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Tarasha season 2 (chapter 25-33)

Chapter 4 part 8
Don eyes located the bow tie under the table where it rolled to. He pointed his flashlight downwards as he bent to pick it. He touched the tie with his hand and picked it, but as he was about to rise up, his eyes met with something else, he slowly bent down and pointed the light to the object under the table. He had not yet figured out what it was when the sole of someone’s shoe kissed his face and pushed him backwards, he landed painfully on his back with a scream.
‘D–n it!’ Don cursed as he saw the figure struggle out from under the table. He hadn’t seen the face but he automatically knew who it was. He picked his phone which had fallen to the ground and struggled to his feet. With the pain he felt on his back, he still followed after her immediately. He picked his pistol on one of the tables he had left it and pointed it towards her at the door but she was out before he could release two shots.
Aisha jumped down the corridor but unluckily for her, she jumped into the hands of one of Don’s parading men. He sent her sprawling to the ground knocking her out with two heavy blows on her face.
Don came out to meet her on the ground, he pointed his gun at her as he moved closer.
‘No boss, don’t shoot.’ his man pleaded with him. ‘We’ve got the vehicles closer and we’ve settled the Security men, let’s leave now from the back without making so much noise.’
Don seemed to think for a while before putting his gun into his pocket hesitatingly. ‘Pick her up,’ he said. The guy dragged Aisha up and placed her on his big shoulders. ‘How much did you bribe the Security men with?’ Don asked as he waited for the guy to lead.
‘We didn’t pay anything, most of the Security men here are Ojo’s friends,’ the man replied and led the way to a dark and narrow space between two buildings.
‘Hey girl,’ Tarasha called in low tones as she walked over the bodies and got closer to the door of the toilet. She opened the door and looked in, there was no sign of Stephanie in the place. She stepped back outside the toilet and looked around to see if Stephanie was hanging around, there was still no sign of her. She hissed angrily and hurried back through the way she had gotten into the place. She took out her phone hurriedly and unlocked it, she clicked on a tracker app and waited a minute for it to load. From the reading on the app, she could tell that Stephanie was still in that building. She got angrier and regretted coming back to get Stephanie, the girl was only a distraction to her main purpose and she wasn’t supposed to have allowed the distraction. Stephanie had made matters worse disobeying Tarasha’s instruction by leaving the toilet where she was asked to hide. Tarasha decided to return to the couple and leave Stephanie to find her way if she could or die due to her stubbornness.
‘Get in,’ Tarasha said in a ordering tone to the couples which she led from the building at the back to where the bus was parked. It took them over ten minutes to walk there because of their weak bodies, but Tarasha was patient enough, only hoping in her mind that none of Don’s men was going to arrive while they delayed with their sluggishness.
She proceeded to open the gate while the couples got into the car. She also picked the device she had attached to the front of the gate and the explosive mechanism she set up behind the security house. She hurried back to the bus and closed the big passenger’s door before turning to the driver’s side.
She drove out in less than a minute and dropped again to close the gate, after parking the bus just few metres away from the gate.
She paused on getting halfway in closing the gate and remained still to listen, she thought she had heard something from the building. Even though she was angry that Stephanie had disobeyed her instruction, she still didn’t feel alright leaving without her. Her plan was to drop Stephanie and the couples in front of a police station and alert the officers to pick them while she goes on her way.
She closed the gate after waiting for few seconds without hearing anything else and hurried to the bus. She hopped in and turned the vehicle into the free road, she drove slowly towards the U-turn and made a turn to the other carriage way which linked to the road where she parked the car she came with. It took another two minutes to get to the place the car was parked. She stopped the bus there and dropped to take some things from the other vehicle, she put them into the boot of the bus. She turned back and looked towards the warehouse again, she felt a bit guilty for leaving Stephanie behind but couldn’t do anything about it since Stephanie was the one disobeyed her instructions. She closed the boot and walked back to the car to lock the doors properly, then she turned to the driver’s side of the bus and entered the vehicle.
As she started the vehicle engine and pulled the seatbelt, she felt a slight wave of headache, then she Rikau’s face suddenly flashed through her mind again. She closed her eyes to absorb the pain but it seemed to worsen it. She saw herself again as a small kid under Rikau’s body using one of his hands to hold her two tiny hands and dipping one into her pant. Then Stephanie’s face and the way she struggled flashed through her mind again, she could see the picture of Ojo pants pulled down and him trying to have his way violently.
The bad memories suddenly blacked out, leaving her with a more painful headache. She slammed her two hands on the steering wheel and took off the seatbelt. She opened the door and stepped out of the bus. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She opened her eyes as she heard murmurings from inside the vehicle, she looked towards the couple but couldn’t see their faces as the darkness in the bus covered them. She knew they must be wondering who she was and why she was acting all strange. Even she couldn’t understand her strange behaviour but she knew the cause of newly developed headache was the thought of leaving Stephanie behind in danger. She felt there was a strong connection between her and Stephanie but she couldn’t just explain what it was.
She took out her phone again and unlocked it, the tracker app was still running and it indicated that Stephanie was still in the building.
‘Don’t turn on the light,’ she said to the couples, pointing her phone’s flashlight into the vehicle through the window. ‘And , don’t make any noise. Don’t let anyone discover your presence here. I’ll be back, there’s still someone in that building I need to get out.’
Aisha could feel the cold chains on her hands and legs as her eyes opened in the darkness, she could also feel the roughness of the ground she laid against the sides of her body. She tried to stretch her legs and arms but she couldn’t as her body hit the restriction walls by the sides and pains accompanied the effort. She soon got to realize that she was in the boot of a car which was in motion. She closed her eyes in pain as she tried to remember what happened to her.
‘Ouch!’ she let out a cry as her head hit the sides of the boot. The vehicle had driven over a road bump impatiently.
‘She’s awake,’ she could hear a male’s voice from inside the car and she desisted from making any more sound. She remembered clearly now how she had tried to escape from Don but ran into one of Don’s men, she couldn’t recall what exactly he did to her. She remained calm and quiet so that she could listen more to the conversation of the men in the car but didn’t hear anything else, they had stopped talking only after muttering a few words to each other.
‘What’s the situation right now?’
‘Under control boss,’ Don replied Rex. He was seated tiredly at the front seat in a different car from the one Aisha was.
‘You messed up already, there’s no way you’re going to get that guy called Henry anymore, the girl already warned her boss,’ Rex said and there was a brief silence. ‘The next thing you should do is make sure your hostages and their parents remain with you. Cut off all communication from them right now until I give you further instructions.’
‘Alright boss.’
‘Make sure you don’t make any more mistakes, you might pay for the next one you make,’ Rex concluded with a serious warning.
‘Yes boss,’ Don said before the call ended. He turned off the phone’s backlight and squeezed it in his fist, he was still terribly mad at Aisha but he was grateful to his man for restricting him from killing her, that might have gotten him into another trouble with Rex.
He continued to consider the options in his mind, he needed to find the best way to punish her, she truly deserves to be punished for playing fast with him and the stress she made him go through. Even if it was severe beatings, he was surely going to make her pass through.
In less than ten minutes, they would have gotten back to the warehouse and he’ll unleash his fury on her, probably take off one of her hands
Tarasha navigated through the house carefully, using the compass app installed on her device which was connected to the little device she gave to Stephanie. It took her sometime to locate the object because of unfamiliarity with the building and it’s doors. After a total of five minutes, she was able to locate Stephanie where she laid unconscious on the floor, bleeding. Tarasha rushed to her and knelt by her side, trying to find where she was bleeding from. Her phone beeped at the same time, she scrolled down the notification bar and saw the warning notification. It indicated that the device Aisha was using to communicate to her was closer.
She quickly tucked the phone into her pocket and lifted Stephanie easily to her shoulder. She turned and hurried out of the building immediately. Her phone continued to beep aloud as she got out through the gate and crossed the two carriageways. She increased her speed into the straight road as she spotted some vehicles coming from her right hand side. She paused after hiding herself in the shadow formed by an electricity pole to prevent the occupants of the vehicle from seeing them, she took out her phone and silenced it. She continued towards the bus after the two vehicles passed. She got to the bus before they reached the U-turn which led to the carriageway to their gate.
A thought flashed through her mind as she entered the passenger’s side of the bus where the couples were. She wanted to go back and attack the cars, so that she could save Aisha at once. But another look at the bleeding Stephanie made her change her mind. For some reasons, the urgency in her heart to save Stephanie was more than the urgency she felt to fulfill the real purpose of her coming which was saving Aisha and Cole with their parents.
She could hear the vehicles horning at the gate before she closed the door to the passenger’s side and turned to the driver’s side quickly, she started the engine and drove off immediately, having no particular place in mind, all she wanted was to drive to anywhere safe enough to treat Stephanie but she didn’t even have the materials to use.
‘Get down and check why that r*tard is not answering,’ Don shouted angrily at the person driving the car he was seated in. They had horned severally without anybody responding from the compound.
The driver opened the door and stepped out of the car immediately. He proceeded to the gate and entered the compound through the smaller opening.
‘Usman! Usman!’ he shouted the name of the person supposed to be at the gate. He looked around the compound to see if anyone was coming forth but there was none. He felt something was missing as he bent down to open the gate passage for vehicles. He opened widely the two arms of the gate and walked back into the car.
‘Where the hell is Usman?’ Don asked him as he entered the car.
‘The small gate was opened and I didn’t find him there,’ the driver replied and closed the door.
‘It’s past 12am and the gate is not locked, ‘ Don looked alarmed and angrier. Everyone and everything seemed to be pissing him off the more. ‘Is there nobody else in?’
‘I didn’t see anyone, they’re most likely in their own positions’ the driver replied and then drove the car into the compound. The car behind followed closely.
Don stared around the compound with a tiny gaze as the car pulled up at the small garage at the left side of the building. The driver killed the car engine and stepped out of the car immediately, he turned back towards the gate to close it. The other vehicle had also parked behind them. The compound was well lit with the Security lights at the gate and the outer walls at each side of the building.
‘What the hell is Ojo doing? Where is the bus that’s supposed to be here?’ Don shouted angrily, so loud to the amazement of the guys coming out of the other vehicle. ‘Did he think I wasn’t going to return tonight? Did he go out or send someone with my vehicle?’ Don blared on as he marched back towards the front entrance.
He stopped close to the boot of the other car as two men lifted Aisha out. She still looked unconscious to them as they dropped her to the interlocked floor.
‘I’ll be back to deal with this sl*t,’ Don said, tightening his fists as he turned towards the entrance, his anger for Ojo and the urge to unleash his fury on him growing. As he approached the corridor at the front entrance, he looked around the compound again, it looked rough and so disorganized, he wondered what Ojo must have done to disorganize the whole place. He hurried up the corridor and pushed the main entrance door open, shouting out Ojo’s name.
‘Don will most likely execute Aisha today, she played a very dangerous game on him,’ Stainless was speaking as he circled round Cole. ‘And from the way he’s speaking, he won’t hesitate to kill your parents if you don’t cooperate with us.’ He stopped in front of Cole and blew some smoke from his cigar to Cole’s face. He tried to speak again but a cough came instead, he wasn’t as addicted to and good in smoking as Don was. ‘We know you’re scared of what Tarasha can do to you but she won’t be able to do anything if you deliver her to our hands according to plan.’ Stainless continued after he regained his voice.
‘Enough of your talks, what exactly do you want me to do?’ Cole cut in angrily.
‘Sell Tarasha to us dude, deceive her and make her fall into our trap. Once we capture her, you’re free to go with your parents.’Stainless replied to him sharply. Stone stood up from where he was seated and smoking heavily, he stood two metres at the front of Cole where he could see his face properly.
‘I don’t just want my parents alone. After getting them, how do I fend for them?’ Cole seemed to gain some strength in his voice, he stared thinly into the four eyeballs fixed on his face. ‘I’ll help you capture Tarasha if you add a million naira to the prize.’
Stainless and Stone stared at him in surprise for some seconds, then they turned to stare at each other’s faces.
‘Is that your only condition?’ Stone was the one who spoke. He took three steps closer to Cole and stared deep into his eyes.
‘Yes, with my parents.’
‘We’ll fix that when it’s daybreak and start work immediately. Deal?’ Stone said and turned to look at Stainless. The look on Stainless’s face revealed he consented to Stone’s proposed deal to Cole.
‘Deal,’ Cole replied firmly.
Stainless and Stone stared blankly at each other’s faces, Stainless plans seemed to be working well. Unknowingly to Stone, Stainless was only doing it out of his selfish purpose of gaining Rex’s heart. If Don could fail with Aisha and he succeeds with having Cole work for them, then it would make Rex believe more in him.
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Chapter 4 part 9
‘Ojo!’ Don kept barking the Yoruba name with his thick Igbo accent. As he proceeded past the first room into the large corridor, he noticed the doors of the rooms which the corridor led to opened carelessly and there were no signs of boys coming forth. He stopped halfway in the first corridor for a moment, he turned briefly around, feeling disgusted about how the whole place was, his anger against Ojo increased. All he thought was that Ojo had gone out to a party with his boys in the bus that was supposed to be parked outside. He took out his phone and dialed Ojo’s number, he proceeded towards the corridor exit, unbuckling his belt as he did. He needed to make quick use of the toilet as his bladder was full.
Ojo could hear the sound of a phone ringing as he walked past the rooms whose doors were carelessly opened but he didn’t bother to check as he felt his need to use the toilet more urgent. He stopped the call and proceeded faster to the toilet he shared only with Stainless and Stone in the factory. He met the shock of his life as he opened the door whose room enclosed the toilet.
Tarasha located the City Gate hospital after driving for over fifteen minutes, she had stopped on the road after driving past the Police Headquarters in Ikeja to attend to Stephanie’s wound. Stephanie had fallen due to the weakness in her body when she left the toilet instead of obeying Tarasha’s instruction. Tarasha had used a cloth to cover the wound on her neck and placed her on Mr Bello’s lap to lay in a position which will reduce the bleeding. She also gave some instructions to the couples as they drove on.
She pushed the horn furiously after getting to the front of the gate. The guards and gatemen had gone to bed already. After a minute about a minute of constant horning, two men surfaced behind the gate. He unlocked it and pushed the first wing out while the second man pulled the second in. The first man who was dressed like the security man stopped the bus as it made it’s way in, another man was also seeing coming out from the main building of the hospital.
‘We have an emergency here,’ Tarasha said to the man who stood by the driver’s door, looking back towards Stephanie who was held by Mr Bello in the bus.
‘Na woman dey drive am,’ she could hear the man say as he walked slowly forward, checking inside the bus through the windows.
‘Why them con plenty like this inside the bus?’ a man at the left side asked.
‘It’s our grand daughter, she fell while using the toilet.’ Mr Bello spoke out shakily. His gaze meeting with Tarasha’s.
The first nodded and walked back to the driver’s side, he gave a pass ticket to Tarasha and signaled for them to drive in.
Don pulled out his gun with great fear as he crossed over the first body. He cocked his gun in alertness and pulled out his phone. He dialed Rex’ phone number in error, thinking it was Stainless as he moved with slow steps towards the opened door of the toilet.
‘Stainless,’ Don shouted into the phone.
‘Don!’ Rex’ replied but Don was still too occupied with his thoughts of fear to notice the difference in the voice.
He could hear shouts from the boys outside and his heart shook in fear for the worst. They were certainly under attack, he thought.
‘Stain, we’re in trouble. I think we are under attack from Tarasha herself…’ he stopped talking as he entered the toilet till he stepped out after finding no one there. ‘Stain, how many boys do you have with you there?’ he asked as he made his way back through the door he entered from.
‘No matter who attacks you, don’t let the hostages leave your custody,’ the thick and angry bass voice came as a shock to Don. He took the phone off his ear for a second and stared at his screen, that was when he realized that the person he called was Rex, but the deed was done already.
‘Boss,’ he placed the phone back to his ear shakily. Rex stopped talking abruptly. Don noticed that he must have missed some instructions because Rex was still talking when he took the phone off his ears.
‘Did you see her?’ Rex asked.
‘No but some of the men I left here are down.’ Don answered, he was now back in the corridor where he heard the phone ringing when he placed a call to Ojo.
‘All of your guys?’ Rex asked
‘I’ve not checked them behind,’ Don replied, entering into the rooms carefully one after the other.
‘Confirm and get back to me as soon as possible,’ Rex snapped and the line went off before Don could reply.
‘Holy shi*t!’ Don exclaimed as he met with Ojo’s lifeless body in the room. His pants was pulled halfway and several bullet holes were in his body.
He closed back the door and turned out of the door, half running and half walking.
‘Don!’ one of the boys almost ran into him at the first room.
‘What the hell are you running about for?’ Don shouted at him angrily, there was a gun in the guy’s hand and he was panting heavily.
‘Don, the guys at the back…’ he paused to control his breath as his voice seemed to be covered with the loudness of his breath.
‘Talk to me buffoon!’ Don cursed angrily, tightening his grip on his gun.
‘The boys at the back are all down and the hostages are gone,’ he finally said amidst his heavy intake and release of air.
‘Oh! D–n it…’ Don went wild with anger. He almost shot at the guy who had reported to him but controlled himself at the last second and made the ceiling the recipient of the bullets on reminding himself that killing another of his men would put him at more loss and he was already down with so many.
‘Did you see anyone around?’ he barked aloud as he marched out to the balcony.
‘No boss, ‘ the guy replied and followed him closely.
‘Get me more loaded guns,’ Don ordered.
The other men in the compound were busy, moving about with their guns and scattering everywhere to see if the attackers of their territory were still around. Don observed Aisha on the floor as he passed through the parking space, heading for the building where both Aisha and Cole’s parents were kept.
‘Don!’ another guy called him from the back, carrying a male body on his shoulder. ‘Usman is still alive, he was only sedated.’ he said to Don who had stopped to listen to him.
‘Revive him and get him to talk,’ Don said and continued marching towards the back. Usman was placed beside Aisha where was laid and his shirt was taken off.
Aisha opened her eyes narrowly, she noticed that the two guys left at the parking space had their attention on the body placed beside her, she thought of how to trick them but there was still no way she’ll make a movement that won’t attract their attention.
‘Young lady, where are you going to?’ the security man who had given her the pass ticket in stopped her as she drove the bus towards the entrance. ‘You drove in only two minutes ago.’
‘I need to get home and pick my father’s debit card,’ she replied boldly with her eyelids squeezed.
‘You mean five of you drove here without bringing your debit card for payment?’
‘My father and his friends are old people, you don’t blame them for not remembering things in such a time of panic.’ she replied him.
He stared at her face in confusion, wondering what kind of a family they are. Four old couples have just gotten into a bus without backseats and headed for the hospital with a young girl driving because another young girl was bleeding.
Rex arranged the guns into the travelling bags neatly. He had put on his light jacket and black pants immediately after the call and was ready to begin the trip to Lagos immediately without waiting for day break. The only challenge was that he had never been to Lagos before and didn’t know the route to take or any other thing about the place, the only things he knew about Lagos were the things he read during his first week after arriving in Nigeria. He closed the zip of the bag and placed it on a wooden chair beside the wardrobe. He eyes wandered around the room for a minute, lost in thoughts while looking around to see if he was forgetting anything.
Although he was expecting surprises, he didn’t know it would come this quick, but that was also expected, not knowing the time it would come was a part of the surprise.
He lifted the bag and turned back to the bed where he dropped it. Then he opened the travelling bag and put his laptop bag and some other computer accessories and cables in it. Thoughts of how to get to and navigate through Lagos filled his mind again, he couldn’t just depend on the map. For him to be able to use the map efficiently, he must be used to the routes already else it’ll take him up to five hours to get to places he could get in five minutes.
An idea flashed through his mind as he weighed his options. He took out his cellphone from his pocket and dialed Chief Rikau’s number. It rang for the first thirty seconds without being answered. He tried again and the same thing was repeated until the fifth time.
‘D–n you Rex, won’t you…’ Chief Rikau’s voice sounded sleepily but Rex interrupted.
‘Shhh… Just listen Inspector, I need someone who can drive me to Lagos urgently.’
‘Okay, that’s no problem. Allow me sleep now, we’ll settle that tomo…’
‘Inspector!’ Rex interrupted again, ‘I need the driver and car right now, immediately!’
‘Come on, stop troubling me Rex. What do you need someone to drive you to Lagos now for and how do you want me to get someone by this time of the night?’
‘I need it urgently, I need to get to Lagos as soon as possible.’
‘Forget it Rex, whatever it is should wait till daybreak.’ Chief Rikau said in a dismissing tone.
‘My men are being attacked by Samantha Osman right now and I need to get there to help them,’ Rex insisted.
‘You can’t get to Lagos to help anyone, she would have finished all of them before you get halfway. Please stop troubling me, I had a very hectic day.’ The Chief concluded and ended the call.
‘D–n it!’ Rex cursed under his breath as he tightened the phone in his fist so hard until he began to feel the phone’s case cracking. He released his tightened fist, allowing the phone fall into the bed, the screen and the back cover had been cracked already. The Inspector General had just told him the truth, there was no way he was going to get to Lagos to meet the attack. His anger had beclouded his sense of reasoning and he almost made another error.
Maybe Tarasha’s real plan was to deceive them. She had deceived them already by making them think she wasn’t interested in helping Aisha and Cole in Lagos, only for her to say she was sending Henry at the last minute. He wondered for a second if Henry E.G could be the one behind the attack in Lagos and not Tarasha herself, she might just want to use it as a distraction for her to make space and attack the Vice President or the Inspector General.
He heaved a sigh as he sank into the bed. He noticed his phone vibrating, he had put it on vibration unknowingly when he squeezed it in his palm. He picked it up and tried to answer the call but the phone’s screen calibration had been damaged.
Don dialed Rex’s number for the third time consecutively, it rang for some seconds without being answered again. He kicked one of the wooden chairs using the sole of his shoe angrily. The chair tumbled and fell on the dead body beside it.
Don ran his rubbed his palm over his head in frustration. He had been deceived big time by Tarasha, he wondered how Tarasha could have intelligently played the game with them. Was it that she knew that Aisha was lying all along or was Aisha able to contact her beforehand. He thought of the probability of the latter being the case, it was zero. There was no way Aisha could have spoken with Tarasha before they left the warehouse, Aisha had no phone and was always kept under close watch, so there was no way she could have contacted the outside world without their knowledge.
Or was it Cole who was able to contact Tarasha, he thought. Maybe Stainless and Stone had been careless with Cole and allowed him gain access to a phone with which he used to inform Tarasha of their situation. But then he remembered that Cole was always firmly tied and blindfolded, so there was no way it could have been him who reached Tarasha. He had to accept that Tarasha must have known through another means, most likely just her intelligent way of reasoning.
‘Is he awake now?’ Don asked, turning towards the corridor as he squeezed his phone in his palm and grit his teeth. His confusion was gradually transforming into extreme anger.
‘Yes but he’s not talking, ‘ one of the boys replied him.
‘Bring him here,’ Don ordered them with a hand gesture. He moved the body lying in front of him from the wall to create space for them.
He took out his phone again and tried Rex’s number, this time it was switched off.
6 minutes later
‘She was here… She was here,’ he stammered painfully after being poured water severally and slapped on the face. It was the same man who had released to Tarasha information about Cole’s whereabouts. The pin in his neck had been taken out but Don and his men were still trying to wake him up from the deep sleep that had been induced. The pin had been in his body for a longer time now which had made it’s effect stronger, so it was not easy for them to revive him like Tarasha had done when she wanted. It had taken them up to fifteen minutes to get him to talk the way he was now.
‘Who was here?’ Don slapped his face again. He had slept off again. ‘I say who was here?’ Don shouted, adding another slap.
The guy’s eyes popped open again, ‘Saman…tha, she ask…asked me to tell you she came here.’ he said before his eyes closed again.
Don rose up slowly to his feet from his squatting position, his fears had been confirmed. He didn’t know what step to take next, he bent down again to ask another question.
‘Where did she say she was going from here?’ he shouted but the man’s eyes were closed again. He was about to slap the face again when his phone vibrated on the seat he had put it on. He turned back and picked up the phone, the screen displayed the caller’s ID, it was Rex.
**City Gate hospital*”
‘Nurse, I heard that the girl who brought those people have left already.’
‘Yes, they have.’ the nurse replied the young doctor. They both stood outside in front of the ward where Stephanie was carried into and was being attended to by another doctor.
‘Don’t you think something looks fishy about them?’
‘Yes, they look very dirty and unkempt.’ the nurse replied.
‘Okay, tell the security men to alert the Rapid Response Squad. I think I noticed some bullets in the clothes the patient was putting on.’
Chapter 4 part 10
**City Gate Hospital**
‘Hello sir!’ a middle aged short Doctor approached the old couples sitting at the reception. They seemed lost and more worried than what their problem was, they also looked unkempt and weak themselves.
‘Who are the parents of that girl?’ the middle aged doctor stopped in front of them, staring in confusion at the four of them. He had come to tell them the money required for treatment and also ask again what happened to the patient as he and the nurses noticed that her body, especially her thighs and chest had marks and her underwear were also torn badly which was a sign of attempted rape. It was clear that the cloth the patient put on to the place was just changed after the attempted rape, it looked like a security official’s uniform for a male.
‘Actually, none of us are her parents,’ Mr Bello was the one who spoke up. The Doctor stared at them more, already expecting the answer. ‘We don’t know her,’ Mr Bello added, confirming his observation.
‘Have you been treating her?’ Mr Bello asked while the doctor was still thinking of what next to ask.
‘Err… I’m sorry, weren’t you the ones who brought the young lady here now.’
‘No, we didn’t bring her here.’ Mr Bello said slowly with his voice sounding shaky. The doctor was more confused. ‘We were brought here with her.’
‘Ermm… I don’t… Hello please,’ the doctor beckoned on a nurse who was about to leave the reception through an entrance leading inside.
‘Yes sir,’ she answered courteously and walked to meet him as he approached.
‘Ermm… Nurse, which of them claimed to be the father of that girl?’ the doctor asked, nodding slightly towards them.
‘The man seated on the first seat. They came with another girl,’ the nurse replied.
‘I don’t think these people are okay,’ The doctor flashed a look towards the couples. Mr Bello had already gotten up from his seat.
The nurse sighed, also looking towards them. ‘They claimed to be coming from home but they look so dirty,’ she remarked.
‘The scars on…’ the doctor had to stop talking when he realized the man was coming towards them.
‘Let’s explain ourselves to you doctor, you’ll need to help us reach the police immediately.’ he continued as the doctor and nurse stared at him with rapt attention. Cole’s father had also joined them and the women were looking from where they were seated. ‘We are victims of kidnap and we just escaped today, that lady that brought us here helped us out of the place. She also brought the bleeding girl from the same building and asked me to act as her father until she leaves.’
The two listeners had their lips sealed for some minutes, they had to take sometime to comprehend what they just heard.
‘You mean you people were kidnapped?’ the doctor asked, now running his eyes from the man’s head to toe as if to confirm his words by it.
‘Yes, the girl that drove us here helped us.’
‘Nurse, please call the police right away,’ the doctor ordered the nurse and she left immediately. He turned back to the man, ‘Are you sure of what you’re talking about?’ Mr Bello nodded affirmatively. ‘And where is the lady that brought you here?’
‘She allowed us to ensure she leaves first before telling you this, she does not want to get into trouble with the police.’ Mr Bello answered.
‘But you should have raised an alarm, she might just a dangerous fellow.’
‘I couldn’t do that, she helped us.’ Mr Bello insisted, getting a supportive nod from Cole’s father.
‘Please, do have your seats now. I’ll have to talk to the head Doctor about this and you people would also need a check up,’ the doctor said turning towards the reception desk where two nurses were seated and staring at them intently with sleepy eyes.
‘The rapid response squad is here already,’ the young doctor who had been treating Stephanie said approaching the reception.
‘You called them?’ the other doctor turned to ask.
‘Yes, I noticed something wrong about them and I asked nurse Titi to call the police.’ the young doctor replied.
Tarasha stopped the bus briefly at the spot where her car was still parked. She came out of the bus and looked towards the warehouse gate. There were no signs of panic seen from outside but she could picture in her mind the panic behind the walls.
She turned to the boot of the bus and took out her backpack with the other bag she had transferred into it from her car.
She hurried back to the front of the bus and entered in through the driver’s side, she dropped the bags on the seat beside her and closed the door. She then opened the backpack first, she took out the pistol she had hidden in it. She took out another short gun and a long one from the second bag and began to fill them with bullets.
After three minutes of filling to her satisfaction, she kept the guns on the chair and brought out a tablet device from the backpack. She turned on the screen and clicked on the menu bar, then she selected icon for surveillance. A blank screen appeared, few seconds later a rolling sign appeared and disappeared immediately. Then a multiple video selection interface appeared, showing the several parts of the warehouse she had placed cameras.
Don answered the call heaving a deep sigh as he did, finally hoping he could get instructions to take him out of his confusion. ‘Boss…’ he said into the phone. At the same time, there was a loud bang heard from inside the compound.
‘Don, my phone got spoilt. What’s the update now?’ Rex asked immediately after hearing Don’s voice. He had transferred the sim card from the phone he destroyed due to his anger into another phone.
There was no response heard for some seconds, then he Don’s voice sounded. ‘What the f**k is that? Go check it now!’ he could hear Don screaming and he knew it wasn’t to him.
‘What’s happening?’ he quickly asked.
‘There was a noise from the compound, I don’t know what it was.’ Don’s shaky voice showed that he was on a very fast motion.
‘D–n it! I should have warned you earlier if the cellphone didn’t get spoilt. I know she’ll still be around that place. How about the hostages? You should do everything to keep them from her,’ Rex ordered in a strong tone, running his hand into his hair gently as he drew in a deep breath.
Rex could notice the hesitation in Don’s voice as he stammered his first set of words before being able to communicate fluently. ‘We can’t find any…’ The line went dead.
Rex took the phone off his ears slowly, he felt so defeated but maintained his calmness, refusing to get worked up like he did when Don told him about the attack. Tarasha was winning him slowly and he had now been quick to notice it. Even as he wasn’t sure she was aware of his presence, he believed some of her actions were directed towards weakening the master planner of the game, that is , the person who strategized and ordered all Don and his men were playing out. Never in his years as an assassins’ assassin has anyone been able to frustrate him enough and get down to control his emotion of anger like she did. Also he had never missed his first chance of killing them, that was why he was highly sought for. But Tarasha had made him fail the first time when the guy with the vehicle showed up to help her unexpectedly.
Few minutes of thinking while trying to change his phone had enabled him to fix his mind in the normal pattern. Like the mindless person he was built to be, he wasn’t going to be moved by any news anymore.
He walked to the wall and turned off the room’s light from the switch. He was able to trace his way back to the chair without struggles even in the darkness as his mind had already captured the positions of everything in the room. He sat on his chair to meditate for some minutes. Tarasha had won this first game, it was time for him to come up with a new strategy, one he would personally monitor and ensure the success. He knew there was very little he could do to help Don and the team Don had gathered, he counted them as lost already, he had to start up with his new strategy so fast.
Another thought struck his mind after few seconds of deep thinking, there could still be something to do about Don and his team. He took out his phone and dialed Stainless’s number.
Having already seen Don and his men’s movements in the facility, Tarasha drove to the warehouse in the bus. Her speed was constant after the U-turn until she got some few metres closer to the gate. She changed the gear and turned the wheel in direction of the gate.
She caught unawares the two men with Aisha in the main compound who had given up on trying to revive the first guy she sedated. They were still in the same position behind the parked vehicle they occupied when she viewed them in her device. She would have driven straight to them and crush them if not for Aisha who laid down there. She swerved the bus towards the right side into the space between the side of the security building and the main house of the security building. She released one shot each immediately to the men before they could make any reasonable movement. She didn’t wait to park properly before she opened the door and jumped out of the bus. Without turning off the engine and closing back the door, she strapped the backpack to her back and she proceeded towards the parking space at the left of the building. One of the men she shot was not completely dead yet. She walked fast towards him and finished him with a butt of her gun.
She turned back immediately in order to move Aisha’s body to safety but she met a surprise. Aisha had risen up already.
‘Boss!’ Aisha stared at her boss’ face in unbelief and extreme joy.
‘You’re awake,’ Tarasha said flatly without making any expression on her face. She turned back and looked towards the building at the back, she could hear sounds of movement already but she could not see because the walls of the main building covered the main entrance to the building behind. ‘Here, have it.’ Tarasha tossed a gun she picked from one of the dead men to Aisha. She rose up to her feet and took out a device from the outer pocket of her backpack and tossed it too to Aisha. It was the same device she had given to Stephanie earlier. ‘Stay and watch the gate, you know what to do with the buttons, send me a message.’ She said without looking back and began to proceed to the back leaning her body closely to the cars to protect herself in case anyone shows up from the back suddenly.
One of Don’s men showed from behind the main building just as she got to the front of the Jeep, she sent a bullet into his chest before he could even raise his gun at her. Another guy came shooting sporadically but she was on the floor rolling forward and before he could direct his gun towards her, she had a bullet into his belly.
She sprang up to a squatting position after rolling close to the wall at the left side of the building. She could now see the entrance of the smaller building from where she was. Just as she rose up to her feet, a figure appeared at the entrance with a gun in his right hand and was making a call with the other hand. She directed her shot to his chest region immediately but he was lucky to have seen her at the same time, he was also fast enough to hide behind the wall and run back into the building.
Tarasha ran to the edge left wall of the main building where she could see the entrance of the smaller building from. From her calculation, it was only one person left for her to kill, she had seen five conscious people in her bug streaming and killed four already. She guessed the last person to be Don, she had not seen his face well as he backed the bug all through the few minutes she watched. She exchanged the gun in her hand with another in her side pocket, it had more bullets in it, in case another person who did not stay in the area covered by the bug was around.
Don had a pistol in his right hand and his phone to his ear on the left, still talking with Rex as he walked out through the door. ‘We can’t find any… F**k it!’ the phone fell off his hand as he scrambled back in on seeing a gun pointed towards his side and a bullet following it. He hadn’t seen the shooter’s face properly but he recognized the figure. It was Samantha. He rushed back to the place where he was previously questioning the sedated guy to pick an extra gun. He ensured there were bullets in it before he made his way back.
He stopped at the wall beside the door and peeped out carefully before stepping out to the corridor. He leaned on the wall and raised his gun in anticipation as he dragged his back against the wall to the edge of the wall. He peeped and couldn’t find Tarasha where he had seen her before. He drew back and looked around again to see if he’ll get signs that she had passed to the other side of the building but didn’t. He shot towards the wall twice and there was still no movement.
He needed to call Stainless and Stone to inform them of the development. He could see the phone that fell from his hand to the ground beneath the pavement, it wasn’t far but it would require him to step down from the corridor thereby leaving the wall which was his cover and exposing himself to a gunshot. He sniffed in and shook his head as he thought of the possibility of his success in picking the phone. He finally decided not to try it yet as it could be the mistake that would cause him his life.
‘Don Daniel,’ he was startled at the call of his name. His eyes danced to and fro, searching everywhere and even the ceiling to know if the voice came from there. ‘I know you’re behind the wall there and you can hear me. Both of us could decide to stay behind walls all day, I think it’ll we better if we come out to face each other.”
Don was now sure about the direction from which the voice came now and he was careful not to poke out his head beyond the wall even as he tried to peep. ‘F*** you! Who the hell do you think you are?’ he shouted out in anger.
‘Hey! This is no time to ask unnecessary questions, it’s better we come out of hiding and settle the matter face.’ Tarasha replied him in a loud voice but still calmly.
‘Definitely, I’m gonna kill you today. It’s better you say your last prayers now,’ Don said. He came out briefly and began to fire shots to the wall where her voice was coming from.
Even though she was still behind the wall, she had to bend down to avoid the effect of the bullet on building. She didn’t peep as his shots became continuous but she could calculate the next step he was going to take.
Don decided to end it once and for all, even if his life was going to be taken, it wasn’t going to end without him giving Tarasha a good fight. He stepped down from the balcony carefully, he picked his phone and began to move towards the direction of the voice, shooting anytime he felt or noticed a shadow behind the wall.
Chapter 5 part 1
Don’s shooting became more rapid as he got closer to the edge of the wall but his steps became slower. He changed his gun as he reached the edge, he turned swiftly, shooting in differing directions but there was no one there. He looked towards the space where the vehicles were parked but he still didn’t see anyone. He began to walk slowly but carefully towards the Jeep, pointing his gun forward in anticipation.
Tarasha could hear him coming towards her from behind the Jeep she was hiding; her legs were hidden behind the tyre while she bent. Don was looking around as he proceeded towards the parking space slowly, just about nine metres to the back of the car where she was. Tarasha readied her gun when she was able to approximate his distance to be four metres closer. Her plan was take him down temporarily and extract some information from him. But just as she was about to move out and shoot at Don, something on her wrist vibrated, the electronic bangle. The signal meant that Aisha was giving her a warning about something. She folded her jacket sleeve and checked the screen displayed on the bangle, it showed the message “Police officers are here”.
‘D–n it!’ she cursed. The police arrival would not give her enough time to drag Don out and do all she wanted to do with him and she didn’t want to take the other option which was to attack the police. She had to leave the place as soon as she could.
She stepped back a bit, still conscious of Don’s movement, she searched the outer pocket of her bag hurriedly and took out something.
Then she focused on the faded shadow of Don approaching with his gun formed in front, she rolled out the small ball taken out from her bag towards Don and turned back swiftly.
She could hear Don heavy steps as he staggered backwards and shot at the ball which was rolling towards him and emitting blue smoke.
She jumped on the bonnet of the second car and caught the tip of the very high fence, she pulled herself up without much struggles and climbed over the fence, landing inside another compound.
She landed into a small rectangular grass field, there was a short tree at the middle of the field, the small section looked like a relaxation part of the facility. There were two long unmovable concrete seats at each side facing each other under the tree. A bright bulb hung directly at the middle of the tree.
She began to crawl out of the place towards a shadow formed by a building some metres behind. She stopped as she got under the shadow and took sometime to look around the compound but she wasn’t able to determine what kind of building it was or even if it was residential or commercial.
She relaxed for a few seconds and took out her device, she unlocked it and began to search Aisha’s location with her app.
Soon, sounds of police cars could be heard closely. She rose up from under the shadow and proceeded forward carefully, she stopped at the front of the building behind whose shadow she hid, it had a raised corridor about half a metre above the ground level. The building itself was about nine metres wide and six metres long, it had two doors each at both ends of the width. She took a peep in through the slightly opened first door, she could see a line of urinals for men. That was when she looked up to the inscription at the top of the door, it read “Men’s toilet”. She looked towards the other door and it had the inscription “Ladies” hanging above. From that observation, she could conclude that the place was a public one which received so many visitors on daily basis. From the sparkling cleanness of the floor tiles in the men’s toilet, she also concluded it wasn’t a factory or warehouse like the neighboring building.
She paused for a second to listen carefully as she heard the loud noises made by the police officers and their vehicles as they surrounded and entered into the warehouse she had just left. She took a look at the device in her left hand again, the app had picked the exact spot Aisha was and the compass pointing the direction back through the warehouse.
She proceeded forward slowly. The main building in the compound was just three metres spaced from the toilet building. Both ends started at the same point from the back but the main building was ten times longer and wider. The building was a bungalow with a high roof for a public place but not up to the heights of big cathedrals. There was a security building directly opposite the toilet but with the entrance adjacent to the gate, just at the same position the security building at the warehouse was.
Tarasha stopped as she got to the front edge of the main building wall. She took out her gun and rested on the wall. She stared intently towards the security building for some seconds, waiting to see if any security official would show up if any alarm goes off but there was none. She proceeded to the front of the main building, it had a slightly high and large balcony. At the middle top of the roof was a broad rectangular sign board which displayed the name “New Prestige Library” in bold, the address and some other descriptions in smaller fonts below. She continued towards the steps at the middle of the pharmacy and climbed up onto the balcony.
She could hear noise made by the police officers outside the gate of the warehouse but could not hear anything outside. It seemed the officers had come for serious business. She could only hope silently that Aisha was able to hide herself from the police, else that would be a more difficult job for her and she would have to attack the police which she didn’t want to.
‘Boss, we’re moving out already,’ Stainless spoke into the phone as he dragged a bag along with him. At his front was Stone and the other men who were at the place with him. Stone had a gun placed to Cole’s back as he motioned him forward. Cole had an handcuff binding his hands but his legs were free. He was already deep asleep on the cold floor where he was allowed to lay when one of the boys had barged into room suddenly and commanded him to get up.
‘We’ll should get a safe location once we are able to get out of this place first,’ Stainless answered Rex again.
‘Do keep me updated everytime and anytime anything comes up,’ Rex voice sounded from the other end of the connection line.
‘Okay boss,’ Stainless replied and the line went off.
He dipped the key into the hole and turned twice it as quickly. He paused to look around the place again while the others were already halfway down the stairs. He stared at his phone’s screen one more time, then he exited the dialer and locked the screen before dipping it into his pocket. He took out his pistol from the other pocket and cleaned the tip, he tucked it into his back pocket after deeply sniffing in the cold air.
Rex took in a deep breath as he dropped the phone on the table, he adjusted his seat and tapped the keyboard, the monitor’s light came on and he entered the password. It unlocked and it displayed the Henry’s full portrait picture on the left side, on the right it displayed the portrait image reproduced with only black dots.
He clicked on a crop tool on the side bar and began to use it to cut out the image on the left. His phone vibrated twice before he got halfway. He wanted to finish with his cropping before attending to the message but the sender’s ID caught his attention. He abandoned the mouse and picked the phone.
‘Tarasha has gotten away and I’m also trying to escape. Someone has contacted the authorities and members of the Rapid Response Squad are here.’ the message read.
Rex shifted his chair backwards to create space for him to type on his phone. He slid his finger round the popped up keyboard, inputting a short message in few seconds, ‘Where exactly are you now?’
He stared at the screen in silence for some seconds, expecting a prompt reply. He wasn’t disappointed as the reply came in less than thirty seconds.
‘I’m hiding in the roof of the building behind the warehouse,’ the reply read.
‘Stay safe and avoid being caught, leave only when the place is clear.’ Rex sent in reply. He placed the phone back on his table and adjusted his seat to the table properly.
Tarasha rolled the flattened tiny metal into the keyhole and the door gave way easily. She held back the door with the handle and carefully drew out the metal, then she pushed the door in slowly and entered. She was welcomed into the library by the total darkness due to the absence of light and closed windows. She closed the door carefully and walked some steps away from the door, then she took off her backpack and dropped it on the floor, squatting before it. She turned on her device flashlight and then opened the bag, she took out a material which look like a face cap and closed the bag again. The material could be attached to the head just like a face cap but it had no top covering. She wore it on her head and pressed something by the left side of the material. A bright source from which light diverges like light from a torch appeared at the middle of the material on her forehead. She turned off her device’ flashlight and strapped the bag to her back as she rose up, she then walked towards the window which were covered with fancy library curtains and peeped through to see if there was anything or anybody in the compound, she covered the light from her forehead before bending to peep. After that, she returned back to the door and pulled the handle to make sure it was properly locked, it was.
She turned to look around the library, her little source of light limited her view of the facility but she didn’t want to take the risk of having the place more brightened. She wasn’t really interested in the content of the library but only wanted to hide herself in until she thought it was safe enough to go out and pick Aisha. The officers would still be flooding everywhere now that they just arrived, it would take them some time before they narrowed their search or scrutinization to the warehouse alone.
She located the short shelf just few metres away from her standing point and proceeded to the place. She could see an inscription at the top of the shelf which read, ‘Drop your bags here and other objects not allowed in the library’. Under that was another inscription, ‘Your properties are safe with our security’.
She raised her head up after reading the inscriptions and her light revealed a seat behind the shelf. She was about turning round the shelf to the seat when she raised her head and her light met with a very short round table and a chair behind it, there were neatly arranged newspapers on the left side of the table, two different colours of pen, a red and blue one laid on the arranged newspaper. She moved her head slightly and the light revealed a long desk which was behind the short round table, there were four chairs well spaced behind the desk. It looked like the reception point of the library and the desk for the librarians and maybe other staffs. Instead of turning round the shelf, she turned to the other side instead and settled into one one of the chairs behind the reception desk after putting her backpack on the desk.
She placed her device on the desk and exited the flashlight app. She navigated back to the tracker and refreshed the dashboard to see if Aisha was still in the same location as she was before. It refreshed and displayed the same location as it did previously. That enabled Tarasha to make a conclusion that she (Aisha) was hiding somewhere and was in a stationary position, unseen by the police.
She dropped the device on the table, her eyes met with a pile of record books as she attempted to relax her back. She sat back upright and picked the first record book, she adjusted the torch on her head as she flipped the cover. She closed partly to check the title of the book on the cover. The first page on the register was dated 1st of January, 2031. There was a table of twelve columns and several rows numbered from the top of the page to the end and continuing on the other pages. The first column was titled ‘S/N’ , the second ‘Name of User’ , third ‘library number’ , fourth ‘book borrowed’, fifth ‘name of author’, sixth ‘category’. The other columns contained other information like section, return date and signature of user.
Her eyes scrolled down the page, just to while away time, she particularly focused on the names of the books borrowed. She scanned through the first page casually, the second and the third, stopping briefly anytime she saw a book title that caught her attention. She skipped some of the pages after the third page and landed at a page dated 30th of January, 2031. She scanned through a page, making no stop as she found no title of interest. Then the next page and three more pages before she dropped the book and picked her device, she turned on the screen and refreshed the tracker again, Aisha was still at the same position. Her eyes drifted to the time, it was 2:47am, she had used up to forty five minutes already in the library facility; about twenty five minutes walking in the compound and twenty minutes in the library itself. In the next ten minutes, she would be moving out of the place to get Aisha even if it means confronting the officers. She knew their alertness must have reduced since they had come for forty five minutes without seeing anyone or probably seeing Don and the dead bodies alone. A thought struck her mind, what if the position Aisha was stationed was in a police van, maybe she had been caught by them. She tapped her screen on again and clicked on a icon at the top bar of the app. A loading circle showed and it began to roll slowly, it got faster with time and the circle got bigger. In a minute time, it loaded complete and a line image of a human appeared. The person appeared to be squatting in something like a hole with her hands holding the top for support. It gave Tarasha an idea of where Aisha was hiding and eliminated the thought of Aisha having been captured. Staring at the picture again, she wondered where Aisha could be hiding in such a position. The only option that carne to her mind was the drainage which ran through the front of the warehouse.
She dropped the device on the table to wait for five more minutes, she decided to go through the register once more. She flipped a page and scanned through as usual, something caught her attention as she was about to flip to the next page. It was on the twentieth and twenty first row. The books on both rows were borrowed by the same person and was written by the same author. The title of the books were ‘Doctors in Love’ and ‘That Village Girl’, both in literature category. But that was not what caught her attention, it was the name of the author. Dr Tom Danjuma.
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Chapter 5 part 2
‘Please thread carefully, be careful when you make public speeches…’ a voice kept echoing in Stephanie’s head as she restlessly stretched and turned in the bed.
‘Be careful miss,’ she could hear an unknown male’s voice as she felt two hands hold her down at each side.
Her eyes finally opened but her vision was blurred, she could feel the pains in her neck and a sharp pain in her hand as she tried to move it.
‘Be careful miss,’ she heard the man talk again. She could see his face far above hers but not clearly, he was putting on a white coth and had a rope hanging around his neck.
‘Thank God you’re awake now,’ a female’s voice at the opposite side sounded. Stephanie turned her head to look at the woman, her vision was now clearer. The nurse kept a kind smile as she brushed with her fingers Stephanie’s hair away from her eyes.
‘How did I get here?’ Stephanie asked in low tones, turning her face back to the Doctor.
The Doctor smiled and took a step back instead of answering her. ‘You’re Stephanie George right, leader of the SWAD group in Rael University?’ the Doctor asked with a smile.
‘Yes,’ Stephanie replied without much life in her voice.
‘Nice to meet you Stephie, I’ve heard a lot about you. I was also a member of SWAD when I was in school,’ the doctor said, flashing his whole set of teeth at her.
‘How did I get here?’ Stephanie asked again, ignoring his compliments and remarks.
‘You were brought here by your pa…’ the doctor paused to cough. ‘
‘My what?’ Stephanie asked impatiently. She tried to sit up but she was stopped by the pain she felt at her back and neck, the doctor and nurse also helped restrain her from attempting further. ‘How did I get here doctor?’ she asked again, even though she was feeling pains as the doctor helped her place her head on the pillow. For the first time since she woke, she noticed the bandage on her neck and the intravenous fluid line connected to the vein in her right hand.
‘You don’t remember anything?’ the doctor asked, looking surprised.
‘Of course I do,’ Stephanie said, inhaling air deeply with her mouth as she placed the face of her palm not connected to the IV line on her forehead.
‘How are you feeling? Is your head aching you?”
‘No doctor,’ Stephanie tried to pretend but the doctor could tell she was lying. ‘I remember falling down and hitting my neck against something, but I don’t know who brought me here, did she?’ Stephanie asked, staring blankly at the ceiling as she tried to recall Tarasha’s face from her memory. She looked at the doctor when no answer to her question seemed to be coming forth, the Doctor looked like he hadn’t heard her question, he was giving some instructions to the nurse in a low voice.
Soon, the nurse curtsied and left the ward, leaving Stephanie and the doctor.
‘Be calm, you’ll take some drugs now to relieve you of the pain.’ the doctor said, feeling her forehead with the front of his palm and then widening her eyes with his fingers to look in.
‘Doctor, did she bring me here?’ Stephanie asked.
‘Ermm… Who’s the she you’re talking about?’
Stephanie stared blankly at the ceiling for sometime before looking at the doctor’s face again, ‘Who brought me here?’ she asked again, this time in very soft and low tones.
‘Don’t give yourselves troubles Steph, ‘ the doctor placed a hand on her shoulder. ‘You need to rest well, we still have to do a lot of check ups on you,’ he added, turning back to look at the nurse who just entered.
‘But…’ Stephanie tried to speak.
‘Shhh…’ the doctor hushed her. ‘Save your strength now, you’ll ask the questions later.’
‘Dr Tom Danjuma,’ Tarasha repeated severally under her breath. She looked up and stared straight into the darkness for some seconds, wondering if the author could be her father or the name was just a coincidence. She had seen her father writing on sheets several times but it was only medical reports she saw. Maybe there were some other things he wrote that she wasn’t aware of. The guilt of Jefa’s death engulfed her again, at this moment, Jefa would have been the best person to ask questions.
She looked back into the register and noted the category and genre the books were selected from, the first ‘Doctors in love’ was a romance fiction while the second book addressed political issues. She got up from the seat and adjusted the torch on her head, searching around the library to locate the sections and see how they were categorized. Just as she was about to step out from behind the table to check if she could get an extra copy of the book on locating the romance fiction section, her alarm went off indicating it was time to check Aisha. She heaved a sigh and sat back reluctantly. She quickly arranged the register to where it was positioned previously, she unlocked her device to check Aisha’s location again, the position still remained the same. She got up from the seat and began to walk back towards the door with the device in her hands.
Aisha covered with her palm the light produced by the device in her hands, she released it from time to time to check the reading even though she wasn’t sure if she should expect Tarasha to come out for her while the police were still around. Only eight of them had come and with only two cars which were parked outside before the gate. Only three of the of the officers were outside the gate watching.
Things had changed in the country. About fifteen years ago, a reverse would have been the case when the police were summoned for something as urgent as this. They would have showed up twenty four hours later putting blames on logistics.
Aisha could see and hear the officers from time to time pass over the permeable covering placed over the drainage for the passage of vehicles. She remained still under, hoping that a chance for her to leave the place would come quick.
**12 minutes later**
‘Shhh…’ Tarasha hushed the man with a finger on her lips, she had a pistol to his side with the other hand. He was the security man on duty whom she had met sleeping on a mat beside the security building close to the gate. He had a long gun close to him on the mat and the keys to the gate beside it.
The man sat up slowly and cautiously as directed by Tarasha, his eyes was on his gun and his mind searching for a way to pick the gun without Tarasha shooting him first.
‘Don’t bother to pick the gun,’ Tarasha said in low tones, putting an eye on the security building to ensure no one else comes out of the place without her seeing. ‘I don’t want to hurt you, I only need something from you,’ she continued, still motioning for him to stand with her fingers.
‘What do you want young lady?’ the man asked as he got to his feet, raising up his two hands.
Tarasha felt angered by his confidence and cocked the gun to make him see her seriousness. He probably was taking her for a girl who couldn’t handle him like her stature depicts.
‘Calm down,’ the security man said, now staring at the gun intently and her finger which was close to the trigger. ‘Just tell me exactly what you want.’
‘Move this way,’ Tarasha said, directing him with her gun towards the main library building.
‘Okay,’ he said and began to move towards the direction slowly without taking off his eyes from her.
‘Stop,’ she commanded after they had taken some steps forward, now on the same line the back wall of the security building. The man halted, with his body towards the building but his face turned towards her at the back.
‘Look there, what do you see?’ she stopped beside him, pointing towards something at the veranda of the library.
The man squinted to see but saw nothing except a red blinking light. He turned his face back to her with a questioning look.
‘Here’s it,’ she took out a small control box from the outer pocket of her bag and pressed a button on it. Then she motioned him to look towards the building again, the light had turned green. He looked back to her for an explanation, his hands still up in the sky but lower.
She tapped another button on the box and the light turned blinking red again. ‘The whole of this building and it’s surrounding will go up in flames in the next fifteen minutes, whether it will or not lies in your hands.’ she said to him and watched the look on his face gradually change to a confused one. ‘Who else is with you here?’ she asked, taking a quick glance towards the security building.
‘My colleague,’ he answered briefly.
‘He’s sleeping inside?’
‘I don’t know, we do take turns to watch but he has a visitor with him inside.’ he replied.
‘Fourteen minutes, seventeen seconds left.’ she announced after taking out her smaller phone. ‘Your task is to distract the police officers in the next building…’ Tarasha stopped and gave him a thin look, she wanted to ask him how it was possible for him to continue sleeping with all the gun shots that was coming from the building next to the library but she didn’t because of lack of time. She also realized that the last sound she heard of the police was their cars outside the gate of the warehouse, she had not heard any sound since they entered, meaning that the fence walls must be coated with additional sound proof materials and the gunshots would even if it was heard, would have sounded like it came from a very far distance.
‘Distract the police officers from the next building, tell them you saw some people here and also discovered a bomb. Distract as many of them as possible from the entrance of that building and bring them into this place,’ she concluded with her instructions.
The man stared at her for some minutes, he seemed not to agree with her task. ‘I don’t know what the police are doing there, how do I distract them?’ he questioned.
‘You have thirteen minutes and forty five seconds left,’ Tarasha said in a threatening voice and ordered him with her hands to get to work. She put her gun into her pocket and placed her hands on her waist.
The man turned back slowly and proceeded towards the place he kept the keys to the gate.
Tarasha didn’t turn back to look at him but remained in her position, waiting to hear the sound of the gate opening. Her thoughts drifted to what she had seen in the library, her father’s name in the author’s column, that was a reason she couldn’t possibly bomb the place, she wasn’t sure if she would get the book from another library and she felt a strong need to confirm the authorship.
‘Don’t move,’ she heard the man talk from behind her instead of the gate opening sound she was expecting, the security man had decided to play a fast one on her. Since his gun was at the same place with the keys, he decided to pick the gun first.
‘Don’t be foolish,’ Tarasha said as she turned back to him. ‘That gun is empty,’ she added as she dipped her hand into the side pocket of her bag and took out a very small paper bag and dropped it on the floor, three bullets rolled out of it.
The security man confirmed her words as he tried to shoot at her and nothing came forth. The gun dropped from his hands in fear as he stared at her frozen to a spot. His superstitious mind had made him conclude that she was a witch and had made his three bullets disappear from the gun into the paper bag as there was no other way he thought possible that she could have removed the bullets from the gun without him knowing when she did.
‘You have thirteen minutes and ten seconds left,’ Tarasha announced to bring him back to consciousness.
He turned back shakily and hurried to the mat, he picked the keys and proceeded to open the gate immediately. In less than thirty seconds, he was on his way to the warehouse building to report her, not out of obedience to her instructions but fear for his own life.
‘Hey! Stop there,’ an officer dressed in all black shouted, pointing his gun at the security man at the gate from the police car parked at the gate of the warehouse.
‘I know where she… Where they are,’ he said as he raised up his hand and approached the police car.
‘Who are you?’the police officer asked, coming out from behind in the car with his gun still pointed at the man. Two other officers showed up from the other car parked outside. The two bright gate lights of the library facility went off with the wires sparking at the moment. The security man ran forward to the police man with his both hand raised in the sky.
‘She got into our building and they’ve installed a time bomb,’ he said as he got to the police man pointing a gun at him. The police man searched his body quickly to check if he was armed.
‘Who is she?’ the police man asked, his two colleagues were already coming closer to them, one of them trying to connect with his communication device.
‘I don’t know her but she’s still there, she said she came with some others.’ the Security man replied.
‘I think they permeated into the neighboring buildings,’ the policeman said to a colleague over the phone.
Chapter 5 part 3
The three cars drove into the compound one after the other raising heaps of dust behind. The back door of the first car opened and Stainless stepped out with his phone to his ears.
‘We just got there boss,’ he said as he walked towards the main building with a cigarette in his mouth.
‘Are you sure it’s safer than where you were before?’
‘Yes, even Don does not know this place.’ Stainless replied.
‘Talking about Don, you have to send some boys to watch the place and tell him when it is safe to leave his hiding spot.’ Rex said.
‘Okay boss, I’ll tell Stone right away.’
‘Good, I’ll be leaving here as early as 5am today and would also require you to provide transport arrangement to your location for me. Get to work as quick as possible.’
‘That’s nothing much, it’s done already.’
‘That other guy who promised to work with you for money and to get back his parents, don’t start anything with him yet. Also make sure he doesn’t find out that his parents have been taken out by Tarasha already. I will tell you what to do with him when I get there,’ Rex said slowly in a concluding tone.
‘Alright boss.’
‘Now, send men immediately to watch for Don or…’ Rex stopped abruptly, he seemed to have gotten a new idea. ‘This is what you should do; order your men to take note of the number of police officers there, attack them if they’re a number you can attack and rescue Don. If they are more than you can beat, let them report and you get back to me as soon as possible.’
‘We can’t all just leave this place now,’ Inspector Sandra who led the team said. ‘In fact, I don’t think any of us should go in, this man might have just called to pull us into a trap.’ she added, looking suspiciously towards the security man.
‘I swear, the bomb is at the front of the library and it was reading, there’ll be about five minutes left now.’ the security man defended himself with a shaky voice, his hand raised high as one of the officers had his gun tip to his back.
‘Lead us in,’ Inspector Sandra finally said, leaving the back of the car to come and stand behind the security man. She pointed her gun at him as she directed him towards their gate. She signalled for three of her men to follow her and for other three to stay in front of the library gate.
Three men stood at different directions of the library gate while four people including Inspector Sandra went in, the remaining one officer was left at the car in front of the warehouse gate where he stood at alert with his gun pointed towards the library gate. The three men standing outside the Library gate spaced themselves and pointed their guns towards the gate.
Just as Inspector Sandra and the rest three entered into the gate with the security man, the bulbs at the gate of the warehouse went off, adding more darkness to the place which was already made dark with the lights at the library gate off. The men turned their guns towards the gate and shot sporadically but they didn’t see anyone or anything else move. Inspector Sandra rushed back outside immediately with the three she entered with.
‘What’s that?’ Inspector Sandra asked charging carefully towards the gate with her long gun pointed.
‘The lights went off,’ one of the men standing outside replied her as both of them moved slowly towards the widely opened gate with their guns readied.
‘But how can that be? We met no one inside,’ Inspector Sandra sounded confused. ‘Do the gates have the same control for the lights?’ she asked, looking towards the Security man who was standing outside the Library gate.
‘We have less than five minutes to stop the Bomb,’ the security man answered, totally unconcerned about her own question.
‘We don’t have any of the anti-bomb squad members here, we’ve called for reinforcement from the office, we can only hope they answer fast.’ she replied him. Taking out a torch light from her pocket to point towards the now dark widely opened gate.
‘But we’re all going to die if that bomb goes off,’ the Security man implied in a fearful tone.
‘We’re not all going to die,’ Inspector Sandra replied in a confident tone. ‘The person who placed the bomb is still around and would not ignite it now.’
With the tiny torch between her lips, she marched slowly into the warehouse compound again, two of her men following while the rest stood at alert outside the facility.
She turned her head sideways as she walked past the opened arm of the gate. As she attempted to turn to check behind the opened arm, a strong hand gripped the fists in which she held the gun. She gasped and tried to shoot but her hands were twisted before she could make any move, the gun dropped from her hands and she fell to her knees weakly giving out a loud scream, the pain from her twisted arms speedily transferring through her whole body.
‘Get up,’ Tarasha pulled her up and turned her body, making her back lean on her chest. She placed an arm around her neck tightly and a gun to the side of her head.
‘Move back or I blow off her brains,’ she threatened as she marched out holding the female Inspector as an hostage. The officers all stood at alert, pointing their guns towards Tarasha but none could pull the trigger at the sight of their boss.
‘Drop your guns,’ Tarasha shouted at them. They remained firm with their guns, most of them having their torchlights in their mouths while Tarasha had the light on her forehead. She cocked the gun placed at the side of the Inspector’s neck and stopped at the middle of the entrance.
‘Drop your guns,’ Inspector Sandra squealed out in pains. The officers obeyed slowly and one after the other. Tarasha waited until the last one obeyed the order before taking two steps forward.
‘Now everybody move back, ‘ Tarasha ordered again. The men were hesitant for a while until she tightened her arm around inspector Sandra’s neck again. They move back slowly until they all got to the spot she directed them with her head to, far away from their vehicles and where they dropped their guns to the middle of the road. She looked downwards and whispered something. The permeable iron cover placed over the drainage to allow for vehicles passage in through the gate was pushed up noisily and Aisha got out of the place, dusting off her body.
‘Get in and drive out that bus,’ Tarasha ordered Aisha, pointing back into the compound.
Aisha walked past Tarasha into the compound without saying anything. She turned to the place the bus was parked and entered into the driver’s side which was still opened as Tarasha had left it when she drove in with it. The engine had automatically gone off after some minutes. Aisha started the vehicle and began to drive out the bus in reverse motion. Tarasha moved to the side of the fence to allow the bus pass.
It took close to three minutes for Aisha to drive to a free space because of the police vehicles parked in front. Then Tarasha joined her in the bus still holding Inspector Sandra hostage.
‘Are we closer now?’ Stone rubbed his eyes and yawned as he asked.
‘Yes, just about twenty five minutes drive to the place.’ the driver of the bus replied him.
‘Okay… Remember that we are not getting to the place, we will stop far away and walk there to check.’ Stone reminded him.
‘Yes, I remember that but I’m still doubting the possibility of we not coming across any police officer or security man around the area if we walk,’ the driver replied.
‘I doubt that too,’ one of the other guys from the passenger’s seat behind supported. The number of boys in the boys totaled up to to nine.
‘Are you students of Rael University also?’ Stone asked, glancing at the face of the guy who joined the conversation.
‘No, I’m not but some of us here are.’
‘Except for the police officers that are at the place, we won’t meet any other because Don with the help of Ojo has settled all the security officials around the Rael University area.’ Rex said and chuckled. ‘Your forces are better now but not totally free from corruption. I hear that’s how Ojo pays them everytime he wants to operate. He only tells the bosses that he has a silent job to do and the bosses call off every other officers on duty and ask them to avoid the whole area.’
‘Wow! I understand now why we haven’t been accosted by any Security Official with our driving around for the past one hour.’
‘Shh… Stop the vehicle,’ Rex said, placing a finger on his lips. He was looking through the front glass at something coming from afar.
The driver dimmed the front lights first before gradually bringing the vehicle to a halt. He turned off the engine totally.
‘Are you seeing that too?’ Stone asked as he glanced at the driver who was also staring towards the same direction.
They could see from afar the headlights of a bus coming towards their direction from the other carriageway, the headlights became brighter and brighter as the bus came closer.
‘Could we be wrong? Are police officers on patrol?’
‘Boss. I can see a vehicle coming this way,’ Aisha called onto Tarasha.
Tarasha rose up slowly from the ground behind the driver’s seat where she sat near the hostage and looked out through the front glass. ‘Could that be officers on patrol?’ she asked.
‘I don’t know,’ Aisha answered, reducing the speed of the vehicle. ‘But I think they’re also slowing down.’
‘Take that turn,’ Tarasha said, pointing Aisha towards the turn into another straight road.
Tarasha looked back when she heard sounds of slight movement, she saw the police officer dragging herself on the floor towards her slowly and trying not to make any noise, she was trying to get up silently and possibly disarm Tarasha.
Their eyes met and the Inspector paused in shock and intense fear.
Tarasha smiled wryly. ‘Calm down bae, we’re going to drop you off soon,’ she said as she squatted before her. She touched the Inspector’s fingers which was placed on the floor but the Inspector withdrew quickly and shot a furious look at her. Tarasha smiled again. ‘If you do anything stupid, I’ll send you to hell,’ she threatened with a devilish chuckle.
Tarasha rose up and turned as the vehicle turned into another direction. ‘Are they still coming?’ she asked, peering through the glass.
‘They halted already,’ Aisha replied, increasing the speed of the car.
‘Drive faster, and let’s drop this officer somewhere soon.’ Tarasha said. She turned and squatted before the Inspector again, ‘I have an assignment for you,’ she said in low tones.
The Inspector stared deeply into her eyes.
‘That girl Stephanie,’ Tarasha continued. ‘Make sure you fish out all others who have a hand in her kidnap.’
‘Isn’t that one of our buses?’ the driver asked, his eyes following the bus as it turned.
‘I was about to say the same thing,’ the guy at the immediate back seat joined. ‘It’s the same as this one. ‘
‘A girl is the one driving it,’ Stone said.
‘Could that be her?’ the guy behind Stone asked, directing his question to no one in particular. They watch the bus turned at a far distance and took a straight road with led to a bridge.
‘Could it be who?’ Stone asked, glancing back at him. Every other person’s eyes also turned to him.
‘I mean Samantha Osman,’ he replied, stuttering.
‘Don said she took out all the boys already, I believe she’s the one escaping,’ Stone replied, still peering towards the direction taken by the bus.
‘Should we go after the bus?’ the driver asked.
‘Huh? Go after what?’ Stone replied in such a way that panic was revealed.
‘I mean the bus…’
‘That’s not the instruction we were given,’ Stone said in defense as he could feel the eyes of all the boys on him and their minds accusing him of being fearful. ‘We have to follow instructions. We were asked to help Don, not to pursue Samantha Osman.’ he added, taking out his phone from his pocket. ‘Start the car and continue driving,’ he ordered the driver as he opened the dial pad on his phone.
‘I should drive after her?’ the driver asked a stupid question as he turned the key.
‘F**k you! Continue in the same direction we were going before,’ Stone barked at him in rage. He could hear suppressed giggles and whispers from the guys at the back, not that they also wished to go after Tarasha but watching a supposed leader scared was funny.
Stone shot a furious look at them as he placed the phone to his ear, they maintained silence immediately. The driver turned the vehicle into the road and continued in a straight direction.
‘Stainless, we just saw Samantha Osman drive by…’ Stone said into the phone.
‘You saw who?’ Stainless exclaimed, getting up from the bench he was sitting on outside the building.
‘Samantha, she drove past us in one of our buses.’ Stone’s voice sounded from the other end.
‘And what did you do?’ Stainless asked in an excited tone.
‘What should we have done? Attack her or go after saving Don according to what we were sent?’
‘Oh!’ Stainless sounded somewhat disappointed and added a sigh. ‘So what are you doing now?’
‘Doing what we were sent, I just thought I should inform you about it,’ Stone said in a concluding tone.
‘Okay…’ Stainless said, not knowing what else to say. He was about to end the call when a question popped up in his mind. ‘How did you…’ he tried to speak but the line went off already.
He quickly opened the call records and dialled back Stone, his call was answered almost immediately. ‘Hey, how did you know she was the one?’ he asked immediately the call was answered. ‘I don’t think you’ve seen her before, have you?’
‘We saw a girl at the driver’s side of the bus, didn’t Don say she attacked the warehouse?’
‘Yes, he said so. How close were you to her?’ Stainless asked again.
‘We were…’ Stone began but his voice faded away slowly.
‘You were what?’ Stainless asked but the immediate reply he got was silence.
‘S–t! We just ran into the police officers now,’ he heard Stone’s voice before the line went off.
Eight minutes earlier
‘Pick your guns and let’s go after them right now,’ one of the senior officers in the team barked at the rest.
‘We must be careful, we still need those men breathing inside.’ another officer of the same rank countered him, not ready to move.
The officer who gave the first order paused to think for a second. ‘But we have to save Inspector Sandra, we can’t let them go with her.’
‘She said she was not going to hurt her except we disobeyed,’ the second officer recounted Tarasha’s words.
‘Are you going to believe the words of a criminal?’ the first officer retorted.
‘We have no choice, she threatened to kill her if she finds out we’re following.’
‘So do we just sit and watch?’
‘No, we will get those guys who are alive, they could have some information for us, if we all leave here now, she might have gotten away already or kill Inspector Sandra like she threatened. We have a better chance of getting the criminal if we can extract information from the sedated guys we found inside but if we all leave now, the sedated guys would have escaped before we return or before another group comes here.’ His phone rang out loud, stopping his co-debater from giving a counter-argument. ‘Hey you… On your way? Where exactly are you?’ he said into the phone. ‘Drive faster…’ he concluded the call. ‘A six man backup team is on the way,’ he said to the waiting ears of the remaining officers.
‘What do we do now?’ the other debating Officer asked.
The other smiled, feeling victorious that his co-debater was now asking what to do from him.
‘Some of us could go after that bus while only one or two of us should stay here,’ he said. ‘The backup team is only two minutes far from here.’
‘Who’s going and who’s staying?’ the officer asked, already making his way into the car.
‘I will stay with him,’ he replied, looking towards the library security man. ‘You can go with the others.’
‘Boss,’ Stainless said into the phone, after inhaling from his cigarette. ‘The boys just ran into the police.
‘Right now?’ Rex’s voice sounded.
‘Yes,’ Stainless replied. He took in another drag, ‘And they also claimed to have seen Tarasha from afar.’
There was a longer silence from Rex than expected. ‘Was she the only one they saw?’
‘Yes, she was driving away with one of our buses.’
‘Did she attack them?’ Rex asked.
‘No, I don’t think she saw them, they didn’t go after her.’
‘She would have killed them all if they did,’ Rex said. There was silence for few seconds. ‘Can your boys handle the police?’
‘It depends on the number of police officers, we paid the usual ones working around the area already, the ones they meet can only be from the emergency squad and they can’t be so many at this time of the day but they can increase as the day matures.’
‘I’ll call you back in two minutes,’ Rex said, his tone suggesting he needed to attend to something urgently.
‘I’ll call you back in two minutes,’ Rex said and quickly cut the call to receive the other incoming call. ‘Don, where are you now?’
‘I’m out of the place, I got out through the back fence immediately I noticed that the officers were far away.’
‘Cool, some guys are out to pick you already, call Stainless now.’
**Meanwhile, Stone and the boys immediately after his call with stainless**
‘Stop right there,’ The boys in the bus could hear the officers shout from the other carriageway. Luckily, the median strip separated their vehicles and there was no close contact.
‘Keep driving,’ Stone instructed the driver who increased the speed drastically. The only options they had were to face the officers or keep running away in the forward direction. They had passed the only close turn which route Tarasha’s bus had taken, so there was no turning or going back as that would mean entering into the police hands.
The police vehicles at the other carriageway made a U-turn on the same road and sped crazily back. The resemblance of the bus they saw to the one Aisha and Tarasha drove away with had made them think it was the same bus. The way they turned the vehicles could have caused an accident on a normal day as their new direction was opposite of what the carriageway was meant for but because of the hour of the day, the roads were free of cars and pedestrians.
‘I think those are the officers we’re on our way to check,’ Stone said as he read the inscription of the police vehicles “Rapid Response Squad”. ‘They’re not much,’ he continued. ‘We may have to face them.’
Chapter 5 part 7
Stephanie was left in her quiet and pensive mode for close to two hours before the police returned. They had left her to brood upon the details of their last interrogation before returning to the ward to fill her with more words. The last two hours had been used to interrogate both Aisha and Cole’s parents and also make them accept not to reveal to anyone the fact that Samantha Osman saved them from the kidnappers.
‘Hey Steph,’ Inspector Mac greeted, trying to fake a smile.
Stephanie stared at him silently without replying, she sat up in the bed and then slowly climbed down to the chair she sat on when they questioned her the other time.
‘Good afternoon Inspector,’ she greeted as she adjusted the slippers on her feet.
‘I was told you had your lunch already,’ Inspector Mac returned, with another smile.
‘Yes,’ she replied briefly without looking at him. He dragged a chair to her front sat on it. ‘You have more questions for me, right?’ she asked.
‘No Miss Stephanie, I’m not here to ask you more questions. I’m here to discuss something important with you and seek for your cooperation and help.’
‘What kind of help can I offer you?’ she questioned, raising her eyebrows.
‘Good, I think you’re willing to help.’ Inspector Mac remarked with another smile. He noticed a frown appeared on her face in response to his smile and he quickly faded off the smile. He knew she was beginning to suspect his cunningness because he wasn’t smiling earlier during the questioning segment. He cleared his throat and adjusted his seating position to a serious posture, ‘Steph, do you know the reason for your kidnap by that cult group?’
‘No, I do not really know but it cannot be far from the crusade against cultism that I lead.’
‘Is that the only thing you can point to?’ he asked, squinting straight into her eyes.
‘I don’t really know what else could be the cause, I think the best people to get the answer from are the culprits.’ she said.
‘You’re right, we already questioned the surviving culprits and the betrayal but none of them seems to know what the real reason is. The only person who they claimed should have known is Ojo who has already been killed by Samantha Osman.’ Inspector Mac paused to take in a breath. ‘But we discovered that everything everything is connected with Samantha Osman, Samantha Osman works with cultists, helps to breed them in various schools and use them for her evil works. Samantha Osman used to work with Ojo…’ he paused again to see if he was making any effect. He noticed she was listening keenly and staring intently at him with her eyes partly closed.
‘But why did she kill him if they were working together?’ she cut in as he was about to continue.
‘I was about to explain that,’ he licked his lips briefly. ‘She doesn’t work with him directly but with the notorious Nanl Gang who directly works with cult groups in different schools. The Nanl Gang was the Gang that kidnapped Aisha Bello’s parents and the parent of a man who is also a member of Samantha Osman’s gang. Those are the old people that came here with you. The reason for this kidnap has been discovered to be a disagreement between the Nanl Gang and Samantha Osman. So Samantha Osman only came there to fight the Nanl Gang who Ojo and his cult works for. There she met Ojo and killed him, not because she had pity for you but because she was angry with the Nanl Gang. The truth is if not for her disagreement with the Nanl Gang, she wouldn’t have done anything when she saw Ojo trying to molest you, she would have watched while he carried out the act and probably laugh with him until he finishes and kills you…’
‘You lie,’ Stephanie interrupted with a loud voice. ‘You’re making up a big lie and I can’t be deceived by what you’re saying,’ she voiced angrily.
Inspector Mac stared thinly at her and shook his head briefly, ‘Do you want to tell me you know her more than I do? You only met her last night and you think you know her more than the police does? The Police have been after her for months and I know what I’m taking about. That lady is a criminal and she never has any good intention for anything or anyone.’
‘No,’ she responded defensively. ‘She could have killed me after killing Ojo but she did not, she didn’t leave me to die bleeding too, she brought me here to get treated and you say she did with a bad intention?’
‘Yes, look at me.’ he said, gesturing for her to look straight to his face. ‘Samantha had other plans for bringing you here, just like she does for the rest of her victim. She acts like a nice person and end up using them to do something very bad.’
‘No, no,’ Stephanie mumbled repeatedly under her breath and then louder, shaking her head from left to right as she did. She stopped and stared straight at Inspector Mac’s face, ‘I saw it in her eyes, she was visibly angry at Ojo because of what he tried to do to me.’
‘You can’t be so sure of that,’ Mac opposed.
‘I am hundred percent sure,’ she said, nodding her head slowly.
‘It’s okay, but what we want from you right away is to keep it hidden for now. Don’t let the press or anyone know Samantha Osman brought you out of the place…’
‘But she did…’
‘Shhh… Listen to me. If you make her look like a saviour, she would gain sympathy from the public and they may end up allowing her to take advantage of them to perpetuate evil.’
Stephanie was quiet.
‘Have you heard me?’
‘Yes. Sorry but if and when I have to tell the story,I will say the whole truth about it.’
‘Oh!’ inspector Mac glanced at the officer beside him and both of them exchanged signs with their eyes. ‘I have to go now to see what else I can find,’ he said as he rose from his seat. ‘I advise you not to put your trust in a criminal.’
With that Inspector Mac walked out with the other officer and they began to talk about the case.
‘Since we’ve tried our best in letting her keep shut, we should just allow the doctor give her that drug.’ the officer said to Inspector Mac.
‘Yes, we have no option than to make her forget everything.’
A doctor greeted as he walked past their side but they were too busy with their conversation to reply him and notice he was headed for Stephanie’s ward.
Stephanie’s look shifted towards the door as it opened and a Doctor walked in. Her eyes met with the doctor’s and he greeted her with a smile. She had not seen him before so she didn’t reply.
‘How are you doing Steph?’ he said as he proceeded towards her.
‘Fine,’ she replied briefly, staring intently at his face, trying to recall if she had seen him before.
He smiled as he noticed her intent stare at his face. ‘I can see you’re doing fine, you’re looking much better than you were brought in.’ he remarked as he walked past her and stopped by the bed. He bent down and stretched his hand under the bed, he took out something and dropped it into the pocket of his coat not allowing her see what it was. ‘I had one of my patients here before they had to move her in and move you here,’ he stopped at her front, knowing she would require an explanation for what he did under the bed. ‘I kept something to listen to my patient’s body movement under the bed and that’s what I took out,’ he said, bringing out a magnetic material from the same pocket and displaying it in his palms to her. He smiled as he returned the material and began to walk out of the room.
Stephanie sat and watched him leave, not convinced with his explanation, she stood up to check under the bed after he was gone. She didn’t find anything there and decided to remain on the chair until a doctor she recognizes comes to ascertain that the bed was safe.
He took out the two materials from his pocket as he climbed down the stairs and transferred one of them into the left pocket of his trousers. He stopped at the first landing to take off the doctor’s coat, he folded it and dropped it on floor neatly. From his right pocket, he took out a earpiece and connected it to the device left in his hands and the ear tips in his ears. A green light appeared on the head of the device, showing that it was connected. He turned it to the surface and clicked on the play button.
‘How many boys do you have?’ a voice from a face covered with mask asked. Don was standing closest to him while Stone and stainless were behind the dining table with the other boys working with them standing too. They were listening and awaiting the next instruction from the masked man who seemed to be Don’s boss and automatically their boss.
Stainless watched and listen, hiding his anger under his straight face. He was embittered by the Rex’s continued close working with Don even though Don had failed and had to be rescued from the police. He didn’t like the situation but he dared not allow it show on his face.
‘We are nine in total,’ Don answered Rex’ question, after taking a quick head count of the men standing including himself.
Rex’ use of mask was to hide his identity from the rest of the boys, he even had to use an unusual voice in talking to make sure all chances of the boys’ recognition of him anywhere else were eliminated.
‘Do you have an idea of how many people Samantha is working with?’ Rex looked up to Don’s face.
‘Aisha Bello should be the only one with her, her second employee is still in our custody, bound in chains in one of the rooms,’ Don replied, making a head gesture towards the room Cole was. ‘The other person likely to be with them is Henry EG,’ he quickly added before Rex could speak.
‘So that means we have more men than them?’
‘Yes, we do.’
Rex took a brief look at all of the men’s faces, one after the other. Then he looked away and dragged the laptop on the table to his front. He typed in the lock code and it opened. After about two minutes of little typing and more clicking, he spoke again. ‘How come they are still in the same location?’ he asked, turning to Don. ‘Or they only dropped the tracker there?’
‘It’s possible they are still there. That location used to be their operation base before they left Lagos.’ Don replied.
Rex looked back to the laptop screen and stayed for few seconds. He turned and looked towards Stainless, ‘Do you know the location?’ he asked.
‘Ermm… Never been there but I can find it,’ Stainless answered.
‘I’m sure you have been there before,’ Rex turned to Don.
‘Yes, I have.’ Don nodded in affirmation.
‘Okay, Stainless stays here with five boys while we go to the place with the rest of the boys.’ Rex said. He paused briefly to type in something on the computer. ‘Who is Stone?’ he looked up, directing his question to Don.
‘He is,’ Don pointed to Stone who was standing beside Stainless.
‘Prepare two vehicles for our movement,’ he ordered Stone and dismissed him immediately with a wave of the hand. ‘Don, you select the boys to go with us.’ he said and rose up from the seat.
Asokoro, Abuja.
NSCC Headquarters
‘Sir, I’ve not been able to reach him at all, his mobile, work and home lines are switched off,’ Dayo said to Mr Sylvester as he walked into the computer room.
‘But it’s unlike him to just disappear without notice,’ Mr Sylvester replied. He had an extremely worried look on his face as he took a glance at his wristwatch.
‘Sir, I believe he’s fine. He would show up tomorrow if he doesn’t before the end of today.’ Dayo aid said as he took his seat in front of the computer beside Mr Sylvester’s.
‘Well, I hope so too.’ Mr Sylvester said and turned back to the computer. ‘That means you’ll have to help him with his duties for now,’ he added, taking a brief glance at Dayo.
‘Okay, what am I supposed to help him with?’ Dayo stopped typing on the keyboard and turned to Mr Sylvester.
‘The Abuja police headquarters want a copy of the footage of last night’s events at the Rael University area in Lagos.’
‘I thought it has been sent to them from the police headquarters in Lagos or who did our office in Lagos send their edit to?’
‘They want the full copy,’ Mr Sylvester replied. ‘Both scenes of activity and non activity.’
Tarasha looked peaceful and calm in her sleeping position on the three seater sofa. She slept thirty minutes after taking the meal and completing the gadge she was coupling.The empty plate and tray had been moved to the kitchen but the bottle of water still remained. She had slept for over one hour thirty minutes.
It seemed her sleep was going to continue peacefully until she heard a little sound at the gate from her sleep. Her eyes popped open immediately and she sat up at once, she stopped moving and waited to hear the sound again. She did and knew at once that someone was trying to open the gate carefully.
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Chapter 5 part 8
It seemed her sleep was going to continue peacefully until she heard a little sound at the gate from her sleep. Her eyes popped open immediately and she sat up at once, she stopped moving and waited to hear the sound again. She did and knew at once that someone was trying to open the gate carefully.
8 minutes ago
‘This is the place boss,’ Don said to Rex, showing the gate to him with his eyes movement.
Rex stared at the device in his hands for a second and then stared back towards the gate. He bit his lips slightly and brushed his eyelids with a finger. ‘We can’t be sure if she’s in or not,’ he said as he pulled out a face mask from his bag. ‘Do you know if there are cameras around the place?’ he asked Don.
‘There used to be cameras there before they left, I don’t know if the cameras are still present.’
‘Okay, you have to do something to check.’ Rex said, pulling out a tiny device from his bag. ‘Find a way to attach this to the back of the gate, so that we can monitor what’s happening inside,’ he said as he handed the device to Don.
‘Get up girl,’ Tarasha ordered as she entered into room with the schoolbag strapped tightly to her bag. She had a device which looked like a gamepad in her hands, it had a screen in the middle and the buttons by both sides.
‘Get up ,’ she said again with a stronger command tone as she bent beside the bed where Aisha was sleeping in. She drew out the black bag which had the weapons in it and unzipped it quickly. ‘We’ve got intruders outside,’ without looking up, she said to Aisha who was still stretching and rubbing her eyes with the back of her palms.
‘Intruders?’ Aisha asked as she sprang up to her feet.
‘Get up and band your hair, ‘ Tarasha said to her, done with her selection of guns and now selecting grenades.
‘What’s the plan now?’ Aisha asked as she bundled her hair and held them together with a rubber band.
‘Select two revolvers for yourself,’ Tarasha said, rising up to her feet. She turned to the wardrobe and pulled out a black jacket. She turned back, took the two revolvers and inserted them into the pockets of her bum shorts.
Aisha rose up after taking the guns but she had a difficulty in keeping them as she only had on a mini skirt and a top with pockets.
‘Change into a trouser that has big enough pockets for those guns’ Tarasha said on seeing Aisha’s dilemma after putting on her own white jacket. She adjusted her bag and picked the gamepad-like device she had dropped on the bed. The dashboard of the opened app displayed an option of several live videos. She selected one and it zoomed in. ‘It looks like these guys have planted something around,’ she said to Aisha. ‘They’re still in their vehicles instead of coming to attack,’ she looked away from the screen and stared blankly at the ceiling for a few seconds. ‘We need to move out of here as soon as possible, I’m guessing they are from a secret government agency that located us somehow.’ she looked again to the screen. ‘But how do we find a way?’
**City Gate Hospital**
The nurse quietly arranged the spatula, the ampoule, a nylon of cotton wool and a syringe on the tray. She left it on the table and walked to the other side of the lab to pick a napkin to dry her hand. Another nurse walked into the lab as she returned to the tray. She picked up the tray and proceeded towards the door while the nurse who had just entered proceeded towards her.
‘Nurse, let me help you with this. The senior doctor has been looking everywhere for you,’ the new nurse stopped in front of the nurse with the tray obstructing her passage.
The nurse frowned and stepped back refusing her colleague’s offer to help with the tray. ‘Why would he be looking for me?’ she questioned.
‘Ermm… I think it’s connected to the monthly reports,’ the nurse replied.
The frown on her face further deepened. ‘But it’s not the end of the month yet,’ she retorted.
‘He wants to see you, or do you want me to tell him that you’re not willing to come?’ the nurse said in a rather threatening manner.
‘No, of course I’ll go.’ the nurse gave in to the threat and quickly handed over the tray. ‘Please take it to Stephanie William’s ward, the doctor will come and meet you there.’
‘Okay,’ she replied as she took the tray.
Both nurses stood still, staring at each other for about thirty seconds waiting for the first person to leave.
‘The senior doctor is waiting for you,’ the one now with the tray quickly reminded the other.
‘Okay,’ she mumbled as she hurried away.
The one with the tray turned and watched her colleague hurry out, then she dropped the tray on a table beside her. Somebody else walked in – a man – and hurried towards her. He took out another ampoule from his pocket as he approached her.
‘Are you sure this is not going to backfire?’ the nurse asked him in an unsure tone.
‘Trust me babe,’ he said and flashed a smile at her before exchanging his ampoule with the one in the tray. ‘You’ll be glad you did this,’ he added, dropping the original ampoule into his pocket.
‘I hope so,’ she heaved a sigh and picked up the tray from the table. ‘Where’s the white coat I gave you?’
‘I dropped it where you asked me to,’ he replied.
‘Okay,’ she said as they both got to the door. The man opened it and allowed her out first before stepping out. ‘Please, make sure you don’t do more than anything you discussed with me,’ the nurse said to him in a pleading voice.
‘Don’t worry dear, I have everything in control.’ he said and planted a kiss on her left cheek. She smiled and they both turned to the opposite directions and walked away.
‘I didn’t see anything in the compound,’ Don spoke aloud to Rex’s listening ears. ‘There is no car or vehicle inside or even any other sign that there are people inside the building.’
Rex looked up briefly at the sound of his words but returned his focus to the device in his hands almost immediately. ‘Are you saying she’s not in?’
‘The tracker still reads this location, it could only mean that they had been here and the clothes Aisha wore were taken off here. Maybe we would have met them if we came earlier’ Don replied in a sad and disappointed tone.
There was about two minutes silence.
‘There are three working cameras in front of the building, and one attached to the dish elevated above the roof, I’m not sure if they are turned on anyway,’ Rex said, showing a zoom view of his screenshot to Don. ‘Maybe they left already like you suggested but the best way to find out is to go in there and confirm,’ Rex said. He dropped the device on his lap and adjusted his face mask. He then picked two revolvers by the seat sides and filled in the first with a cartridge, the second was filled too and a suppressor was taken out from the same place behind the seat.
‘How do we it boss?’ Don asked, following Rex’s example by filling his gun too.
‘If she’s inside, she would have heard you when she climbed the gate. If she was watching at that time, she would have seen you fix the bug. But even if she didn’t see the bug, if she heard the noise you made with the gate, she would have seen us with the camera attached to the dish. Now, it’s time to go in before she gets fully prepared for us. You go in first with Stone and the other guy, launch an attack into the house immediately. I’ll be right behind you guys but will be slow because I’ll hide from the cameras’ view so as to catch her by unawares.’
‘Boss, Don is on his way here with some boys.’ Aisha said to Tarasha who was trying to force open a door. Aisha was now holding the device while Tarasha was trying to make a way for them to escape without going through the front gate.
‘Don?’ Tarasha stopped and turned. ‘Don again? What does he want?’ she asked rhetorically as she looked into the device in Aisha’s hand but it only showed the two vehicles Tarasha had seen monitoring before.
‘They left the car already,’ Aisha tried to explain.
Tarasha squinted briefly as she took time to observe the two cars again. She had noticed two people in both cars before but now there was no one in the two cars.
‘Move the analog to make the camera follow their movement,’ she said to Aisha. Aisha responded but couldn’t control it properly. Tarasha dropped the metal in her hand and took the device from Aisha’s hand.
In less than ten seconds, the view had located Don and the two men following behind him, very close to the gate. They got to the gate and Don looked around carefully, then he took out a metal and opened the locked gate carefully, making minimal noise (the same that had been loud enough to wake Tarasha).
‘Don has to die today after leading us to where he kept Cole,’ she said as she handed back the device to Aisha and took out the revolvers from her pocket. She was glad now that she knew Don was the one coming, it would make her job of finding Cole easier. She began to walk out of the corridor.
She stopped suddenly on the way as a thought struck her mind. She then bent and placed a knee to the ground. She unstrapped the bag and placed it on the ground before her. Then she took out a small box of makeup kits. She opened it and closed it back again almost immediately. She had thought of disguising her face before, for the street cameras not to capture her real identity in case her fight with Don took them out of the compound but then making up will take more time than she had to spare. She returned the box into the bag and took out a black mask.
‘Boss,’ Tarasha paused as she heard Aisha called her. ‘It looks like I noticed a shadow,’ Aisha spoke on.
Tarasha turned her neck and flashed a furious look at her, sure that Aisha’s inability to use the control was making her view the wrong thing.
‘The shadow is far behind, disappearing and reappearing.’ Aisha added as Tarasha rose up to her feet. Her eyes had not met with the furious gaze Tarasha gave her when she spoke last else she would have stopped at that.
Tarasha got to her feet and walked away without replying Aisha because to her, no sense was being made.
**Asokoro, Abuja**
In the Vice President’s living room, four men were seated and involved in a serious talk. The Vice President himself was present, with the Inspector General of police, The National Intelligence Service Chief Officer and Agent Tim.
‘Sir… I do not really understand the reason behind the commissioner’s distortion of the news.’ The NIS officer complained.
‘But you do understand that there has to be distortion of facts for us to work sometimes, don’t you?’ Chief Rikau replied him.
‘Yes, I do.’
‘That’s the most important thing, I think we should just conclude this once and for all,’ Chief Rikau exclaimed and looked towards the Vice President.
‘Chief, so what do you say?’ The Vice President spoke, his question was directed to the NIS officer.
‘Sir, like you know, this is against the ethics of the job and it would even sound strange when I call the guys to extract any information from them.’ the NIS officer replied.
‘But you’re their boss, they should listen to you.’ Chief Elvis returned.
‘Yes, I am but ordering them just like that won’t work.’
‘It seems you don’t understand me,’ Chief Elvis adjusted his seating position with his support stick. ‘What we want to do is help each other, if we can exchange information between the agencies. It will enhance the work.’
‘Sir, you know it is wrong to exchange information. We are an arm of the DSS that operates secretly and our operations and information about our activities should not get out. Even I, the chief Agent do not have right to information except I’m a direct member of the team handling it. Sir, it’ll be difficult to convince the agents.’
‘Hmm… Okay,’ Chief Elvis took out something from the file on the armrest of his chair. He handed it over to the bodyguard standing behind him and the bodyguard took it to the NIS man.
The NIS officer’s eyes widened as he saw the amount written on the cheque. Chief Elvis and Rikau smiled on seeing the effect it had on him.
‘I’m ready to treat your guys nicely if they also cooperate with us.’
Chapter 5 part 9
‘Why are you not resting like you should be?’ the young doctor in charge of Stephanie smiled as he walked in.
‘I can’t rest Doctor, I just can’t rest.’ Stephanie replied. She looked alarmed.
‘Why can’t you rest?’ he asked with a frown formed on his face as he stopped before her.
‘One of your doctors came into this room not too long after the police left,’ she began to explain, now looking towards the bed. ‘He said he was the Doctor in charge of the patient that was previously in this ward and that he forgot something under the bed, he removed it.’
The frown on the doctor’s face deepened, ‘What did he take?’
‘He showed me something I don’t really know, he said something like he used it to monitor the patient.’ She replied.
The doctor walked silently to the bed and squatted to check underneath. He raised up his head after checking for over thirty seconds. ‘I can’t find anything there,’ he said as he turned back to Stephanie. Then he stared straight to the wall and narrowed his look. ‘I’m not aware there was any patient here before,’ he said as he turned his face to her again. ‘But I’ll confirm, I think I may be wrong.’ He got up to his feet and dusted his palms. Then he applied pressure on the top of the mattress to check if it was rigid enough. A nurse- the nurse who do collected the tray from her colleague in the lab- walked in at that moment with a stainless steel tray and injection tools in it.
‘The bed is okay, you can come lay on it.’ the doctor said as he sighted the nurse walking in.
Stephanie stared at him with a raised eyebrow, wondering if he was sure of what he was saying. He met her gaze with a reassuring look and gestured with his hands, encouraging her to stand up.
‘What took you so long?’ the doctor said, turning to the nurse and giving way for Stephanie to move to the bed. ‘I was already thinking of coming to get it myself.’
The nurse curtsied apologetically but did not mention any word. She dropped the tray on the patients drawer beside the bed and stepped aside.
The Doctor moved closer to the tray, he took out the ampoule and raised it high to observe it under the light. He stopped for a second and turned to look at the nurse, she looked away immediately, shakily, hoping the doctor had not discovered that the ampoule had been changed or had a different mixture from the one expected.
The doctor turned back to Stephanie who was already staring anxiously as the recipient of the medication. The doctor picked the syringe and tore off the nylon. He took off the cap of the ampoule and inserted the needle, drawing out the liquid into the syringe.
All day Henry had remained at the work table, looking for a safe way to crack the security and get into the underground. He had several sheets of paper flying around the table which he had jotted so many codes on and tried to draw up a solution from. After several hours of trying, he still had found no way or made any progress. He was only more sure that there was a way he could crack the security and enter into all the hidden places but he didn’t know if there was a way for Tara not to get an alarm on his breaking in and if there was any way by which he would not be trapped underground when he successfully breaks in.
He decided to stop temporarily on his attempt to get in and try something else like finding the stream for the monitor cameras that could be there, he was sure there had to be.
He relaxed back into his chair for a second and then began to arrange the papers flying about neatly.
Don pushed the gate open slowly and carefully, he entered into the compound trying his best to make no noise. He held the gate for the others to walk in after him and then closed it back gently.
They all took out their guns as they faced the house from the gate, Don signaled for Stone and the other to walk beside the fence wall by the right side while he followed the left. They continued to march forward slowly, looking around carefully till they got beside the main building. Stone and his partner paused and stared at Don for instructions on the next step. Don stared back at then without any clue of what to say. He remembered that Rex had asked them to attack first but he didn’t ask how they should. He decided to take the bull by the horn and began to march towards the balcony of the building, he gestured for Stone and the other man to come closer to the balcony but wait behind the wall.
He walked the large balcony noiselessly and to the direction of the door, he stopped and stared at the handle for a while before he turning it. Surprisingly, the door gave way with a very little sound. He pushed open a bit and peeped in. There appeared to be no one in the large living room, the lights were off and it looked unarranged and deserted.
Don held the door ajar and turned back to call on Stone. ‘Stone, come up.’ he said in whispers.
Stone’s head popped out from behind the wall almost immediately and Don made a hand gesture for him to climb up the balcony. Stone turned back briefly to call the other guys and both of them climbed up the balcony without wasting any time.
From the back left side of the building came out Tarasha after they had climbed up, she walked to the front and stopped behind the wall where Stone and the other guy previously hid themselves. She peeped and saw three of them standing in front of the door, Don whispering something to the two others. Then the men walked into the house slowly and closed the door behind. Tarasha stepped up the balcony and walked straight to the door.
Rex stood under the shadow just behind the fence outside the gate watching the activities in the compound from his device. He saw how Don led the boys to the building and frowned at Don’s tactic which was amateurish to him. He also watched Don peep into the house, he expected that something would have happened at that instant but nothing happened. He already began to conclude in his mind that Tarasha and her partner could have left the place after he saw Stone climb up with the other man but then he saw a masked lady putting on a black jacket on a bum short, approaching from the backyard left side. She peeped from behind the wall and then climbed up the balcony after Don and the two others had entered. She walked towards the door and stopped in front to listen for about ten seconds. Then she opened the door and entered into the house.
Rex smiled to himself devilishly, he was a hundred percent sure the lady was Tarasha. He pocketed his device and proceeded to the gate with quick steps. He stopped at the entrance of the gate and took out a tiny piece of rubber from his pocket, he attached the rubber to the space between the main gate and the part of the gate fixed into the fence blocks. Then he opened and entered without any fear of making noise with the gate. He closed it back and removed the rubber from it’s place of attachment. He charged towards the door, hundred percent sure that it was finally Tarasha’s time to die.
__Ikeja, in a restaurant beside City Gate Hospital__
He was seated at the table alone, had barely touched his plate of fried rice and chicken but had taken the cold soft drink past half of the bottle. His gaze lingered around the restaurant for a while before settling on the TV screen, the volume was low so he had to make do with the visuals alone. A Nigerian Music video was being played and as usual there were unclad girls dancing around the well dressed men. He hissed and looked away wishing he could change the TV station to another where he could watch more inspiring music.
‘Dave,’ a female’s voice called his attention as the owner of the voice settled into one of the two empty seats at the same table. She was putting on a simple white top and a blue jean skirt. Her hair was neatly packed to the back but she was without makeup and accessories except for just a small ear ring. Her name was Jumoke, the nurse who deceived her colleague and helped a man to change the ampoule from which Stephanie who injected. Sitting before her was David – the name she knew him with – the man she helped to change the ampoule and the same who dressed like a doctor and claimed to have a patient previously in the ward Stephanie was presently.
David was quite younger than Jumoke. He was strikingly handsome too and that was what had attracted Jumoke to him. They had met seventeen months ago at the City Gate Hospital where she worked. David had rushed in with a bullet in his arm and requested for treatment. As the normal order was, the hospital refused to treat him until there was a police report. Jumoke had secretly helped him to cover the wound that day to reduce the bleeding and minimize his blood loss before he got the police report. Two days after being treated, the police had taken him away as a culprit involved in a gang robbery. Only for him to show up two weeks later outside the hospital while Jumoke was already leaving for work. He asked her out but she was refused at first. She refused for two reasons. The first was that she didn’t want to be associated or seen with a criminal and then because she saw him too young to take her out. But then he was able to convince her that he wasn’t a criminal and had been proven innocent already, showing her evidences that he only happened to be a victim of circumstance. She had replied to him, saying that she only helped him because she saw him like a younger brother and that it should be left that way, he didn’t need to take her out to appreciate what she did. But he refused to listen and after much insistence, she finally budged. After the first, they went out a couple of times and got into an unholy romance but she didn’t care anymore as she enjoyed what was going on between them and hoped it could continue. Just three months after them being together, he came to her with another bullet wound and she was forced to help him secretly treat it. He came up with another story to cover up and she didn’t argue even though she didn’t believe him totally. After six months of their undefined relationship, he disappeared mysteriously with all contacts cut off, leaving her with a broken heart. He only reached her three months later via email and promised to come back soon for her. Since then she didn’t see or hear from him until he showed up at the hospital that morning after seventeen months and began to ask questions about Stephanie George and Samantha Osman from her.
‘Oh! You’re finally here,’ he said, turning to her with a smile.
‘Yes,’ she replied as she dropped her bags on the floor just beside her. She didn’t return his smile but looked tired and worried.
‘You’re looking so stressed out,’ he commented on her looks, his eyes running down from her face downwards. ‘What would you like to take?’ he asked, his voice showed deep concern.
‘I don’t really want anything, I’ll eat when I get home.’ she replied with a sigh.
He stared at her face deeply for a while. ‘You’re not looking bad but at the same time not as radiant as you used to anymore, what happened?’
‘I think we should go straight to why we are here, there’s no time for pleasantries,’ she snapped impatiently.
‘I still think you should take something first before we start to talk, you look very tired.’ he insisted.
‘No I’m not taking anything. I look tired, not hungry, so better start talking.’ she bounced back.
‘Okay then, you’ll have to force me to talk.’ He folded his arms and rested back.
She sighed and hissed, knowing he was not going to proceed if she didn’t yield to his demand. ‘Okay, I’ll order for a bottle of water.’ she said and looked towards the reception to summon a waiter.
‘No, you need food, not water. I was waiting for you to come so we can eat at the same time,’ he said bringing her attention to the plate of food on the table.
She hissed again. The waiter was already close to he table. ‘What would you like me to get for you Ma’am?’
‘A bottle of water should do…’
‘You need food too…’ he cut in to remind her. The tone of his words carried the warning that he wasn’t going to proceed if she didn’t eat.
‘Okay, get me the same thing he’s eating.’ she finally said to the waiter who was still there waiting for the complete instruction. The waiter glanced briefly at the table before he bowed slightly and turned away.
The two at the table remained in silence until the food was brought, even after it was, they ate without saying anything to themselves.
Jumoke kept on stealing glances at him from time to time. She couldn’t deny that he had become more handsome and even increased in size. He appeared to be doing well and healthy.
‘So why didn’t you use makeups?’ Dave asked, wiping his lips with the tissue. His stare was fixed on her face.
‘I only use light makeup or none when I’m at work,’ she replied him, not looking up to avoid her eyes meeting his. There was always this uncontrollable effect that he had on her anytime their eyes met.
‘But you always use makeups when you close and you’re heading home,’ he returned.
‘I just didn’t use today. Besides, I was rushing to meet you here.’
‘That shouldn’t…’
‘Enough Dave!’ she summoned courage to look at his face. ‘Let’s get to why we’re here. Tell me why you’re back after leaving for so long.’
It was David’s turn to look away, he did for few seconds and then stared at her again briefly but fixed his gaze on the table.
‘I had something important to do,’ Dave said. ‘I’m sorry I had to leave that way.’
‘Come off it Dave!’ she slammed angrily, hitting her fists on the table. ‘You said that in your email months ago and you said the same thing this morning. Can you tell me something else?’
Dave looked around briefly to see if she hadn’t pulled too much attention to them by her response but she was less concerned.
‘Okay, it was work. I had to work,’ he said in low tones, looking into her eyes.
‘D–n it! Dave, d–n it! Till today, you’ve not told me the kind of job you do.’ she cursed angrily again.
‘Hey babe! Take it easy, you’re going to get us thrown out of here.’
‘I don’t give a d–n about that, ‘ she returned.
‘Ermm…’ he sighed and looked around again. They had pulled more attention already. He rose up and took out his wallet. He quietly approached the counter and paid using his debit card. He returned to the table and picked up one of Jumoke’s bag and held her hand with his other hand. ‘Let’s leave this place, I’ll tell you everything when we get to somewhere appropriate.’
Only after several minutes of turning and turning the analog was Aisha able to locate the shadow she had been tracing. She was still outside the house at the back, where she was asked to wait by Tarasha until she was called for. She saw the owner of the shadow, it was a masked man of a size and stature she didn’t think she had ever seen before. She was still watching intently when she suddenly realized that the man was already at the front balcony of the building.
She proceeded back to the back door of the house to warn Tarasha about him even though she hadn’t been called for yet.
Don and the two others froze at the instant they heard the door open behind them, they turned back immediately and saw a lady step inside. Before they could raise their guns up, she had already taken down one person with a bullet into his g—n and another with a bullet to his hand, making his gun drop. She followed it up with another bullet into the left side of his chest.
Don was the only one untouched. He shot at her as quick as he could but she dodged and was already hidden behind the one seater sofa in front of him.
‘Let’s talk Don, you don’t need to get killed.’ she offered from her hiding place.
‘We don’t have anything to talk about,’ Don replied, already hiding behind the three seater sofa also.
‘We do have a to talk about,’ she said and at the same time peeped briefly.
‘We don’t!’ he replied.
She paused and tried to ascertain the direction his voice came from again, she peeped briefly and discovered he was behind the sofa. She placed her knee to the ground and took out a different gun loaded with pins to induce temporal paralysis. Then she stretched her leg forward and dragged with her feet to herself the doormat. She folded the doormat neatly and held it in one hand, the gun in the other hand and rose up in quick sudden motion, flinging the doormat to the direction she observed the voice came from.
Don in a bid to dodge what was coming moved from his hiding position rushingly and his back was exposed in the process. In less than two seconds, Tarasha sent the paralysis bullet into his back.
Tarasha rose up and immediately charged towards him, but not without briefly looking at the two men she already shot to ensure they were dead. She got behind the three seater and squatted beside Don. He was laying flat on his belly with his face turned towards the chair. An entrance leading to a corridor which led to the rooms in the house was just beside at the edge of the three seater sofa. She pushed the sofa away to give more space for him to see her face properly.
She stared at him for some seconds and gave a brief smile of victory. ‘You have fifteen minutes to talk to me,’ she said to him. ‘If I don’t remove the pin at your back in fifteen minutes, you’ll remain paralysed for twenty four hours and then begin to dry up.’ she said and smiled at the ray of fright she could see in his eyes.
‘Now you’re going to be answering some questions ,’ she said and then placed her knee on the ground. She pressed a button on her wristwatch to summon Aisha. ‘I’ll like for your ex girlfriend to take the notes. She’ll join us in forty seconds.’ she added and rose up to her feet.
At the same time, the door of the living room creaked open behind. ‘Aisha, come forward.’ Tarasha said without looking behind, though surprised because she didn’t expect Aisha to show up in less than forty seconds which she had told Don. ‘Come here quickly,’ she said again as she didn’t hear any the footsteps of Aisha coming towards her.
She got greatly shocked when the curtains of the inner door two metres close to her position opened and Aisha rushed in from there instead of from behind. She looked back to check who could be at the front door but Rex had his gun focused to body already and had released two immediate shots when she turned.

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