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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter thirty)

Me: what, is anything wrong with it?Lizzy: not at all, just dont feel comfortable hearing it.Me: ha you be witch wey you nor wan hear God and Jesus name again?Lizzy: maybeMe: hahahahaha, if you like be witch, vampire, mammy water, wolf anyone, all i know be say i go still love you, (i said that jokingly).Lizzy: serious.Me: with my life.Lizzy: okay then make a vow.Me: a vow like how?Lizzy: you said you will love me no matter what iam, if its true thenput your right hand on chest and raise your lefthand to the sky andsay, “i will love you no matter what you are”.Me: na which talk be that?Lizzy: well i thought you are serious, then do it.Me: i will do it when i take you to alter for marriage, not now.Lizzy: hahahaha you are afraid.Me: am not.Lizzy: if you say so, what did you keep for me joor?Me: nothing oh, your visit is a myterious one, i wanted to go and buysomething when a heavy breeze started blowing, i cant go inside thestorm or else i will get blind.Lizzy: uhmm, so you wont offer me anything?.Me: of course i will.Lizzy: time no dey oh, i thought you said you will go school by 12 abi 1.Me: yeah,.Lizzy: can you take me along.Me: if you wish no problem, will you eat eba.Lizzy: which soup?Me: which one do you want?Lizzy: you mean, you will cook it now?Me: yesLizzy: nah no time, when we come back we cook together.Me: serious?Lizzy: yep, lets just eat indomie now, do you have?Me: no i will go and buy.Lizzy: okay, no problem.I got up and took money from inside our container, she insist she mustfollow me that she cant stay alone.We came out together with my sport nicker and handless shirt, whileshe dress like indian beauty queen, waoh my dress no fit am at all,though the place no far so i just chill up.We reach outside and una know na, men must talk, come see as ogijiothe carpenter they look lizzy open mouth,.Me: ogijio how far.For where, im no even look me, lizzy pass am na so him continue theylook am, i just pass jejeje, i nor get im time, we dey go i look backogijio still they look her open mouth.Lizzy: whats up with him, he seem so lost.Me: yeah so lost in ur beauty, na my mind i talk that one oh.We walk to wear we will buy the indomie, come see starring things, mei come better put hand round her waist hold am,chai big boy thingssweet oh,Seller: na your wife be this.Me: yes, give us indomie.Seller: na fine girl oh, how you they?Lizzy: good morning ma.Seller: morning dear, why you fine like this?Lizzy: sorry.Seller: you be like olokun.Me: na wetin concern you, abeg give us indomie make we dey go,.I think lizzy was angry with that word because she remain mute till wereach house.We enter room she just enter chair and sleep,.Me: am sorry, i should not have allowed you to follow me.Lizzy: nah its okay, i just hate the word she said,we are quitedifferent, just go and cook the indomie.Me: okay my love.I rush to kitchen to cook the indomie, since no be me wan eat am i gatto make it delicious, if na me i go just put indomie and the maggi putam for fire till e dry, but this time around i fry am, after 15minutes food don ready, we ate in silence, omo the food sweet oh, inor even know say i sabi cook indomie like this self, we finish amwithin ten minutes, i keep the plate and she satup, i meet her in thechair and put my right hand around her neck.Me: i think you are still angry.Lizzy: am not.Me: are you sure?Lizzy: yes am not angry.Me: okay prove it then.Lizzy: how?Me: kiss me.She smile and look down, then she stood up andtook my two hands up,starring at each others face, then she gave me a soft kiss, waoh verysweet like the aroma of last time with lucy, but this time i didntfaint.Me: i want more.She took my hands and draw me to my room, (how did she know my room inor know), we enter my room then she removeall her clothes, oh mensee beauty, she push me on the bed and i lay flat facing ceiling, sheremove my clothes too, then she came ontop and started sucking me, ebe like say i dey heaven, after sucking for 3minutes, she climb ontopme and insert my mantle inside her softly, she dey tight oh likevirgin, then she start fuccking me so well, the pleasure was too muchthat i didnt know when i start shouting “i love you baby”Lizzy: you really love me?Me: oh yes i do my love, you are so sweet, (shecontinue riding melike ghost rider).Lizzy: then say after me, “i love you”.Me: i love youLizzy: and i will love you forever.Me: and i will love you forever.Lizzy: i use my blood as a prove.Me: i use my blood as a prove.Lizzy: that my life is in your hands.Me: that my life is in your hands.Lizzy: and i will respect and obey you forever tilleternity.Me: (am almost releasing) and i will respect andobey you forever tilleterrrrrniiiityyyyyyy, i release inside her, and she faint on my body,i remove my dick inside her and what i saw on my hands shock me, i sawstain of blood on my hands.WHAT DID I JUST DO?Me: what da Bleep, you a virgin?Lizzy: uhummm, (she shook her head like agamalizard, still ontop me).Me: why didnt you tell me?Lizzy: what difference will it make?.Waoh i was dumbfounded that i push her slowly from my body and situp, put my two hands on my head as if i wan die,.Me: what were we even saying just now?Lizzy: nothing,Me: oh yeah, i pray is nothing,Lizzy: are you feeling bad?She came closer and put her hands round my neck.Me: i dont know, i just dont know but something just dont feel right.Lizzy: why will something be right when you just disvirgin me, or will i regret it?Me: i didnt say so.Lizzy: then what do you mean something dosnt feel right.I look at her, then i continue starring at the ground, she stood up, took her clothes from theground and wear them, she took her phone andhed to the door.Me: where are you going?She didnt reply, she just open the door to my room and enter parlour, she open our main door and dissappear,.Waoh did i do anything wrong? I was only thinking, why will she take it personal, na wa forsome girls oh, the way them they behave sometimes dey vex me.I check time twelve don dey nack so i gotup and prepare for school, after nodding my herikoko beroko (shoe) i lock my house and enter road to school, on my way i remember corper, oooooh me i nor fit wait joor, make i just enter school go rest joor i nor get joy as i dey hear, as i they so even if soldier come i fit slap am.I bounce enter school like mr bean, i hed to the office direct, everywhere they quiet people they class they learn, see as them small, na wa oh.I enter the exam officer office and i saw a lady there.Me: good evening mam.Lady: yes, who are you and how can we help you.Me: errrm ma, am Ozila and am here to collect my scholarship award.Mam: you win?Me: yes ma.Mam: whats your full name?Me: Akhigbe Oziegbe.She screw through some book, then she check my name and then bring out some book.Mam: write your name here.Me: okay mam.I wrote down my name then sign.Mam: come to school tommorrow to take passport and come with your SS2 result.Me: okay ma, is that all?Mam: yes you can go, and this your bear bear shave it.Me: okay thanks ma.Waoh that was simple i thought as i left the office, i think say the exam officer na man, but why this lady come they answer me na?, question to be answered another day.i wan follow where i pass come but that place istoo far and thats where those two bad guys block me the other day, so i decided to follow the farm road home at least this place is closer,even though na bush.I divert to the farm road and walk in silence, everywhere was quiet, i get to one junction and i saw some girls (student) plucking mango, i greeted them and continue walking not minding them starring at me, of course i know them but i just bone.I continue walking in silence when suddenly i heard a noise at my right hand, e be like say nadog they there, i stop and look at the area in the bush were i heard the noise, i saw nothing there so i continue moving like umaga wey nothing they shake, after walking like ten step i heard the noise again this time from my left, i stop and ask.Me: who be that?Nobody answer, so i continue walking faster thistime looking at my shoulders, then i look back and saw something following me inside the bush,i didnt see the thing cause of the bush, so i starte

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The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter twentynine)
The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow (chapter thirtyone)
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