you were crazy.Me: you pick because I was exhausting your battery.Lizzy: let’s stop all this blame and let’s discuss the main reason why I brought you here.Me: well start talking because am listening.Lizzy: first of all am not who you think I am.Me: yea I know you are a witch, you pushed me to push that police man didn’t you?Lizzy: yes how did you know?Me: I watch the video.Lizzy: you did, please tell me the video is still with you.Me: of course yes that’s why am not afraid of you, I know you need the video tape.Lizzy: you know who I am and you still fucck me,Me: I didn’t believe then. but after what I did to that officer and what you did in the cell, then my suspicious was confirm.Lizzy: hmmmm honesfly, I have been following you for a long time now even before the accident,.that word caught my attention,Me: following me since, why?Lizzy: I told you, you are sacrificial lamb..this is getting interesting.Me: I don’t understand please throw more light.Lizzy: well first of all am a hybrid, a witch and a mermaid..I got up from my seat, e be like say na now I wan dey fear.Me: what do you mean?Lizzy: I was born a mermaid, I was called Luciana then I even had a sister, don’t know where she is now though I was ban when I was little, they call her Lucy, in my kingdom our queen is dieing and we need someone from the same clan with many hairs like lion, there is nobody else except you Oziegbe.I ran out of the house with the speed of light.I got to the magic door. the door no gree open na wa oh wetin they worry this door, I go breakam oh, I look back and saw Lizzy starring at me maybe she’s wondering wetin dey worry this boy while did I suddenly change.I hold the handle of the door and push for where e strong gan like aso rock.“where are you running to? she questioned, (question for the gods)I didn’t even bother to listen to her as I struggleto get the door open but the door they form strong head.Lizzy stood up and started walking towards me like snake, I wasn’t afraid before but now I dont know where the fear came from,Lizzy: if I want to hurt you, you would have been dead by now, why don’t you relax and hear me out.Me: hear you out? you just told me you want to use me for sacrifice and you telling me to relax?Lizzy: they won’t I assure you.she walk to me put her right hand on my shoulder and said. “I promise you nobody will hurt so relax and hear me out please”I was very much afraid now I look at her eyes and I saw love, I took her head and I kiss her passionately the suddenly i started crying, i don’t know why butI just start crying and sat down at the same spot, Lizzy sat with me and wrap her hands around my neck peting me like baby.Me: what’s wrong with me, my head is seeing things I don’t even know who am I anymore?Lizzy: you are Ailobasumu (they don’t drag crown with king), you are a human being born with a silverspoon, have you ever wondered why you are the only one in your family to have hairs?Me: why, I said still crying (I still don’t know why am crying)Lizzy: well is a long story, you don’t own yourself, when your great grand father was looking for a child and he didn’t see, he went farfar into the forest, there he met a lady, we call her Mother mermaid, she promise him a child but only on one condition.Me: what is it (getting interested)Lizzy: that any boy born out of his family with hair like animal will be use as a sacrifice to increase the life span of mother mermaid.Me: wait what exactly are you saying?Lizzy: he slept with mother mermaid, for years we have been waiting for the product of that union, but none until you appear.Me: so how do you know that am the product.Lizzy: because you inherit her hairs and her eyes. you are a carbon copy of her.Me: you are joking right?Lizzy: no am not.Me: so what those that make me.Lizzy: you are a human being, but you have a spiritual mother, which make you half human and half merman.Me: I reject it in Jesus name, any evil that form against me shall not prosper by the power of the holy ghost am a child of God.I stood up and started scattering prayer, as I continue praying the house started moving like train.Lizzy: stop it.Me: I band any demonic or rivernic spirit hovering around me In Jesus name.Lizzy: stooooooop.I didn’t hear that as I continue praying without ceasing, really? what get inside me, she was shaking up and down as if she was under the anointing of God, I was kind of surprise becauseam a sinner how can god be answering my prayers when I sin a lot.as I continue praying everywhere continue shaking as if Armageddon is about to happen, then she pause look at me, I saw her eyes sparking red all round, then she point her right hand to me and shouted.Lizzy: I command you to stop.I stop at once.

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